Update 13.3 – The Mysterious Pink Park


In the last update, I accepted the devastating fact that I’d lose my young boyfriend. I tried my best to extinguish him, until finally…

He aged into a young adult!

I had saved Kayden’s life, and now we could start having fun. Kayden rolled the bro trait. I felt relieved that I did not lose him. I thought for sure it was over.

06-20-15_10-10 PM


In a great mood at work the next day, I snagged a promotion to Team Mascot… Go team, go!

06-20-15_10-07 PM

As soon as I walked into the house, Kayden swooped me into the most amazing kiss ever.

It felt great to finally have our lips meet each other again.

06-20-15_10-12 PM

And to celebrate our wonderful relationship, we enjoyed a fabulous woo hoo.

06-20-15_10-14 PM


While Kayden fished in the local stream, my gay friend Marcus and I went on an adventure!

“Let’s get out of this town! I want an awesome adventure,” I told Marcus.

“Ard baby girl, let’s go!” He replied.

06-20-15_10-19 PM


Hmmm… Something about this tree seemed so mysterious. Perhaps watering it will help?

06-20-15_10-20 PM

Suddenly, it appeared. My heart dropped. I found a hidden cave!

“Marcus, I’m going in!” I shouted.

“That’s what he said,” Marcus laughed. “I’ll keep an eye out. Yell if you need help.”

And off I went into the darkness of the tree’s hidden cave.

06-20-15_10-21 PM 06-20-15_10-21 PM-2


I talked Marcus through my whole experience in the cave. “It’s dark, but somehow not scary. A faint glow is the only light, a rolling burble the only sound. What way should I go?” I asked Marcus.

“Follow he sound!” He shouted in at me.

I followed the sound. “I’m now deeper in the cave; it’s a bit darker. OH!” I jolted as a soft splash told me that I just stepped into a shallow stream. “Marcus! I’m in a stream,” I panicked, at first. “I’ll follow it downstream…” As I walked further along downstream, taking the oath of least resistance, I hoped it wouldn’t terminate in a sewer main. Suddenly, I am distracted by an ethereal mist, glowing ominously. “FOG!” I yelped, nearing running away.

“No!” Marcus shouted. “Overcome your fear, Melody! Go through the mist!”

I held my breath as I entered the mist. The mist was warm and friendly as far as mists go. Without warning, I felt the sensation of being spun around, an exit to the cave staring at me!

“Marcus! I see light!” I shouted as I ran for the exit.

06-20-15_10-22 PM

Suddenly, I noticed a sign that read “Welcome to Sylvan Glades!”.

I was speechless. Sylvan Glades was beautiful. The most gorgeous lot I had seen in my life. The park boomed with pink trees, calm waterfalls, and loud birds.

“Marcus, get Kayden! You have to see this!” I waved them through the cave.

06-20-15_10-28 PM

At last, my best friend and boyfriend arrived.

“Isn’t this beautiful?” I asked them.

“Amazing! It’s all my favorite color too,” Marcus added.

“Wow. Nice find babe,” Kayden snuck a quick kiss on me. “I wonder what type of fish are in this pond!” Of course, Kayden started fishing.

06-20-15_10-30 PM


After having some fun fishing, Kayden finally decided to be a little more romantic.

Kayden and I snuck our way over to the gorgeous lagoon with a stellar waterfall. The rainbow glistened brightly on the horizon.

I felt an urge to leap into Kayden’s skin. I desired my boyfriend. I flicked my leg up sexily, “How do I like babe?” I asked Kayden.

“AMAZING!” Kayden shouted, having the entire lot to ourselves.

06-20-15_10-33 PM


We decided to enjoy the rest of our date admiring the beautiful scenery of Sylvan Glades. I couldn’t wait to come back.

06-20-15_10-33 PM-2


However, eventually we had to return home. 

We showered, since we were a bit stinky from our huge adventure. 

After getting cleaned up, we ended this awesome date with a stunning woo hoo.

06-20-15_11-20 PM

Kayden really loved his fish. He started buying fish bowls and keeping a couple. Right now, he has a tetra and a kissing gourami.

06-20-15_11-22 PM

Kayden continued pushing his body to get in shape. I was so proud of him.

I worked on my abs as Kayden worked on his waist.

06-20-15_11-24 PM

Time for work!


A lot of people would be humiliated to wear this around town, but not me! My personality was too outgoing to have pubic shame. I actually enjoyed the attention.

06-20-15_11-25 PM

“Oh I think I found myself a cheerleader,” I sang to myself, as I earned a promotion to Dance Team Captain.

06-20-15_11-36 PM

While fishing, Kayden caught the rare cowberry! For the third time in this Defesco legacy, we had a cowberry plant… I wonder if this one would actually last?

06-20-15_11-39 PM

The next day, after dinner, Kayden whispered in my ear, “I have a surprise for you.”

I felt butterflies in my stomach. “Oh yay! What is it?” I couldn’t wait for my boyfriend to give me his surprise.

“You’ll have to wait until tomorrow. We’ll have a nice, romantic date.” He said calmly.

06-20-15_11-40 PM

At dinner, Kayden pumped me for the date.

“You ready to go back to Sylvan Glades?!” He asked.

“You already know it!” I shouted.

“Okay, well get ready. I want to leave soon.”

06-20-15_11-46 PM

After putting on my best outfit, and doing my hair and makeup, Kayden and I headed for a romantic date (just the two of us) at Sylvan Glades. That was the best part about this park. It was so isolated.

I stared deeply into my boo’s eyes.

Kayden caressed by face, lifting lightly on my chin.

“My beautiful girlfriend, are you ready for your surprise?” He asked.

I felt my heart flutter. “Of course,” I whispered. The air just felt romantic.

06-20-15_11-51 PM


Suddenly, I felt my heart pound a million miles a minute as Kayden bent down on one knee.

“Melody Defesco, I loved you since the day I met you as a child. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You are my everything… Will you please be my wife?”

I couldn’t even speak! I’ve been waiting for this day for years now.

06-20-15_11-52 PM

“OF COURSE!” I shouted with joy, as I took the ring from Kayden’s palms. “It’s beautiful,” I whispered as the diamond ring glistened in the warm light.

“I love you Melody,” Kayden hugged me close.

06-20-15_11-53 PM


“It’s so gorgeous,” I admired the huge rock on my finger. “I love it!”

I could tell Kayden loved me and would never betray me. He spent every penny in his name on this diamond.

06-20-15_11-53 PM-2

I leaned in for a kiss.

“I love you baby,” I gasped.

06-20-15_11-53 PM-3

Suddenly, I leaped in his arms, as my hormones raged. I could not resist my excitement. This was by far the perfect/most romantic/best proposal of this legacy, and of the sims world!

Kayden surely knew how to impress me.

Suddenly, Kayden cleared his throat and yelled, “C’mon out!”

06-20-15_11-53 PM-4


Suddenly all of my friends emerged from the cave, clapping their hands with joy.

“Congratulations!” They shouted.

What a sweetheart?! I thought. Kayden invited all of my friends to enjoy this wonderful moment of our lives. He really was too perfect, right?

Marcus hugged me, “Get over here girly! Lemme’ see that ring… Oh my lanta’! It’s huge!”

06-20-15_11-55 PM


Kayden’s bro, Jaime, congratulated him. Well, we all know who the best man will be! I loved their relationship.

We enjoyed the rest of the evening with our friends and family. I felt overjoyed after being engaged. Kayden and I had been dating for years. It was meant to be. I loved how slow things were moving in our relationship. You could definitely feel the love between us.

06-20-15_11-56 PM 06-20-15_11-56 PM-2


I’ll leave it off there. Next time, we’ll see how Kayden will plan the amazing, perfect wedding! And maybe, a few other surprises…

Family Portrait 36


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