Founder/Heirs Autobiographies


Generation 1:


Hello everyone! My name is Allen Defesco, and I am the founder of the Defesco legacy! First, I would like to mention that I am my creator’s simself, so a lot of my actions will be based off of him… Growing up, my parents always wanted me to do something to change the world. And I feel that by starting a legacy, the Defesco name will live on! I have always been attached to learning to skills and playing around with computers. I always set my goals high and everything has to be perfect. I graduated high school as Salutatorian and I knew that I’d do big things in life. Now, starting the legacy, I hope to provide a good foundation for the generations to come. Through my endeavors, you should expect to watch me studying my butt off learning new skills and advancing in my career. I also look forward to having a large family. I am also a bit, erm… Awkward… Sorry if I am not really interesting, but I just hope to get this legacy started on the right foot!

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Generation 2:


Hello world!! My name is Bruno Defesco, and I am the first heir of the Defesco legacy! Growing up, I was the only boy in the family and had three sisters; you can say things were a bit rough for me. Not to mention, my oldest sister was the meanest person ever. I wanted to do something to stand out from the rest of my sisters. So, as a child, I aspired to be a Whiz Kid, and I excelled in school. When I became I teenager, I changed my aspiration to a completely different path; I wanted to collect things. I managed to graduate as Valedictorian (hah, take that dad!). As the heir of generation 2, I hope to raise a tight-knit family and collect rocks, gems, and frogs in my free time. I know I have to get a job eventually, but I am still undecided as to what I should become. I do like working out in my spare time as well, so maybe that will play a role in the career I choose.

09-04-14_6-50 PM





Generation 3:


Hi! My name is Clarence Defesco, the generation three heir! As a child, I worked my heart off to complete my aspiration, but missed it by an inch! I am determined to complete my aspiration as an adult. As a result, I will need to find a soulmate. Fortunately, my sisters found me the perfect girl when we were teenagers. Determined, to fall in love with my best friend, I decided to take it slow. However, this plan was all ruined when she aged into a young adult and I found out that my dad hooked up with her! How will I change my mindset towards her? I hope to finally find my soulmate. Other than love, I want to impress my soul mate with delicious food, since I am a foodie. That’s pretty much it for me.

09-08-14_9-04 AM




Generation 4:


Hello there! I am Donte Defesco, and I have the privilege of being the heir of generation 4. When I was a child, I completed my social butterfly aspiration, so I have no problem at all making friends. This means that I also have no problem meeting the ladies. Now, I have the Renaissance Sim aspiration, so I constantly find new hobbies. You will be sure to never get tired of me! One second, I might show my genius side, I work on my rocket, the next second, I will be working out. I love staying busy and active. I never want to settle into a single career. The main skills I focus on are athletic, comedy, logic, cooking, charisma, and rocket science. I look forward to exploring my interests and jumping all around in the world.

09-12-14_5-51 PM





Generation 5:


Howdy! My name is Ezequiel Defesco (aka Zeek), the heir of generation 5! I know, I don’t look like any of the other heirs (I’m the only one without light brown hair), but I promise, I am part of this family! As a child, I completed my aspiration of being a rambunctious scamp. As a result, I inherited the physically gifted trait. Now, as an adult, I have the perfect aspiration for a legacy. I aspire to have a successful lineage! Although I don’t plan on popping out a bunch of kids, the kids that I do have, I plan on developing a strong bond/relationship with. My parents died when I was still a teenager, so my life started off kind of rough. Will I ever be able to get it back on track? I hope to follow my dad’s foot steps, and make him proud by reaching the top of the astronaut career (something he was never able to do).

09-15-14_3-46 PM





Generation 6:


Hiya, it’s me Freddy Defesco! I am the generation 6 heir. Well, after a wonderful childhood, being raised by only my father, I was stupefied by the news that I have two siblings and a mother that ran away when I was a baby. At first, this news put me into a hole, but I turned to music and love to dig myself out of the hole. Even though my father pushed me to become an astronaut, I relied heavily on music to get me through my teenaged years. After meeting the girl of my dreams and making a promise to be with her forever, I pretty much have my life set for some time to come. Or do I?…


11-29-14_2-10 PM-2





Generation 7:


YAY! Finally! It is me, the first heiress of the Defesco Legacy, Genesis Defesco. This is a complete honor. After six generations of male heir’s, it’s about time a female takes control! The only reason I received this title is because my brother, Gionni died when he was a teenager. As devastated as I am about his death, I couldn’t be any happier to be the heiress of generation 7. Gionni was my best friend, but I guess it was just his time to go. As a teenager, I focused a lot on mixology, cooking, and school; trying to impress my parents. My main goal in life is to prove to my parents I was the right decision. Eventually, I started falling for my dad’s long-lost close friend. Will our relationship last, or do I have a few tricks up my sleeve?

12-17-14_4-59 PM




Generation 8:


Hey there everybody! It’s me, party girl Hannah Defesco, the heiress of generation eight! I am proud to keep the women in power in the Defesco legacy! Growing up, my mother lived a double life, keeping many things hidden from her children. This had a huge impact on me. At first, I did not want to be bothered with anyone, and I did not make any friends at all. I soon realized that my mother’s mixology skills had me interested in drinks! As a teenager, I started leaning towards partying and meeting new people. I want to meet as many people as I can and live up my life. I look forward to experimenting and enjoying my life. I have no doubt I will be the most interesting heir of this legacy. I can’t wait to share my party life with you! Will I ever settle in and be successful in life? Or will I send the Defesco legacy plummeting down? This will definitely be a bumpy ride!

12-26-14_11-06 PM





Generation 9:


Hola! Bon jour! Ciao! Hello! It is I, the insane, generation 9 heir that ended the Defesco legacy! My name is Indio Defesco. I grew up with many brothers and sisters, so things were a bit hectic. I suppose that’s why I’m so crazy and I like to talk to myself. I tend to ramble on a lot, don’t mind that. I promise that I am working on it. I like working a lot. Wait… Am I rambling on now? Sorry. Anyways, I fell in love with the girl of my dreams and we’ll be together forever, no doubt. I always look forward to advancing in my career and learning new skills, particularly anything involved with technology. Well, I have a lot more to say, but my creator says that I can’t type too much. Did you enjoy my little blurb about myself? I am really sorry if I upset you. I think being insane is actually kind of fun. After all, my insanity earned me the love of my life. I think I’m gonna just keep going until someone cuts me off, which should be very-…

01-02-15_10-22 PM





Generation 10:


Hey everyone! Jewel Defesco, here, the Generation 10 heiress! Yes, I am probably the most unexpected heir of them all. But, wait until you hear my story and see the twists I have coming for this legacy. I am sure that I will not let you down! I may, however, let the Defesco’s down, but that’s besides the fact… Anyways, I enjoy building a variety of skills. My favorite hobbies are playing chess and crafting, because I like using my hands! I am not afraid to get down and dirty. I can’t wait to put this legacy in for a spin. So, hang on! It’s gonna’ be a bumpy ride.

03-27-15_1-35 PM





Generation 11:


Yee-haw! Howdy err’one! In case you don’t know by now, my name is Kaleb Defesco, the generation 11 heir. I’m better known as ‘Beast Mode Cowboy’. Ever since I received this nickname, I felt so attached to it. It explained me perfectly. This ‘Beast Mode Cowboy’ wants to raise a huge farm and family. My childhood was a little rough, being picked on constantly for having lesbian parents. But whatever, I don’t care what people think. I am stronger than that, and I will prove them all wrong once I have millions of dollars! People are gonna’ wish they had my life!

05-02-15_5-30 PM-2







Generation 12:


Let’s get a drum roll going again, please… Introducing the fabulous, sexy, evil, amazing Generation 12 Heir, Leroy Defesco. Please, just call me Lee. I know, I know, I am the sexiest heir to rule the Defesco’s. You’re probably thinking about all the nasty things you can do to me right now… Anyways, I love to torture and pick on people. My mischief skill is a main focus. However, whenever I am not picking on my many siblings, I am farming. It’s a way for me destress and get away from everyone. I can’t wait to show you what secrets I have hiding. This is gonna’ be a fun time, I guarantee it. Now, get outta’ here and go read my updates!

05-30-15_3-22 PM







Generation 13:

What’s up world?! It’s the Friend of the World, here, Melody Defesco! I got lucky to be declared heiress of generation 13 because my brother died on the day my dad chose the heir. I had a tough childhood as my parents went through a very tough divorce, but I hope to make the next generation all about love and family, to prove them wrong! My mother’s ex-boyfriend actually killed my brother, forcing me to become evil. Ever since his death, I wanted to make all of the friends I could. I also started releasing anger by working out. I hope you enjoy my part of the Defesco Legacy!

06-14-15_12-38 PM





Generation 14:

After the crash of the Defesco Legacy, I had the honor to get the ball rolling again. My name is Nina Defesco, and I have the honor to be called the Generation 14 Heiress, or as I like to be called the New Founder of the Defesco Legacy! I started with even less than the original founder of this legacy – a mere $392 to my name. With that, I was also left with hefty court bills from my cheating parents. Nothing will ever stop this Defesco Legacy! I will bring in Generation 15 without a problem. Nothing can stop the Defesco’s – not even bankruptcy!!



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