Update 7.7 – Finally Done


The last update ended celebrating three birthdays! I aged into an adult, and the twin girls aged into teenagers. So, how has life changed since then? This will just be a short update as all five of my children reach the teenage stage, and I can declare a heir!!

Honestly, for me, not much changed. I really did have a midlife crisis and committed to my promise of not finding a new partner. Even though I was lonely at times, and had urges for woo hoo, I had my five children to keep me company.

I don’t know how Hannah did it, but as a loner, she made tons of friends. Her and her friends loved to party on the weekends. Hannah was probably my craziest kid. I wouldn’t be surprised if she turned out like me, unfortunately.

12-23-14_4-02 PM

I didn’t realize until it was too late, but my mother actually planted a cow plant! She always talked about how she found a cowberry seed, but she never told me where she put it.

I was really bummed out. I wanted a cowplant so bad! They were so rare, and so cool.

Oh well, the skeleton of it is just as awesome!

12-23-14_4-17 PM


In honor of my wonderful husband, the amazing father Talon was, I decided to hang up his trophy and team photo in a trophy case.

Talon was surely missed.

The kids loved this new decor! I kind of wished Talon was still around today to see his four children grow.

12-23-14_4-44 PM

I became an amazing chef. I ended up learning every single recipe in the world, from lobster thermidor to baked alaska. Good thing too, because with six people living in a house, the food sure went fast!

12-23-14_4-53 PM

Harley and I remained close. She really hadn’t brought up her ‘differences’ recently, so I think my plan was working! I had to make her feel welcomed in the family.

“Mama, how’d you learn to cook so well?” Harley asked me.

“Years of practice, baby. I started when I was just a few years older than you. I love cooking,” I told my beautiful ‘different’ little girl.

Honestly, Harley really was one of my favorites… Shhhh. Don’t tell the others.


12-23-14_5-00 PM


Surprisingly, out of all the children, Herbert and Herberto had the closest bond. I was shocked that the twin girls Hannah and Harper weren’t even as close as Herb and ‘Toe (Herberto loved when I called him ‘Toe, haha). Herb and ‘Toes relationship kind of had me worried. Soon, Herb would be a young adult and may want to move out. I hoped that ‘Toe wouldn’t beg to go with him…

“Look Herb! Watch this cat play,” Herberto showed his older brother a funny cat video.

“Haha! That was great ‘Toe,” Herbert laughed at his younger brother.

I couldn’t believe how close they were!! It put a huge smile on my face.

12-23-14_5-16 PM


At night, sometimes I would read to Harley and ‘Toe. I was trying to get Harley to fit in. I knew that ‘Toe was the friendliest out of all the kids, so I hoped it would work…

Unfortunately, after story time, ‘Toe went right back into Herbert’s room, and joked around. Leaving Harley downstairs by herself…

12-23-14_6-28 PM

Herberto picked up a new hobby too! He enjoyed experimenting with the chemistry set.

‘Toe was my little chemist!

Such a cutie (he actually completed his first aspiration of Rambunctious Scamp and was working towards his second aspiration of Whiz Kid).

12-24-14_10-02 AM

As things were pretty lonely for me when the kids all headed off to school, I found a new friend.

His name was Jerome. Trust me, even though Jerome was a hottie, I would not break my promise. I was a different girl now. Jerome was a friend and only a friend.

He’d remain a friend no matter what!

I promise!

12-24-14_10-08 AM


Soon enough, it was time to celebrate my eldest son’s young adult birthday! I could not believe where time had went. It seemed like just yesterday I was testing Herbert to see if he was Talon’s child. Now, Herbert was ready to have kids of his own!

Herbert rolled in the bro trait. Now he and his brother, ‘Toe could have a bromance, literally!

12-24-14_10-10 AM


As expected, as close as Herb and ‘Toe were, now that Herb was a young adult, he talked about moving out. Luckily, he discussed his ideas with his younger brother before committing.

While Herb helped his little brother with homework, I heard him say, “I’m probably gonna’ move out soon, little man.”

“No! Herb, please do not leave me here. I love you,” Herberto was heart-broken just hearing his brother say that.

“Well, I guess I can wait just a little bit. I wanted to save up some money anyway… Is that good with you little man?” Herbert changed his plans to accommodate for his brother.

“That’s perfect. Thanks Herb!” ‘Toe sounded so much happier already.

Herberto ended up getting straight A’s in school. He really was impressing me as a whiz kid.

12-24-14_10-14 AM


Next up, it was time to celebrate my ‘different’ child’s birthday! Harley aged into a gorgeous teenager, rolling the soulmate aspiration and the alluring and active traits.

I couldn’t believe my eyes at how beautiful Harley was. Omari makes cuter babies than Talon, I thought… Maybe I should get in touch with Omari…

12-24-14_10-20 AM

I had to keep Harley confident in herself. I continued building our relationship, always giving her positive comments.

“Sweetie, no matter how different you think you are from others, you are the most gorgeous. Look at your eyes. They are so delightful,” I boasted Harley’s confidence.

“Thanks mom,” even Harley’s voice was elegant.

12-24-14_10-29 AM

I finally snagged another promotion to Drinkmaster. Now, I was making $166/hr. It really wasn’t bad pay, considering I worked ten hours a day!

12-24-14_10-47 AM

As the days continued zooming by, it was time for three birthday celebrations!

First up, my youngest son, Herberto (aka ‘Toe). ‘Toe reminded me so much of Talon. In fact, he rolled the gloomy and collector trait. ‘Toe aspired to be ‘The Collector’.

12-24-14_11-23 AM

Next, it was once again time to celebrate the twin girls birthday!

Of course, first up, first born Harper! As a young adult, Harper rolled the perfectionist trait.

12-24-14_2-36 PM

Finally, it was time for Hannah’s birthday. My crazy little girl was now a young adult! She too rolled the perfectionist trait.

12-24-14_2-39 PM

Now that all of my children are at least young adult’s it’s time for me to make yet another tough decision! Who will be the heir?

It really will be very difficult to decide… I have a lot of thinking to do. It’s been a pleasure being the first heiress of the Defesco legacy. I had fun, and I hope you enjoyed my crazy story. I think I definitely set made a huge impact on this legacy. I was the first heiress and had the most kids and updated the most (not to brag, or anything).

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Generation 8 Defesco’s!! Enjoy your holiday festivities. 🙂

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!!

12-24-14_2-24 PM-3


Update 7.6 – Settling Down


The last update ended with the birth of babies number four and five of generation eight; twins again! Once again, I was left wondering who the father was. This time, there were three possible fathers: Talon, Mathew, and Omari. So, let’s find out!

Regardless if Talon was the twins’ father or not, he still cared for them like they were his own. However, if he found out they were not his, I’m sure things would be completely different.

I kept my fingers crossed that Talon would pass by the time the babies aged.

12-23-14_9-44 AM


I tried my best to get on Talon’s good side, in case the twins weren’t his.

A nice woo hoo should do, right?

12-23-14_9-46 AM

I whipped up some chille for the kids and I, and we enjoyed dinner together. I loved my large family.

12-23-14_9-52 AM


The next day, social services took Harold away. To this day, I am still not sure why. But, I’m sure it was for the best. This just made it easier to cover up my mistake. Now, I only had to worry about Harley. I just prayed that she had my hair color, or that she would age after Talon’s death.

Back to the social services situation… Yeah, so like I was saying, I was standing there feeding Harley, and all of a sudden ‘POOF!’, Harold was gone. No one even came in, or anything. It was like magic.

The other kids were devastated.

12-23-14_9-53 AM


I felt like I was putting on some extra weight, so I started working out a bit. At first, I figured it was because of the five children I just pushed out of. I’m sure I had some baby fit left on me.

But then, I later realized I was pregnant again!

For once, it felt great to be pregnant. I knew exactly who the father was- Talon.

12-23-14_9-58 AM

Talon was really starting to have trouble getting around. His work was really tough, but he still managed to receive promotions. In fact, he was promoted to MVP with a pay of $242/hr.

Now that I was pregnant, I kinda’ wished that Talon would be around for the birth of his child.

12-23-14_10-10 AM

Unfortunately, all of my prayers to kill Talon must’ve came true because the next day, it happened…

Talon would never get to meet his last born. And, Talon would never find out if Harley was really his child, or not.

12-23-14_10-14 AM


Herbert, Hannah, and Harper cried their eyes out over their father’s death for days.

I stayed strong. As many times as I had cheated on Talon, it was still heart breaking. He was my soul mate; my husband; my best friend…

12-23-14_10-15 AM

As much as I wanted Talon dead, I missed him greatly once he was gone. I never thought I’d be able to make it through this pregnancy alone.

I rubbed my tummy, knowing that I still had a little piece of Talon inside me.

12-23-14_10-16 AM

As the days after Talon’s death quickly passed by, soon, it was Herbert’s birthday.

Herbert rolled the Master Chef aspiration (following in my footsteps), and received the essence of flavor and slob traits.

Herb still had a frown on his face because of his father’s death. The children really had a tough time getting through this.

If only they knew what I had done to hurt their father, they’d probably never speak to me again.

12-23-14_10-22 AM

I could tell Herb would be a great father one day.

When I worked the night shifts, he would baby sit his younger sisters.

12-23-14_10-26 AM

Eventually, Harley’s birthday rolled along, and it was time for the moment of truth. I prayed to see blond hair on Harley when she aged. But, she didn’t have Talon’s hair…

She had mine! Well, that was no help… I thought of another key trait to tell if Harley was Talon’s or not… Oh! Eyes… Talon and I both had the same eye color; brown. That means Harley should have brown-

Gray… Harley had gray eyes! Right away, I knew that she could not be Talon’s. I wiped the sweat of my forehead. Luckily, Talon was gone now and would never know. I just hoped the other kids wouldn’t find out.

There was still one more question left to answer: was Harley Mathew’s or Omari’s?…

(Harley rolled the outgoing trait and rambunctious scamp aspiration, by the way.)

12-23-14_10-28 AM


On a side note, I snagged a promotion to Juice Boss. The pay still wasn’t that great, as I only made $64/hr…

12-23-14_10-29 AM

The next day, Harley started asking me questions.

“Momma, why do I look different from my brothers and sisters?” Harley asked me. “Why do I not look like Herb, Hannah, or Harper? They all say I was adopted.”

I dreaded this day to come, but I could not let anyone find out.

“You’re just different Harley; in a good way too. You are my special child,” I told Harley, trying to come up with a good excuse.

12-23-14_10-34 AM


I knew that in order to prevent Harley from asking anymore questions, I had to become close to her. I had to get Harley to trust me. After talking for a long time, we made it official.

“Best friends, momma’?” Harley asked me.

“Best friends,” I bent down and hugged my ‘different’ daughter. Maybe Harley really was special. Suddenly, like nails on a chalkboard, it hit me!

Harley looked just like someone I knew, with a round face!

12-23-14_10-36 AM

I had a flashback to the bar…


That’s right. I finally put the pieces together. Harley’s father was neither Mathew’s nor Talon’s. Instead, her father was Omari. The guy I had a one night stand with.

I felt a tear drop from my eye. This was the biggest mistake ever. How trashy of me? What would my children think if they found out? I was a horrible influence.

I looked Omari’s SimBook picture, and confirmed that he must be Harley’s father. So I solved the mystery. Harley’s father was Omari Holm… I still wondered where her eye color came from.

Omari Holm (Gen 7 Heir's Baby Daddy)


The next night, while I was asleep, my water broke.

I screamed aloud “Talon! Hel-” Then, I remembered he wasn’t here to help this time around.

I was forced to deliver this baby by myself.

12-23-14_10-39 AM


It was time. I headed downstairs, by the back door where I usually delivered my children.

12-23-14_10-40 AM

A few pushes later, I successfully delivered Talon’s final child on my own.

Meet baby boy Herberto Defesco; sixth born of generation eight! I can’t believe how many children I had. I was so happy that I didn’t have twins again.

I named him Herberto, because Talon loved the name Herbet (he named our first born), so I decided to add an ‘o’ to the end, since we already had a Herbert. I hoped that Herberto would look more like Talon.

12-23-14_10-41 AM

The twin girls still got along wonderfully.

Unfortunately, no matter how much I talked to them, they would not accept Harley into their friendship.

I still forced Harley to sleep in their room.

I really felt bad for Harley. She had no one. Surrounding her, were four siblings, all of which did not have the same father as her. It was my mistake! Harley should not be punished for it. I started feeling guilty. Why did I not care for Harold better? Why was I such a ****?!

12-23-14_10-44 AM


Nonetheless, I would have to make changes in my life. No more getting with every man in town. I was done with children. I can’t ruin anyone else’s life.

On another note, I earned another promotion! Now, I was a Chief Drink Operator, with a pay of $111/hr. Only two more promotions until I was at the top!

12-23-14_11-07 AM

Sorry for not being very interesting, but I am being serious about my promise this time. I really am not gonna’ cause any more drama. I am done getting around town.

Soon, it was Herbeto’s birthday already! He rolled in the slob trait (like Talon!) and the rambunctious scamp aspiration.

12-23-14_11-11 AM

Next up, my birthday!

As an adult, I would stay committed to my promise. I had a fun, interesting, succesful young adulthood, but now, it was time for I, Genesis Defesco to settle in.

My soul focus would be raising my five (should be six, tear) children and reaching the top of the mixology career! It was time for my midlife crisis. Say goodbye to slutty Genesis, and hello family Genesis!

12-23-14_11-15 AM

I couldn’t believe it, but it was also the twin girls birthday. This time, the first born, Harper, actually aged first!

Harper rolled in the good and business savvy traits. She also aspired to be mansion baron. I recognized that Harper had two of the same traits as me (good and hot-headed). I could tell she was my daughter. We basically had the same personality.

Harper was gorgeous too. I knew she wouldn’t have any trouble finding a man. Hopefully, she wouldn’t be as dirty as me.

12-23-14_11-18 AM


This also meant that Hannah’s birthday was today too!

Hannah aged up, looking exactly like Harper. It wasn’t until now that I realized that Harper and Hannah were identical twins!

Hannah rolled in the romantic and gregarious traits. She also aspired to be a party animal. Hannah had such a clashing personality. She was a loner, yet wanted to be a party animal with the gregarious trait.

Hmmmm… Hannah sounded like she was going to have an interesting life. I wondered though, that since she was romantic, if she would end up like me…

12-23-14_11-19 AM


That’s all I have for this update. Sorry it was a little boring at the end, but not much was going on now that Genesis settled in, finally. So, how will Herberto and Harley age into teenagers and who will Genesis pick as the heir? Is she finally settling in, or will she break her promise once again, popping out another child?

Family Portrait 16

Update 7.5 – Much Needed Prayers


I concluded last time with the birth of my daughter, Harper. But, the real question is, who’s baby is Harper; Mathew’s or Talon’s?

However, just as I was about to test Harper’s DNA, I felt another contraction come along.

What is going on?!

Suddenly, I delivered another baby.

That’s right, I had twins! Twin girls, in fact. Meet third born of generation 8, Hannah Defesco.

With twins, I started to panick. What if one was Talon’s and the other was Mat’s?! I had to keep it cool. Only time would tell who Hannah and Harper’s father was.

I decided not to test them.

12-22-14_9-35 AM


Although Talon didn’t know that he may not be the father of Hannah or Harper (or both!), he still took care of them like they were his own.

We definitely had our hands full now.

In fact, once the twins were born, Talon and I kind of drifted apart. We didn’t have much time to talk and make love.

12-22-14_9-39 AM12-22-14_9-41 AM


Herbert enjoyed being an older brother, as expected. However, he too did not know that the twins may not be his full sisters…

12-22-14_9-43 AM

That night, my beautiful, hunky husband aged into an old, wrinkly man. This definitely lowered my drive for Talon.

I guess that’s kind of a good thing. Because if Hannah and Harper wasn’t his, then I’m not sure Talon would stick around.

12-22-14_9-44 AM

I decided not to take off any time from work, and returned the next day. It was a chance for me to get out of the house, and get my mind off things.

I even managed to snag another promotion! I was forced to choose between the chef or mixologist path. With my new aspiration, I decided to go with the mixologist path, so I became a Head Mixologist, with a pay of $45/hr.

12-22-14_10-04 AM


The days continued to pass by in a blur, and eventually it was the moment of truth.

The twins’ birthday…

Even though Hannah was born second, she aged first. Hannah rolled the loner trait and somehow paired with the social butterfly aspiration. I have no idea how that will work.

Taking one glance at Hannah, I knew exactly who her father was.

12-22-14_10-14 AM

Well, that was a sigh of relief. I just kept my fingers crossed for Harper. I took a deep breath as I saw Harper wiggle in her bassinet.

All of sudden out jumped another blond hair little girl!

I let my breath out quickly, feeling a wave of relief crash over me.

Both Hannah and Harper had to be Talon’s. They both had his blond hair.

Harper rolled the hot-headed trait (like me!) and the artistic prodigy aspiration.

12-22-14_10-15 AM

Since the kids were all children now, Talon and I decided to add on to the house. We bought this amazing pool! We figured it’d bring the family closer together.

Unfortunately, we soon found out that almost none of us had any time to swim.

Oh well, maybe the future generations will use it.

12-22-14_12-29 PM


The twin girls played so nicely together. I could tell their bond would be inseparable.

12-22-14_12-32 PM

Talon also advanced in his career, earning a promotion as the Starter! He was now paid $86/hr. Talon was probably the oldest player on the Llamas, but he was still really good.

12-22-14_12-32 PM-2


All of our kids were just fabulous. Even though Talon and I would often be working when they came home, they would sit down together and work on their homework.

12-22-14_12-41 PM

Things were getting so boring around the house. I was getting less and less attracted to Talon.

So, you know me, I had to get out and have some fun.

I met this guy, Omari at the bar.

Surprise, surprise. Another man in my life.

12-22-14_1-53 PM

After getting to know Omari for a little bit, he invited me back to his house. Suddenly, Omari leaned in for a kiss, and of course, I accepted.

12-22-14_1-57 PM

We took our romance to the bedroom. Omari gave me a wonderful massage; turning me on completely.

loved fast moving relationships.

Besides the fact, I was still a little tipsy from the bar.

12-22-14_1-57 PM-2

Suddenly, Omari had me under the sheets!

I think Omari actually worked faster than Mathew!

12-22-14_1-58 PM

As I climbed out of Omari’s rock-hard bed, I threw my clothes on.

“See ya’ Omari,” I kissed him good bye. “It was nice meeting ya’.”

“Nice meeting you too,” Omari had no problem leading me out the door.

This was your typical one night stand.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I ever saw Omari again.

12-22-14_1-59 PM

As I walked out the door, I suddenly recognized my surroundings.

I must’ve been too trashed earlier to realize what neighborhood I was in!

Mathew lived right next door… Maybe he’d like a visit…

He did!!

12-21-14_3-06 PM

And last, but certainly not least, when I returned home, I just had too woo hoo with Talon…

Ahhh. That was great.

Three woo hoo’s with three different men in less than 3 hours…

12-22-14_2-05 PM

The next morning, as I puked my breakfast up, I knew the deal… I decided to not even take a pregnancy test.

I needed to stop falling in my old habits. This is the last mistake I will make.

I promise.

I cannot lose Talon… I couldn’t help but wonder though, who’s baby it would be this time. Now, I had three options: my old man husband, Talon; my woo hoo buddy, Mathew; or the one-night stand, Omari. Out of the three, I wanted Talon to get lucky again. As long as it wasn’t Omari’s, I wouldn’t be too devastated. It just seemed so dirty of me to birth a man that I met and woo hoo’d in less than an hour.

Besides the fact, Talon was getting up there in age. I’m not sure how much longer he had to live.

12-22-14_2-12 PM

Sure enough, the next day, as I practiced my mixology skill, my belly popped out. It was noticeable now.

There was no hiding this pregnancy, unfortunately.

12-22-14_2-17 PM

I decided that I would tell Talon, and Talon only. If it was Omari or Mathew’s child, too bad. They’d never met it.

“Talon, I really don’t know how, but I’m pregnant,” I told him, as we ate dinner on the couch.

“What?! Really? Oh my goodness. This is gonna’ be tough… I didn’t even know I was capable of doing that,” Talon seemed to catch on.

I just continued praying that he wouldn’t make any conclusions.

12-22-14_2-21 PM

I started focusing a lot on my mixology skill and eventually, I mastered it! This also meant that I completed my second aspiration as a young adult. As a result of completing the Master Mixologist aspiration, I earned the Potion Master trait.

I could make some pretty cool drinks and potions now. As well as pull off some pretty awesome tricks.

12-22-14_2-28 PM

Talon continued to impress the Llamas, as he earned another promotion. He was now an All-Star with a pay of $130/hr.

I kind of hoped that all of the strenuous activity that Talon had to do as athlete would kill him.

If he didn’t meet this child, I wouldn’t be upset. In fact, I’d be happy.

12-22-14_2-31 PM


Finally, it was my mother’s time to go.

It seemed like she held on as long as possible.

I think she wanted to meet her newest grandchild.

Unfortunately, that did not happen.

Out of all the children, Hannah was the only one to grieve over their grandma’s death. Surprisingly, even gloomy Talon didn’t shed a tear.

I wan’t too heartbroken because I had enough going on in my life. Plus, I knew she’d be happier now that she was in the same place as her soulmate.

12-22-14_2-34 PM 12-22-14_2-35 PM


The day after my mother passed, I went into labor!!

12-22-14_2-49 PM


As I screamed and pushed, I ended up delivering my healthy child.

Or, should I say children!!

That’s right, I had twins… AGAIN!

Meet first born, baby girl Harley Defesco. And second born, baby boy Harold Defesco… With five children, I needed to stop woo hooing with every dude I met.

I promised this would be the last mistake I made… Once again, I decided I should wait to see who their father was. Maybe Talon wouldn’t be around by the time they aged.

12-22-14_2-52 PM

Yet again, I am going to leave you with the big question: who’s babies did Genesis just deliver? Are they Talon’s yet again? Or maybe her woo hoo buddy, Matthew? Or even her one-night stand, Omari? Perhaps the twins each have a different father! Will Genesis really keep her promise this time, and not make any more mistakes?

Family Portrait 15



Update 7.4 – No More Mistakes


I ended the last update giving birth to the first born of generation 8! So, did I have a boy or a girl? And is the baby Talon’s or Mathew’s?

As soon as I gave birth, I had the home paternity test ready.

After a few tests, I finally came to the conclusion that our son, Herbert Defesco was Talon’s!

I could not be happier. No more mistakes from me.

12-21-14_11-30 PM 12-21-14_11-31 PM

Talon loved his baby boy.

I still couldn’t believe how dark Herb’s skin tone was.

12-21-14_11-32 PM

Herbert looked so tiny in Talon’s huge arms.

I sighed a huge breath of relief.

12-21-14_11-33 PM

As expected, Talon was even the perfect father. He did everything! He even changed Herb’s first dirty diaper!

12-21-14_11-37 PM

I could tell Herbert and Talon would be best friends.

Talon showed off Herbert to my mother.

“Look how cute he is!” Talon exclaimed.

12-21-14_11-38 PM

Once Talon finally got Herbert to sleep, we had some fun of our own…

12-21-14_11-40 PM

The next day, while Talon was at work, I heard a knock on the door. As I got closer, I noticed it was Mat.

I tried to quickly turn around without him seeing me, but of course, he did…

“Genesis! Let me in!!” He screamed.

Fine. He wins. But, I would not let him in my house. I was through with Mat.

12-21-14_11-44 PM

As I walked outside, I started to tell Mat that the baby wasn’t his, “Mat, listen the baby-”

Suddenly, he had be engulfed in a makeout session.

Oh boy. Here we go again.

As he came up for air, he whispered, “It’s not mine… I know.”

12-21-14_11-45 PM

Things didn’t end there, as Mat dragged me up to my room where we woo hoo’d. The place my husband and I had woo hoo’d just hours ago…

12-21-14_11-46 PM

Once Mat and I finished up, I realized it was time to tell him the truth. I could not live like this anymore. Not only was Talon my husband, but we had a child. This just wasn’t acceptable.

I told Mathew everything, “Listen, Mat. I am really sorry, but there’s a huge misunderstanding. I have a husband, and we just had a child. I can’t see you anymore. Would you please leave, and never come back?” I tried to put it as nice as possible.

“Sure…” Mat threw on his clothes and walked out the door.

Well, that was easier than expected.

As Mat walked out the door, he yelled, “You might want to take a pregnancy test!”

And out he went…

Oh… NO!

12-21-14_11-47 PM

When Talon returned from work, I knew I had to tell the truth. He would smell Mat on our sheets.

I told Talon everything: about Mat, about the possible pregnancy of Mat, and about how I thought Herbert was Mat’s child…

Surprisingly, Talon was supportive and told me everything would be okay. He’d forgive me, as long as it never happened again…

12-21-14_11-50 PM

A little make up woo hoo?… Sure!

12-21-14_11-52 PM

As Mat had warned, the next day, I took a pregnancy test.


Once again, I was in a sticky situation.

When I came clean to Talon, I hadn’t told him that Mat and I recently woo hoo’d.

I took the pregnancy test while Talon was in the tub, so he found out right away.

“YAY! I can’t wait to have another!” Talon screamed with joy.

“Yeah… Me neither,” was all I managed to get out.

12-21-14_11-57 PM

I had to get out of the house and get away from all of the craziness.

I loved mixology, and it was the only thing that took my mind off things.

12-22-14_12-04 AM

The days continued to pass by, and Herbert eventually aged to a child!

It was hard to tell Herbert was Talon’s because he had my hair and eyes, but I believed the paternity test.

Herbert rolled the social butterfly aspiration and the genius trait.

12-22-14_12-14 AM

As expected, Talon and Herbert remained close. I adored their relationship.

I just kept praying the baby in my tummy now was also Talon’s. I could not ruin their friendship…

And I know that if the baby was Mat’s, that would be Talon’s breaking point. He’d leave me in the dust, and probably leave behind Herbert.

12-22-14_9-00 AM


Talon and Herbert became best friends.

I definitely could not ruin this relationship.

No. More. Mistakes!

12-22-14_9-02 AM

On a side note, I was really getting good at mixology. I was able to pull off a lot of awesome tricks!

12-22-14_9-03 AM

The next night, we enjoyed a family dinner while mom worked.

Talon tried to psyche his best friend up, “Are you ready to be a big brother, bud?!”

“Yes! I wanna’ teach him how to catch. And how to play chess! And…” Herbert really was excited about getting a sibling.

“Hang on there buddy. It might not be a boy,” Talon giggled.

I could only think to myself ‘what if it is not actually Herbert’s sibling… I would break not one, but two people’s hearts…’

I never prayed so much in my life.

12-22-14_9-05 AM

I earned another promotion to Line Cook!

Moving on up in the world.

12-22-14_9-21 AM

As my mother’s life came to an end, Herbert tried spending as much time with her as possible.

He told her “Grandma’, can we take a picture? I want something to cherish when you’re not here.”

“Oh sweetie, of course… SELFIE!”

12-22-14_9-26 AM

The next day, I finally went into labor! This time around, it seemed to take forever!

12-22-14_9-28 AM


While I was in labor, Herbert asked me “Mom, can I see what your tummy feels like when you have a contraction?”

Herbert was a genius and understood a little more than he should.

“Sure sweetie, just don’t mind if I – OUCCCCH! – …yell.” I warned Herbert as he placed his hands on my stomach and I had another contraction.

“Oh my! It’s like a rock!”

12-22-14_9-30 AM


Finally, it was time to find out if I really made a mistake. As I clenched down, and pushed, out popped my daughter! Meet Harper Defesco!

Now, it was time for the truth. I started to do testing until…

12-22-14_9-33 AM

That’s where this update will end! Once again, the question of whether Harper is Mat’s or Talon’s arises…

Update 7.3 – Mistakes


Previously, as the first female heiress, I tried to impress my parents by working hard towards my aspiration and bringing in the blonde hair trait to the Defesco family. However, I started having some boy trouble. I was falling for my best friend and blonde friend, Talon, but I was also falling quickly for someone I met at the bar, Mathew. So, who will win over my heart?

The clock approached 9pm (when Talon returned from work), so Mathew kissed me good bye and said “See you tomorrow.”

This freightened me a little. What if I couldn’t get Talon out of the house tomorrow?

“Yeah, we’ll see! Bye Mat,” I responded, on my toes.

12-21-14_2-44 PM


When Talon returned from work, I made sure I had his meal all prepared and ready to go.

“So, how was your night off?” Talon asked me.

I thought deeply about a good excuse; hoping I wouldn’t reveal anything.

“Oh… You know me. Just spent the night on the couch watching Iron Sim,” I struggled to lie.

“That’s great,” Talon responded, winked, and blew me a kiss.

“Haha,” I laughed it off.

“How about we go on another date?” Talon asked, catching me by surprise.

“Erm… Well… Uhhh…” Man, I was fumbling to find an excuse. “We’re both really busy. I don’t know the next time I’ll have off. I really would love to, but I don’t think it’s possible.”

“Bummer,” Talon replied. “I understand.”

12-21-14_2-45 PM


As the next day rolled around, I continued to think up any excuses to keep Talon from finding out about Mathew. Suddenly, the unthinkable happened.

Talon approached me with a smile.

“You know Genesis,” Talon started. “I’ve been thinking…”

Oh my gosh! He’s on to me, I thought to myself.

Talon continued, “I wanted to go on a date yesterday to ask you a very special question… Will you be my girlfriend?”

My mouth nearly smashed to the ground. As excited as I was, I felt guilty for holding a secret from my best friend, and now boyfriend…

“Of course I will Talon!”

Now that we were an official couple, I would try my best to never cheat on Talon…

12-21-14_2-53 PM


Things instantly jumped to the next level as Talon dropped me into an amazing kiss. Now this is more like it!

If Talon was like this everyday, I probably wouldn’t even be concerned about Mathew.

12-21-14_2-55 PM


Talon dragged me up to our bedroom, and we made love for the first time. There’s one word to describe this experience:


12-21-14_2-56 PM


As I glanced down at my watch, I noticed I had work in 10 minutes! I quickly threw on my clothes, kissed Talong good bye, and walked out our bedroom door.

Talon was left standing by our bed…

12-21-14_2-57 PM


While I was at work, I got a text from Mat. He sent me a nude. At first, I was furious. But, the more I looked at it, the more I desired to have him.

After texting Mat back, he invited me over to his house…

I accepted his invitation.

As I walked into his house, we sat on the couch and instantly started making out.

I loved how Mat always had me on my toes.

Suddenly, Mathew whispered in my ear, “Let’s take this to my bedroom.”

12-21-14_3-05 PM


Without thinking, I followed Mat to his bedroom in the back of his house.

As Mat started ripping my clothes off, I thought to myself ‘Talon will never know…’

I started tearing off Matthew’s clothes, and under the sheets we went…

12-21-14_3-06 PM


After a nice, long woo hoo, Mat and I went in the bathroom to get cleaned up.

Well, we kinda’ had some fun in the shower too…

But, once I was done, I sat on the toilet. I looked at the time; 3am!

I’ve been off of work for nearly three hours. I better get home soon before Talon expects anything. I quickly threw on some clothes, and said my goodbyes.

“I’m really sorry Mat, but I’ve got to go. I would love to spend the night, but I have a few things to do in the morning,” I jetted out the door.

Luckily Mathew was in the shower, because as I closed the bathroom door behind me, I heard him scream, “Genesis, wait!”

But, I was already gone…

12-21-14_3-06 PM-2


When I finally arrived home, it was nearly five in the morning. I have no idea where time went.

Talon was still awake, but he wasn’t in our gym, like usual.

I creaked open our bedroom door, and I noticed he was sprawled on our bed, waiting for me.

“How about some more fun Genesis?” Talon asked me.

“Talon, I’m really tired. It was a hard day at work,” I started explaining.

“Fine. Then would you like to explain why you’re five hours late?” Talon questioned.

Well, if woo hooing would get me out of this, I would have no problem with it.

“Oh Talon! Get over here!” I launched myself towards Talon, enjoying my third woo hoo in less than 24 hours.

12-21-14_3-10 PM


When I woke up in the morning, I felt a little sick. I wondered if I was pregnant.

With all of the woo hooing I’ve been doing, I wouldn’t be surprised if I was pregnant. I know my first woo hoo with Talon was protected, so I wasn’t too worried about that.

But, my woo hoo with Mat, I was so tired, I didn’t pay any attention to what he did. And, the second woo hoo with Talon, I was even more tired.

I fumbled around under the vanity, and pulled out the pregnancy test.

Well, here goes nothing.

12-21-14_3-12 PM

As I watched the blotch absorb on the stick, I saw a small, pink plus appear.


I tossed the confetti in the box, even though I wasn’t excited at all.

In fact, I had a big frown on my face from this news.

I would soon have a lot of explaining to do.

Was this Talon’s baby or Mat’s baby?… I was not sure. I made a big mistake.

12-21-14_3-13 PM


I had to tell my parents and Talon. I couldn’t hold anymore secrets. My father’s days were coming to an end, so I just prayed he’d be able to hang in there until his grandchild is born.\

At dinner the next night, I revealed the big news.

I cleared my throat and said, “I have some big news… I’m pregnant!!”

My parents simply looked at each other, confused (I guess they didn’t even know Talon and I were a thing).

“Oh that’s wonderful, honey!” Talon acted surprised.

Maybe he didn’t use protection the second time around after all…

12-21-14_3-19 PM


Talon was very excited and supportive.

After dinner, he pulled me aside and hugged me closely.

“I love you, baby,” Talon expressed his fondness. “I can’t wait to meet our child.”

As much as I enjoyed Mat’s presence, Talon just seemed like the perfect family man. I hoped that the child was his, and not Mat’s.

12-21-14_3-21 PM


Suddenly, Talon shocked me even more than everything that happened to me in the past week.

He plopped down on one knee, and asked me, “Genesis Defesco, will you do the honors of being my wife?”

I felt a lump in my throat. I cheated on my boyfriend. If Talon and I were to get married, there’s no way I could cheat on him… I thought deeply before answering Talon.

12-21-14_3-22 PM


I leaped into Talon’s arms.

“Of course I will baby!”

…It’s official. No more Mathew in my life. I seriously cannot cheat on Talon any longer.

Talon carried me upstairs (I adored his muscular body), and into our bedroom.

12-21-14_3-22 PM-2


Woo hoo time!

As we messed around, I thought to myself ‘Maybe a little more of Talon’s DNA will just assure that this baby is his.’

Well, I only hoped it would…

12-21-14_3-24 PM

The next night, Talon came home in a wonderful mood. He told me that his boss offered him two promotions. He was forced to decide between the body builder path or the professional athlete path.

In the end, Talon chose the professional athlete path. He was now a Minor Leaguer and was paid $51/hr.

12-21-14_3-30 PM


That night, my father bid farewell.

This was heartbreaking, since he would never get to meet his grandchild.

12-21-14_3-33 PM 12-21-14_3-33 PM-2


I too earned a promotion at work that night! We must’ve been in wonderful moods from all the woo hooing.

I was promoted to mixologist with a pay of $35/hr.

12-21-14_3-34 PM

I felt guilty not telling Mat about my pregnancy. After all, what if it was his baby?

The next day, I invited him over, and revealed the big news. Then, I kicked him out. I knew if he stayed there longer than ten minutes, we’d be woo hooing.

“Mat, I’m pregnant,” I quickly blurted.

“What?! WOW!” Mathew was as shocked as everyone.

“Now, I’m really sorry, but you have to go,” I started pushing Mat towards the door.

“But. Wait. Why?” He fought back, but I managed to get him out, and lock the door.

Eventually, he left.

12-21-14_3-35 PM

That night, Talon wanted to feel my tummy. Of course I let him!

“Oh my!” Talon clenched my stomach. “I can feel my little football player kicking!”

Talon always dreamed of having a child follow in his footsteps.

The closer I got to my due date, the more I prayed it was Talon’s child. He cared so much more.

12-21-14_3-38 PM


The next day, Talon and I decided that since our baby would be here any minute, we should get married. It only felt right.

We decided to follow in my parents’ footsteps and get married on our beautiful balcony, overlooking the ocean.

12-21-14_3-50 PM


All of a sudden, my water broke! In the middle of our ceremony, I went into labor! As much as I knew that Talon hated rushing things, our wedding just needed to be rushed.

12-21-14_3-51 PM


I clenched my stomach and screamed, “Talon!! I am really sorry, but we’re gonna’ need to hurry this up!! OUUUUCCCH!!” I yelled. This was literally the worst pain I felt in my life.

12-21-14_3-52 PM

Luckily, Talon quickly said his vows. We shared our first kiss, and made it official.

12-21-14_3-53 PM

I was glad my mother was able to make it to the wedding (she wore nearly the same dress as me!).

12-21-14_3-53 PM-2

Now, it’s time to get this baby out!!

Talon took my hand and lead me downstairs. He pulled the bassinet close and allowed me to clench his fist.

“I think you’re stronger than me,” Talon joked.

“Not now Talon!” I yelled, in no mood at all for joking. “Owwwww!” I screamed, screamed some more, and pushed hard.

12-21-14_3-54 PM


After a few pushes, the first born of Generation 8 was here!!

Now, some testing had to be done to find out if the baby was Talon’s or Mat’s…

12-21-14_3-55 PM

What gender baby did Genesis have? And is the baby Talon’s or Mathew’s? What other tricks does Genesis have up her sleeve? Find out next time.

Update 7.2 – Decisions, Decisions


I last left off with me aging into a young adult, rolling in the hot headed trait. With my best friend Talon on my radar as a romantic interest, what will end up happening?

I bet you’ll never guess the first thing I did when I became a young adult. I ran to…

Go get a job, of course. As I keep emphasizing, my number one priority is to impress my parents. I ended up with a career in the culinary field, of course. Unfortunately, they started me out as a dishwasher. Little did they know how skilled I was.

12-19-14_2-19 PM

As a young adult, my mother and I started getting along a lot better. In fact, we actually became BFF’s. Then, I had something to ask her. I knew she’d agree to what I was about to ask.

“So, mom,” I started, slightly nervous. “You and dad, well mainly dad, both love Talon. And so do I. He’s still living in the hotel in the next town over. I was wondering what you thought about him moving in?”

“Oh that’d be wonderful sweetie! I would love to have a new work out partner. And, I know your father would love that too. Go right ahead, honey,” my mother agreed 100%.

12-19-14_2-27 PM

Sure enough, that night, when Talon came over, I asked him. He practically lived here anyway, so not much would change. We all knew he had a good job and would help with bills.

“Talon,” I opened. “My father, mother, and I have been thinking, and we wanted to know if you would like to move in?” I had a good feeling about this. After all, two of his best friends lived here.

“Oh really?!” Talon was beyond excited. “I’d love that so much! In fact, I have $20,000 in my bank account that I can add to the funds.”

Now that, I was not expecting. See, Talon really is amazing.

12-19-14_2-29 PM

With Talon living in the house, I got to spend as much time with him as possible. Things were going great! I could tell things would be taken to the next level soon, but I’d leave that up to Talon. I didn’t wanna’ force anything on him.

12-19-14_2-40 PM

When Talon left for work, I got a little chuckle out his uniform. He was a mascot for the Llamas. It was pretty hideous.

12-19-14_2-44 PM

As lazy as I was, I would do anything to be around Talon.

When he returned from work, he wanted to work out. My parents were at work, so I agreed to hit up our gym with him.

At last, things finally moved onto the next level.

“Damn girl. You’re smokin’ in that fiery red outfit,” Talon complimented.

“Thanks Tal! And you like irresistible pulling them weights. Impressive,” I responded to Talon’s compliment.

12-19-14_3-42 PM


Unfortunately, Talon didn’t take it any further than a few flirtatious interactions. I ended our work out by blowing him a kiss.

“I’ll savor this forever,” Talon said as he caught my kiss.

12-19-14_3-43 PM

That night, Talon and I slept together. Well, not “woo hoo” sleep together. We just slept next to one another. I loved the company at night.

This was a start.

12-19-14_3-44 PM

Parents still did not give up trying for a baby, even though my mother was nearly an elder. Luckily Talon and I were asleep by then.

12-19-14_3-46 PM


At dinner the next night, Talon took things a step further!!

“So, I was thinking,” Talon started. “How about we go on a date?” Talon asked me.

“Ahhh!” I screamed aloud. “Talon, yes! Of course I will!!” I was so excited. “But, I have work…”

“Well, no rush. We’ll just go when we both have off… I’m off tomorrow,” Talon mentioned.

“Works with me!”

And so I had it. My first date. I could not be happier.

12-19-14_3-55 PM

As I turned around to head upstairs to get ready for bed, my parents were sitting on the couch, making out.

“Ewww! Get a room! Don’t make a baby on the couch,” I screamed.

My mother simply continued kissing my father, but put her head up, implying for me to shut up.

I did, and I went upstairs. I adored my parents relationship. They were together since teenagers! So unbelievable!

12-19-14_4-01 PM


The next day, Talon and I went on our date. As we sat on the couch, he pulled the “old-school” move on me. Talon stretched his arms, yawned, and wrapped his arm around me.

“Oh Talon, you’re perfect,” I told him.

“So are you Genesis. Your feisty personality and fiery outfit and hair is to die for.”

12-19-14_4-04 PM


Suddenly, Talon started tickling me. This completely turned me on.

“I’m gonna’ hit your ticklish spot!” Talon jolted and wiggled his fingers on my ribs.

I couldn’t help but laugh like a little girl. As Talon tickled me harder, his face got closer to mine, until we stood up, and…

12-19-14_4-05 PM


Wa-lah!! It was like magic. Our lips met for the first time. I felt hearts fly around our heads. I was so shocked. This was amazing.

12-19-14_4-07 PM


This little peck on my lips eventually turned into a more intimate kiss. Everything was perfect on our date. Talon dug his fingers deep into my hair, massaging my scalp as our tongues were entangled.

12-19-14_4-08 PM


Suddenly, I looked down at my watch. Damn! I was almost late for work. As sad as I was to do it, I had to end the date.

“Talon, I’m really sorry. I really do not want to leave, but I have work soon,” I told Talon, with a frown. I really did not want to leave.

“It’s okay Genesis. Get to work. Make that money. But, I have one more surprise,” Talon mentioned, as he fumbled around in his pocket. “I got you this.” Talon pulled out a bright red rose.

“Oh Talon! It’s perfect. And, it’s my favorite color!” This small gift had me ecstatic. This proved to me that Talon really knew how to treat a woman.

12-19-14_4-10 PM


My father’s relationship with Talon was too cute. They often play fight with each other. It cracks me up! I was kind of worried that Talon would hurt my father. Talon was a big dude (part of the reason he turned me on so much).

12-19-14_4-15 PM

My mother finally earned her final promotion! She was now at the top of the Astronaut career, Interstellar Smuggler Path. That meant that she was an Interstellar Smuggler and was paid $454/hr!

12-19-14_4-17 PM


My mother earned her final promotion just in time, because that night, she aged into an elder!

12-20-14_1-10 PM

Talon really knew how to push my buttons. When I woke up the next morning, he was near the front door, all hot and sweaty from working out. He was on the ground doing push ups.

Damn! He really was irresistible. I almost jumped down his throat right then and there. If Talon didn’t make a big move soon, I might have to. I just couldn’t take the temptations anymore.

12-20-14_1-13 PM

Somehow, after a few days, I managed to complete the Master Chef aspiration (on a side note, Talon still didn’t make any more moves; I hoped I didn’t turn him away on our date). Even though I was only at the third level in the culinary career, I completed my aspiration, earning the Fresh Chef trait. Since I was still so young, I decided to select a new aspiration. I always had a desire for the Mixology skill, so I decided to go with Master Mixologist.

12-20-14_1-18 PM


As a result, the next night, I decided to head over to the bar to mix up a few drinks. I definitely had some good experience bartending already. I had no doubt I’d quickly complete this aspiration as well.

12-20-14_1-22 PM


At the bar, I was really attracted to this guy Mathew.

Mathew was the opposite of Talon. Our relationship blossomed very quickly.

As guilty as I felt, Talon hadn’t made a move to claim me yet. I was still single and ready to mingle.

On the other hand, I really felt much more attracted to Talon.

12-20-14_1-26 PM


Speaking of Talon, he must’ve read my mind because the next day, before he left for work, he snuggled me in an amazing kiss.

“Genesis, I have a few surprises for you soon,” Talon teased.

“I can’t wait Talon!” I responded, hoping he’d ask me out.

12-20-14_1-38 PM


However, as soon as Talon left, I invited Mathew over.

12-20-14_1-40 PM

As I said, things went really fast with Mat and I.

12-20-14_1-41 PM

We shared our first kiss.

12-20-14_1-44 PM

Suddenly, I swooped Mat down into a wonderful makeout session.

12-20-14_1-45 PM


I had a hard decision ahead of me to make. Will I choose Talon or Mathew?… Find out in the next update!


Update 7.1 – Surprise!


In the previous update, it was pretty hectic. Two fires broke out, nearly killing my mother, Kristin. Then, unexpectedly, my brother, Gionni died. My parents were heart broken. They told me he was supposed to be the heir. My parents didn’t give up though, they kept trying for another child… This made me feel unwanted, but whatever. I was the heir now.

Or, should I say heiress?! That’s right, it is I, Genesis Defesco! The first heiress of the Defesco legacy. I feel honored. After six generations of male heirs, I had no doubt my parent’s would somehow have another child. Fortunately, all of the years my mother spent in space caused her to go sterile! She no longer could have any children. As sad as this sounds, I was relieved. I really wanted to start a new direction for this legacy. (In case you were wondering, the poll at the end of the last update currently has the results: 25% wanted a male heir; 75% wanted Genesis as the heiress, so I am glad that I satisfied the majority of readers!)

So, as a little reminder, I am still a teenager, and my traits are Lazy, Good, and Essence of Flavor. My aspiration is Master Chef. Now, let’s get generation seven started!!

12-17-14_4-13 PM

Although I am very lazy, my mother forced me to get into shape. She trained me at least once a week.

“C’mon Genesis, hustle!” My mother screamed at me. “You got to get rid of them hips!” I often felt my mother took out her anger about not being able to have anymore kids on me.

“I’m trying mom! Stop yelling!” I was actually getting pissed at her. She was getting so annoying and grouchy the older she became.

12-17-14_4-14 PM


I order to get out of the house more, I decided to get a part time job as a Barista. The pay wasn’t much, and the hours were horrible (5am – 7am M-F), but at least I didn’t have to be here.

Plus, this would give me something to put on my resume when I looked for a job as an adult. I really want to have an excellent culinary career.

12-17-14_4-17 PM


Once my brother passed, I had trouble picking myself back up. Gionni and I were very close growing up. He was my best friend. As a result, I started sleeping in his bed, and wearing all red. I knew it was his favorite color.

Plus, Gionni had the best room in the house, since he was gonna’ be the heir…

12-17-14_4-18 PM

For work, they told me having experience with the mixology skill would help me prepare lattes. Additionally, I knew it helped to have experience with this skill for the culinary career.

I actually enjoyed preparing drinks anyway. Maybe I’d end up as a mixologist after all?

12-17-14_4-21 PM


My father was still heart-broken over Gi’s death. As pissed as I was at him for being so hung up on picking Gionni as the heir, I had to support my father.

“Dad, it’s gonna’ be okay. I’ll make you proud,” I reminded my father.

“Thanks sweetie,” my father replied.

The more I thought about my dad being upset, the more I wondered. Was my father upset about Gionni’s death still? Or was my father upset that he couldn’t have another child to replace me?… My mind raced fast, but honestly, I didn’t wanna’ know.

12-17-14_4-25 PM


I actually started doing my homework! Growing up, my parents were always so busy. They never made Gionni or I focus on school work. In fact, Gionni and I were both C students in elementary school.

I wanted to impress my parents as much as I could. I would show them that I was the right choice to carry on the Defesco legacy. Suddenly, my father walked in the living room.

“Doing homework, I see,” he commented.

“Yeah. I’m actually trying to learn something now,” I reassured my father. “Just trying to make my father proud. Show him that I was the right choice.”

“Oh Genesis. I love you. I know you were the right choice,” my father told me.

Maybe he was starting to realize I was best for this legacy.

12-17-14_4-27 PM


As lazy as I was, my number one priority in life was to impress my parents. As a result, I started going to the gym every once in a while. I actually wanted to get out and meet people as well.

12-17-14_4-33 PM

After working out for a bit, I started talking to the guy that ran next to me on the treadmill. His name was Goppy. What a funny name! Unfortunately not only was Goppy much older than me, but he was from out of town. So, after today, I would never see him again.

Damn. He had a shot too! I know my parents always said that blonde hair has never been present in the Defesco’s.I wanted to change that. It would be yet another thing to impress my parents.

12-17-14_4-37 PM

On a side not, my parents told me that even though they had already decided that I was the heiress, they did not stop trying for kids… They said it just felt weird having only one child.

12-17-14_4-43 PM

Finally, Monday rolled around, and it was my first day at work! It really wasn’t that bad getting up two hours early for work. I actually enjoyed the job.

12-17-14_4-59 PM


After school, my father started mentoring me in the piano. I actually enjoyed this a lot.

After my father mentored me for three hours, he managed to finally complete his musical genius aspiration! As a result, my father also received the Piper trait. I’m still not sure what that trait does…

Don’t mind my silly Christmas outfit. I thought it was cute! I wanted to get in the spirit.

12-17-14_5-06 PM


My next day at work, I continued to impress my boss! In fact, she promoted me to Latte Artiste, and raised my pay to $62/hr. I was now at the top of the Barista path.

12-17-14_8-48 PM

Between working, school, exercising, playing the piano, and cooking, I was exhausted. For a lazy person, I sure did a lot of work!

I enjoyed every second of nap time I could get. After all, it was one of my favorite things to do.

12-17-14_9-35 PM

In order to help bring up my cooking skills, I decided to throw a dinner party! It would be fun to host a party and have people enjoy my cooking.

12-17-14_9-36 PM

Unfortunately, this made me realize that I do not know anyone from town. So, the dinner party was only me and my parents.

It was still a modest success. We enjoyed dinner and some drinks. It was a fun time.

12-17-14_9-39 PM


The next day, it was the weekend. I decided to start working at the local bar as a mixologist for extra tips. I really was starting to enjoy mixology. Maybe I’d end up in this career after all.

It was also an opportunity to get out and meet new people! I met all these people at the bar last night, but, all of them were from out of town, except my mother’s brother. What is wrong with this boring town?!

12-17-14_9-52 PM


There was this old man Talon, however that I met at the bar.

“Hi there,” Talon started. “You must be Freddy’s daughter, right?” The old man asked me.

How did he know my father? Talon told me that he didn’t live around here.

“Yes. That’s me. Who are you?” I asked Talon, a little skeptical about the situation.

“Well, as you know, I am Talon. Your father and I met a while back on a business trip. He’s a good man. Do you mind if I stop over for a visit?” I guess Talon really did know my father… Dad wouldn’t mind, right?

“Sure,” I told Talon and we made it to my house.

Unfortunately, my father was working. Talon said that he’d leave, but that he wanted to stop back when he was in town again.

12-17-14_10-06 PM

Sure enough, as the days continued to pass by, there was no sign of Talon. This whole situation was fishy to me.

One day, I heard a knock at the door. When I opened the door, I noticed a man that looked very similar to Talon, but he didn’t look as old. Maybe Talon’s son?

“Hi. Can I help you?” I asked the man.

“Genesis! It’s me, Talon,” the man greeted me at the door.

Wait… What?

“Talon?”  I asked, as confused as ever.

“Yeah, it’s me. Mind if I come in?” Talon invited himself in.

Once he came in, I cooked up some food for Talon and I. The more I hung out with Talon, the more I realized he actually wasn’t that old. He was actually a few years younger than my parents. I actually thought Talon was pretty attractive…

12-17-14_10-16 PM


Once Talon left, I spent the rest of the day on the couch watching my favorite cooking show, Iron Sim. I always wanted to be on a cooking TV show like this! But, I was too lazy to fill out all of the paper work.

12-18-14_10-14 AM


Finally, Talon showed up at our door a few weeks later. This time, my father was finally home. I led Talon over to my father, who was actually working out (my mother was getting strict on all of us about getting fit).

As Talon ate my spaghetti, he and my father talked for what seemed like hours. In fact, I didn’t even get to hang out with Talon this night.

I later learned that Talon and my father were actually pretty good friends. This kind of shocked me. I wanted to be closer to Talon than my father… I had to try harder!

12-18-14_10-19 AM


With all of the cooking shows I’ve been watching, I started becoming a pretty good chef! I could now pull off some pretty cool tricks.

12-18-14_10-27 AM


The next night, my father aged into an elder. My mother continued to push my father to exercise, which I think started effecting his health.

12-18-14_10-31 AM


I went to bed early each night, but Talon started visiting more and more While I slept my parents and Talon enjoyed working out.

I really started growing jealous of my father and Talon’s relationship.

12-18-14_10-32 AM


As a result, the next day, when Talon came over, I decided to cook him and dinner. I really wanted to get close to Talon. As I fried the chicken in the pan, Talon was right there to keep me company. He was the best!

“Whatcha’ making?” Talon asked.

“Oh just some chicken with a few spices. I hope you’re hungry!” I responded.

“Trust me. I am!”

12-18-14_10-45 AM


While we ate dinner (he loved it, by the way!), Talon and I talked about our interests. We found out that we had a lot in common. Eventually, Talon and I made it official.

We were BFF’s!!

Finally, I was closer to Talon than my father.

12-18-14_10-46 AM

Nearly every night, Talon came over to eat dinner with me. I loved his company. We were such good friends.

12-18-14_10-59 AM

My mother really liked Talon, because he too enjoyed working out. While we were eating the one day, he flashed his muscles.

“You like this guns?” Talon asked, giving off a little giggle.

I started laughing too. “You know I do!”

“Well, one day, when you grow up… Maybe they can be wrapped around you!” Talon made me blush a little bit. He sure knew how to attract the ladies.

I could feel that I was starting to fall for my best friend, Talon. Nothing could be better because my parents loved him.

I could not wait to age into a young adult so we could take our relationship to the next level!

… I later learned that Talon was in the athletic career. That is why he was out of town. Prior to his arrival, Willow Creek did not have an athletic team. But now, we did! As a result, Talon moved here. That’s why we started noticing him more.

12-18-14_11-00 AM

As Talon continued to visit, he and my father grew even closer. In fact, Talon and dad also became BFF’s. But, I was first. So I wasn’t too concerned.

12-18-14_11-06 AM

Finally, my birthday rolled around! I aged into a young adult, and rolled in the hot headed trait. I assumed I rolled this trait from my mother’s nagging over the past few years.

Nonetheless, it was time for the real fun to begin!

Now, where is that Talon at?!

12-18-14_11-11 AM

Now that Genesis is a young adult, what will happen? Will she go for Talon, or does she have other tricks up her sleeve? As the first heiress of the Defesco legacy, Genesis is sure to have make this story interesting!