Update 13.4 – A Wonderful Surprise


I left off the last update with Kayden and I getting engaged. So what else happened recently? Let me tell you!

The day after our huge engagement celebration at Sylvan Glade, Kayden and I started planning the wedding.

“What are your plans babe? I’ll do anything you want,” Kayden smiled.

“I want our wedding to be the best this legacy has ever had! A huge wedding bash, and an awesome new venue. I want to invite every person I have ever met,” I imagined the overflow of people at our wedding now.

“That sounds like a wonderful time!” Kayden exclaimed. “I’ll make a few calls.”

06-21-15_10-48 AM

Cowplant doing good… So far…

Unfortunately, a day later, it died…

Cowplants are just not meant to be for the Defesco’s.

06-21-15_10-53 AM

That night, at work, I received another promotion. I had to decide between the Body Builder path or Professional Athlete. I felt that since my aspiration was Body Builder, this would be the better career path for me. With that, I became a personal trainer with a par of $47/hr.

06-21-15_11-10 AM

I started using my trainer skills at home, to mentor Kayden. He really got into shape. His muscle tone was astonishing.

“Push baby! Push!” I screamed, like he was having a baby.

Kayden’s face turned more red than his hair.

“AHHHHH!” He screamed with adrenaline.

06-21-15_11-12 AM


As the days quickly zoomed by, soon enough, it was our “wedding-eve”.

Kayden and I sat pleasantly on our bed, holding each others hands.

“I can’t wait for our big day,” I felt a little nervous. This is exactly how my parents relationship started, and then, things just went down hill.

“Me too,” Kayden whispered. “Hey, I was thinking recently, now that we’re getting married, what do you think about having a kid?”

Perfect! I thought. Already thinking about bringing in generation 14?

“I would love that! But I really think we should plan it out. Perhaps after we get married?” I asked my fiance.

“That sounds great,” Kayden started caressing my leg and up my night-gown.

I wasn’t wearing undies… Can’t you tell?

06-21-15_7-42 PM

Things instantly heated up as I felt my hormones rage in my body.

06-21-15_7-45 PM


Perhaps I’d get pregnant a little sooner than I thought?

It was all in Kayden’s hands… Well, not really his hands, but you know.

06-21-15_7-46 PM

At breakfast the next morning, Kayden and I released some last-minute nerves.

“You ready for the big day?” He asked.

“I cannot wait any longer! I want to be with you forever and ever.”

06-21-15_7-47 PM

At last the perfect wedding ceremony rolled around.

Tons of friends and family showed up and we got married at this awesome park in Newcrest.

I won’t bore you with silly narrations of the wedding. I’m pretty sure you understand what happened, just enjoy the few photos!

06-21-15_7-59 PM 06-21-15_8-02 PM 06-21-15_8-01 PM-2 06-21-15_8-01 PM


After the ceremony, Kayden’s mother hugged him in close.

“Great job, son,” she whispered in his ear.

I felt a tear roll down my face. I wish my parents could be here the experience this wonderful day.

06-21-15_8-05 PM

After the ceremony, we did as planned.

I prayed that I’d get pregnant right away. I wanted to start our family.

06-21-15_8-06 PM

I took the pregnancy test literally the second after Kayden finished up…

Fingers crossed!

06-21-15_8-06 PM-2


I tossed confetti in the air.

Generation 14 is on its way.

06-21-15_8-07 PM

I quickly revealed the exciting news to my newly wed husband.

“It worked!” I shrieked.

“Yippee!” Kayden yelped with joy.

06-21-15_8-07 PM-2


Nothing like coffee and cereal before work. This made me feel energized and pumped. Ready to tackle an awesome day of training.

06-27-15_2-48 PM

I could not believe how quickly my stomach grew! It felt like just yesterday I was pregnant, and now, I had a huge belly.

I figured because I was so fit, it made my belly look huge.

Kayden rubbed my tummy, “I can’t wait to meet my baby girl.” I felt shocked that Kayden actually wanted a girl. “I want to spoil you like no end,” he whispered. “I’ll spoil you more than mommy,” he giggled.

“Ah, ah, ah.” I waved my finger. “Mommy is queen in this family.”

06-27-15_3-01 PM


My last day at work before I left for maternity leave, and I managed to earn another promotion! Now I earned the title of Professional Body Builder, with a pay of $57/hr.

06-27-15_3-19 PM

We enjoyed our last day of alone time at our favorite park, Sylvan Glade. My due date was actually today!

06-27-15_3-05 PM

Suddenly, I went into labor… Of course, this would happen.

I had to quickly navigate my way back through the maze of the cave.

06-27-15_3-23 PM

Kayden and I quickly rushed to the hospital, and labor went perfectly.

I lay my babieS to rest in the new nursery.

That’s right, we had twins! Unexpectedly. Both little girls were our angels. Truly a blessing.

Meet the first-born of generation 14, Noemi (in the yellow bassinet) and Nina (in the pink bassinet).

As you can tell, Kayden really did spoil the girls, as he had claimed. Now, he had not only one daughter to spoil, but two! They were also identical twins, although you can’t tell much now, since all babies look identical.

06-27-15_3-31 PM


Our family was perfect. It almost felt complete.

I did, however, want a boy at some point. But, the twins kept our hands full, so we’d push it off for a while.

06-27-15_3-33 PM

Shout out to my hubby for completing his aspiration of Angling Ace! Nice job Kayden! As a result, he earned the Angler’s Tranquility bonus trait.

Maybe now he’ll actually get a career…

06-27-15_3-39 PM

As we rocked our baby girls to sleep (they were getting so big already!), I brought up the thought of Kayden getting a new job.

“Now that you completed your aspiration, what do you think about getting a job?” I asked him, hoping it wouldn’t offend him. “I mean, with twins, things have been a bit tight around here, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, you are right… I suppose I can start looking,” he agreed.

“I can get you a job at the stadium, if you want!” I gasped.

“That’d be wonderful,” Kayden replied.

06-27-15_3-47 PM

As promised, I pushed on my boss to hire my husband. He earned the job as a water boy. Starting at the bottom, just like me.

He started hanging out with my girl friends, because I warned him how important it was to have plenty  of friends, and a good charisma skill in this business.

I trusted Kayden…

Just like my father had trusted my mother. I hoped that he wouldn’t betray me like that *****!

06-27-15_3-49 PM


With the girls getting older, Kayden and I finally talked about having more children. We sat on the edge of our bed.

“Well, now that you have a job and the girls are almost children, what do you think about having more?” I asked Kayden. “I really want to have a boy!”

“I wouldn’t mind, but I definitely think we should wait until the girls are just a bit older, and I get a little further in my career,” Kayden agreed.

“Sounds like a plan, boo!” I smiled, as we enjoyed a woo hoo, and then went to sleep.


06-27-15_3-58 PM

Moving on up in my career, I was promoted to Champion Body Builder, with a small pay raise to $85/hr. Man, this money sucks.

06-27-15_4-00 PM

And with that, my baby girls aged into children!

Noemi aged first, rolling the whiz kid aspiration with the hot-headed trait (she’s on the right).

Nina aged just seconds after her sister, rolling the whiz kid aspiration with the evil trait (she’s on the left).

Both girls had Kayden’s red hair, and my green eyes. A perfect combo. See! I wasn’t lying when I told you they were identical.

06-27-15_4-08 PM

Th-th-that’s all folks! Will Kayden and I ever get the little boy I’ve been asking for? Can our marriage really continue to be so perfect?

Family Portrait 37


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