Update 1.3 – Growing Pains


Last time, we left off with Belinda bullying her younger twin sisters. Renee and I also enjoyed some alone time. What happened since then?…

It was the weekend, so I had off from work, and all the children would be home from school. As a result, I decided to throw Renee and I a birthday party at the local club. Renee was becoming and elder and I was becoming an adult… Where had time went?

09-03-14_6-26 PM

At the club, we invited everyone we knew, which was not a lot of people at all. The only other people that came, besides our family was an entertainer and the caterer. This really made me realize that no one in our family gets out often. This had to change next generation. I must pick an heir/heiress that we adventure away from our home lot; meet new people, explore new places…

09-03-14_6-30 PM


Everyone at the party boogied down to the music. It was fun to go out as a family and celebrate.

09-03-14_6-34 PM


Soon enough though, it was time to blow out the candles on the cake that Renee made me. I took a deep breath, and made a wish in my head. “I wish that the Defesco legacy will live on forever!” And I blew out the candles.

Everyone cheered.

09-03-14_6-40 PM

As an adult, I didn’t feel much different. I even looked the same and wore the same outfits… So much for a midlife crisis.

09-03-14_6-41 PM

And then, it was Renee’s turn to blow out the candles. She was even less excited than me to celebrate her birthday. She feared being an elder, growing old, and passing. Renee always wanted to be around our family. I don’t know why she was already thinking about dying. She wasn’t even that old!

09-03-14_6-41 PM-2


Renee blew out her candles with no enthusiasm at all, and there she was: wrinkled and gray haired.

At least now that Renee was an elder, we could woo hoo all we wanted since she couldn’t get pregnant. This also meant that she wasn’t pregnant from the last time we woo hoo’d. Thank goodness. That was the first time that we woo hoo’d and Renee didn’t get pregnant.

This also meant that it was the end of our birthday party, and unfortunately it was a huge unsuccess.

09-03-14_6-42 PM


We still didn’t have that much money. Renee was still working her butt off as a line cook. In addition, I decided to pick up a new hobby to earn some extra funds, but you must keep this a secret… Since I have improved my programming skill so much, I have learned how to hack. Recently, I hacked the Lothario Trust Fund. It was risky, but to this day, I have not been caught. But then again, I also haven’t told anyone… Not even Renee.

09-03-14_6-53 PM

As Belinda and Bruno got older, their relationship started to fall apart… It wasn’t all fun and games anymore. Belinda soon turned on Bruno too.

I heard Belinda shout “Give me that doll Bruno! I was using her!!”

“No! I had her first!” Bruno yelled back.

“I will punch you in the face if you don’t give me her!” Belinda really was the meanest kid ever.

Then, I heard a bunch of ruckus and some screaming. All of a sudden, Bruno ran out of the twins room crying. She must have beat Bruno up… This just wasn’t acceptable anymore.

09-03-14_6-56 PM

As the days went on, the bullying by Belinda got worse and worse. I hoped that once she became a teen, she would calm down a bit.

Unfortunately, it only got worse. Belinda aged up, aspired to be a Public Enemy and she rolled in the dastardly and hates children traits. Things were all down hill from here.

09-03-14_7-19 PM

Instead of giving her huge teddy bear to the other children, like we were expecting, she sold it and bought a worthless mirror.

Belinda was living a rough life and went into depression. You could even see it in her body posture. Belinda even told us that she was a lesbian. We accepted her decision and told her to do what made her happy, but I don’t think anything could.

09-03-14_7-22 PM


She would come home from school and go under her covers and cry her eyes out. I assumed she was bullied at school for being different. Not that I support it or anything, but she kind of deserved it.

09-03-14_7-24 PM

I continued to work as hard as could at work and earned another promotion. They gave me the opportunity to choose what track I wanted to pursue. I could either follow the entrepreneur track or the video game track. Even though the entrepreneur promotion would not make as much money at first, I had a feeling it’d pay off in the end. So I chose that track.

09-03-14_7-43 PM


Once again, it was time to pay the bills. However, this time, instead of going right to sleep (even though I was beyond exhausted), I decided to pay the bills first. Now that the money was rolling in, it was a lot easier to pay them.

09-03-14_9-31 PM

Now that Belinda was depressed and had the hates children trait, she was meaner than ever to her brother and sisters.

Bruno tried to explain his dreams to Belinda, “I hope to have a mansion, decorated in the finest paintings.”

“Hah. Keep dreaming kid. Life’s not that easy. Now be quiet, brat, so that I can eat my dinner.”

09-03-14_9-32 PM


Out of all our children, Bruno was the only one that cared about school. I had no doubt that he’d meet (and exceed) his dreams. Bruno came home from school everyday, did his homework, worked on skills, and even did his extra credit. He was doing great in school, and I was very proud of him! He was taking after his genius father.

09-03-14_9-51 PM

Each night, Bruno would ask Renee to read to him. As a Whiz Kid, he enjoyed hearing stories. Renee read to him for three hours straight. Everything Bruno did was so perfect. He even earned an A in school! We were very proud of him.

09-03-14_9-54 PM

I started feeling guilty about hacking into the Lothario trust fund, so I started creating apps for phones… This would also help me with my career performance. My boss would be impressed if I had a few apps to market in the business.

09-03-14_10-02 PM

Brielle hated that Belinda was so mean to everyone in our family. One day, she tried to calm Belinda down. I’m sure you can only imagine how that went down…

“Belinda, yesterday I was watching cartoons and I thought of you,” Brielle started.

“Good for you. Now get lost, twerp.” Belinda couldn’t say anything nice.

“Well anyways, I think you should take advice from the show… They said ‘When you get so angry that you wanna’ roar… Just take a deep breath, and count to four!’ ” Brielle sang.

“NO! I will not! Don’t give me any advice from a pathetic cartoon!” Belinda screamed and ran into her room.

In her room, I heard Brielle talking to herself “I can’t wait to move out. I hate this family so much. I hate kids!!”

I kind of started feeling bad for Belinda. Was it something Renee and I had done while raising her to make her so mean?

09-03-14_10-06 PM


For the first time since we moved to Willow Creek, we haven’t left the town. Eventually, Renee decided to visit Oasis Springs and practice her mixology skills. Her flirty personality made it easy for her to schmoozie with her guests… I kind of got worried that she would start cheating on me. After all, with how much we worked, we rarely had time for each other any more.

09-03-14_10-12 PM

Fortunately, Renee wasn’t very good at bartending, and when she tried to show off her moves, she would drop the bottles. I don’t think anyone would hit on her.

09-03-14_10-13 PM

The days started flying by and eventually it was Bruno’s birthday! Since he was such a good kid, we decided to throw him a birthday part at the house, even though we wouldn’t be able to afford much.

09-03-14_10-19 PM

Eventually, it was time for Bruno to blow out his candles!… He thought deeply about his wish, and blew out his candles… I was so curious as to what he wished for, but I would not ask.

09-03-14_10-21 PM


I could not believe my little boy Bruno was already a teenager. Here’s to hoping he is nicer than Belinda! Bruno’s aspiration is the Curator and he rolled in the traits collector and self-assured. He must get his confidence from his mom…

09-03-14_10-24 PM

As soon as all of the guests left the party, Renee came home from work… She missed the entire party. Although she was sad and tired, she managed to snag a promotion to Head Caterer. This also meant that she chose the chef track over the mixology track. Renee always loved to cook.

09-03-14_10-26 PM

Since Bruno was such a great child, we rewarded him with an amazing room! He said that he wanted a new bed, a few posters, and a wardrobe. So we got him everything he wanted. He deserved everything.

09-04-14_9-06 AM

The next morning, we actually were all on the same schedule (it was the weekend, so the kids and I had off, and Renee didn’t go in until late), so Renee made us breakfast! She made delicious french toast, and we ate together for the first time as a family. It was nice having everyone together.

“This is delicious mom!” Bruno complimented.

“It’s mediocre, at best.” Said negative, debby-downer Belinda.

At the same time, the twins exclaimed “We love it mom!”

I just smiled at everyone… I couldn’t believe how fast our family was growing. It feels like just yesterday, I was living on the lawn. Although, it did smell like Breanne lived on a lawn. For some reason, she refused to take showers…

09-04-14_9-12 AM


Bruno really loved the two posters we bought him. We only spent about $30 on both, so it was great to see that Bruno was easily impressed. He admired them for hours at a time.

09-04-14_9-14 AM

I was actually very successful at creating mobile apps. This helped a lot with income too! For one app, I made $427!

09-04-14_9-29 AM

I started staying up very late at night because I was constantly working. Before I went to bed, I would grab some leftovers, sit down and watch some late night comedies. I was so happy with my life.

09-04-14_9-36 AM

The next day rolled around and it was Sunday, so there was nothing much to do at the house. I decided to take Bruno out.

“Bruno, do you want to go explore town today?” I asked.

“Of course dad! I’ve been dying to get away from Belinda.” It was a shame to see that he didn’t even want to be in the house because of his sister.

“Aren’t we all?… Where do you want to go?” I let him choose. The only place I had ever been was the park, the library, and the night club. Hopefully he would pick a different venue.

“We should go to the museum,” He responded. I should have known. It’s one of the only places to have art pieces around town.

“Sure. That sounds fun,” I told him. Even though I wasn’t interested at all… I’m sure they had a computer there so that I could work on my programming…

Sure enough, when we arrived, I saw an elegant desk and chair, with an amazing touch screen computer… Jack pot! I wasn’t really into art, so while Bruno scoped out the master pieces on the wall, I coded my butt off.

“Wow, dad, isn’t this painting amazing? It’s of the ancient town Monte Vista!” Bruno was so excited.

“Yeah… That’s uhhh… Interesting.” I was not interested at all.

09-04-14_9-47 AM


Bruno never really enjoyed being the center of attention, and as people began to roll in the museum, he got all panicked.

“Dad, I’m gonna’ go outside and catch some fresh air,” He told me as he ran out the door.

09-04-14_9-51 AM

I saw Bruno out the window looking for frogs. He said that he found a leaf and surfer eggplant frog! That was pretty cool, actually.

09-04-14_9-52 AM

Bruno even searched for gems and ancient pieces around town. I never thought collecting would be this interesting, but when Bruno told me he found a treasure map, some capsules, and a few gems, I was immediately interested in his endeavors.

Unfortunately, the treasure map only led him to more capsules, he said. The only thing the capsules had in them were little trophies…

09-04-14_9-54 AM

Once again, it seemed like the days flew by. Eventually, we saved up a decent amount of money, so I decided to buy something…

I bought a new computer! We were long overdue. The other computer we had could barely handle my programming. It was so nice to actually program on a computer that could handle it. I would definitely start making better apps now.

09-04-14_10-14 AM

We even had enough money left over to pay the bills of $1,392 right away!… I hoped life only got easier.

09-04-14_10-41 AM

As expected, my boss was very impressed with my programming skills (now that I had a new computer), so he promoted me to Independent Consultant and increased my pay to $185 an hour!! Things were about to be really good in the Defesco household.

09-04-14_10-44 AM

Now that I had a high paying job, things slowed down a lot around here… Renee was getting very old and we tried to enjoy the last few days we would have together. I did not want to think about life without Renee, but I knew it would happen sooner or later.

“Renee, I love you so much.” I expressed my fondness.

“Oh get over here you sexy hunk!” Renee entangled me in a kiss… This entire time, she never lost her drive for me, no matter how much we didn’t talk.

09-04-14_10-47 AM

Before I knew it, it was time to celebrate the twins birthdays… My baby girls were becoming teenagers. First up, Brielle aged and aspired to be the Friend of the World. She told me that she wanted to be the complete opposite of her sister. This made me very proud. Brielle also rolled in the gregarious and self-assured trait, like her brother and mother! Boy, the Defesco family was very self-centered!

09-04-14_10-58 AM

Immediately after Brielle aged, her twin sister Breanne aged as well. Brieanne aspired to be a Master Chef, like her mom… Geez! Why did no one in this family want to be like their amazing father?! She also rolled in the essence of flavor and loner trait… Breanne was almost the complete opposite of her twin sister.

09-04-14_10-59 AM


Well, with the four kids as teenagers now, I think it is finally time for me to pass this legacy onto the heir/heiress… Will I choose the mean, rotten public enemy aspiring Belinda? Or will I choose the collector, adventurous Bruno? Maybe I will choose one of the twins, Brielle or Breanne?… No matter who I choose, this legacy is sure to continue! Thank you so much for reading my segment of this legacy. Enjoy Generation 2!

Family Portrait 2



Update 1.2 – Seeing Double


We last left off with Belinda aging to a child and Renee and I found out we were going to be parents again! Let’s see what’s in store for this update…

That night, I noticed the flag on our mailbox was up… Shoot! Bills. I was worried sick to even open the mailbox. With Belinda as a child, we had only a couple hundred of dollars in our bank account. I heard bad things about bills in Willow Creek too. They were supposedly were outrageous. Without further ado, I opened the mailbox. I saw the bill lay there. I ripped open the envelop only to see the outrageous bill of $1,101!!

Are you serious?! I almost dropped dead. We didn’t even have a finished house and it was that expensive! We only had 48 hours to pay before our utilities would be shut off, but at the moment, we didn’t even have half the amount… This was tougher than I thought.

09-02-14_11-17 PM

Before we even thought about paying the bills, we had to buy Belinda a bed so that she could sleep. Unfortunately, we could not afford to add a bedroom, so she would have to sleep in the living room for the time being. Not to mention, our living room wasn’t even carpeted or painted… The struggle was real.

09-02-14_11-17 PM-2

Renee and I knew the next couple of months would be rough. Especially with our second child on its way.

“Boy, this is a lot harder than I was expecting.” I told Renee.

“You’re telling me,” Renee replied. “I’ve been pregnant almost the entire time we’ve been together! I still work too. I am exhausted.”

“We just have to maintain a healthy relationship. I never wanna’ lost you Renee.”

“Don’t worry. No matter how tough things get, we will make it through.” Too bad Renee didn’t know exactly how tough times were going to be… I just kept my fingers crossed for a promotion.

09-02-14_11-22 PM

Sure enough, the next day at work, I had impressed the boss enough to promote me to Ace Engineer. I was so happy to be an engineer. I wanted to be one since I was a freshman in high school. The pay was way more than I could ask for too. At last, the Defesco family would get a brief break.

Although the promotion gave me enough to pay the bills, I was too exhausted. I headed straight for bed. The bills could wait until tonight.

09-02-14_11-31 PM

When I woke up later that night, I signed off a check and placed it in the mailbox. It felt good to be debt free once again.

09-02-14_11-34 PM

I don’t want to take all the credit for our money because even though Renee was about to burst with our child, she still managed to work. Even better, she also received a promotion that night. We now had a slight surplus of money! I could tell Renee was even more exhausted than me, and she deserves some respect. I love her so much.

09-02-14_11-35 PM

Although Renee was the chef of the family, that night, I prepared a meal for everyone so that Renee didn’t have to cook.

“You ready to eat Renee?” I asked.

“I’m too tired. I’m just gonna’ go to bed.” I could tell that Renee was drained.

So, Belinda and I ate alone at the dining room table. Boy, was she mean!

“Dad, why don’t you tell mom to get a real job. She needs to suck it up. I want my own room.” Belinda demanded.

“Sweetie, please don’t-” I started, until she interrupted me.

“Dad. Stop talking please. I want my own room, now!” She pounded her fists on the table.

“Well, if you keep talking like that, you’ll be sleeping in the bath tub.” I was getting upset with Belinda now. Why was she so mean?

09-02-14_11-36 PM

Not only was Belinda mean to me, but she was even mean to our shower… Yes, you heard right- our shower!

One night, I heard Belinda yell at the top of her lungs, “Why must you be so hot you stupid water?!” And then I heard a bit of thrashing and what sounded like water leaking on the floor. Eventually, Belinda stormed out of the bathroom.

“Everything okay in there?” I asked.

“I hate that cheap shower. We need a new one.” Belinda mumbled as she walked away.

Then, I walked in the bathroom only to see water spraying everywhere. How is this even possible?! Belinda was costing me so much money. At this point, I didn’t even want another child. So, instead of working on my programming that night, I had to fix the shower.

09-02-14_11-39 PM

While fixing the shower, I suddenly remembered that Belinda and I never opened our wedding gifts or our promotion rewards! I quickly unwrapped everything. Some of the things we got was a hard drive, flowers, a coffee maker, and a clock! How nice of our guests and boss. We even had some duplicates of some items, so I sold them and added the money to our bank account.

09-02-14_11-42 PM

The next day was Belinda’s first day of school! We were so excited for her. But, mean Belinda wasn’t so excited. In fact, she over slept. Her principal called her phone to warn her that missing school was unacceptable. Luckily, Belinda made the right decision and ended up going to school late.

09-02-14_11-45 PM

I know that I shouldn’t give Belinda anything because she was so mean to me and nearly skipped school. But, for once, we were doing okay financially, so I decided to build Belinda a bedroom. It didn’t have much in it, but it was a start. Now, she could sleep in peace and quiet… Maybe this would make her nicer. I even bought her a huge pink teddy bear for her to take her anger out on.

09-02-14_11-56 PM

As the days passed on, Belinda’s attitude still didn’t change. In fact, the older she got, the meaner she became. All of our appliances started breaking. Luckily, even Renee helped fix things around the house. While she was fixing the sink, I heard a squeal.

“Uhhh… Renee, are you okay?” I never heard her moan like that before.

“I think I’m in labor…” Renee chirped.

“What?! But… Isn’t your water supposed to break?” I wasn’t even around for Belinda’s birth, so I wasn’t quite sure what to do.

“Well, I can’t tell if that’s my water or the sink’s water on the floor. But, I wanna’ say it’s mine!!” Suddenly, Renee began to scream.

09-03-14_12-02 AM

For some reason, Belinda’s labor took even longer this time. She even said that it was more painful then the first. I prayed everything would be okay. Renee just sat on the couch and read her cook book.

09-03-14_12-04 AM

And with a few big pushes… Wa-lah! We had our second born baby.

09-03-14_12-05 AM

Meet the newest addition to the Defesco family. Baby Boy Bruno (the glitch is still present in my game, so you won’t see much of him until he’s a child…)

09-03-14_12-08 AM

With all of the stress Renee and I had experienced in the past weeks, we had no time to enjoy one another. So, while Bruno was sleeping, just a few feet away from our bed, we decided to woo hoo.

09-03-14_12-12 AM

The next morning, I saw Renee shuffling under the sink for something.

“Uhhh. Renee? You’re not pregnant are you.” There’s no way we could have three kids. We could barely afford one, even though we already had two!

“I don’t think so. But, when I bought the pregnancy test when I was pregnant with Belinda, I bought a three pack. So I have a spare one… Can’t hurt to test.” Renee reassured me.

“Oh okay. That’s good. Because if we had anoth-”

“…I’m pregnant.” Renee began to cry on the toilet. I felt my cheeks flush red. How were we going to raise another child?

I had to encourage Renee that everything would be okay, even though I doubted it myself… “Renee. We can do this. We’ll be fine. What’s one more child going to do?”

“You’re right. I love you so much Allen. I love our family too. I can’t wait to have another child. Even if it means we have to work twice as hard.” Renee wiped away her tears.

09-03-14_12-15 AM09-03-14_12-16 AM

Like Renee said, we now had to work twice as hard. It was so difficult raising two kids back to back, and soon, it’d be a third child. I started modding some games to make a few extra bucks, and to impress my boss.

09-03-14_12-24 AM

I noticed that Belinda was starting to lighten up a little bit. In fact, she was even hugging her bear the other night! No mean person would ever hug a bear, right?

09-03-14_12-25 AM

I could tell that Renee was starting to really stress out. She couldn’t even find time for her needs any more. Renee peed her pants. No matter how silly this seemed, I supported Renee. I would never make fun of her. She worked way too hard.

09-03-14_8-37 AM

As quickly as Bruno came into this world, he aged into a child. Bruno rolled in the Whiz Kid aspiration and the Art Lover trait. I could tell that I would already like Bruno more than Belinda, shhhh. Don’t tell her I said that! I hoped that Bruno would become a genius like me. After all, he aspired to be a whiz.

09-03-14_8-41 AM09-03-14_8-42 AM

Renee and I continued to advance in our careers and impress our bosses. As a result, we were able to build Bruno a room right away. In addition, we started to add another bathroom because we knew it was gonna’ get tight with one bathroom and five people. However, we only had enough money for a tub.

09-03-14_9-00 AM

Surprisingly enough, Belinda and Bruno actually got along somewhat well. Even though Belinda was mean, they played nice together.

They liked sharing jokes together. My favorite was when Belinda said “What’s the point of blurring out the middle finger on television? Like oh, you fooled me… What’s behind there? An elephant? An umbrella?” I had no idea where Belinda came up with these jokes, but she was hilarious!

“Oh Bel! You so funny.” Bruno replied while laughing. Bruno still didn’t have proper grammar.

09-03-14_9-02 AM

With all the programming I have been doing, I actually broke our computer. I got the blue screen virus.

09-03-14_9-05 AM

Even though I was still unexperienced with the handy skill, I knew I had to fix the computer. I just prayed I did not get electrocuted. I was not ready to hand this legacy over already.

09-03-14_9-05 AM-2

Thankfully, I successfully fixed the computer and the weeks started flying by. Until suddenly, Renee went into labor!

While I was still sleeping, Renee snuck out of bed to do her thing once again. I really couldn’t have asked for a better wife. Renee did it all!

09-03-14_9-10 AM

Renee simply clenched her stomach, and pushed. There were no complications at all this time…

09-03-14_9-12 AM

Until I found out we had twin girls!! Okay, so I was stressing about having an additional kid, but now that I have two more kids… This completely caught us by surprise, but Renee and I would handle every curve ball thrown our way. We would make it through this together. But, Renee and I definitely needed a break for a while. We would not woo hoo right away, like in the past.

Anyways, meet our twin girls Brielle and Breanne Defesco!

09-03-14_9-16 AM

Sure enough, the stress continued to pile up. It was to the point where Renee started getting depressed. She was way too overworked. While taking care of the babies one night, Renee passed out in our bedroom. She looked so uncomfortable, so I scooped her up and carried her into our bed. After tucking Renee in, I swaddled up Brielle and Breanne. I needed to give Renee a break. I left a note next to her:


I took the kids out. Relax and enjoy the quiet.



09-03-14_9-20 AM

I decided to drop the twins off at day care (after all, it was free!) and I took Belinda and Bruno with me to the library. Here, I could practice my logic skill while Belinda attracted the attention of the town and Bruno observed my chess moves.

09-03-14_9-25 AM

Sure enough, Belinda did love to be the center of attention. In all, she met (and probably insulted) 10 new people that day! She was one mean social butterfly.

09-03-14_9-28 AM

When we came back from the library, I noticed that Renee spent some of her quiet time paying the bills.

“$1,225 this time… It’s insane.” Renee growled. I could tell she was still stressed out.

“Renee please. Don’t worry about this stuff. You already do too much…” I hated seeing Renee like this.

09-03-14_9-50 AM

I think part of the reason Renee is so stressed is because Belinda was so mean. I told Belinda about this while we were at the library the other day, and she actually understood! That night, I overheard Renee and Belinda talking.

“Mom, I don’t mean to be so mean all of the time. It’s just how I was born I guess. I hate seeing you stressed out.” Belinda apologized to her mother.

“Oh Bel. You don’t understand how much this means to me.” It sounded like Renee was about to cry. “I will always love you no matter what, honey.”

“I love you too mom,” Belinda replied.

I suddenly felt a tear roll down my eye… Maybe this is all Renee needed. I sure hope so.

09-03-14_9-57 AM

Sure enough, things started going a lot smoother in the house! And like that, it was already the twins birthdays. Brielle, the first born twin, had long hair and rolled in the Social Butterfly aspiration and the lazy trait. Her twin sister, Breanne, had short hair and developed the Whiz Kid aspiration and the loves the outdoors trait.

09-03-14_10-05 AM

As I mentioned things were going a lot smoother in the house, even financially. As a result, we were able to build a huge room for the twins to sleep in together. Also, we were able to carpet and pain our entire house!

09-03-14_10-10 AM

With 4 children in the house and Renee and I working our butts off, we didn’t get much alone time.

“I miss relaxing with you,” I told Renee.

“I wish we had more free time.” Renee replied and we entangled into a romantic make out session.

“Ewww! Get a room!!” Belinda cried from the dining room

09-03-14_10-20 AM

And sure enough, that’s just what we did… This was the first time we woo hoo’d since we get pregnant with the twins!

09-03-14_10-21 AM

Everything was wonderful in the Defesco house, so we decided to buy a doll house for the kids. It would help them develop a creative skill and give them something to do. They loved it! It brought all four of them even closer together. Although Belinda and Bruno were practically the only two to ever play with it.

“I wanna’ play with it Bel.” Breanne whined.

“Too bad! Bruno and I are older. Go somewhere else.” Belinda was so mean to the twins.

“You’re so mean Bel.” Brielle yelled back, sticking up for her twin sister. “I’ll just go sit on the couch.”

“Yeah, go to that, you couch potato!” Belinda responded. “And go outside where you belong, Breanne.

Bruno just sat back and observed his sisters fighting.

09-03-14_10-34 AM

That’s all I have for this update! How will things be with mean Belinda bullying the house? Is Renee pregnant? How will the house change as the children age into teenagers? Will Bruno be able to survive with three sisters? Find out next time. All feedback is welcome (positive or negative).


Update 1.1 – A New Beginning


What the heck is this? Where are the toddlers? Where are the pools? What do you mean I only get four traits?

Oh… Hi there! My name is Allen Defesco, and I suppose I am the lucky founder of this legacy. As a child, I was always known as the smart one. No one ever thought I’d become popular, but I am here to prove them wrong! Welcome to the Defesco family legacy! In case you are wondering, my aspiration is Nerd Brain and my traits are ambitious, perfectionist, genius, and quick learner. Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s explore this entirely new game! Once again, bear with me, as I get used to this completely new game. I may be a little dry and boring.

09-02-14_11-32 AM

Well, after my parents kicked me out of their house the second I turned twenty, I couldn’t really afford much. In fact, I ended up stumbling upon a huge piece of land, and figured it’d do for a legacy. I quickly checked my bank account to see how much money I had… A whopping $1,800, all from scholarships. Well, I guess I couldn’t afford college with this. Instead, I decided to build a house… Or should I say shack. Take a look for yourself. It’s nothing special at all. It’s 3 x 3 with a bed, a fridge, and a toilet. Whoppy!

09-02-14_11-33 AM 09-02-14_11-33 AM-2

After building and buying what I could (hey, I did build this all my self. No contractor), I figured I needed to get a job. With only a high school diploma, I doubt I’d get anything near minimum wage. I was shocked to see an opening in the Tech Guru field as a Live Chat Support Agent for $31/hr. That’s more than I need! It even said that no interview was needed! I quickly sent in my resume, and received an e-mail within minutes, congratulating me on my new job! Yay! The first step of this legacy is complete… Now, to find that baby momma’…

09-02-14_11-39 AM

I decided that since it was so early, the park would be the best place to meet new friends, and even a potential soul mate. I was nervous. I could feel my heart beat racing. I worried that anyone around me would hear it.

09-02-14_11-48 AM

I was never good with talking to girls in high school. In fact, I have only had 5 girlfriends my entire life. I had to overcome my fear though, or else this legacy would not get – Oh boy! Is that a chess table?!

“Oh. Hi there. Mind if I join you?” Since I was a genius, I loved to play chess.

“Yeah, sure. Take a seat. Are you new to Willow Creek?” The man asked me.

I was very awkward, especially around new people “Hah. Yeah. I am. I decided to start a legacy here.”

It was nice to see friendly people in Willow Creek. I don’t think I would have any trouble fitting in.

09-02-14_11-49 AM

That’s when I saw her out of the corner of my eye. As my eyes instantly locked on hers, I knew it was love at first sight.

“Uhhh… Allen?” I finally snapped out of it, only to find drool dripping out the corner of my mouth.

“Oh… Sorry. I just- uhhh… I have to go. Nice meeting you!” I bolted over to the crowd of people. I just had to introduce myself.

09-02-14_11-50 AM

As I got even closer, I realized that there were two smoking babes next to each other. Oh gosh. It would be so hard for me to choose. I felt my sweat roll down my arm and forehead… C’mon Allen. You can do this!

09-02-14_11-51 AM

“Hi there.” The beautiful brunette with the overhauls greeted me without hesitation.

“Uhhh. What’s up?” I had no idea how to talk to girls.

“That’s an odd way to greet a girl.” She began to chuckle. “My name is Renee.”

“Oh what a beaut-… Oh no! Did I say that out loud… I’m sorry. My name is Allen. I apologize in advanced for my extreme awkwardness.” I could tell already that I was ruining any chances with Renee.

“Umm… Okay. Well, I’m gonna’ leave now. Have a nice day.” Just as quickly as Renee appeared, she was gone.

I ruined my chances with her. Man, I was like the plague of this town. Where there used to be a group of four people, I was the only one now… This was gonna’ be harder than I thought.

09-02-14_11-53 AM 09-02-14_11-56 AM

Okay. I needed to try this again. I noticed the other girl I found attractive just a few steps away. Okay Allen. You can do this.

“Hi there! My name is Allen! And I would love for you to be my baby mama’ for my legacy.” This was going to work.

“Hah. You’re funny… Get away from me you creep!” She barked back at me and left in an instant.

Well, I guess that’s not how you talk to women either… Maybe it was just the park atmosphere. I should try somewhere else.

09-02-14_11-57 AM

As I pulled up outside the night club (even though it was only 2 in the afternoon) I saw Renee! She was wearing big, fat geek glasses. I felt my heart begin to flutter and I lost my breath. I knew that Renee was the one.

“Oh hi again Renee!” You could tell that I was excited to see her.

“Hi Allen. Here to boggie at the night club?”

“Ehh. Not really. I don’t really have much at home, so I figured I’d explore the town.” I could tell already that I was beginning to warm up to Renee. She was so easy to talk to.

09-02-14_12-01 PM

Wait. Before I wasted anymore time, I had to ask her a big question… I hope this wouldn’t ruin any chance that I may have with Renee.

“Renee, if you don’t mind me asking, are you single?”

“Wow Allen. That was very… Bold. I like that! But anyways, yes, I am single and ready to mingle!” Renee actually seemed excited for me to ask.

“Okay, because, believe it or not, I think this may be love at first sight.” Was I jumping into this too fast?

“Oh my gosh!” She chuckled and snorted a little bit. Her laugh was almost… Geekish! “I thought I was the only one to feel that way… See, that’s why I left the park earlier. I didn’t wanna’ ruin any chances with you.” It all made sense now! This really was love at first sight.

09-02-14_12-02 PM

“Well, on my way over here, I plucked this rose in the park… I want you to have it.” I handed her a blood red rose.

“Wow Allen. That’s so sweet of you!”

“Okay, so have you ever heard of a legacy?” I had to make sure that Renee would be committed to the challenge.

“Yes! Ahhh! Are you part of a legacy? Can I join? Please, please, please!!” She was way more excited that I thought she would be.

“Most certainly! How about we go back to my place? I can show you what little I have. I am the founder, so I don’t have much.” I don’t think Renee understood how much I was struggling.

“Oh yes! That sounds great.” And on our way back to my shack we went.

09-02-14_12-06 PM


“Well. This is it.” I had a feeling she would change her mind after seeing how tiny it was. And how big of a struggle it would be.

“Allen!” Oh no. Here it comes. My heart was going to be broken again. “This is great. I am so excited.”

“Please don’t leave Renee. I am extremely-” I started saying, but suddenly her lips met mine… What was going on?

“Listen carefully Allen… I said ‘This is great. I am so excited.” She repeated, but this time, I actually comprehended her. She actually wanted to be part of me. It really was true love… But on another note, did we really just kiss?!

09-02-14_12-08 PM

I grabbed her hands. She made the first move. Now I felt a lot more comfortable around her.

“I love how fast this is moving.” I felt sparks blazing through my body. I never knew true love existed. “I feel like we were meant for each other.” I told Renee exactly how I felt together.

“Allen. Everything you are feeling, I am feeling too. You truly are an amazing man.”

09-02-14_12-09 PM

If this really is true love, then she would have no problem accepting my next request.

“Renee,” I started, nearly too nervous to finish. My palms began to sweat. “Renee,” I tried again “Will you m-m-m” C’mon Allen! You can do this. I started encouraging myself… One last try. “Renee, will you move in with me?”

“Oh Allen! Of course I will! And once I do move in, we can actually build a house. I have $20,000!!”She was beyond excited, but when I heard a number like that, my mouth almost hit the floor!

“YES! We won’t be living in a shack for much longer!!” I couldn’t tell who was more excited. Me, or Renee.

09-02-14_12-10 PM

Now that we were roommates, Renee and I spent the rest of the night getting to know each other better and swapping some saliva.

09-02-14_12-14 PM

The next morning, we decided to hire a contractor to bull doze the existing shack and build us a small starter home. Although we did not have enough to paint or carpet, it’s a good start!

09-02-14_12-32 PM

Renee knew the deal with a legacy and she did not hesitate to find a job. Like myself, she had only a high school degree. Unfortunately for her, it was a lot tougher to find a good job and the only one she could snag was a dishwasher for only $16/hr. Ehh. It’d do for now.

09-02-14_12-33 PM

Now that we finally had a stove, I decided to cook my first meal. Hopefully I wouldn’t burn down our brand new home. I was not the best chef in the world…

09-02-14_12-35 PM

After eating the grilled cheese, Renee came running in the dining room and embraced me in a romantic make out session. I learned that Renee was very alluring and willing to do whatever it took to make me fall in love with her.

09-02-14_12-36 PM


Now that we were beginning to get into the deeper meanings of a relationship, I spent most of my time getting to know Renee a little bit better. I learned that Renee was family oriented, but self-assured. No matter what though, we were perfect for one another.

“I can’t believe we met less than a week ago and we are already this deep in a relationship.” I explained to Renee. I never thought this was going to be this easy.

“We are soulmates. We were destined to be together.” It was true. Not once did I reject Renee, nor did she reject me.

09-02-14_12-38 PM

With this, I was ready to ask Renee an even bigger question. But now, I felt comfortable to ask her anything.

“Renee, will you be my girl friend?” I was ready to make our relationship official.

“Oh! Yay! Yay! Yay!! I thought that you’d never ask. Of course I will… I also have a little surprise for you.” Renee began to tug my sweater and caress my collar bone. Then, she tugged me into the bedroom. Were we about to…

09-02-14_12-38 PM-2

Woo hoo!!!

Of course…

My first time was fantastic. I later learned that it was also Renee’s first time. It was even better than I had dreamed.

09-02-14_12-40 PM09-02-14_12-40 PM-2


After we woo hoo’d, I fell asleep (I was a typical guy!) and Renee even made me a sandwich and she ate some yogurt herself. She sure was perfect.

09-02-14_12-40 PM-309-02-14_12-41 PM


The next morning, I felt amazing. I decided to visit the library, but not to study. I wanted to play some video games on the computer. After all, it would help with my career.

09-02-14_12-48 PM

However, I do admit, I am a geek. So, after playing some computer games, I read a book. I wasn’t really into reading, but it just made me feel good about myself.

09-02-14_1-18 PM

The days passed by and nothing interesting really happened. I enjoyed cooking meals for Renee and I.

09-02-14_1-26 PM

Soon enough, it was my first day of work and Renee told me that she was going out for a drink at the local club. I trusted Renee and knew that nothing would happen, no matter how flirty she was.

09-02-14_1-31 PM

However, when I got home from work that day, I called for Renee. “Renee! Where are you my sweet pumpkin?” And there was no response. I started to worry that she never made it back from the club… I walked into our bedroom and saw a lump under our blanket. “Renee?” I heard a few sniffles. “What’s wrong babe?”

“I feel so guilty and embarrassed.” Renee cried. “I… I… I tried flirting with the bartender today and he rejected me. I am so sorry Allen, I should have never got involved in a relationship. I suck at this stuff.” Her eyes flowed like a water spout.

Even though I was pissed that Renee had already tried to cheat on me, I remembered that she was the love of my life. I could not lose her… This was all part of the challenge.

“Renee,” I began, “It’s fine. I understand. Just promise you won’t do it again.”

“I promise you, after being rejected today, I realized you are the only one I want to be with.” Renee wiped the tears from her face and smiled at me.

09-02-14_1-35 PM

“I have some good and exciting news!” Renee exclaimed.

“Oh really? So do I!” I couldn’t wait to tell Renee that I earned a promotion on my first day.

“Okay. You first.” Renee pointed her finger at me.

“I got promoted to Quality Assurance!” I felt like a hot shot, even though it was only a $3 raise.

“Wow. That’s pretty neat. But, I have even better news… Allen,” I heard a loud gulp in her throat, “I’m pregnant!”

“WHAT?!?” I was shocked and excited all at the same time. We sure weren’t in any financial situation to support a child, but this was all part of my job as a founder. “That’s amazing! I am so excited.”

“Me too. I didn’t even take a pregnancy test. I realized once I started putting on some weight, that we were expecting.” I could tell that Renee was very excited.

09-02-14_1-38 PM

Now that Renee was expecting, I knew that we needed to take our relationship to the next level. Renee and I never went on an actual date, so that was my plan.

“Renee, do you want to go on our first date together?” This was odd to ask since I knew we were going to be parents together soon.

“Of course I would!”

09-02-14_1-41 PM

The date was just a decoy for what I was going to ask Renee next. I felt like I knew her long enough and now that she was expecting, it was the perfect time to commit our relationship even further.

“Renee Myles…” I don’t care how comfortable you are around your significant other, this is always the hardest question to ask… “Will you marry me?” There. That was it. I had done it.

“Allen…” Oh gosh, she couldn’t reject me, right?

09-02-14_1-42 PM

She grabbed the ring out of my hand in a hurry and admired it.

“Of course I will Allen. It’s beautiful.”

I was so glad this was over with.

09-02-14_1-42 PM-2

As soon as Renee accepted my proposal, she leaped into my arms. I could tell her love for me really was sincere.

09-02-14_1-42 PM-3

After our date, we went home, and home some fun, once again…

The next morning, I cooked my fiance scrambled eggs and we ate breakfast together. Soon enough, our lives would be changed forever. In a matter of days, we would have a child. We wanted to spend every spend as much time together before the big change. Renee was finally beginning to show in her stomach!

09-02-14_1-46 PM

Even though we had very little income, we were able to afford a computer because we knew it was essential for me to be successful in my career.

I started programming for the first time. I could not believe how much I hated it. Was this really the right career for me?… I hoped so because once the baby comes, I will have to stay comitted.

09-02-14_2-08 PM


As the days continued to fly by, I was sleeping when Renee went into labor. She said it happened while she was eating lunch.

09-02-14_2-16 PM

Somehow, I managed to sleep through her entire labor. She must have been a real champ for not screaming a bit during birth. I was a little disappointed to not experience it.

09-02-14_2-17 PM09-02-14_2-18 PM

And just like that… Poof! Our lives were changed forever.

Meet the first born of this legacy, Belinda Defesco (due to the glitch, it’s pretty hard to see her, haha). Isn’t she precious?

09-02-14_2-19 PM


Now that Belinda was here, Renee and I felt that it was time to get married. Even though we didn’t know many people around town, we decided to invite everyone that we knew to help out!

Here is our beautiful wedding in the park.

09-02-14_2-36 PM09-02-14_2-42 PM09-02-14_2-42 PM-209-02-14_2-43 PM

As our wedding came to an end, I yawned, stretched, and wrapped my arm around Renee… Ahhh, the old “middle school move”.

“So… How about we commence this marriage?” I whispered to Renee.

“Sounds like a plan to me!”

09-02-14_2-44 PM

And like that, we were wrapped in a makeout session and all our guests began to leave. It was a fabulous wedding and they left us with many wonderful gifts. But now, it was time for the best gift of all…

09-02-14_2-44 PM-2

“So… How about that woo hoo, my sexy wife?” It felt great to actually be official.

“I would love to!”

“Raaaawrrr.” I growled at her, and she threw me onto the bed… Don’t underestimate Renee’s strength!

09-02-14_2-50 PM09-02-14_2-51 PM

The next morning, when I walked in the bathroom, I saw Renee peeing on a stick… It was a pregnancy test!

She clenched her eyes tight “GAH! I’m pregnant again Allen!”

Oh man. I was not expecting this at all. “That’s wonderful, honey.” But really, was it that wonderful? The children would be so close in age. Plus, our financial situation still was not that great. I had no idea how it would work.

09-02-14_2-52 PM09-02-14_2-52 PM-2


Fortunately, things settled down a lot and I snagged another promotion and we received a steep increase in money. I even had enough to afford a chess table to help with my aspiration.

09-02-14_2-56 PM

Later in the week, Belinda miraculously aged from a baby into a child. I could not believe my eyes. She went from poopy diapers and not even being able to walk to this?! Well, I guess that’s just life. Belinda rolled in the social butterfly aspiration and the mean trait. This would definitely make things interesting in the house.

09-02-14_3-03 PM

That’s all for the first update! What do you think so far? Once again, sorry if it’s a little dry and a little skippy right now. I was just more worried with getting to know the game… How will the Defesco family change now that Belinda is a child and another baby is on the way? Will Renee’s flirty ways ruin the family? Find out in the next update! Please leave any feedback (positive or negative).