Background Information


Hello everyone! My name is Brandon and I have been a simmer for a long time now. I am in college studying Chemical Engineering. In my freetime, I love to sim. The only way I like to sim is with a legacy challenge. I am following very similar rules to the legacy challenge from the Sims 3 because I started this legacy challenge before the official rules were released. I will not be keeping a point system. My goal is to successfully complete at least 10 generations with no cheats. Although a traditional legacy ends after 10 generations, the Defesco Legacy will live on! Below are some of the rules that I will be following:

  • No Cheats!
  • All traits and aspirations must be random (except for the founder)
  • Aspirations cannot be changed once a teenager, unless it is completed
  • Start out with a minimal amount of Simoleons ($1,800)
  • Move into the biggest empty lot (50 x 50)
  • Children cannot move out until at least young adult
  • No aging up early

I may have missed some for now, but I will add to this list, if needed. Okay, so now, a brief introduction to my legacy.

As this is the first time that I have played the Sims 4, there is a lot for me to learn. With that said, the first generation or so will be kind of slow, with very minimal storyline to it. This is just so I can get used to the game. Also, I want to mention that my founder is actually my simself (with a different name), so a lot of his decisions, actions, and choices will be based off of what I would do. The Defesco legacy is also an alphatecy! In other words, generation 1 will have A-letter names, generation 2 will have B-letter names, etc. This will probably be the one and only family I play with in the Sims 4. All entries will be in the first person point of view of the Founder or Heir of that generation. For example, in update 2.3, it will be written in generation 2 heir’s point of view. I hope you enjoy and please leave any feedback!


Looking for a specific update?

The easiest way to navigate this site is to type “Update _._” in the search bar to the left. Replacing, the two blanks with the update you are looking for.


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