Update 14.1 – Lost it All


*wipes eyes*

*blows dust off legacy book*

Hmmm… I guess I shouldn’t let the Defesco legacy die off. *tears up* But how can I ever continue… We lost everything. I will try to keep it together for this update. Let me recap:

The last update my mother, the Generation 12 heiress, Melody Defesco and my father, Kayden were discussing having a fourth child; I had a twin sister Noemi and another younger sister, Nicole. My mother always wanted a boy.

Everything seemed happy and fine. But then, it happened. *crying* I remember it like it was yesterday. *sobbing*

06-28-15_12-36 PM

*wipes away tears*

Okay. Okay. I’m done I promise. Let me explain, and then hopefully you will have some empathy…

So a week after my mother and father’s talk, we got a letter in the mail:

“Mr. and Mrs. Kayden Defesco are hereby being sued by Willow Creek for…” *gulp* “Three hundred seventy six thousand six hundred fifty simoleons ($376,650), for the use of steroids and false advertisement. If found guilty, both Kayden and Melody Defesco will be sentenced to prison for life, on top of the fine.”

So… Here I am. As you can probably guess – they lost the case. Let me introduce myself – my name is Nina Defesco, the generation 14 heiress. I never thought that I would continue this legacy. Especially, since the last time you saw me, I was an ignorant little girl. Now, I am a fully grown young adult. My traits are goofball, evil, and loner. I also have the bonus traits mentally gifted, thrifty, and business savvy. My lifetime aspiration is to be a Painter Extraordinaire.

I was stripped away everything. I had to sell the house. I was ultimately left with $392. My mother and father are in jail, and my two sisters fled the country. I was all alone. They even took all of my clothes; all I was left with was this raggedy white t-shirt. How would I ever find someone to pass on this legacy?

09-04-16_9-50-42 PM

09-04-16_9-50-55 PM

09-04-16_9-51-05 PM

So, here it is, my “home”.


At least they let me keep all of my great (x10) grandfather’s MySims trophies… Woopie. Maybe I could pawn them off?… Nah! They were a legacy now, for sure.

09-04-16_9-52-04 PM

*blows nose*

Get it together Nina…

First things first, I need a job.

Luckily, growing up, I practiced painting a ton, and basically maxed my artistic skills, so that would be easy. I also moved out of Willow Creek because I knew the Defesco reputation was ruined there.

09-04-16_9-53-35 PM

I headed over to the museum to paint, since I obviously couldn’t afford an easel to practice. However, I forgot that canvas is supper expensive. After spending the last $50 left to my name (I only had $2 in my account after this), I started painting and prayed it’d pay off…

09-04-16_9-56-06 PM

“You’re a fantastic painter,” I heard a familiar voice say behind me.

I glanced out the corner of my eye, afraid of being humiliated by a Willow Creek resident, whom hated my parents… “Nikolai!” It was my best friend from high school.

“Hey, I know you probably don’t wanna’ talk about it, but I’m really sorry about what happened,” Nikolai explained.

09-04-16_9-57-34 PM


After this, the format of this legacy will change dramatically. The rest of this legacy will be scrapbook format with simple captions to each picture. Not quite a story. Just a way to document my growing legacy family. 

Great (x10) Grandfather’s ultimate collection. To pawn or not to pawn?
09-04-16_10-00-48 PM

Spraying for monsters, since I lived on the lawn – ya’ never know.



Had to pee so bad; still no toilet. 09-04-16_10-01-59-pm


Ahhh… Much better.09-04-16_10-03-41-pm


However, I still needed a shower. Badly.09-04-16_10-06-14-pm


A quick trip to the gym should help… Until I started balling my eyes out in the shower. Life was so miserable living on a lawn.09-04-16_10-08-11-pm


Couldn’t even afford food, so I mooched free chips at the bar.

“Lady, aren’t you gonna’ buy a drink?”…



Munch, munch, munch. So depressed. Just look at that face.09-04-16_10-14-18-pm


Soon enough,Nikolai and I started hitting it off. Finally, my life was picking up.09-04-16_10-17-45-pm


He even asked me on a date! But, I wanted to take things slow.09-04-16_10-20-47-pm




After a few more days at work, and a few more paintings, I finally bought a shower!

Man, look at how dirty I was all of the time. It was shocking that Nikolai liked me.09-04-16_10-31-48-pm


I was really bringing in the big bucks with my paintings!09-04-16_10-33-30-pm


Even bought a fridge!!09-04-16_10-34-17-pm


Nikolai and I continued flirting and getting to know each other.09-04-16_10-35-47-pm


Encouraged him to work out at the gym; he had to lose those love handles.09-04-16_10-42-25-pm




“Ahhhh, that was a fantastic work out,” *yawn* “I’ll just put my arm right here…”


We sat out by the romantic bay and gazed into each other’s eyes.09-04-16_10-44-57-pm


Down by the bay we shared our first kiss. It was perfect!


So much for things not moving fast. Once we kissed, one thing led to another… We woo hoo’d on my lawn…

Notice the kids playing pirate in the background, haha! OOOPS!09-04-16_10-48-34-pm


So, I had to ask Nikolai to “move in”. It’d help with the funds. Luckily he agreed!09-04-16_10-52-08-pm


We had a spare cowplant. Nikolai left him. He named him Pester.09-04-16_10-58-56-pm


Promotion, ayyye! Bringing in ‘dat money.09-04-16_10-59-49-pm


Good thing, because guess what?!…09-04-16_11-03-31-pm


Generation 15 is on it’s way! I was pissed at Nikolai. There’s no way we could afford this right now.09-04-16_11-03-45-pm


I yelled at him for hours. It was my evil side coming out.

“Why didn’t you wrap it?!” I was furious.

“I’m sorry babe. It just feels so much better…”

Humph… Boys.09-04-16_11-04-08-pm


Nikolai loved Pester, but Pester did not favor Nikolai too much… My heart was crushed when Pester ate Nikolai! I told him not to mess with that crazy plant! Now how would I raise a child, single and broke?


Luckily, Pester started gagging.09-04-16_11-10-54-pm


And then he puked Nikolai up.09-04-16_11-11-05-pm


Ewwww. Gross!09-04-16_11-11-16-pm


“My little baby, I would never abandon you!” Nikolai rubbed my tummy.

“You smell like cowplant slime… Gross,” it triggered my gag reflex and I instantly ran off to the bathroom. 09-04-16_11-12-47-pm


Pregnant and still getting promoted! Things were getting a little better. Unfortunately, this creature inside me would be here soon and we’d be broke again in no time.09-04-16_11-14-29-pmThat night it happened… Nikolai slept through my entire labor.



Meet first born of Generation 15 – baby girl Ophelia!! I instantly fell in love; how did I ever call her a monster? She was precious!






My little family. ❤09-05-16_9-17-37-am


Unfortunately, Ophelia woke us up a lot throughout the night.09-05-16_9-17-51-am


Too bad Nikolai would fall right back to sleep, as I breast fed. This was not fair, since he made this decision! I was the one that got “punished”. 09-05-16_9-18-26-am


As I slipped back under the covers, I realized Nikolai actually wasn’t sleeping. He back kissing my neck and tickling me… This eventually turned into a woo hoo, as Ophelia lay there crying… Awkward!09-05-16_9-21-19-am


Nikolai got up this time to play with her, but I could not fall back to sleep either, so I decided to paint some more. We needed all of the money we could get! We still didn’t have lights in the house!09-05-16_9-22-01-am


I even completed my aspiration of Painter Extraordinaire, gaining the Expressionistic bonus trait.


We were able to buy a dishwasher and a nice kitchen now that I painted master pieces. And good thing, because the bowls were pretty smelly. 09-05-16_9-28-16-am


Guess what? Nikolai made another mistake!!

Naw, this time it wasn’t that bad!09-05-16_9-28-54-am


Nikolai chipped in with paintings to bring in extra funds.09-05-16_9-39-37-am

Too bad our bills were over $15k for some reason, so we were not able to pay them off. Our sewer was turned off and our toilet got pretty smelly.

“Ewww! Nina, is that your pregnancy test in the toilet still?!” Nikolai screamed.



We were artists! Master pieces, aye?09-05-16_9-41-03-am


Ophelia aged up quickly, rolling the Social Butterfly aspiration and Lazy trait. She was the perfect combo of Nikolai and I.




We still couldn’t afford another bedroom, so we all slept together.










Which was a terrible decision because Ophelia always woke us up in the middle of the night because of the monster under her bed.09-05-16_9-51-02-am


Again, Nikolai slept through it all. Man, I thought having a baby was worse. But Ophelia drove me up a wall as a child too!09-05-16_9-51-33-am


But how could you resist that face?!09-05-16_9-51-47-am


Even so, I treated my baby girl to a nice picnic. Well, we actually stole someone else’s hot dogs, since we couldn’t afford that, ha!09-05-16_9-56-56-am


Loved Ophelia, as much as she annoyed me at times.09-05-16_9-58-10-am


She even helped out a ton around the house; always doing her chores.09-05-16_9-59-38-am


At last, we could pay off the bills of $15,510. This felt great to take this brick off our chests. Now, we could finally focus on making our expanding family happy.09-05-16_10-03-45-am


Luckily, Ophelia became friends with the monster under her bed.09-05-16_10-05-25-am


Ophelia decided to get a makeover! What a cutie?!09-05-16_10-44-36-amI loved the fact that we had a small park in our back yard. Ophelia could play, while we kept a close eye on her… Well, not exactly, since our house didn’t have windows. I trusted her though.


Before long, it was time for baby #2!09-05-16_10-53-01-am

Argh!! Another girl… Meet Odysseia Defesco.

At this point, I really wanted a boy…09-05-16_10-55-36-amSo, Nikolai got right to work on granting my wish and within no time, I was pregnant again!!

Baby #3 on it’s way.:)

Nikolai aged into adult. I wasn’t sure his baby making skills would last much longer, so I hoped and prayed I’d have a boy. Although, the past 5 children of the Defesco legacy were girls! I started losing hope.


Odyessia aged into a child, which meant I’d be delivering soon! She was a rambunctious scamp and an art lover.09-05-16_4-34-15-pm


Funny enough, she seemed more social than Ophelia. Probably because Ophelia was lazy.

“Hey, you’re the girl whose parents woo hoo on their lawn, right?” The boy that witnessed that terrible act, asked.

“Uhhh, what’s woo hoo?” He had scarred Odysseia’s mind! She was too young to learn about that. Although, I guess we had scarred that kid’s mind… Ooops.09-05-16_4-36-59-pm

Finally, with delivery #3, Nikolai reacted.

“Ahhh! What do I do?!” He freaked out.

“Just go away,” I yelled. I didn’t need his help after delivering the first two on my own.



“AHHHH!” I screamed. Why did it feel like my insides were falling out?!

“Mommy okay?” Odysseia, the youger of my two children asked. “I heard that’s what woo hoo does. It makes you have a baby. Mommy is that-”

“ODYSSEIA PLEASE!! NOT NOW!!” I whaled. I was in so much pain.


And then finally, out popped baby #3!! Meet Otto! At last a boy. I was so happy.

“A BOY!” Odyessia cheered. “Good job momma’!”09-05-16_4-52-34-pm


But then, I felt another contraction. Meet Otto’s twin brother, Otis!

I guess I prayed for a boy a little too much. How would I ever afford to raise twins?! I could not believe that this was back-to-back generations of twins for the Defesco’s! Don’t forget that I had an identical twin sister, Noemi!09-05-16_4-52-44-pm


We still all slept in the same room. And whenever we were lucky enough to have all four kids sleeping, we woo hoo’d!!


But that never lasted long… Also, don’t worry, I had my tubes tied! No more babies from me. Four was plenty. Two boys and two girls. It was a perfect family. Now, if only we had the funds to support the family…09-05-16_4-55-34-pm


You could tell Nikolai didn’t help out on the first two children.

“Nikolai! You can’t hold Otto by the head!” I yelled.

“Oh. Oops,” he nearly dropped Otto.

“Haha. daddy, you’re funny,” stinky Odysseia laughed.
09-05-16_4-58-11-pmFinally, we separated the girls room from ours. They were becoming too knowledgable with woo hoo, so we didn’t want them to see that anymore…
09-05-16_5-14-40-pmAnd just like that, my little twinies aged!!

This is Otis. Otis is a rambunctious scamp and a genius.

09-05-16_5-38-33-pmHis twin brother (obviously they were not identical like my twin sister, Noemi and I), Otto was an artistic prodigy (wonder where he got that from) and a glutton.

I shall end this quick update here. 🙂