Update 12.6 – Tradgedy Strikes Again


In the last update, I walked in on my wife, Taylor woo hoo’ing, with who I thought was her ex-boyfriend, Israel. As soon as I caught Taylor cheating on me, I divorced her, and kicked her and her daughter (Marilyn, who I thought was a daughter of mine) out.

I still felt frustrated at my ex-wife for betraying me like that. I never would have thought she would do me so dirty. She tried stopping by to see the kids, but I yelled, “Stay off my property! Until we go to court, you are to remain away from Morgan and Melody!”

“You’re such a *****, Lee. You know that? **** off! You treat everyone like ****!” She yelled, as she ran off my lot.

I felt frustrated at everything. The more I thought things through, the more guilty and sad I felt. Maybe I shouldn’t take my anger out on everyone. I started regretting that I kicked Marilyn out. After all, I treated her like my own daughter the day she was born…

06-07-15_10-00 AM


At last, the court date rolled around.

Luckily, I gained complete custody over both Morgan and Melody, however, Taylor had the right to visit once a week. And, my children were allowed to visit her indefinitely.

I still felt relieved that my two bundles of joy would be staying with me. I knew I had to tell them the truth.

“Kids,” I started. “In case you were wondering about mommy and Marilyn… Things weren’t working out,” I teared up. I didn’t want to tell them complete details. They were too young. “Marilyn wanted to leave with mommy,” I lied to my children, only to protect them.

Melody started crying, “I miss mommy.”

“I’m sorry sweetie,” I apologized, as Morgan looked at me with a face of hatred.

“You’re a bastard!” He yelled. This sent Melody crying off to her room.

I was glad she left the room, because what happened next was totally uncalled for.

06-09-15_8-33 PM


Morgan stood up, and threw his soda all over me!

“Are you insane?!” I screamed. “What’s gotten into you?” I asked my son, Morgan.

“No… The real question is ‘What’s gotten into you?!’ How could you kick mom out like that. And, even worse, you sent Marilyn with her. We’re a family, don’t you realize this?” Morgan pouted.

“Morgan, you don’t understand,” it ached my heart not to tell, but I couldn’t have him see his mother that way.

“**** you dad! I hate you!” My son threw his dinner on the ground and marched up to his room. I guess Morgan’s evil side had finally emerged.

I was heartbroken. My family fell apart, all because of my ex’s stupidity.

06-09-15_8-36 PM06-09-15_8-37 PM06-09-15_8-37 PM-2


Later that night, as Morgan cleaned up his mess, I shouted at him, “You will never disrespect me like that again!” I had to put my foot down. My son can’t walk all over me like that.

“But you’re a pig! You are the nastiest person I met!” My son screamed, making my heart instantly hurt.

“If only you knew…” I mumbled.

“**** OFF!” Morgan yelled again.

After our arguments, I had no doubt that Morgan and I were enemies. I guess the bright side of this all is that it is helping me with my aspiration.

06-09-15_8-38 PM


I fell into a deep depression. I felt terrible for allowing my family to fall apart like this. I lost my wife. My daughter. And now, my son… The only family member that still appreciated me was my daughter, Melody. She was a sweetheart.

I cried, as I ate dinner alone.

Morgan and Melody were visiting their mother.

06-09-15_8-43 PM


Morgan started torturing his sister. He really turned into the evil genius he claimed to be growing up.

“Hey what’s up stinky?” He asked, as he slapped his sisters forehead.

“Stop it! You big meanie!” Melody complained.

“But there’s something on your forehead,” Morgan teased.

“ARGH! You’re so annoying,” Melody clamped her hands over her eyes, in anger.

06-09-15_8-45 PM 06-09-15_8-46 PM


Yet Morgan loved his mother more than anyone. Morgan would invite Taylor over while I was out.

“I can’t wait to meet my little sibling!” Morgan shouted. “I love you mom.”

“Awww… I love you too sweetie,” she winked.

06-09-15_8-47 PM

Of course, Melody loved her mother as well. I mean, who didn’t Melody love? She was the friendliest person I knew.

“I miss you mommy,” Melody cried.

“Miss you too, baby.”

After seeing how Melody and Morgan treated their mother, I started to wonder if I was the bad one…

06-09-15_8-49 PM


However, I realized that Melody didn’t quite understand the whole situation. She could never hold a grudge against anyone.

Later that night, Melody and I played together.

“Can you say selfie?!” She shouted.

For the first time in weeks, a smile broke across my face.

“CHEESE!” I yelled. “…I love you, Melody.”

“I love you mostest!” Melody replied.

06-09-15_8-53 PM


Although I hated Taylor’s guts, one person that I did not hold a grudge against was Marilyn. I think I was just caught up in the moment with anger, I didn’t even think when I kicked Marilyn out. I actually missed her a lot. Although she wasn’t my actual daughter, I raised her into the wonderful child she was today.

Luckily, Marilyn visited almost every day after school. I listened to Melody and her sister play dolls.

“I miss you, Marilyn,” Melody cried. “I wish we could play dolls together all day.”

“Awww. It’s okay Melody,” Marilyn comforted Melody. “I like the spend time with my daddy,” Marilyn broke the news to Melody. Obviously, the ***** Taylor told Marilyn all the details.

“Huh?… What do you mean? Daddy’s here.” Melody asked her younger sister.

I interrupted their play date, “Marilyn, I think it’s kinda’ late. You should get going. I’ll drive you home.” I feared that Marilyn would tell Melody the false truth, and Melody would hate me too.

06-09-15_8-59 PM 06-09-15_10-12 PM


The kids enjoyed visiting their mother. They always talked about her nice, small house. Also, Taylor and Israel broke up again, in case you were wondering… Wonder who else Taylor will cheat on.

I just prayed that no lies would be told while they were there.

However, I couldn’t stop them from visiting, as that’s what the judge had decided.

Oh, in case you actually care about this *****, do you notice anything different?… Hint, hint… She’s skinnier!

06-10-15_8-07 AM


No, I’m not trying to be mean…

I’m hinting at the fact that Taylor had her babieS… That’s right, Taylor had twins!

Here’s the twin girls, Callie and Norma.

Morgan loved his little sisters… I couldn’t believe Israel and Taylor had twins!

06-10-15_8-08 AM


Morgan returned from his mother’s house, angry.

“Screw you dad!” He shouted. “I want my sister’s here!”

Morgan stormed upstairs, where I later heard screaming and crying.

“MORGAN!” Melody shouted.

Morgan smashed his younger sister’s doll house.

06-10-15_8-12 AM 06-10-15_8-13 AM

Morgan tried to convince his sister to hate me, “Why do you like him?” He asked his younger sister.

“Because he’s my dad, duh… And I don’t like him… I love him,” she corrected her brother.

“Well, do you know what he did to mom?” Morgan asked.

I had to stop things there. Obviously, Taylor was telling Morgan lies.

“Enough!” I shouted. “Melody, go to bed… Morgan downstairs, now… We have to talk,” I had to tell the truth to my son.

“Ugh… Now wait,” Morgan complained, but obeyed my orders.

06-10-15_8-13 AM-2


Morgan and I started working out in the home gym. That’s when I told him everything about Taylor.

“Morgan, listen. I wanted to keep this from you, as long as possible,” I started. “I didn’t think it was appropriate for you to know, but things are out of hand now… To make a long story short, ever since Taylor and I got married, she was woo hoo’ing that guy, Israel. In fact, Marilyn is his child… Not mine,” I put the story in very brief details, hoping my son would believe me.

“Oh…” I could tell Morgan was thinking.

06-10-15_8-20 AM


When my son jumped off the treadmill, and wrapped me in a huge hug, I knew he had forgiven me.

“I’m sorry dad,” he whaled. “I love you. I didn’t know it was that bad. I wish you would’ve told me sooner. I could’ve handled it. I completely disrespected you. Please forgive me,” he begged.

How could I not forgive my twin?

“Of course I forgive you, son,” I felt a warm tear roll down my face.

At last, my family started merging back together. It felt amazing to have my son back.

I later learned that now, Morgan tortured and hated his mother, as much as me. He even threatened Israel. Supposedly, things were pretty severe.

06-10-15_8-21 AM


I still kept the details from Melody. She didn’t seem to mind either way.

I worried, however, when her younger half-sister Marilyn was around, that a lie would come out… They hung out everyday.

“I love you THIS much!” Melody yelped, stretching her arms wide.

“Well, I love you more!” Her sister, Marilyn responded.

I felt terrible for breaking their relationship up, but it was for the best.

06-10-15_8-32 AM


The  next morning, I left work early to celebrate my birthday! I could not believe I was an elder already.

I reflected upon my adult years, and I was actually glad they were over.

06-10-15_8-27 AM


After my birthday, Melody also celebrated hers! All of Morgan’s evilness must’ve rubbed off on Melody because she too rolled the evil trait. In addition, Melody was gregarious and wanted to be the Friend of the World! She had a bright future.

06-10-15_8-35 AM


With my two children now teenagers, it’s finally time for my story to come to an end. I really enjoyed being the Generation 12 heir, and I hope you enjoyed my story! I think I will go down as one of the most memorable heirs. My life seemed so set, until the unexpected happened. Oh well, I was happy once again. So with that being said, as I was about to declare the heir… It happened…

06-10-15_11-18 AM

Who will be the generation 13 heir? Morgan, or Melody?



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  1. Morgan’s a jerk! I don’t care if he forgave his father afterward. It was still uncalled for! Lol. He reminds me of the other son (whose name I can’t remember) that Lee would always pick on. I love Melody though! I really hope she’s the heiress.

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