Update 13.1- The Truth


As my father’s tragic story came to a devastating end, the unthinkable happened; adding the cherry to the top of the Sundae. So, ultimately, who became the heir, Morgan or Melody? What was my father crying his eyes out at the end? Why was the douche-bag Israel here?! It’s time to find out…

As my father rushed outside to see what all the yelling was for, he noticed Israel. Israel stood on our deck, holding a bloody knife. Morgan was covered in blood and grime…

My father yelled, “What the **** did you do?! Did you kill my heir?!” My father revealed the big announcement to the world.

Israel didn’t see a word. He held the knife firmly in his hand.

06-10-15_11-17 AM


“YOU SON OF A *****! What is wrong with you?!” My father instantly attacked Morgan’s murderer. I called the police.

When the cops arrived, Israel and dad were still fighting. I was still in utter disbelief about the whole situation. Was my older brother really gone?

06-10-15_11-19 AM


With stars floating around his head, my father screamed louder at Israel, “Is this really the sicko you are?! First, you try to steal wife. Now, you murdered not only my child, but my heir?!” My father was furious. The whole situation still didn’t feel real.

Morgan was gone. Israel murdered him… Why?!

After the cops arrived, breaking up the fight, they took Israel and Taylor both to jail. Supposedly the murder was all planned. They wanted to “get back” at my father for being so evil.

I hoped Israel rotted in hell! Who would ever kill an innocent teenager for something he didn’t even do? I was furious. Thank goodness they took Israel and that ***** Taylor to jail because if not, I’d probably murder her myself…

06-10-15_11-20 AM


So, without further a due, I guess you figured it out by now… I am the replacement heir. My father initially wanted to pick Morgan as the heir, but after this horrific murder, I inherited the job. As a quick recap, my name is Melody Defesco. I aspire to be the Friend of the World.

06-10-15_8-35 AM


After the grim arrived to take my brother’s short-lived life, I hugged him in awe. I still couldn’t wrap my mind around the fact that Morgan was dead. Now, it was only my father and I.

The grim actually became one of my good friends. Something that would come in handy later. 😉

06-10-15_11-21 AM



My father fell into a great depression once reality sank in. I tried to stay strong for him.

“I can’t believe it. He’s really gone,” my father whaled. “He would’ve been the perfect heir.”

As much as I should be offended at that statement, I couldn’t help but comfort my father. He had been through it all. After catching Taylor woo hoo’ing another man, having three kids with another guy, going through a rough divorce, and now seeing the murder of his son, I was surprised my father still wanted to be alive.

“It’s okay dad. I will take care of the Defesco legacy. I promise,” I rubbed his arm.

My father couldn’t even make out any words. At this point, he was done with the world.

“C’mon daddy. Cheer up, please,” I begged.

06-13-15_10-20 PM


He sniffled away the tears, “Thanks Melody. I’ll… I’ll…” He stuttered a bit. “I’ll try.”

“There you go. Now, why don’t you go upstairs and relax a bit. Take a few days off. I’ll take care of things.”

I couldn’t bear to see my father like this any longer.

06-13-15_10-21 PM

After cheering my father up, and cleaning up the house a bit, I decided to head out. Things were to hectic recently. I had to unwind.

I ventured out to Newcrest gym. The town had been under construction for some time now, but I was glad it was finally open! With so many new bars, lounges, and gyms to explore, it brought action to Willow Creek. Suddenly, families were moving in left-and-right. Before I knew it, every house in Willow Creek was occupied. It was great seeing new families and faces around. Newcrest really drew in an exciting crowd.

Not to mention how sexy these people were! I mean looking at the sexy blonde lifting weights!

Too bad they were all off legacy limits…

06-13-15_10-36 PM


I mean look at all these awesome people! Before, it’d be all these ugly random creeps. Now, everyone had a family; a career; a life!

“Hiya, I’m Melody,” I introduced myself, hoping getting out would remove my mind from the recent death of my brother.

I had to work hard towards my goal of being the friend of the world, and this was the perfect opportunity!

06-13-15_10-42 PM


After the gym, I headed across the street to the awesome new bar. Newcrest was awesome! There was so much to do and explore.

At the bar, I met the first smoking teenager.

“My name’s Marcus,” his high-pitched voice sent off my ‘gaydar’.

“Hi Marcus. I’m Melody,” Marcus was a really sweet dude… Too bad he was gay.

“Oh hey Melody!” Aunt Latalia sat down next to me at the bar. “Long time, no see.”

I didn’t really see my Aunt Latalia much, as she was the eighth child of my grandparents. This was a great opportunity to make new friends and catch up with old ones. I was well on my way to become the friend of the world!

06-13-15_10-49 PM


Another awesome thing about Newcrest is the drinking age is lower! This allowed me to get a few drinks in, feeling a little toasty.

My two new teenager friends, Marcus, Lexi, and I danced the night away.

Newcrest was awesome! I mean look at this bar. It was tons of fun.

I couldn’t wait to come back.

06-13-15_10-51 PM


My younger sister, Marilyn and I remained close. Even after the incident.

I wasn’t like the sick bastards Israel and Taylor. I understood that Marilyn had nothing to do with the drama. I loved my younger sister (even if she really wasn’t my full-blood sister) more than anyone.

“Where are you and your younger sisters living now?” I asked Marilyn.

“Oh, we were adopted by a really nice family. It’s awesome! They’re so much better than mommy and daddy!” Marilyn sounded so innocent, having no idea that her mother and father were murderers.

06-14-15_9-54 AM


Marilyn also brought over a new friend, Kayden. Although Kayden was still a child, he was pretty awesome.

“I’ll be a teen tomorrow,” he promised. So, he wasn’t as young as I thought.

“Awesome. So how do you like Willow Creek?” I asked him, assuming he was new to town.

“Oh, I’ve lived here my whole life,” he replied.

Oh… Well, that’s good to know! Kayden is not off-limits for me, after all.06-14-15_9-58 AM


Once the sun set, it was time to party it up again! I headed to a lounge this time. Even Kayden and Marilyn came out!

It was a blast.

Check out all my awesome new friends.

06-14-15_10-04 AM



After hitting up the club, we all headed back to Marcus’s house to crash. He actually lived one house over! His house was awesome. Almost as big as mine, but not quite.

Marcus’s mom was even awesome!

“You kid’s want anymore drinks?” She offered.

“No thank you,” I replied, still feeling a bit tipsy.

06-14-15_10-18 AM


Kayden played upstairs with Marcus’s younger brother and sister, Emmitt and Marcella.

I really loved how everyone in Willow Creek had a family and storyline behind them! It made things so much more interesting and fun.

06-14-15_10-21 AM


Marcus and I made it official… BFF’s!

I even became BFF’s with Kayden! I loved these two people.


I06-14-15_10-26 AM

06-14-15_10-26 AM-2


On Monday, I decided to skip school. I rather be at Newcrest making new friends.

Meet the newest addition to my “Friend Family”, Mila. Mila was my 12th friend, to be exact.

06-14-15_10-42 AM


The night, we celebrated Kayden’s birthday at Midtown Meadows Nightclub.

I enjoyed seeing all of my friends.

06-14-15_10-48 AM


And now… Most importantly, Kayden was a teenager!

06-14-15_10-49 AM

After Kayden’s birthday, I brought my two teenage girl-friends back to my house. They were smokin’ blondes. Meet my 19th and 20th friends, Mimmy and Paris.

With 20 friends, the only thing left to be “The Friend of the World” was to max my charisma skill.

06-14-15_11-13 AM


My father took about a week’s vacation from work after the murder of my brother. He was now just days away from death and hadn’t reached the top of his career. I knew how important that was to him, so I called up my good friend, the Grim Reaper for some advice.

“Hey Grim. Is there anyway you can spare my father a few days?” I asked death.

“Sure, but this is a one time deal… I’ll send a potion your way,” Grim answered.

Well, that was easier than I thought.

As soon as I had the potion, I gave it to my father to drink, and he was instantly young again!

06-14-15_11-19 AM

With no worries that my father was going anywhere anytime soon, I decided to take my huge group of friends out to the nightclub!

Check out Marilyn! She aged up as well!

This was awesome. I was enjoying my life more than any other heir. I actually explored the town.

06-14-15_11-37 AM

As things started getting a little crazy inside, I snuck out on the deck with Kayden. I brought my good friend, Mimmy along to make sure things didn’t get too out of hand.

What if Kayden didn’t like me?

If he didn’t I needed Mimmy to save my heart.

It was time. I took a deep breath and blurted, “Kayden… I think you’re my soul mate.” I smiled.

“REALLY?!” I jumped. “I thought it was just me.” Kayden smiled back.

Well, that was a lot easier than expected. I nodded at Mimmy, signaling that I was okay to proceed. Now, it was time for some alone time with my newly made romantic interest.

06-14-15_11-39 AM


I yawned, and stretched my arms, “Boy, I’m tired.” I made a move on Kayden, as I wrapped my arm around his shoulders.

He smiled and we enjoyed the rest of the night, sharing our interest and getting closer. We didn’t go any further than talking. I didn’t wanna’ rush things.

06-14-15_11-40 AM


Now that I had a “romantic interest”, I had to start practicing my pick up lines. Plus, it’d help my charisma skill.

I stood in front of the mirror, cleared my throat, and sprayed mint-spray in my mouth. I’ll be reeling Kayden in, in no time.

06-14-15_11-50 AM


Kayden decided that it’d be a good idea to introduce himself to my father. He came over the next day, and spent the entire afternoon with my dad.

He loved Kayden! They bonded well. It was great to have my father’s approval.

06-14-15_11-50 AM-2


After my father went to bed, Kayden pulled me in close. I thought it was gonna’ drop the kiss on me!

But, instead, he whispered “I really think you should meet my family.”

Wow. This was awesome. I could tell Kayden really care. He was making initiative to develop a relationship between our families.

“Sure. I can’t wait to meet them!” I exclaimed.

06-14-15_12-07 PM


Once again, we spent the rest of the night getting to know each other a little better.

Still, nothing to intense. I wanted to be sure he was the perfect match, after seeing all my father went through.

I teased Kayden with a sexy dance. “I know you want this body,” I joked.

06-14-15_12-08 PM


At last, daddy made it to the top of The Oracle career track. He was now, “The Oracle” with a pay of $316/hr.

Congrats daddy. You did great!

06-14-15_12-10 PM


The next day, I finally decided to visit my “romantic interest’s” house to meet his parents. I hoped that they loved me.

I also found out that Kayden lost his father at a very young age. He said that he didn’t even remember him. We both had difficult times in our lives, I thought. Nylah (Kayden’s sister) and Etta (his mother) were both really nice. Neither of them looked like Kayden. Kayden must look like his dad.

06-14-15_12-20 PM


After chatting with his sister and mother, we decided to head outside on the porch.

It was a cool, summer night. The wind howled, and I felt a chill run down my neck.

“Get over here, my love,” Kayden hugged me in close, instantly warming my body. Kayden whispered in my ear, “They love you.”

We were a perfect match, after all. I smiled at Kayden widely. “I love you,” I felt the three words flow directly from my heart.

“I love you too Melody,” Kayden’s smile stretched from ear-to-ear.

06-14-15_12-21 PM


Suddenly, Kayden stood me up, and made the first move.

I felt our lips lock like puzzle pieces. My mouth caressed his perfectly. We were destined to be together.

06-14-15_12-23 PM


After our lovely first kiss, Kayden finally asked me the question.

“Now that we know we love each other, and our parent’s love us, Melody Defesco will you be my beautiful girlfriend?”

I clenched my fists and let out a screech. “Of course!”

06-14-15_12-23 PM-2


Now that Kayden and I were officially a couple and knew we were soul mates, things heated up quickly. I felt my heart-beat pick up. My palms started to sweat. I felt like I couldn’t get enough of Kayden. I felt a strange sensation.

I started making out with Kayden, only making my body feel even weaker. What was going on?!

Kayden nodded his head upstairs… “You want to?” He whispered.

I knew what he was referring to, and I agreed. Maybe that’s what my body was asking for after all?

06-14-15_12-24 PM


We messed around the rest of the night in Kayden’s bed. After a few hours, the sensations in my body slowly faded, so I knew it’s all I needed. It felt wonderful to have someone who I loved so much in my life.

I seriously could not get enough of Kayden. Something about him just made me go “googly-eyed”.

In case you were wondering, I spent the night.

06-14-15_12-25 PM

In the morning, I cooked the four of us breakfast. Unfortunately, Kayden had to run off to school (I was skipping again).

This gave Etta, Nylah, and I time to bond over our pancakes.

“Wow, these are really good,” Kayden’s sister Nylah complimented.

“Thank you,” I replied.

“So did you have a good night?” Kayden’s mother asked. “It didn’t get too hot, right?”

I panicked for a second, thinking his mother heard us messing around.

“Oh no, it was perfect Nylah,” I answered her question. “We had a great night.”

“That’s wonderful.”

“Well, I should get home. I have a few chores to do,” I stood up to walk out the door.

“It was really nice meeting you,” Etta responded.

“Yes, very nice,” Nylah assured me. “Please come back anytime.”

I hugged my “family” good-bye and headed home.

06-14-15_12-27 PM


The next day, I threw a huge birthday bash at one of Newcrest’s many lounges. It was a stellar time, as always.

06-14-15_12-37 PM


Say hello to the new sexy beast in town, Melody!

Melody is now ready to rock this world, and bring in the next generation. Things are gonna’ get even more heated between Kayden and I because I rolled the romantic trait.

06-14-15_12-38 PM

The fun is yet to come! Wait ’till we have little red-heads running around our house. 🙂 I can’t wait to get started with Kayden. Stay tuned.





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  1. Haha, poor Morgan (not really!) lol I love Melody’s story. It seemed like so much time passed but she only just aged into a young adult. Love how she’s close with the in-laws and is friends with everyone! Can’t wait to see them babies!


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