Update 11.5 -Baby Bloomer Over and Out… Or not


Quickly recapping the last update, all six of Bristol and I’s children were living succesful lives, completing their aspirations. Nothing too interesting happened. And, because of that, I figured I should pass on the baton. Although I’m never gonna’ back down, I feel my story dyeing out. This legacy needs some pizz-azz, which is why I know the perfect heir. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s start the final update from I, Kaleb Defesco; Beast-Mode Cowboy!!

I would not have my life any other way. I appreciated every single day with my huge family. We all had each other’s back. My favorite time was when we actually coordinated for family breakfasts, which was not often at all. Bristol had to cook three different meals in order to satisfy the varying tastes.

05-23-15_8-03 AM-2

After about another week of work, my stingy boss finally gave me another promotion. I was now a Professional Painter, with a pay of $154/hr. I was slowly, but surely making it to the top.

05-23-15_2-59 PM


Now that I was a Professional Painter, I had to improve my logic skill as well. I’m not really sure why.

Luckily, my whiz kid, genius, Lexie always wanted to play chess. This enabled me to build a relationship with her.

“So, baby girl, are you gonna’ be a painter like daddy?” I joked, knowing she had no interest in painting.

“No, daddy! I wanna’ be an entrepreneur! With a huge family, like you,” she winked, trying to lift my hopes.

05-23-15_3-00 PM

Although the pay was not well at work, I had a ton of time off to paint master pieces and tend the garden. As a result, I was rolling in the big bucks. I had over $100k saved up, so I decided to put on a few additions to the house!

Say hello to the new Defesco mansion! It has 7 huge bedrooms, and 6 bathrooms! Bristol and I figured the kids suffered enough growing up, living in the same bedroom. By now, they all developed a strong bond, so we felt comfortable giving them their own rooms. The first floor, we added Layla’s room in the back left, as well as a bathroom and expansion of the gym. Although Layla was only a teen, we decided to give her a bar in her room.

05-24-15_10-28 PM


Upstairs, things look a bit different as we added on two bathrooms and two bedrooms. We also connected the deck, so it wraps around the house! Additionally, there is a brand new deck outback.

05-24-15_10-28 PM-3


The Defesco Mansion was now worth over $350,000!!! 11 and a half generations of hard-work pays off.

05-24-15_10-31 PM

After all of the upgrades, it was time to celebrate our third borns birthday again. Latisha rolled the muser and lazy traits. She aspired to be a Painter Extraordinaire. I could not be prouder of my little girl. Out of all the children, she looked up to me the most. There’s something about Latisha’s eyes that I just lose my breath over! She’s beautiful.

05-24-15_10-53 PM

Because the girls technically couldn’t drink, I always had Layla mix drinks for me. She was really good at it too!

“Whatcha’ want today daddy? A Spicy Llama, again?” Layla knew what I liked best.

“You got it sweetie!” I exclaimed, as I chowed down on my dinner.

“What about you sis’?” Layla tried to serve her sister.

“Uhhh, I think not!” I stopped Layla. “At least not while I’m here. I will not tolerate underage drinking.

“But dad! I’ll be an adult in like a week!” Lauryn reminded me how old she was getting…

05-24-15_10-57 PM


After drinking the Spicy Llama, I felt refreshed, and ready to paint.

As I headed out to the deck, to gather some inspiration, I noticed Latisha already working hard.

“‘At’ta girl!” I encouraged. I was proud that she was following in my footsteps.

Latisha has a bright future.

05-24-15_11-01 PM


In case you were wondering about Bristol, she was a Pastry Chef.

05-24-15_11-10 PM

As expected, Lexie also completed her aspiration. Whiz Kid, check! As a result, she obtained the mentally gifted trait.

05-25-15_2-10 PM

Soon after, my youngest, Lamori completed his rambunctious scamp aspiration! That’s six for six! All six of my children completed their aspiration. I raised them well. Generation 12 definitely set a record for most aspirations completed. Not to mention, all four childhood aspirations were completed!


05-25-15_2-12 PMAt last, with three teenagers in the house, the garden was able to expand, ever so slightly. Although not all the girls wanted to do their part (cough, cough Layla). Layla preferred mixing drinks. Oh well, soon enough, Leroy’s birthday would roll around. Hopefully my son would be helpful.

05-25-15_2-15 PM


Speaking of Leroy’s birthday, it was here before I knew it! One thing I loved about having the kids so close together is there was always a celebration. It seemed like every day we would celebrate someone’s birthday! I loved all of the action.

When I saw Leroy whirl around, I could tell he was the perfect, handsome gentlemen. He’d have no trouble getting the ladies, at all. Not to be biased or anything, but I think Leroy is the best looking sim of the entire Defesco legacy! What do you think? Bristol and I sure make some sexy beasts, right? Well, I guess that’s why they call me ‘Beast Mode Cowboy’!! Haha.

Anyways, Leroy rolled the evil and business savvy traits. My little boy looked up to me. He wanted to follow in my footsteps, which is why he aspired to be a mansion baron!

05-25-15_2-20 PM


With the house already worth over $350k, Leroy was already satisfied with his aspiration! That’s right, Leroy rolled a lucky aspiration. As soon as he aged, he completed the Mansion Baron aspiration, and therefore, earned the Thrifty bonus trait. With this trait, the family earned a 10% rebate on anything purchased from the hardware store! Pretty awesome, huh?

Because Leroy completed his aspiration so quickly, instead of him choosing a second aspiration, I forced him to re-roll. Now, Leroy aspired to be a Freelance Botanist. I knew with this, he’d be the perfect help to the farm. Leroy really wanted to impress me, and he did!

05-25-15_2-39 PM


After another week or so at work, I finally earned a promotion to Illustrious Illustrator, with a pay of $308/hr. Finally, I was making good money! Unfortunately, I only worked 3 days a week! Well, anyways, one more promotion and I’d be at the top!

Surely, this would help complete my Fabulously Wealthy aspiration. So far, I had earned $150,000 since I was a teenager. Only $50k more to complete my ultimate goal.

05-25-15_2-44 PM

The kids all got along fabulously. Yet another reason I loved having the kids so close. The kids came home from school, and joked with each other on the couch.

“Who wants a wedgie?!” The evil, Leroy threatened his two younger siblings.

“No Lee! Not me!!” The youngest, Lamori whined. I knew they were just joking though.

“I’ll hold him down,” Lexie, the second youngest, added, in an attempt to avoid the wedgie.

“Haha,” Latisha laughed. “That doesn’t get you out of it!”

“GET ‘EM!!” Lauryn screamed, as the four teens chased their two younger siblings around the house.

I loved them all.

05-25-15_3-12 PM


As expected, with Lee (we call Leroy, ‘Lee’, for short) a teenager, he added a little spark to his older sister’s desire to help out on the garden. Within a couple of days, the garden expanded to a farm, holding at least 25 different fruits and vegetables! I knew my son would get their act together. This is why I needed a large family.

05-25-15_3-16 PM


Lexie’s birthday also rolled around. As a teenager, she rolled the gloomy and domestic trait. She aspired to have a successful lineage, a perfect aspiration for the legacy!

05-25-15_3-26 PM


My boss finally lightened up towards the end of my career. He saw how hard I worked, and knew how much I wanted to complete my aspiration.

As a result, he promoted me to Master of the Real, with a pay of $541/hr!! I can officially say that I have the highest paying job of this legacy! Finally, I was at the top of the Painter career!

05-25-15_3-29 PM


Not long after Lexie’s birthday (in fact, the very next day), Lauryn, my oldest, celebrated her young adult birthday! I could not believe how old she was already! I still wasn’t an elder, and my oldest was a young adult! Where had time gone? Lauryn rolled the slob trait, and decided to move out. She said things were too busy in the house, and she was right.

Although I appreciated her help around the house, I was excited that she moved out because this meant…

05-25-15_3-44 PM

Britsol’s birth control finally wore off!!

05-25-15_3-53 PM

I bet you were not expecting that, were you?!

Bristol approached me the next day in the bathroom.

“Guess what baby?!” Bristol exclaimed.

“PREGNANT!! Are you?! Seriously?! AHHH!” I screamed, jumping for joy, over-reacting a bit.

It had been so long since Bristol was pregnant, I almost forgot how amazing it felt.

Well, baby #7 is on his/her way. I have set yet another record this means, for most children of one generation! Man, I was setting the records for the Defesco’s:

  • most children
  • highest paying job
  • most earned money
  • most successful children

…The list goes on, and on! Not to brag, too much, haha.

05-25-15_3-55 PM

With all of the excitement building, leading up to the birth of my seventh child, I could not help but spend time painting. I loved painting, and the pay was great! I made at least $4,000 from each painting!

I painted this in honor of Leone, my cowplant. I missed him dearly. I wish I had better taken care of him.

05-26-15_6-45 PM

As the days zoomed by, next up, we celebrated my youngest little boy’s birthday! Lamori rolled the lazy and collector trait. He aspired to be a Freelance Botanist, like his older brother Lee.

05-26-15_7-09 PM


With all five children now teenagers, there was plenty of help on the farm. It looked great! Especially with both boys aspiring to be Freelance Botanists, the farm looked a lot better than I aspired as a teenager.

05-26-15_7-20 PM

I could not wait for my seventh child to be born. I just prayed everything went well, since Bristol and I were almost elders.

“How’s my baby boy doing?” I asked, rubbing Bristol’s tummy, hoping I’d get lucky with a third boy.

“Haha, you can only wish!”

05-26-15_7-16 PM


Suddenly, Bristol went into labor! She went in early, so I really started panicking. I was at work, again, unfortunately.

However, everything went perfectly. You’ll never believe it, but…

Meet Baby Girl #5, Lacy Defesco. Such a cutie.

I could not wait to have another. I snuck Bristol right upstairs.

However, Bristol whispered in my ear, “Birth control.”

I felt bummed out. I forgot all about Willow Creek’s pathetic birth control rule! It seems so in-sim-mane! (you know, like inhumane, but for sims, haha) Well, Layla would be a young adult soon… But, I really thought she had a chance at being an heir. On the other hand, I wanted another child. Argh. This was gonna’ be a tough decision. I didn’t wanna’ back down having kids just yet. I did not want to stop until I couldn’t reproduce any longer, which sadly, was quickly approaching.

05-26-15_7-22 PM


YAY! Layla aged into a young adult, rolling the goofball trait. However, now it was time to for the big decision. Layla was gorgeous. Layla had the perfect aspiration (Master Mixologist). Layla had the perfect personality… Should I pick her as the generation 12 heir?…

05-26-15_7-23 PM


Spoiler alert, the answer is no… Bristol and I much rather make baby #8!! That’s right, Layla unfortunately is not the heir either. She decided to move in with her older sister, Lauryn.

“Yeee-haaaw Beast Mode!!” Bristol screamed.

05-26-15_7-28 PM


After eight pregnancies, need I explain more?…

I still didn’t quite understand how Bristol kept getting pregnant, no matter how much she tried to explain. But, she didn’t seem to mind…

05-26-15_7-28 PM-2

Although Bristol and I keep popping out children, I feel like I need to move on. I know I technically shouldn’t declare the heir until all of my children are teenagers, but at this point, that’d be an eternity! I need to pass this legacy over. I am confident my choice of heir will be perfect. So, with that being said, will I give the honors to my beautiful daughter, Latisha. Remember, Latisha wants to be an artist just like me. Something I’d love to see for this legacy. Or, there’s Lee, my handsome son who wants to continue the farm as a freelance botanist. Next in line, Lexie, who aspires to have a successful lineage; the perfect choice for an heir. Possibly, I could choose my youngest son, Lamori, who had the same aspiration as Lee. Then, I thought longer. What if I just randomized it, and pick my seventh child, the newborn, Lacy?! Or maybe even baby #8, on his/her way…

Whoever I choose, I knew this legacy would go to great hands. All of my children were perfect. Now, I had a tough decision ahead… Who do I choose? I’m not sure I decided yet..

Family Portrait 31


Update 11.4 – Let the Craziness Begin!


In the last update, my wife and I started popping out kids one after the other. We both wanted a huge family. We had Lauryn, Layla, Latisha, and Leroy. Then, we found out we were pregnant with baby #5!! I apologize in advanced if the story is kind of lacking. Things are busy raising so many kids. This is mainly just an update of what’s been happening with the Defesco’s.

With four kids, back to back, you’d never expect me to have free time. But, guess what? I almost maxed my painting skill! Check out my first masterpiece!

05-17-15_1-07 PM

The girls got along so well. Since Bristol and I always had our hands full (either with work, the newborn, painting, or the garden), the girls headed to the park alone.

05-17-15_1-14 PM


Layla’s social butterfly aspiration definitely showed in her personality. She always wanted to be the center of attention. And, she had no problem doing it. She even made adult friends.

05-17-15_1-16 PM


I knew I was going to have trouble raising Layla. She already was a big flirt.

“I know your ticklish spot!” Layla shouted, tickling her ‘best friend’.

“Haha! LAYLA!” Her friend screamed out loud.

05-17-15_1-21 PM


Don’t even get me started with this…

I have no idea how she befriended Grim, himself…

05-17-15_1-23 PM


Lauryn, my oldest little girl, completed her Artistic Prodigy aspiration. For this, she received the creatively gifted trait.

05-17-15_1-31 PM


It wasn’t long before Layla also completed her social butterfly aspiration! My children were ambitious and successful. Layla earned the socially gifted trait, as a reward.

05-17-15_1-40 PM

Homework party!

05-17-15_1-48 PM

Bristol was truly the best mother ever. I had my hands tied at work, so she always managed to take care of Leroy.

05-17-15_1-52 PM

Soon enough, however, Leroy aged into a handsome young man! He rolled the music lover trait and social butterfly aspiration.

I exhaled, knowing we had no more babies. At last, things would be a little easier…

05-17-15_1-55 PM

But, not for long! That same night, Bristol went into labor!!

05-17-15_1-59 PM

Meet baby girl number 4, Lexie Defesco.

05-17-15_2-00 PM

Now that Bristol wasn’t pregnant anymore, you knew what our next move was…

05-17-15_2-01 PM

“I bet you’ll never believe it… I’m pregnant!” Bristol revealed the exciting news, for the fifth time.

“Yippee!” I could not wait to have another child on the way.

05-17-15_2-02 PM


The next morning, when Bristol puked her lunch, I got excited.

Did this mean we were finally having another boy?!

The only other time Bristol vomited was when she was pregnant with Leroy!

I kept my fingers crossed.

05-17-15_4-10 PM

Lauryn tested her “special ability” out again. She thought for sure she was an expert at determining the gender.

Lauryn rubbed Bristol’s tummy. “Oh yeah, definitely a girl.” Lauryn smiled.

I hoped she was wrong.

05-17-15_4-18 PM

Since our children were so close in age, they easily befriended each other. The two oldest, Lauryn and Layla were best friends.

And then, the two younger children, Leroy and Latisha were best friends!

I loved how gender did not interfere with their relationships.

05-17-15_4-23 PM


At work, I was given the option of ‘Master of the Real’ or ‘Patron of the Arts’ career path. I decided to go with ‘Master of the Real’. I felt my mentally gifted trait would help out a lot. I was promoted to Artist en Residence, with a pay of $71/hr.

05-17-15_4-27 PM

Our little girl, Lexie aged. She was the first to have her mother’s black hair. Lexie rolled the genius trait, along with the whiz kid aspiration. A perfect combo!

05-17-15_4-40 PM

As Lexie aged up, I quickly ran down stairs to check on Bristol. It’s tradition for her to go into labor as soon as the baby aged.

Sure enough, her water broke! It was go time!!

05-17-15_4-42 PM

Bristol pushed, and pushed. Until, at last, my baby boy was born! Finally, I had another boy. Lauryn was wrong after all, thankfully. Meet sixth born of generation 12, Lamori!

05-17-15_4-45 PM

Almost the second after Lamori was born, Bristol pulled me in close, and whispered in my ear.

“I want another,” she murmured.

“But, social services will attack us if they found out we had more than eight people living in the house,” I explained to Bristol.

“But…” Bristol complained. “That’s not fair!” She pouted.

05-17-15_4-46 PM

But, that did not stop us… You never know what can happen.

However, later on, I found out that when Bristol birthed our last child, Lamori, the hospital injected her with a birth control. This was Willow Creek’s way of keeping the population under control. I thought it was inhumane. But, they insisted the effects would ware off… Eventually.

05-22-15_8-05 AM

Leroy definitely looked up to his older sister, Layla. He had a wide variety of friends. I loved when he’d hip-bumb his adult friends! Such a cutie!

05-22-15_8-32 AM


You’d think with so many kids in the house, no one would be successful with their aspiration. However, this was not the case at all. So far, we were three for three, as Latisha completed the rambunctious scamp aspiration, earning the physically gifted trait.

05-22-15_8-40 AM



Suddenly, Lauryn’s birthday rolled around again. I could not believe our eldest was already a teenager. Lauryn rolled the snob and essence of flavor traits. She also aspired to be a master chef, like her mother.

05-22-15_8-45 AM

Make that four for four! Leroy also completed the social butterfly aspiration.

05-22-15_8-49 AM

Now that Lauryn was a teenager, I finally had someone to help with the garden; this was the real reason I wanted so many children.

05-22-15_8-51 AM


We decided it’d be best to keep all of the kids in one room. We bought six of the same bed, so that no one would be jealous.

05-22-15_8-56 AM

The days flew by, until it was time to celebrate my birthday! I was an old adult now. Since Bristol was pregnant all of the time, she didn’t age as quick.

I could not believe that in just 20 sim days, I got married, and had six children… CRAZY!

05-22-15_8-57 AM

Bristol enjoyed reading stories to the children. This put a smile on my face. Even though our family was huge, we always found time to accompany our children, to make their lives as fabulous as possible.

05-22-15_9-01 AM


Finally, Lamori aged into a child. I could not believe my youngest was a child. He also inherited Bristol’s black hair. Lamori had a little beer-belly; it was funny.

05-22-15_9-16 AM


Next up, we celebrated second born, Layla’s birthday. As a teenager, she rolled the goofball and essence of flavor trait. She also aspired to be a Master Mixologist.

Layla would definitely be trouble, since she’d probably be in the bar often.

Her sea-foam green eyes, little button nose, and sleek eyes definitely would attract the men.

I actually felt kind of worried for the first time.

Layla was stunning.

05-22-15_11-08 AM


I’ll leave it off here. Next time, we’ll celebrate some more birthdays! What else lies ahead for the Defesco’s? And which of the six children will earn the title of heir?!

Family Portrait 30


Update 11.3 – Babies Everywhere


In the last update, Bristol and I got engaged and had two daughters, Lauryn and Layla. What else will happen in this crazy legacy?

As usual, almost immediately after woo hooing, Bristol announced her pregnancy!

Baby number three is on it’s way! Generation 12 is just rolling in.

05-16-15_7-18 PM-2


Lauryn loved being a big sister. Her and Layla were already super close.

Lauryn even changed Layla’s diaper…

Such cute little girls.

05-16-15_7-23 PM


The next day, Bristol cooked us all breakfast. We sat together, and enjoyed a nice family meal.

“So, Lauryn, are you excited to have another baby?” Bristol asked.

“Yes mommy! I am super-de-duper excited! I hope it’s another girl… Actually, I know it’s another girl,” Lauryn added. “I have super girl powers.”

I choked on my food. “You’re funny Lauryn… Sorry to break it to you, but I know this one’s a boy!” I joked back.

“We’ll see, dad.”

05-16-15_7-27 PM


Lauryn really was the perfect first chid. She did everything – even chores!

Look at all the dishes Lauryn would collect at one time! And, best of all, she did it with a smile on her face.

05-16-15_7-47 PM


At last, I earned another promotion to Canvas Creator, with a pay of $38/hr. It really was difficult to earn a promotion at my job. I always went inspired, and with the perfect skills, but my boss is stingy.

05-16-15_7-48 PM


Bristol and I were so busy juggling work, a newborn, a child, and another baby on the way, that we almost forgot to get married!

We decided it would be best to just get married on the deck.

We were glad that our two girls could join the ceremony.

As the sun glistened down, I laid a juicy kiss on my new wife. Although this wedding didn’t have much planning, it was perfect.

I was a little disappointed that we didn’t have the chance to invite anyone, but oh well.

05-16-15_7-59 PM


Eventually, it was time to celebrate our second daughter’s birthday!

Layla rolled the perfectionist trait and social butterfly aspiration. I was happy to see Layla had my green eyes. Layla was gorgeous.

05-16-15_8-02 PM


That night, as we slept, Bristol went into labor!!

This time, I freaked out, because I actually decided to look.

I wanted to see my Baby Boy be born!

“Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh… GROSS!” I shook my hands all around, like a scared, little girl.

“Oh, grow up dad,” Lauryn added as she took the dishes from our room.

Bristol laughed, allowing our new bundle of joy to slip right out!

05-16-15_8-05 PM


I was wrong.

Meet Baby #3 of Generation 12, little girl Latisha Defesco! Would I ever get a boy?!

05-16-15_8-06 PM


There was only one way to find out…

05-16-15_8-07 PM

You already know what that means…

05-16-15_8-08 PM

Maybe the fourth pregnancy is a charm? I could only hope so.

Bristol even had morning sickness for the first time. Maybe this really did mean it was a boy?!

05-16-15_8-13 PM


As expected, Layla and Lauryn were very close siblings. Lauryn always cared for her younger sister Layla, and Layla’s social butterfly aspiration allowed her to make friends with anyone.

05-16-15_8-21 PM

Such cute little girls!

People often made the mistake of assuming they were twins! Especially since they were so close in age.

05-16-15_8-22 PM

I started really advancing with the painting skill. I could now sell paintings to the art gallery for over $500!

05-16-15_8-26 PM

“Best friends forever. Best friends forever. DING!” The two little girls sung a song together and hugged each other.

I could only hope they would always remain this close.

05-16-15_8-29 PM

Layla sure was my social butterfly. Pretty much anyone she met, she had to be friends with. She always had a gang of people over, socializing on the couch.

This kind of worried me. She’d probably try to throw big house parties in the future.

Layla even had a handful of adult friends.

05-16-15_8-31 PM


Guess who earned another promotion?

That’s right, ME!

I am now an Imaginative Imagist, with a pay of $48/hr… Still less than my Backhoe Operator job…

I did love the outfit I had to wear to work, though.

05-16-15_8-41 PM


The days flew by, in anticipation of the birth of baby #4.

Eventually, we celebrated Latisha’s birthday, and she rolled the creative trait (taking after her father, again!) and the rambunctious scamp aspiration.

I thought it was pretty cool how each of the girls had a different aspiration.

With Latisha’s birthday, you know what comes next, right?…

05-16-15_8-45 PM


That’s right!! Baby time!!

As Bristol pushed and pushed, I kept my fingers crossed for a Bouncing Boy!

05-16-15_8-46 PM

At last, Bristol cradled little Leroy in her arms.

Finally, we had a boy!! Leroy Defesco, the first boy of generation 12.

05-16-15_8-48 PM

We weren’t done yet…


05-16-15_8-48 PM-2

I’m not even gonna’ announce it this time… You know the deal by now!

05-16-15_8-49 PM

Well, this was just a quick update, with tons of babies. Will Bristol and Kaleb ever stop having kids? This definitely calls for an exciting future in the Defesco Legacy!

Family Portrait 29

Update 11.2 – Family, Family, Family


Last time, both of my mother’s passed away, leaving the hefty bills to Kasey and myself. I was heartbroken when my mother passed, but Bristol was right by my side to comfort me.

As Bristol rubbed my back, I wiped the tears from my face.

“It’ll be okay, Kaleb. Now, it’s time for you to start your own family,” Bristol reminded me.

Well, after this scene of kindness, it pretty much confirmed that I was through with Veronica. After all, she has been too busy to see me since she became an adult, so I don’t think she was interested anyway.

05-16-15_11-47 AM


Two days later, after finally getting over my mothers’ death, I felt much better and confident. I decided to ask Bristol on a date to watch the sailboats cruise by.

We had a great time, and I even planted a kiss on Bristol!

I had no problem moving my relationship fast with her, because I may have just met her a few days ago, but she proved she’d always be by my side.

05-16-15_11-52 AM


Which, is why I did this…

“Bristol Peterson, will you please be my girlfriend?” I asked.

“OH!! Of course!!” Bristol screamed and started jumping.

I couldn’t help but jump with her! We were so excited.

I let out a little, girly squeal, as I clenched my fists together.

We looked at each other at laughed.

05-16-15_11-55 AM


After the date, we decided to take things home, where we messed around all night…

05-16-15_12-01 PM

Bristol even spent the night! It felt so nice to sleep with a girl for the first time. Bristol definitely helped me get out of my slump. I’d be way too lonely without her. We cuddled all night long.

05-16-15_12-01 PM-2

Before I knew it, it was my brother and I’s birthday! First up, my older brother, Kasey. Kasey rolled the hot-headed trait (he definitely got this from my mother!).

Surprisingly, Kasey moved out right away. I thought he might stay around for a while since we were so close. But, he said he was too depressed and wanted to explore the world. He moved to Sunset Valley, where he could actually go on World Adventures.

He said he would stop back from time to time, however.

05-16-15_12-02 PM

Then, it was my turn to age into a young adult! I rolled the geek trait.

05-16-15_12-06 PM

The next day, when I saw Bristol at the park, I had noticed that she celebrated her birthday too! Bristol was the same age.

I could not stand living alone for one more second.

“Bristol, would you like to move in with me?” I asked my lovely girlfriend.

“Oh! Of course, ‘Beast Mode’,” I loved when she called me that.

Anyways, Bristol actually lived with her mom and younger sister, so she did not move in with any funds.

05-16-15_12-09 PM


Bristol and I headed back to our home to get to work in our bed.

“Yeeee haaaw!” Bristol screamed. “Now I know why I gave you the nickname ‘Beast Mode Cowboy’.”

05-16-15_12-10 PM

Afterwards, I decided I needed a real job. I got a job in the Painter career path as a Hungry Artist, with a pay of $20/hr. I figured that although it paid less than my Backhoe Operator job, it was a full-time position with room for improvement.

That’s when Bristol stood next to me, just staring.

05-16-15_12-12 PM


I couldn’t help but ask, “What’s up, babe?”

“I’M PREGNANT!” Bristol shouted.

“YAY!” I was so excited to be a father. Growing up, I always wanted a family of my own to help with the garden/farm.

Well, I guess because I had two mothers, I never actually had the birds and bees talk, so honestly, I had no idea what I was doing while woo hooing.

I assumed that’s how she got pregnant.

05-16-15_12-13 PM


The rest of the day, I walked around the house with a huge smile on my face. While I was outside, gardening, I talked to Leone.

“Leone, you’re gonna be a big brother!” I exclaimed, as I milked my cowplant. “Aren’t you excited?”

Leone smiled, showing his large teeth.

05-16-15_12-20 PM


Now that I was an actual painter, I thought I should really get back to the painting skill.

I finally finished my first work of art. I think it would be perfect for the nursery!

05-16-15_12-22 PM

The next day, Bristol and I worked on the garden. I was proud of her for still helping out, even though she was pregnant.

See, this is why I need to children: to help out on the farm!

05-16-15_12-24 PM

As the days continued to fly by, I knew our bundle of joy would be here any second. I felt it was time…

I bent down on one knee, and pulled out the Defesco family ring.

“Bristol Peterson, will you do the lovely honors of being my fabulous wife?” I asked.

“You already know I will, ‘Cowboy’!” She slipped the ring on her finger and leaped into my arms.

I was surprised she could still jump like that with a baby inside!

05-16-15_12-38 PM

I felt Bristol’s tummy.

“Oh my!” I gasped. “I can feel it move!”

“Haha, of course you can, silly,” Bristol laughed at me.

Suddenly, I wondered how the hell this baby would come out. I thought deeply about it before asking.

“So… Ummm… Bristol?… I’m wondering how the hell we’re gonna’ have this baby?… I mean, clearly, there’s no exit hole on you big enough.”

Bristol laughed even harder. “Oh Kaleb! You really are the biggest goofball I know. Of course, baby’s come out by…”

Bristol explained the process to me, and I almost lost my lunch.

I was just glad I wasn’t in her position!

05-16-15_12-39 PM

Sure enough, the next day while I was at my first day of work, Bristol went into labor!

05-16-15_12-44 PM

Oddly enough, Bristol still decided to work on the garden as she was in labor.

There is no surprise as to why Bristol had our child in the garden!

05-16-15_12-47 PMBristol insisted I stay at work while she delivered. She said she didn’t want me passing out.

As I returned from my first day on the job (with my first promotion to Watercolor Babbler, and a raise to $31/hr), I could not wait to meet my bundle of joy!

05-16-15_12-50 PM

As I walked through the doors, Bristol hushed me, and walked me over to the bassinet.

She picked up the tiny baby, and showed it off to me.

“Meet your first daughter, Lauryn,” Bristol smiled.

“She’s perfect,” I whispered.

05-16-15_12-52 PM


It wasn’t long at all before we were expecting baby #2!!

05-16-15_12-53 PM


Our little, baby girl Lauryn was growing up too fast.

I wished she could stay tiny forever.

05-16-15_6-51 PM

Unfortunately, balancing a newborn, a new job, and a pregnant wife, I had almost no time for anything.

Leone died… 😦

Oh well, it was probably better that he passed anyway because I don’t think he’d do well around kids.

05-16-15_7-03 PM


The days flew by, until finally it was Lauryn’s birthday! She aged into a beautiful child, rolling the bookworm trait and artistic prodigy aspiration.

Lauryn must really look up to me, aspiring to be an artist too.

05-16-15_7-11 PM

Sure enough, Lauryn followed right in my footsteps.

She always painted pictures.

“This one will be for my baby sister,” Lauryn smiled, hoping that we had another girl.

05-16-15_7-14 PM

Bristol ended up going into labor while at work (she was a Caterer). After coming home to gather her belongings, we were off to the hospital (her work forced us to have the baby at the hospital).

Luckily, I just kept my eyes on Bristol’s face. I did not want to pass out.

05-16-15_7-16 PM


At home, we laid our second daughter, Layla to rest.

Such a wonderful family already.

05-16-15_7-17 PM

But, I could not help but wish for my first son…

05-16-15_7-18 PM

Now that Bristol and Kaleb have two daughters, what else lays ahead? Will they ever have time to get married? WIll Kaleb ever get the little boy he is hoping for?

Family Portrait 28

Update 11.1 – Saying Goodbye


Before I reveal my identity, as the generation 11 heir, I want to quickly recap the last generation, since it’s been a while. My mother, Jewel Defesco took a u-turn in the legacy, when she discovered she was a lesbian. After revealing the news to her father (my grandfather), he quickly isolated her, forcing my mother to turn evil. Although evil, she loved her girlfriend… her soulmate… her wife… After years of thinking how to bring in the next generation, my parents decided artificial insemination would work best! They found a donor, and voila! My brother and I were born. So… Was Maddy’s child lucky enough to win the designation of heir?…

Of course not! That would not be fair at all! If it’s not obvious by now, I, Kaleb Defesco was the only option for the heir, since technically, my brother Kasey is not a blood-born Defesco.

05-02-15_5-30 PM-2Growing up with lesbian parents was difficult. People constantly asked questions, but I tried my best to avoid answering them. Some of the questions I typically got were,

“Does that mean you’re gay?”


“Do you call one of your mother’s, your father?”

And, to answer both them questions, it is no…

My parents, raised me perfectly. I have no shame or regret. Seeing how much my mother’s love each other is heart-warming.

Well, anyways, I sure loved learning new skills. I decided to pick up on the painting skill, since I learned that the Defesco’s never had a painter in the family.

05-02-15_5-32 PM

While at the park, one day, I saw my “biological father”.

After my mother fought him off, Conor pretty much stayed out of our lives.

I simply turned my back, and he walked right by… He probably didn’t even recognize me.

Oh well, I did not need a father in my life.

05-02-15_5-36 PM

Well, that was rude of me, wasn’t it? I almost forgot to introduce this lovely young lad.

Her name is Veronica. She’s a grade above me in school. We became really good friends over time. She’s definitely one of my best friends.

05-09-15_7-18 AM

Because I aspired to be wealthy, I decided it’d be fun to get a part-time job. Even though my parent’s made tons of money, I wanted to be swimming in cash.

I got a job s a Landscaper.

05-10-15_11-40 AM

With that being said, I knew it was best to work on my gardening skill.

This made me think… If I raise a farm, I could sell my produce for more money, on top of a job!

Gardening was the perfect skill for me.

05-10-15_11-46 AM 05-10-15_11-47 AM


I also picked up the fishing skill because I felt it went hand-in-hand with gardening. I would be able to use my catch to fertilize my garden.

The more I fished and gardened, the more I desired to have a farm of my own one day. I could just see my wife and kids working with me on the farm.

It would be perfect.

05-10-15_12-04 PM

My first catch, ever!

…seaweed, haha!

05-10-15_12-05 PM


At last my biological mother, reached the top of The Boss path in the criminal career. She was now, “The Boss” of the operation, with an astonishing pay of $445/hr. She truly was my inspiration.

05-10-15_12-12 PM

Although she was technically at the top of her career, and did not need any further skills, my mother refused to be nice to anyone that laid foot on our property. She’d even pick fights with the mailman.

“What the **** do you got for me today, *****?” She screamed at the mailman.

“Just your bills ma’am. Sorry to upset you,” the kind mailman whimpered.

“Get the **** off my property before I shove them up your ***!”

The mailman scurried off the lot.

No wonder we had a new mailman and maid everyday…

05-10-15_12-16 PM

Luckily, my mother approved of my relationship with Veronica. Anyone that my mother saw as family (minus her own father), she refused to be mean to. In fact, my mother loved Veronica.

“Hey Ron,” my mother called Veronica, ‘Ron’ for short. “Want to dance with me?!”

“Haha, no thank you Mrs. Defesco,” Veronica giggled at my mother’s horrible dance moves.

“Mom! You’re embarrassing me!” I stood up.

05-10-15_12-19 PM


“How about we go outside?” I pointed at Veronica.

“Sure thing,” Veronica laughed.

“Awww boo! Y’all are no fun!” My mother whined at walked into the kitchen.

05-10-15_12-20 PM


Outside, I worked on my garden some more. I loved evolving my plants to make them a higher quality. It reminded me of silly cartoons I watched as a child, when trainers would evolve their pets.

Anyways, there was one thing I discovered I loved more than my garden…

05-10-15_12-25 PM



I knew that my mother’s approved of our relationship. I felt so comfortable around her.

I leaned in for a kiss.

Of course, she accepted, wrapping her juicey lips around mine.

05-11-15_7-43 PM


Suddenly, I heard a loud cheer in the front yard.

“YAAA HOOO!” My other mother yelled.

Without even knowing it, she earned another promotion! This was the strangest thing, because usually each career only has 10 levels. For some reason, however, my mother reached level 11 in her career! She was now at the top of the Villain Branch of the Secret Agent career. Her title was Triple Agent, with an amazing pay of $515/hr!

Perhaps I’d complete my aspiration sooner than expected, with all these big bucks rolling in.

05-11-15_7-43 PM-2


Meanwhile, back in the backyard, things were getting a little frisky.

05-11-15_7-45 PM

Unfortunately, we ended things there because I had work early the next morning…

Speaking of work, on my first day, I earned my first (and last) promotion! I was now a Backhoe Operator, earning $77/hr, nearly one-seventh the pay my mother gets, haha.

Oh well. One day, I’ll be making the big bucks… One day.

05-11-15_8-00 PM

As a gift for my promotion, my brother, Kasey gave me this extremely rare seed! I had never seen it before, but I’d definitely try my best to raise it well.

05-11-15_8-02 PM


Speaking of my brother, we grew very close. Growing up with “different parents” was tough, and we needed to be by each other’s side to support each other every step of the way.

I loved my brother. I could not imagine life without him.

I honestly fear the day he moves out. I wish he would live here forever…

We would play fight all the time.

“How’s the job, bro? Getting all gross and sweaty?” Kasey asked.

“Yeah, I’m making the big bucks, while you sit home all day and soak up the AC,” I joked, punching my brother on the shoulder.

“Hey man!” He hit me back, and we laughed at each other.

05-11-15_8-05 PM


The next day, when I walked outside, I was surprised to see what the seed had grown into! Suddenly, I had realized what an awesome gift my brother gave me- a cowberry seed!

I was so excited. I really could not wait for it to grow up… Now, as long as I don’t kill it, like my ancestors did with their cowplant (the corpse of which is still in our front yard).

05-11-15_8-16 PM


Sure enough, with my advanced gardening skills, my cowplant quickly reached full size.

Meet Leone, the first baby of Generation 12, haha!

I loved my baby boy. Leone was so fun to play with, and feed.

“Who’s a good boy?… Who’s a good boy?” I asked, as I rubbed Leone’s snout.

He smiled, shaking his head, forcing his cowbell to ring.

05-11-15_8-24 PM


“Leone, speak!” I wanted to train my cowplant.

“MOOOOOO!” He let out a loud call.

“Good boy, Leone,” I clapped, and fed him a treat.

Such a good pet.

05-11-15_8-24 PM-2


Whenever I had free time, I was out exploring the park, looking for new people to meet. To be honest with you, Veronica was a little too old for me.

Veronica was already a young adult, so I couldn’t do much with her.

That’s when I met Bristol.

“Hi there, I’m Kaleb,” I introduced myself.

“Kaleb? Wow. I love that name! I used to watch this awesome show with a Kaleb on it. He was my favorite. His nickname was ‘Beast Mode Cowboy’. That’s what we should call you, haha. Anyways, my name is Bristol.”

I could tell Bristol had a bubbly personality.

05-14-15_6-51 PM


“This ‘Beast Mode Cowboy’ can do some great things with a lovely cowgirl like you,” I winked at Bristol.

“RAAAWR!” She growled at me.

I wondered if it was time to call things off with Veronica…

05-14-15_6-53 PM


I managed to get Bristol to come back to the house with me.

That’s when the unthinkable happened…

My mother, Maddy passed on. Her and my mother were both getting pretty old, so we knew it was coming soon.

I wasn’t really close to Maddy, so it didn’t hurt me too much, but my brother, Kasey was devastated.

I appologized to Bristol for having to go through this tough time with us.

05-14-15_6-55 PM



And then, suddenly, it was also my mother, Jewel’s time to go.

I lost it. I felt the tears rush down my face, my brother immediately ran over, saw my mother laying on the ground and started balling too.

“Sorry kiddies, but I just cannot live without my soulmate, Maddy,” my mother kissed us goodbye.

I could not stop crying. My tears rolled down my face like a waterfall. I really felt bad now that Bristol had to experience this.

I looked up, and noticed Bristol’s stunned face. I should have never put her through this…

Suddenly, I felt a warm arm wrap around me, rubbing my back.

“It’ll be okay,” Bristol comforted me. “I lost my dad at a young age, too…”

05-14-15_6-56 PM


That’s where we’ll leave off. So, who will Kaleb end up falling for? Veronica? Bristol? Both? Maybe even neither?! You’ll have to wait and see what Kaleb has in store for the Defesco Legacy!