Update 6.4 – Too Good to be True


Last time, Gionni and Gensis recently aged into children, and my father, Ezequiel passed on. So, what’s happened since then? (This is just a short, and not so sweet update. There is not much conversation in this update because all of the events that happened have me very very sad.)

As expected, my father’s death hit Gionni hard. Gionni was so close to his grandfather. We decided to add a new bedroom to the house for Gionni, in hopes of cheering him up.

Unfortunately, he spent most of his time, the next few days, crying beneath his sheets. It was heart-breaking to see my son this hurt, but I didn’t know what else I could do.

12-15-14_7-09 PM


Eventually, Gionni started venturing out of his bed on his own. We simply tried to stay out of his way. We didn’t want to hurt Gi (our new nickname for him) anymore.

Gi walked around with his head down and a frown.

12-15-14_7-11 PM

Luckily, Genesis was there for Gionni. I felt terrible that I wasn’t close enough to my son to talk to him about how he felt. But, Genesis and Gionni’s relationship was unbreakable. Genesis eventually pulled Gi out of this ditch completely.

They later confirmed to being best friends.

12-15-14_7-13 PM


Now that Gi finally was happy again, we decided to take a family trip to the park to get out of the house. I hoped this would maybe get our minds off of my father’s death. As heartbroken as I was too, I couldn’t let Gi see any weakness in me.

12-15-14_7-25 PM

It was great to get out and meet new people. After all, with a career in the music industry, I needed all of the fans/friends I could get. I made ten new friends this day. I felt great about myself!

12-15-14_7-26 PM


The next day, Kristin decided to cook a family dinner. Unfortunately, I always worked the night shift, so I missed it.

12-15-14_10-24 PM


Speaking of working, I landed another promotion tonight! I was promoted to Instrumental Wonder and they raised my pay to $208/hr. Only one promotion left!!

12-15-14_10-24 PM-2

Unfortunately, my raise didn’t help much. Our bills were up to $11,740. It was ridiculous!

12-15-14_10-32 PM

The next night, I aged into an adult, and felt no difference at all.

12-15-14_10-37 PM


The one change I noticed was that I started playing the piano more. I actually stopped playing the guitar, altogether. I guess you can say I was having a midlife crisis.

12-15-14_10-38 PM

While making some dinner, the ghost of my grandfather, Donte visited! I never even got to meet my grandfather. He died when my father was only a teenager.

He seemed like a really nice dude.

12-15-14_10-40 PM


Suddenly, I got a whiff of smoke.

12-15-14_10-42 PM

I ran over to the kitchen, and saw Kristin on fire… Oh no, no, no!! I cannot lose my soul mate this soon. I do not even know remember what life is like with Kristin!!

“AHHHH! BABY!!” I screamed, having no idea what to do.

Suddenly, I remembered that when my great great grandfather Bruno built this house, he installed a sprinkler system. Even though they said it didn’t work well, it was worth a shot.

12-15-14_10-42 PM-2

At last, the sprinkler system triggered and put out the flames on the stove and on Kristin. Thank goodness the love of my life was saved.

12-15-14_10-43 PM

After the fire, I couldn’t help but keep my hands of Kristin. That was too close of a call. While the kids were at school, we decided to have some fun.

12-15-14_10-55 PM

The days continued passing by and eventually it was Gionni’s birthday! He aged into a handsome young teenager and rolled the successful lineage aspiration as well as the domestic and hot headed traits.

I thought deeply about Gi’s personality, traits, and great looks. He’d be perfect for the heir! However, rules are rules. I must wait until Gensis aged into a teenager to decide.

12-15-14_11-01 PM

Fortunately, even though Gi was now a teenager, he and Genesis remained close. I assumed this was because Gionni aspired to have a successful lineage. He wanted to see his sister be successful. I seriously admired their relationship.

12-16-14_8-07 PM

Gionni even read books to his sister, in front of the fireplace in his room. Gionni’s room was so cozy, until…

12-16-14_8-09 PM



Fortunately, Gionni and Genesis were able to get out in time, and the damage wasn’t nearly as bad as the other fire.

We learned our lesson though. This fireplace would never be lit again.

12-16-14_8-11 PM


As the holidays approached, we decorated the tree and hung a few decorations. It was great family time, taking our mind off of all the devastating fires recently.

12-16-14_8-31 PM


Things were going great. Gionni really became the family man. He started cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner for us. This just confirmed my vision of Gionni being the heir.

12-16-14_9-22 PM

It was the weekend, and in the morning, so we actually enjoyed our first family meal together! I loved sitting around the table with my family, seeing everyone smile.

It was great to finally see Gionni happy again.

12-16-14_9-25 PM

Also at breakfast, Kristin aged into an adult.

12-16-14_9-24 PM

Things slowed down a lot around the house. Gionni continued being the family man by cooking and keeping everyone entertained. He even tried to fix things around the house… Notice the emphasis on tried…

Here we go. I am sorry if I lose it here…

12-16-14_9-36 PM

While fixing the radio, Gionni screamed loudly. It wasn’t unusual to get shocked while fixing the stereo, so none of us bothered to check on Gi.

That’s when I heard the sound of… Of… Death.

12-16-14_9-37 PM

My son, Gionni Defesco, the probable heir of generation 7 had just died of electrocution. Now, you can see why this update is so bland. I actually fell into a deep depression once my son died. I was heartbroken. Not only was Gionni going to be the heir, he was going to be the perfect heir.

See, never take perfection for granted. I always though everything in my life was perfect. My family, my wife, my kids, my life. But just when you think that, the unthinkable can and will happen.

I still could not believe what had happened to Gionni.

12-16-14_9-37 PM-2

Affected most by this devastation was Genesis. Her best friend and brother had just died. I have no idea how Genesis lasted through this tough time. It was heart-breaking to see her play space martian by herself.

I felt like I was to blame for Gionni’s death. This was horrible. Nothing felt right after this day. Having only one kid, it did not feel right. Declaring a female as the heir for the Defesco legacy, it did not feel right. Don’t get me wrong, females can be heirs of legacy’s, it just felt odd declaring one for the Defesco’s… I had no idea what else to do.

12-17-14_8-57 AM

I had to present the idea to Kristin.

“Kristin, listen, baby,” I started. “Not that I want to try and replace Gionni, or anything, but…” I felt a lump in my throat. “It just feels odd declaring Genesis as heiress of the Defesco legacy…”

“Go on,” Kristin encouraged.

“So, what do you think about having another kid?” I asked Kristin.

12-17-14_9-02 AM

Suddenly, Kristin launched me under the sheets and off we went.

I guess you can say she agreed with me.

12-17-14_9-02 AM-2

Through all of the tough times, I eventually learned to pick myself up. I was expecting a big announcement from Kristin any day now… I even earned my final promotion at work! At the top of my career, I was now a Concert Virtuoso with an hourly wage of $340. Now I can focus solely on my aspiration.

12-17-14_9-10 AM

Genesis birthday quickly approached (Kristin and I had no luck with pregnancy, but we were still trying). Genesis aged into a teenager with the Master Chef aspiration, as well as the essence of flavor and good traits.

12-17-14_9-17 AM

That’s all I have for this update. Will Kristin and I finally get what we want; another baby? Or, will I have to declare Genesis as the first female heir? Find out next time!

Family Portrait 14


Update 6.3 – The Perfect Life


Here’s a brief recap, since it’s been quite some time since an update:

My name is Freddy Defesco, the heir of generation 6. Growing up, I was an only child and developed a strong bond with my single father, Ezequiel (aka Zeek). After breezing through my childhood, as a teenager, I fell in love with my wonderful girlfriend Kristin. We promised to love each other forever and eventually we aged into young adults. Immediately, I asked Kristin to move in. We both got jobs, and it wasn’t long before we were expecting our first child! After proposing to Kristin, she gave birth to our healthy baby boy Gionni; the first born of generation 7. As quickly as he was born, he aged into a child. So, what happened afterwards? It’s time to find out!

Suddenly, Kristin barged in the bathroom, while I was taking a bath. She nearly scared me to death. I had a weird feeling about this… Was she pregnant?

“What’s wrong Kristin?!” I asked curiously.

“Oh… Nothing… I just wanted to talk to you about something,” Kristin proposed her idea.

“What is it babe? Are you pregnant?” I kind of hoped she was! I know we just woo hoo’d recently, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

“Pshw,” Kristin brushed the pregnancy question off. “Thank goodness I’m not pregnant yet!… Can we talk about the wedding?”

“Yeah, we can talk,” I was kind of bummed out that Kristin wasn’t pregnant. “Let me just finish up.”

12-12-14_4-48 PM


After taking my bath and cleaning up a little bit, I met Kristin upstairs in our room. She was sprawled on the bed in her lingerie. I was breathless.

“Well… Uhhh… I’m not sure if I can talk to you like that,” I instantly felt an urge too woo hoo.

“Fine,” she grabbed the covers and wrapped herself up. “Better?… So, I was thinking, we’re both really busy and have no time for a wedding, so how about just getting married on our porch? I know it’s not the fancy wedding you’ve been dreaming of, but I think it’s time to get married. We’ve been together for an eternity, it seems.”

Kristin was right. I was dieing to say my vows to her finally.

“That sounds perfect,” I responded. “Tomorrow night, after work?”

“Great!” Kristin exclaimed and tossed the covers off. “Now come get me pappi’!!”

I’m sure you know what happened next…

12-12-14_4-50 PM

Sure enough, the next night, after work, we decided to get married on our deck. It was still very romantic. Our deck over-looked the bay, so it was wonderful. I couldn’t have asked for a better wedding, a better wife, or even a better life.

12-13-14_6-51 PM

Even Gionni and father were able to join our special day. It felt great to finally call Kristin my wife.

12-13-14_6-52 PM

We exchanged vows and shared our first kiss as a married couple.

Meet the new Mr. and Mrs. Freddy Defesco!!!

12-13-14_6-53 PM

After the wedding ceremony, Kristin and I were getting ready for bed. I was sitting on the edge of the bed, taking off my socks, when it happened.

“I’m pregnant Freddy!” Kristin finally revealed the big news.

“AHHH! Really?! That’s amazing,” I was beyond excited. “How far along are you?”

“Well, I’m not really sure, but at least we’re married now!”

12-13-14_6-56 PM

This called for a celebratory woo hoo.

Besides, we had to commence our marriage.

12-13-14_6-57 PM


I started noticing that I was putting weight, so Kristin convinced me to start working out. After all, she said my performance last night wasn’t up to par. I had to change that.

Fortunately, my father was able to train me. Kristin decided to pump some iron and Gionni joined in on the fun too! It was some fun family time.

12-13-14_7-02 PM


The next day, I finally got to meet some of Kristin’s family. Her brother stopped over for a visit. Ever since I met Kristin, she never talked about her family much. She’d always brush the topic off… I’m not sure why. Argus (her brother) was really nice… Even if he looked a bit like an alien…

I was amazed by how light Argus’s skin was! That must mean Kristin’s parents are interracial too! Neat!

12-13-14_7-09 PM


In fact, Argus and I actually bonded really well. Kristin grew tired of our conversation and left, but we continued bonding.

12-13-14_7-10 PM

That night, after Argus left, I grew curious about Kristin’s family. I had to meet the rest of her family. They seemed very night. I brought it up to Kristin as we prepared for bed.

“Krisitin, I really enjoyed your brother’s company tonight. I want to meet your mother,” I suggested.

Kristin gave me “the look”, and I didn’t understand.

“Please Kristin. It’ll be great. I promise,” I encouraged.

“Under one condition, if you insist. But I’m telling you, she’s not the most jolly sim.” Kristin once again, made a deal with me.

“Wonderful. Now, what’s the condition?” I was afraid to ask.

12-13-14_7-13 PM

Kristin tugged me under the sheets, and the fun started.

I should’ve known.

12-13-14_7-14 PM

Dad continued to grow very close to Gionni, just as we were close when I was a child. I guess since my father was a single dad, he was all about children.

I admired the bond he and Gionni had. I was upset that even I wasn’t that close to Gionni.

12-13-14_7-23 PM

The next night, I finally published my first song! The song literally took forever to write, and I felt like I couldn’t do anything until it was finished.

12-13-14_7-25 PM

Finally, I got to meet Kristin’s mother. I do not see what all of the fuss was about. Although Kaley (her mother) had a bit of an attitude, she seemed to have the same mean treat that Kristin had.

Kaley and I actually ended up becoming friends. I wanted to prove Kristin wrong.

Another thing I noted after seeing Kristin’s mother is that she has the dark skin. That means Kristin’s father must be light skin, like me! Her family was really just like ours! I still couldn’t believe how young Kristin’s mother was.

12-13-14_7-36 PM


Once Kaley left, Kristin and I headed to bed. Little did we know, that night we would have a little surprise… Well, a BIG surprise!

Kristin went into labor!!

Kristin’s labor actually woke both of us up, and I kind of freaked out. Fortunately, Kristin reassured everything would be okay, and I went back to sleep. Kristin headed downstairs alone to deliver our second child.

12-13-14_7-42 PM


Kristin knew I worked the next day, which is why she went downstairs, so that she wouldn’t disturb me. She really was perfect.

12-13-14_7-44 PM

After a few pushes, Kristin welcomed our second bundle of joy to this world!

Meet Baby Girl Genesis Defesco.

12-13-14_7-46 PM

Almost immediately, Gionni gave his younger sister all of the attention he could. I could tell Gionni and Genesis would have a special bond, even though they were nearly 8 years apart.

12-13-14_7-47 PM

The next night, Kristin and I were back to hitting the sheets!

Baby number three?!

12-13-14_8-00 PM

The days continued to fly by, and eventually I finally earned a promotion. I was now a Professional Pianist with a pay of $87/hr. I was surprised at how low the pay was.

Also, I still haven’t heard anything from Kristin about being pregnant, so I guess that’s a no go. Oh well. If we were to have any more kids, we wanted them spaced out anyway, so no rush.

12-13-14_8-09 PM

Like I said, the days were flying by. Eventually, Genesis celebrated her birthday. Genesis also inherited the dark skin tone and my red hair! I couldn’t believe it! If I didn’t know better, I’d say Genesis and Gionni were twins. They were both adorable kids.

Genesis also rolled the rambunctious scamp aspiration. However, she also inherited the lazy trait. That would not be good for that aspiration!

12-13-14_8-28 PM


Now that the kids were both children, my father decided to retire from being a Space Ranger. Also, we all knew (including himself), that his time was coming soon. As much as none of us wanted to accept his fate, it had to happen soon. My father started gimping around everywhere. He just wanted to spend his final days with his grandkids and family.

12-13-14_8-28 PM-2

As expected, Gionni and Genesis. Gionni actually encouraged Genesis to play with him, even though she was lazy. I adored their relationship.

Growing up, I had no contact with my siblings, so this was great to see.

12-13-14_8-30 PM

During my father’s final days, he was happier than ever. He loved being retired. He had all the time in the world to play around with the kids.

In fact, Genesis actually got off the couch to dance with her grandfather.

I loved my family.

12-13-14_8-33 PM

Even Kristin was moving up in her career! She managed to snag a promotion to become a Space Cadet.

12-13-14_8-36 PM

Genesis and Gionni get along so well!

The best kids I could ask for.

I had the best kids. The best wife. The best father. The best family. The best life!

12-13-14_8-37 PM

Soon enough, it was time… I was at work, while Kristin was working out. Genesis was upstairs. The only one to experience it was Gionni.

My father’s time had come.

Gionni saw my father crouch on the ground, and Gionni started crying his eyes. out. Gionni and my father were very close. It was devastating. Gionni knew exactly what was happening.

“Papa! No!!” Gionni whaled. “Please don’t go grandpa’. I love you. It’s too soon for you to go. PAPA!!” Gionni was hysterical. He couldn’t even speak anymore.

12-13-14_9-04 PM

But my father was truly gone. There was nothing anyone could do now…

12-13-14_9-05 PM 12-13-14_9-05 PM-2


When I returned home from work, I looked out the back window at the family grave yard. I could not believe how quickly time was passing. Five heirs had passed, and I would be next to be buried beneath the family tree. I wiped the tears from my eyes. I had to stay strong for Gionni.

I couldn’t help but wonder what item would be placed infront of my grave…

(Side Note: Thanks to my friend for this awesome grave yard idea! You should check out her legacy here: http://seraphinolegacy.wordpress.com/)

12-13-14_9-20 PM


That’s all for now. So, will Kristin and I ever have anymore kids? Or are we finished? How will Gionni pick up from the devastating death of his grandfather?

Family Portrait 13

Update 6.2 – Starting a Family


Last time, I ended with me aging into a young adult. Now, it is time for the real fun to begin! Where did I run off to after blowing out my candles?

Of course, I ran over to Kristin, wrapping her in a warming making out session. I loved this girl to death. I could not imagine my life without her. The best part about our relationship was that we were exactly the same age, so she aged to a young adult earlier today. She literally was perfect.

11-29-14_10-00 AM

I knew that Kristin had no one else in her life. Plus, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. Besides the fact, we already promised our love for each other long ago, so there was one question I was prepared to ask Kristin.

“Kristin,” I started. “Will you m-” I hoped she wasn’t getting too excited. “move in with me?” I finished my question.

“I thought you were about to ask something else!” She giggled it off. “But of course I will Freddy. I can’t wait to start our lives together.”

11-29-14_10-00 AM-2


The first thing Kristin and I did together was so unexpected. We headed over to the salon, and got makeovers! Meet the new Kristin and Freddy!!

11-29-14_1-43 PM

Afterwards, we both decided to search for jobs. I found a dream job in the entertainer business. I started out as a C-Lister. Kristin, on the other hand, was convinced by my father that since she was a genius and active, she would be perfect for the astronaut career path. She started out as an Intern.

Well, at least my dad got someone this generation to be an astronaut, like he wanted.

11-29-14_1-44 PM

Now that Kristin and I were young adults, we could finally really woo hoo, instead of just “mess around”. Even after woo hooing, I still don’t understand the difference…

11-29-14_1-45 PM

While I worked night shifts, Kristin and my father were busy getting close. They were so similar! Both loved working out. My father even started mentoring Kristin.

I knew my father approved 100% of Kristin and I’s relationship.

11-29-14_1-54 PM

After my first shift at work, I managed to score my first promotion! This was easier than expected. I now performed the Opening Act!

11-29-14_1-56 PM


Of course, Kristin and I decided to celebrate with a woo hoo.

We loved each other too much.

11-29-14_1-57 PM

The next day, I decided to head over to the night club to earn some tips. It was a lot harder than it looks! Fortunately, I made over $100 in tips. That would definitely impress my boss.

Speaking of which, afterwards, I headed off to work.

11-29-14_2-03 PM

When I got home from work, Kristin had meals waiting for us at the dinner table. I can’t say it enough. She really was perfect.

As I sat down and took a bite of my BLT, I noticed Kristin just staring at her food; not eating.

“What’s wrong babe?” I asked her. “Feeling a little blue?”

“Yeah… Kind of,” she gave a little side smirk. “This morning, I got sick.”

“Oh you poor thing! Did you go into work? Are you okay? Do you need anything?” I felt terrible for leaving Kristin home alone when she wasn’t feeling well.

“No. Freddy. I’m okay… I’m pregnant!” She finally blurted out the news with a huge smile. “I wanted to surprise you.”

11-29-14_2-10 PM

I instantly clenched my fists and screamed: “YES!!” I was so happy. I could not wait for this day to come. My father ran into the dining room.

“Everything okay?” My father asked.

“Yes, we’re fine dad… Dad, you’re gonna’ be a grandfather!!” I revealed the exciting news. I knew since my father only had one child of his own, he’d be super excited.

“Oh my, son! That’s amazing. I cannot wait!!”

11-29-14_2-10 PM-2

The next day, my father mentored Kristin on how to work out without injuring the baby. She did not want to give up exercising just because she was pregnant. Luckily, my father was a professional trainer. I trusted him to keep Kristin and my child safe.

11-29-14_2-15 PM

At work that night, I was the happiest man on earth. I even managed to impress my boss, scoring yet another promotion. That’s two in a row! I had to choose between the Musician and Comedian path, and of course, I chose Musician. Now, I am a Jingle Jammer with a pay of $67/hr.

11-29-14_2-21 PM


Although I didn’t tell Kristin, she was getting bigger by the moment. Our child would be here any day now.

“May I feel our child?” I asked Kristin.


I rubbed her tummy and felt a kick.

“Oh that must feel weird!” I exclaimed.

11-29-14_2-23 PM

With my promotion, my boss told me I had to be versatile with my music skills. As a result, I started playing the piano.

11-29-14_2-27 PM

When I was heading off to work the next day, I noticed my father running around the block naked… What the heck?!

“Dad! What’s gotten into you?” I asked him.

“Oh nothing. Kristin just put me up to a little dare. I couldn’t resist,” my dad laughed the situation off and kept running. I tried to block his private area with my fist, but that didn’t work…

My father was so confident about his body. I mean, who wouldn’t be? I kind of wished I was as ripped as him.

11-29-14_2-31 PM

As I returned home from work the next day, I noticed Kristin was about to explode. There was no way her skin could stretch any further. Our child would be here any minute.

This left me with one more duty…

11-29-14_2-35 PM

I pulled Kristin close to me.

“Listen babe, I know this may not be as romantic as expected, but I feel it is time. Kristin Carrier, ten years ago, on this day, we promised to love each other forever as young teenagers. Now, I want to take that promise to the next level. I want to be with you for the rest of my life. I cannot imagine life without you. So, Kristin Carrier, will you marry me?” I plopped down on one knee and pulled out the ring; a much bigger ring than our promise ring.

11-29-14_2-36 PM

“Of course I will Freddy. All of those feelings are mutual for me. I love you Freddy Defesco. I cannot wait to marry you,” she accepted my offer, and slid the ring onto her finger. The ring sat right next to our promise ring.

Kristin leaped into my arms.

“Easy babe,” I warned Kristin. “You’re so close to going into labor. I wouldn’t want you harming our baby.”

11-29-14_2-36 PM-2


Sure enough, the next day, Kristin went into labor. Disobeying my orders, she went into work, where her water broke. Luckily, she came home right away.

11-29-14_2-39 PM

I tried to calm Kristin by giving her a massage.

“Oh baby, that feels wonderful,” she complimented my skills. “Let’s woo hoo!”

Wait… What?

“Kristin, I don’t think that’s the best idea.” Perhaps I relaxed her too much.

11-29-14_2-41 PM

Unfortunately, I had to go into work while Kristin was in labor. She assured me that she would handle it. I had a huge show to put on tonight at work.

11-29-14_2-42 PM

Kristin screamed and yelled. Both my father and I were at work, so she was left completely alone. But, as promised, she handled labor all by herself. She delivered a healthy baby…


Meet the first born of generation 7! We decided to name him Gionni Defesco. I was excited to see how dark his skin tone was. I wondered if he’d have my red hair?!

11-29-14_2-45 PM

When I returned from work, Gionni was sound asleep and Kristin was waiting in our bed.

“So, about earlier when I mentioned woo hooing… I still wanna’ do that,” Kristin begged.

Of course, I had no problem satisfying this desire for Kristin.

11-29-14_2-50 PM

My dad loved being a grandfather. I think he cared for Gionni more than Kristin and I combined.

11-29-14_2-51 PM

The next day, my father aged into an elder. Now, he actually looked like a grandfather.

11-29-14_2-56 PM

As quickly as Gionni came into this world, he aged into a child. I was excited to see that Gionni did have my red hair! He was a handsome young boy. Gionni rolled in the loves the outdoors trait, and, like my father and myself, he aspired to be a rambunctious scamp.

11-29-14_3-19 PM

With Gionni now a child and Ezequiel now an elder, how will things change in the Defesco house? Will Freddy and Kristin have more children, or is she already pregnant? How will the soulmates wedding turn out? Find out in the next update.

Once again, I apologize, but the next update will probably be delayed a bit. It probably won’t be out for another two weeks, or so.



Update 6.1- A Teenaged Love Story


Last time, my father ended with me aging into a teenager, and since I am the only child, I automatically became the Generation 6 heir!!

Just a reminder, my name is Freddy Defesco and my traits so far are Perfectionist, Romantic, and Muser. I also aspire to be a Musical Genius. My father has been pushing it on me to join the astronaut career. Even though I was so successful with my rambunctious scamp aspiration as a child, I’m not sure I want to commit to that career.

Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

11-26-14_5-24 PM

After aging up, I decided to head down to the local club. I wanted to get out and meet new people. The first girl I laid eyes on, I was in love. Her blonde hair was beautiful.

“Hi there,” I introduced myself. “My name is Freddy, what’s yours?” I had to get to know her.

“Haha. You’re silly,” the mysterious blond-head said. What was she talking about?

“I don’t get it,” I responded.

“Oh yeah. That’s right,” she giggled. “My name is Ashley Winslow… I’m your sister.”

My heart dropped a little bit. What did she mean? My face must have looked puzzled because she started talking.

“I guess your stupid *** father never told you. Well, yeah, I am your sister. And there’s someone else I would like you to meet,” Ashley, my long-lost sister, started tugging my hip.

This whole situation was odd. Why wouldn’t my father, aka my best friend, tell me about my mother?

11-26-14_4-30 PM

“Freddy, meet your brother, Declan,” Ashley pointed toward the guy standing behind me.

“Hi there,” I said awkwardly, still confused about this situation.

“What’s up lil’ bro’?” Declan greeted me.

Well, at least they were nice.

Suddenly, I zoned out. I thought deeply about the situation. You know, it all made sense. Growing up, I never even bothered to ask about my mother. I was so close to my father and he was so caring, he was like my mother. I was not concerned about knowing my mother, but now… Now that I know I actually have a mother, and two siblings, I must know the whole story.

“FREDDY!” Ashley snapped me out of my day dream. “Oh man. You must be just as crazy as your father. C’mon man. Don’t over think it. Let’s dance!”

I listened to my sister, and did what I enjoyed most – listened to the music.

I couldn’t help but keep this in the back of my mind. I had to ask my father.

11-26-14_4-32 PM

Sure enough, when I returned home from the club, Father was already knocked out (we still slept together). I would wait until tomorrow to ask him.

The next day, I heard my father dancing joyfully in the kitchen… I walked downstairs, taking a deep breath.

“Oh hey son! Guess what?” My father seemed very excited. “I got another promotion. I am on Planet Patrol now. They also raised my pay to $179/hr.”

I kind of just smirked at my father. I had to get this off my chest.

“What’s wrong son?” He asked.

11-26-14_4-37 PM

I took a deep breath.

“Dad… Why didn’t you tell me I had siblings?”

Suddenly, he spit his grilled cheese all over the camera (we have them all over our house for this legacy).

“Uhhh. Where’d you hear this from?” My father seemed flustered.

“Last night, at the club, I met this girl named Ashley,” he turned around to face me and I could tell he was serious. “And she also introduced me to Delcan. Who are those two people? Are they really my siblings? What happened to my mother?” The questions rolled quickly off my tongue.

“I feared this day would come,” I noticed a tear roll down my father’s cheek as he said this. “Let’s sit down, son…”

11-26-14_4-58 PM

After my father explained the entire story to me, I could not believe what I just heard. I wanted to meet my mother for myself. Thankfully, since my father and I were so close, he agreed to have my mother over the next night for a party. He told me that he hadn’t seen her since I was born.

I still didn’t quite understand why she had left me so suddenly. I actually wasn’t sure if I wanted to meet her. She seemed evil.

I kinda’ got a little depressed after this conversation. As a result, I started playing the guitar. After all, it was my aspiration. It helped keep my mind off of things.

11-26-14_4-59 PM

As promised, my father threw a party the next day. He invited everyone: my mother, my brother, and my sister. Unfortunately, Delcan (my brother) was still too upset to look my father in the eyes. I understood that completely. But, I couldn’t help but wonder why he wasn’t mad at our mother?… I predicted that she told he and Ashley a skewed story… Nevertheless, it was time…

As my father, mother, and sister sat on the couch and talked, I continued to strum my guitar…

“So, do you even know who that is behind you?” My father asked my mother.

“Of course… That’s my son,” Mom replied.

“Well, don’t you wanna’ talk to him?” He asked her.

“Fine…” She walked over towards me, grabbed my guitar, and set it down.

11-26-14_5-08 PM

“Hello, son,” my mother greeted me. “I’m sorry, but what is your name?”

I completely forgot that she didn’t even know my name.

“It’s Freddy… Mom, why did you abandoned me?” I glared deep into her green eyes. The same green eyes I have.

“Freddy, I’m sorry. Your father explained the situation to you, so I’m sure you understand. Listen, I really would love to be a part of your life, but…” My mother started crying. “I was recently diagnosed with a deadly virus. Son, I do not have much longer to live. I am really sorry. I was young and stupid back then. I regret the past, but I am so glad to see that your father raised such a wonderful boy. You have a bright future Freddy.”

I too started crying. I couldn’t help but wrap my mother in a warming hug. “Oh mother,” I cried. “I love you.” The three words naturally flowed out my mouth.

“I love you too son.”

11-26-14_5-09 PM

This whole situation still felt surreal. I did not feel betrayed by my father or my mother. As they both explained, they were both young and stupid, and made poor decisions. If it weren’t for them, however, I wouldn’t be here.

I went to the park to play my guitar to try and get my mind off the whole situation.

11-26-14_5-24 PM

After playing for hours, I still couldn’t focus. Maybe socializing would help?… That’s when I met her.

Her name was Kristin.

11-27-14_12-08 PM

Kristin and I took things slow, just hanging out as friends. When I was around her, my mind was not worrying about my mother and father situation.

After hanging out for hours, I decided to head home. It was getting pretty late.

11-27-14_12-10 PM

As I walked upstairs, I noticed a note tucked under my pillow. I opened it up, and realized right away it was not my father’s handwriting. I read it silently.

Dear Freddy,

I am writing to you to inform you that mother has passed last night. As she mentioned, she really did not have much longer to live. Once again, she wants to apologize for not being part of your life. This whole situation was unexpected. Her life was so spontaneous. She loves you and wishes you the best in life. If you ever need anything, don’t be afraid to ask me. I will always be here for you. Delcan, however, has moved because he wanted to get away from everything. 

Best Wishes,



I crumpled the paper up and tossed it in the trash.

I was done.

11-27-14_12-14 PM

The next day, I felt refreshed. Surprisingly, my mother’s death felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders. My life has been wonderful to this day without her and my siblings in my life, so I wasn’t about to ruin it for them.

I decided to call Kristin up and invite her over for a visit.

11-27-14_12-17 PM

Even my father enjoyed Kristin’s company (you wouldn’t believe how lonely things got around the house with just the two of us)!

After my father left, Kristin and I took things to the next level.

I knew my father would approve.

11-27-14_12-19 PM

I felt my romantic trait kick in, and I hugged Kristin in close. I began kissing her collarbone, working my way up her neck, leaving lovemarks.

“Freddy,” Kristin whispered. “My mother’s gonna’ kill me. Knock it off,” she giggled and slapped my hand.

11-27-14_12-51 PM

Kristin and I’s relationship continued to blossom over the next few days.

Even more exciting, my father reached the top of the astronaut career – Space Ranger path. My father was considered a Space Ranger and was paid $422/hr.

11-27-14_1-00 PM

The next night, I finally decided to man up, and asked Kristin on a date. Of course, she accepted. We headed over to the night club for our date.

I hoped that I would not see Ashley.

11-27-14_9-37 PM

I even picked up Kristin a small gift for our date.

“You look beautiful tonight, Kristin,” I complimented my lovely girlfriend. “That’s why I bought you this.” I pulled the rose out of my pocket.

“That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me!” Kristin exclaimed and took a deep sniff of the petals. “It smells wonderful.”

11-27-14_9-39 PM

Things only continued to heat up throughout our date. Finally, our lips met. We had waited so long for this moment.

I had one more surprise for Kristin.

11-27-14_9-40 PM

I pulled out my guitar, and started serenading Kristin. She blushed with amusement. There was only one more thing left to make this date truly amazing…

11-27-14_9-43 PM

I ended my song with the big question. “So Kristin, won’t you be my girlfriend?” The song ended and everyone in the bar started clapping. Kristin turned around and smiled at everyone, and then finally answered my question.

“You already know my answer, Freddy… YES!”

With that, our date was over, and we took things back to my house.

11-27-14_9-44 PM

Now that Kristin and I were a couple, I felt ready to take the relationship to the next level. But, only if she was.

I whispered into Kristin’s ear, “Would you want to woo hoo?”

Kristin simply nodded her head and a grabbed her hand and took her into my room.

Things got really heated between the two of us.


11-28-14_6-13 PM11-28-14_6-13 PM-2

The next day, I felt rejuvenated. I felt like a totally new man. I had a girlfriend, I experienced woo hoo for my first time. Gee, what else could I ask for? Being a teenager was awesome!

I decided to head down to the lounge and perform. I felt more confident than ever. I didn’t think anyone around was a better guitarist. Perhaps I could make a few bucks in tips so that I could spoil my amazing girlfriend.

11-28-14_6-15 PM

After performing a few gigs, I had enough money to buy Kristin a nice gift. She would definitely be shocked. I spent every penny I had, then invited Kristin over.

When she arrived, I turned on some romantic music and pulled Kristin in close.

“Kristin,” I started, slightly nervous. “Now, I know we are only teens and everything, but we have known each other for so long now. I feel so confident in our relationship,” I fumbled around in my back pocket, before pulling out the stunning, shining ring. I saw Kristin’s face light up.

“Oh my goodness! FREDDY!!” She started screaming.

“Kristin, listen,” I had to explain. “I know we’re just teens and everything, but I want to make a promise to you. With this ring, I promise to always be there for you no matter what. I love you.” I slid the ring onto her finger.

“Freddy, I love you so much. I promise to love you forever and ever too.”

11-28-14_6-20 PM 11-28-14_6-21 PM

And so there we had it. The youngest official couple of the Defesco Legacy! I felt honored. I knew that Kristin was my girl. I couldn’t even imagine life without her…

The days flew by, and, before I knew it, it was time to celebrate my birthday! My father threw a pretty big birthday bash. I never told my father about mom or Ashley, so he still invited her. No big deal. It was also nice to see Aunt Ebony at the party!

I quickly blew out my candles, because there was one person I was dieing to see.

I rolled in the ambitious trait. Then, I darted out of the kitchen.

11-28-14_6-50 PM

Now that Freddy is an adult, what will happen to the legacy? Will he stay committed to Kristin? Where did Freddy run off to so suddenly after aging? How will he pursue his aspiration?