Update 2.5 – Family Love


I last left off with the twins aging into children, and the founder of the Defesco legacy, my father, passing away…

After dad passed away, I figured I should invite the twins over and tell them. They also brought along their red-headed friend Norma.

I brought my words together as good as I could, “Dad died last night in his sleep.”

There was silence.

Brielle started crying, “Dad called us the other night to let us know he wasn’t-” She started hysterically crying.

Luckily, her twin could finish her sentence, “To let us know he wasn’t doing well.” Although Breanne was crying too, she could actually speak. “We were going to stop by, but we didn’t think it’d happen this soon.”

I didn’t want Breanne and Brielle to feel any worse, so I drove them and their friend home. I still don’t understand why she came.

09-07-14_9-52 AM


The next morning, I was saddened even further. All three of my children ran off to school.

“See ya’ dad!” They all screamed.

It brought a tear to my eye, seeing the Defesco family growing so fast. I loved my family to death (there’s that family oriented trait kicking in again).

09-07-14_10-07 AM

Even though I was at work when the kids came home from school, I didn’t even have to ask them to do their homework. All three of them were such good kids.

09-07-14_10-12 AM

Fortunately, I managed to pick myself up pretty well after my father’s death, and I snagged a promotion to Lead Detective. My boss also raised my pay to $47/hr… Still not nearly enough to pay the huge bills.

09-07-14_10-17 AM

Later that night, when I was sitting down to enjoy my favorite comedy show, Colleen got down and started doing push-ups. Like mother, like daughter!

” ‘Ata girl!” I was proud of my daughter for working out.

09-07-14_10-37 AM

Of course, since Colleen was always working out, her mother showed some favoritism towards her.

“Ayyee Coll, hip bump!” They jumped up and bumped hips.

09-07-14_10-38 AM

Suddenly, I realized that it was almost Thursday; that meant that the bills of $4,716 were due or they would cut our electric. I only had about $2,000 in the bank account! There’s no way I’d have that much money in a couple of days. Unfortunately, as much as I loved my collections, I decided to sell every gem, fossil, metal, element, frog, and trophy in my inventory for a whopping $4,000. Now, I had enough to pay for them bills!

09-07-14_11-00 AM

I decided to reward the kids for their hard work in school (since I had a couple thousand leftover), and I bought them some monkey bars.

Clarence loved them!

09-07-14_11-03 AM

I also decided to set up my secret agent study area. I placed down everything my job had rewarded me for being promoted. The only thing that was missing was a computer. Of course, I bought the most expensive one I could afford. I needed to start programming for my job.

This brought a tear to my eye. I remembered how much time my father had spent programming to support my sisters and I growing up. Now, I was doing it for my three children. This is the wonder of a legacy.

09-07-14_11-04 AM

Oh! I also forgot to mention that when I paid the bills the other day, I found this nifty plaque in our mailbox. It had no return address, but I assumed it was for completing my “my sims trophy” collection. Pretty neat, eh?

09-07-14_11-11 AM

On Thursday, I cooked some pancakes for the kids and I, for dinner (I know, who eats pancakes for dinner? Well, the kids loved them). Unfortunately, Emerson worked the night shift, so she couldn’t join us. Suddenly, I had a great idea.

“How would you guys like to go to the park on Saturday?” I asked my kids. My father only took me to the library once when I was kid. Other than that, I didn’t get out much. I wanted to show my kids the world.

“Oh cool!!” Cresara exclaimed.

“I wanna’ go!!” The twins talked at the same time.

Sounded like we had plans for the weekend.

09-07-14_11-16 AM

The next night, I aged into an adult and did not feel any different at all. I felt there wasn’t even a need to celebrate my birthday.

09-07-14_11-31 AM

Sure enough, on Saturday night, as promised, I took the kids to the park. It was great family time. We all had a blast. Once again, I was saddened that Emerson couldn’t make it because of work.

I played pirates with Clarence. “Rawrrrr! I’m a sea-monster,” I jumped up and scared him.

“Dad! The pirate’s supposed to say ‘rrrrrrrr’, not the sea-monster!” Clarence giggled.

While we played pirates, the girls enjoyed the monkey bars.

09-07-14_11-34 AM

When we returned home from the park, Emerson still wasn’t back from work.

“Dad, can you read to us?” Colleen asked.

“Please, please, please.” They all begged.

“No fair! It’s three against one,” I joked. “… Oh alright. What book do you guys wanna’ read?”

Of course, our Whiz Kid Colleen suggested the book Three Little Sims. She’s probably the only one that read books. Anyways, I actually enjoyed reading to my children. Any bit of family time put a smile on my face. I never remembered having time like this with my father.

09-07-14_11-51 AM-2

Once the story was over, the kids stretched and yawned.

“I’m going to bed,” Cresara commented and hustled up the steps.

Colleen asked, “Can you read it again? Please daddy?” How could I say no to that cute little face.

“Of course I will Colleen,” I started reading the story again. Halfway through, Clarence got tired and started boogying to the music. He loved to dance. I ended up reading to Colleen for three hours that night.

09-07-14_11-55 AM

Once the kids went to bed, I stayed up on the couch, until Emerson got home. She came running in the doors.

“I got promoted!! I’m a mixologist!!” Em was so excited. This had always been her dream job. Now she could mix cocktails for her job.

I snuggled Emerson in and we went to bed.

09-07-14_11-56 AM

Becoming a mixologist must have been the only thing Emerson wanted in life, because that night, she passed on quietly. She too, went in her sleep.

It was so sad waking up in the morning, rolling over, and not being able to kiss Emerson good morning.

09-07-14_11-59 AM09-07-14_12-00 PM

Of course, as I was just getting over my father’s death, Emerson dies too. I had to take my frustration off on something. I decided to sell the treadmill (I wasn’t into cardio much), and buy a punching bag.

I practiced my moves, taking all my feelings out on the bag. I knew Emerson would be proud to see me working out.

09-07-14_12-05 PM

Even though I wasn’t supposed to let people sit in my fancy chair, I allowed Clarence to play video games on the computer. He loved them. It was cool to see him playing games my father had created years ago. Many of my father’s products were still top-sellers.

09-07-14_12-09 PM

Even though the girls weren’t the twins in this family, they grew very close. Colleen, my little whiz kid, loved playing chess, and, of course, Cresara would join her.

09-07-14_12-11 PM

Even after Emerson passed, the kids still stayed focused in school and would sit outside in our driveway when it was nice to do their homework. All three of them ended up getting A’s in elementary school.

09-07-14_12-21 PM

Since I was still at work for a few hours once the kids got home, Aunt Brielle volunteered to watch them until I got home.

Brielle never planned on having children over her own, so she loved spending time with her nieces and nephew.

09-07-14_12-32 PM

After Emerson passed, things slowed down a lot around the house. Nothing much happened, and before I knew it, it was Cresara’s birthday! She aspired to be a freelance botanist and rolled in the collector trait (she definitely got this from me!) and the insane trait. I think her mother’s passing had something to do with her second trait. It was tough for the children growing up without a mother.

09-07-14_12-46 PM

Clarence grew very attached to the monkey bars (I assume because he was a rambunctious scamp). One night, he even pulled an all nighter on them.

He passed out walking to school the next day. Unfortunately, as I was taking a picture of him, he woke up.






09-07-14_5-34 PM


Since the children were so close in age, it seemed like in no time it was the twins’ birthday too. First up, Clarence. He aspired to be a soulmate. Thus, rolling in the trait alluring, as well as foodie.

09-07-14_5-50 PM-2

Right behind him was Colleen, who aspired to be a painter extraordinaire and ruled in the muser and hot-headed traits.

09-07-14_5-52 PM

At breakfast the next morning (I loved cooking and eating breakfast with my family), the kids (or should I say, teens?) brought up an intriguing idea.

“Dad, can we get jobs?” Cresara wondered.

“We want to help you out with the bills,” Clarence commented. Geez. My children really were the greatest. How could I ever say no to them. Surprisingly, I wanted my kids to enjoy their life and not worry about working right now. They would end up working for the rest of their lives.

I thought up a good excuse, “Once you guys get A’s in school.”

“Deal!” Colleen was the first to respond.

Suddenly, I started second guessing my excuse. My children were whizzes. Surely they’d get an A. I just hoped they would forget about the deal when the time came around.

09-07-14_5-56 PM

My children were growing up too fast. Colleen and Cresara decided to go out and explore town in the morning.

Supposedly, Colleen was a little sad because we didn’t formally celebrate her birthday. Cresara told me that she painted a few “sad” paintings on the balcony of the library.

Cresara, on the other hand, went out to meet some friends. I warned her how hard it was to find people your age in this town. However, Cresara swore that she met someone her age.

09-07-14_6-06 PM

It became a daily routine to eat breakfast together. Suddenly, I remembered: now that all of my children are teenagers, there’s really no reason to keep updating. I thought that it was time to pass on this legacy and crown the heir of generation 3!!

I hinted at this honor, “Tomorrow, one of your live’s is gonna’ be completely changed.” I didn’t want to give too much information, especially since Colleen was missing. She was a very capable heir.

“What are you talking about dad?” Clarence thought I was joking.

“I think he’s gone crazy, like me,” Cresara joked.

Haha. They had no idea what they were getting into…

09-07-14_6-25 PM

Well, I think this is a really good time to end my part of this legacy. Things have started to die down in my storyline. The three kids are teenagers, my wife is dead, my aspiration is complete… The only thing left is my career, but I don’t think there’s much excitement there. I think my heir will have a much better story to tell. It’s gonna’ be tough to decide, but I think I have chosen…

Family Portrait 4


Update 2.4 – Again?


Last time, I ended by showing off our new home and our beautiful baby girl Cresara.

Emerson and I wanted to celebrate, so we went upstairs and woo hoo’d. Before we started though, Emerson reminded me.

“Don’t forget protection!”

“Don’t worry, I won’t!!” And I did my thing.

09-06-14_3-02 PM


The next morning, while Cresara was still sleeping, we enjoyed our first breakfast in our new home. We sat at the island counter in the kitchen to eat.

“I still can’t believe what you named our child,” Emerson bickered.

“Sorry. I forgot to tell you that all of our kids have to be ‘C’ names… Legacy rules.”

” ‘Ata boy!” My dad commented.

09-06-14_3-09 PM


I loved my baby girl Cresara. She looked so small in my arms. I picked her up, and held her next to my face.

“Doesn’t she look just like me?” I asked Emerson.

Emerson gave a little chuckle and rolled her eyes, “Sure, babe.”


09-06-14_3-12 PM


I loved to cuddle and talk to Cresara. She fit so perfectly inside my huge muscles.


09-06-14_3-14 PM 09-06-14_3-15 PM

Then, I decided to make a silly face at Cresara. I crossed my eyes and stuck out my tongue… Then, I got a wift of poop and she started crying. Well, I guess I would never make that face at her again. I literally scared the poop out of her.

“Emerson!” I called. “You’re up.” I still wasn’t confident changing her diaper.

09-06-14_3-15 PM-2

The next morning, as I walked downstairs to grab some breakfast, Emerson stopped me in my tracks.

“We have to talk.” She seemed angry, but that was just her everyday personality.

“Okay. Okay. Let me just get some breakfast first.”

“No… Now. We’re going to the gym.” Emerson demanded and pulled me out the door.

09-06-14_3-18 PM

When we got to the gym, I started walking inside. I guess she wanted to work out today.

“Stop!” Emerson blurted and tugged my arm.

“What’s gotten’ into you?” I asked. I knew she had a mean and evil personality and all, but this was the first time she took her anger out on me.

“What did I tell you about protection?”

“What do you mean?” I was confused.

“Bruno… I’m pregnant,” Emerson told me, and I realized I was in deep trouble… Woops. Honestly, the other night, when we woo hoo’d, I didn’t use protection. I always wanted kids, after all I was family oriented. Too bad I wasn’t gonna’ admit to it.

“Wow!” I acted shocked. “It must have been faulty,” I made up an excuse.

“Ugh. Whatever. I guess we’ll have to deal,” Emerson pouted. Then, we walked inside.

09-06-14_3-21 PM-2

“I don’t understand why you had to drag me to the gym to tell me,” I questioned Emerson’s actions.

“Because I refuse to get fat! I wanted to work off the baby fat already. And, since we do not have any exercise equipment at home anymore…”

It all made sense now.

09-06-14_3-23 PM

I was so excited that Emerson was pregnant again! I didn’t even know it was possible to get pregnant again that soon. Plus, Emerson should have been an elder today, but I guess her motherly instincts have kicked in…

Anyways, I decided to go out collecting for a bit before things got to crazy in the house with another baby.

09-06-14_3-32 PM

Emerson was serious about not gaining baby weight. She went out jogging almost everyday. I seriously didn’t know who the bigger health-freak was… Me or her?

09-06-14_3-37 PM


The next morning, after Emerson’s jog, she came home and threw up. That’s when I became worried. What if all of her exercising was hurting our baby?

“Emerson,” this probably wouldn’t go down well. “I think you need to stop exercising. It may be injuring our baby. It’s not healthy.”

I could tell she was disappointed, but she said “I’ll stop.”

Thankfully, our baby was more important to her than exercising.

09-06-14_3-39 PM


Zoe showed up on our doorstep the next day.

“Oh hey Zoe!” I actually was excited to see my best friend. This was the first time we talked since I had all three of my ladies over my house a while back.

“What’s going on Bruno?” Zoe asked as we walked inside.

Emerson stood right next to Zoe.

“What does she want?” Emerson questioned.

“We’re just catching up,” Zoe told Emerson.

“Make it quick.” Emerson really did not like Zoe.

09-06-14_3-45 PM

I took Zoe upstairs. “I have something to show you,” I told her.

Once we walked in my room, it was time…

“Emerson and I had a baby! Her name is Cresara,” It was the first time I got to show off Cresara, and I loved it.

“Awww. How cute?… Wait, I hope this isn’t rude, but, isn’t Emerson pregnant again?” Zoe asked.

“Uhhh, yeah. We wanted them close together,” I made up an excuse.

09-06-14_3-50 PM

Once Zoe left, I walked downstairs and saw Emerson in the bathroom, checking herself out.

“Ugh. I’m so fat. I look gross,” Emerson really could not stand to see a sliver of fat on her body. She really was upset that I told her to stop working out, but at least she listened.

“Emerson, you look beautiful,” I complimented her.

09-06-14_4-04 PM


My dad came in the house the next day with a stack of bills.

“Do you know how much the bills are for this house you wanted custom built?” My father asked me.

“Like $1000?” I guessed.

“Hah! More like 5 times that! They are for $4,441!! That’s insane. Bruno, it’s literally my entire paycheck each day. I think you need to get a job,” He suggested.

09-06-14_4-06 PM

As much as I wanted to sit home all day and spend my time with my family, and collect frogs and gems, I obeyed my father, and started looking for jobs. Fortunately, since my dad was so well known around town, he got me a starting position in the Secret Agent field.

I hoped my muscles would help me excel in my career.

09-06-14_4-08 PM


Soon enough, it was Cresara’s birthday, and she rolled in the slob trait and aspired to be a social butterfly.

This also meant that any second now, Emerson would go into labor!

09-06-14_4-17 PM


Sure enough, that night, while I was sound asleep Emerson went into labor downstairs.

09-06-14_4-20 PM

She waddled her way back upstairs and relaxed next to me (although I didn’t feel her). Somehow, she managed to push and not even wake me up.

09-06-14_4-21 PM

Our next baby was born right there in our house…

I got my little boy!! I was so excited. Emerson decided to name him Clarence. Luckily, she picked a C- name this time.

09-06-14_4-23 PM

But, Emerson wasn’t finished. Out popped another baby. Meet baby Colleen!!

09-06-14_4-24 PM

That’s right, we had TWINS!!

I was beyond excited. Twins sure must run in the Defesco family. I couldn’t believe they were multigender twins either. This was the greatest thing to happen. I got the big family I wished for.

09-06-14_4-24 PM-2

Immediately after birthing the twins, Emerson’s time as an adult was over. I still couldn’t believe she was an elder that just delivered twins… Weird.

09-06-14_5-50 PM

Unsurprisingly, the next morning, when I walked downstairs, Emerson was already on the treadmill burning off the baby fat.

09-06-14_5-55 PM

Now that Emerson was an elder, my father knew his time was near. He started saying his good byes. It was heart breaking.

He cuddled in Clarence close “I love you buddy.”

09-06-14_5-58 PM

Dad spent all the time he could with his grandchildren. He and Cresara watched cartoons on the huge flat screen TV he got for the family after his last promotion.

09-06-14_6-01 PM

The moment that really got me was when my father said good-bye to me. It hit me hard.

My father wrapped me in a warming hug “Bruno, I am so glad I picked you as the heir,” I started to tear up. “I know you will do just fine. You have done your job already. You have made me proud. I love you Bruno.”

I couldn’t even speak. My father had done so much for the Defesco’s to get us where we are today. Everything we had was because of him. And now, it was almost his time to go.

09-06-14_6-03 PM

LIfe had to keep moving on, even though my father’s time was almost up. The next day, I started my first day at work.

I wasn’t used to working, and when I came home, I immediately crashed on the couch. Luckily, on my first day, I got promoted from my no-name position to a Field Agent! Awww yeah, moving on up already! This took some pain away from my father’s death.

09-06-14_6-25 PM


I even managed to have time after work to go collect some stuff! While out, I also completely succeeded with my aspiration. I was a true curator. I smiled widely. I felt more accomplished than ever. With this accomplishment, I rolled in a new trait: appraiser. This meant that I could sell my collectibles for a lot more money… Sweet! I definitely would need all the money I could have once dad passed.

09-06-14_6-30 PM

Here’s my proudest collection!

It’s the complete collection of “My Sims Trophies”. Neat, huh?

I would miss going out and collecting things. But, now, it was time to focus on my career.

09-06-14_6-36 PM


That night, while everyone was sleeping, it finally happened… Luckily, he went peacefully in his sleep.

Good bye father. We’ll surely miss you. You did so much for this family.

09-06-14_6-39 PM 09-06-14_6-39 PM-2

We decided to bury my father next to my mother. We knew it’s exactly what he wanted.

09-06-14_8-19 PM

Now that my father passed, things would be tight with money, so Emerson decided to get a job in the culinary field as a dishwasher. Although the pay wasn’t great, at least it was something.

09-06-14_6-45 PM

Although I was really sad and depressed about my father’s passing, I had to move on. I regained focus with advancing in my career.

When Cresara left for her first day of school, Emerson and I dropped the twins off at daycare, and went to the library to improve our career performance. I worked on my research, while she read a mixology book. She always aspired to be a mixologist. I wished her the best. I knew how long it had taken my father to get to the top of his career. And unfortunately, Emerson was pretty old already.

09-06-14_6-52 PM


I fell into a bit of a depression after my father’s passing, so not much really went on.

Before I knew it, it was the twins’ birthday! At least this put a smile on my face.

Clarence aspired to be a rambunctious scamp. I assumed because Emerson and I were so active ourselves. He also rolled in the self-assured trait (man, was this trait common in our family? Only three Defesco’s didn’t have this trait.

Colleen aspired to be a whiz kid, like me when I was a child! She also rolled in the good trait. This was kind of ironic, since Emerson was evil.

09-06-14_7-11 PM

Now that the twins were children, it was a lot easier to evenly distribute our attention to the kids. Before, Cresara always complained we cared more for the twins.

Every chance Cresara got, she sat by my feet. While I worked out, she did homework by my side.

“Daddy, what’s 4 times 6?” She asked me a question from her homework.

“Twenty-four.” I knew giving answers didn’t really help, but I would teach her when I wasn’t busy.

09-06-14_7-18 PM


Clarence picked up a the mental skill pretty fast. He loved experimenting on the small chemistry set we bought for the kids.

Colleen, on the other hand enjoyed playing the violin. Even though her music was terrible.

09-06-14_7-33 PM

And I’ll leave it off there! Now that all of our kids are children, how will our life unfold? Will I continue to be successful in my career? Find out next time.

This update is in dedication of the greatest founder, father, and grand father ever. You will surely be missed. Way to start off the Defesco family on the right foot!

RIP Allen Defesco

09-02-14_11-32 AM

Update 2.3 – Starting Over


It’s time to finish off my love story. I last left off with the twin girls aging and moving out. I also chose Emerson over Zoe and Josephine.

With my element collection growing, I decided to buy this awesome element display rack (I knew it would make my father and creator proud, they loved chemistry).

09-05-14_7-41 PM

I waited a bit before I even thought about seeing Emerson. But, things started getting too lonely.

Besides the fact, I was ready to ask Emerson the big question, but first, I had to work out to get pumped. Emerson was an athletic freak too, so she loved to see my muscles lathered in sweat.

09-05-14_7-38 PM

As I hopped out of the shower, I prepared myself to face Emerson. What I was about to ask her would change my life and hers forever.

I invited Emerson over.

09-05-14_7-43 PM


(I know you checked out my muscles in that last photo… Sexy, huh?)

Once Emerson arrived at my house, I cuddled her in for a kiss, as I prepared the question in my head.

09-05-14_7-46 PM


I was ready. “Emerson,” My nerves bounced. “Will you move in with me?”

“Of course I will Bruno! I can’t wait to start my life with you.” She responded.

Well, that went down a lot easier than I expected. Emerson moved in with $20,000! Now, things were excellent.

“Bruno… There’s something I’ve been holding back.” Emerson explained. “I am actually almost an elder too… I’m sorry I kept this from you, but when I heard how you just dropped your relationship with Zoe because she was an elder, I just couldn’t risk it.”

Why did I always attract the older women? I asked myself. Anyways, I couldn’t lose Emmerson too.

09-05-14_7-50 PM


“Well, I wanted to take things slow, but I guess that can’t happen. Emerson, I will never let you go. Will you be my girlfriend?” I rushed to the question.

“Of course I will Bruno! I’m sorry again,” she apologized. Her face looked as shocked as mine, after I learned she was almost as old as my father.

09-05-14_7-46 PM-2

Things were moving way quicker than I thought, but it had to be done. I rushed into my next question “Emerson Taylor,” I fumbled around in my back pocket for my mother’s engagement ring. This ring would travel throughout the legacy. “Will you marry me?” I popped out the ring.

“Oh my goodness Bruno!” Emerson screamed. “I really thought you were gonna’ leave me!… YES! I will marry you!!”

09-05-14_7-51 PM

She flashed her new ring around.

“I love it Bruno. And I love you!”

09-05-14_7-53 PM

Although all of this seemed rush, we were both very happy. After all, we knew each other since I was a teenager jogging in the park.

There was no time to waste. We had to keep moving forward. “Let’s get married right now,” I mentioned.

“Right now? But, I’m not even in a dress.” Emerson worried.

“You’re fine!”

And right there in the living room, Emerson and I exchanged vows.

I can’t believe this happened so quickly. I was only planning on asking Emerson to move in today. But, when another curveball was thrown my way, things just had to be rushed. I couldn’t lose another woman due to age.

09-05-14_7-55 PM

And then, it was time for the real fun. Also, since this is a legacy, we actually were trying for a baby!

09-05-14_7-56 PM

Emerson understood her duties of the legacy, as well. So after our woo hoo, she went to the bathroom and took a pregnancy test…

09-05-14_7-59 PM

It was negative.

So, back to the sheets we went for another try!

09-05-14_8-01 PM

Fortunately, this time Emerson was pregnant!!

09-05-14_8-01 PM-2

Even though Emerson was pregnant, we still worked out together all the time. It was nice having my wife by my side as I worked out. It kept me company and I could flirt with her!

09-05-14_10-12 PM

As the days passed on, nothing exciting happened in the house hold. I continued collecting. Emerson continued to get a bigger belly and working out.

I flashed my muscles at Emerson “See these guns, I might have a hard time not crushing our baby with them!” I joked around.

“Oh Bruno!” Surprisingly, this turned Emerson on a bit, and we went to woo hoo again.

09-05-14_10-17 PM

Emerson turned me into a huge health freak, so I usually only ate salad. Fortunately for her, she was pregnant and had an excuse to eat the good stuff.

09-05-14_10-22 PM

The days flew by, and Emerson seemed to be getting bigger by the second.

“Oh!” Emerson jumped. “The baby’s kicking… Feel?”

I placed my hand on her tummy and felt my little angel push back.

“Aha! It must be a boy. He probably has muscles like me.”

“You’re so self assured,” Emerson reassured me.

09-05-14_10-23 PM

Without my mother around, my father started getting pretty lonely. In fact, he’d come in my room while Emerson and I were working out to socialize.

09-05-14_10-25 PM

The next day, while I was working out, I heard an alarm come from the kitchen!

Oh no!! A fire started in our house!!

I saw the sink was broken too, and thought to myself “Ehh, it’ll just put the fire out. No big deal.” We all ran outside.

09-05-14_10-28 PM

Well, everyone except for the maid…

09-05-14_10-29 PM

In the end, luckily the maid was the only casualty from the fire. As well as all of our cabinets and sink. Even though the maid died, she still charged us! We found a bill for $62 in the mail the next day… This girl.

09-05-14_10-31 PM


After standing outside, waiting for the fire department for hours, I realized that Willow Creeks didn’t have a fire department. The closest one was in Sunset Valley. Which I don’t even know where that place is.

So, I had to be brave, and put out the fire myself, which spread to the twins’ room.

09-05-14_10-32 PM

The damage was pretty bad. Our entire kitchen was pretty much wiped out. Insurance only gave us about $1,000 to cover it.

09-05-14_10-34 PM


My dad had missed all of the excitement that day. He came home from work, looking like he just got done smoking.

“I… got… the promotion,” my father said, much less excited than I thought. “I’m at the top of my career. Oh yeah, and I also make $516 an hour.”

Then, I realized why my dad looked like that. He was completely out of energy. After all, neither Emerson or I had a job.

09-05-14_10-36 PM


My father went straight to bed, hardly even noticing the fire damage.

I knew Emerson, too, was exhausted from being pregnant.

“Want me to give you a massage?” I asked.

“Sure.” Emerson answered as started rubbing her back.

09-05-14_10-51 PM

Then, she let out a squeek.

“Did I hurt you babe?” My muscles must have been too powerful.

“No! I’m going into labor!!” Emerson yelled.

“Oh no!! Let’s get to the hospital.” I quickly packed all our stuff and off to the hospital we went.

09-05-14_10-52 PM

After a few hours of pushing and screaming, everything was successful!… Emerson and I returned with our new baby…

09-05-14_10-57 PM

Girl!! Meet Cresara Defesco. We were surprised to see that she was the first Defesco baby to actually look normal.

You may be a little bit confused about her name. Let me explain… At the hospital, I told Emerson that she could name the baby. She said that she always knew what she wanted her little girl named. As she signed off on the birth certificate, I looked down and saw the name “Sara”. Nope. That could not work for this legacy, so I jotted down a “Cre-” infront of “Sara”… It works… Right?

09-05-14_10-59 PM

Before I end this update, I forgot to mention: since the fire, we decided not to replace our kitchen. Instead, with Cresara born, we decided to bull doze our house altogether, and build a new one!!

Say good bye to the original Defesco house…

09-05-14_10-59 PM-2

And hello to our new $92,000 mansion!!

09-06-14_12-26 AM


Unfortunately, we ran out of money to finish furnishing the house, but here’s what it looks like inside so far. It’s very empty, as you can see.

09-06-14_12-26 AM-209-06-14_12-26 AM-3

And, that’s all I have for you! Once again, I am so sorry that I had to rush everything so quickly. I was enjoying telling you about my love triangle, but that was ruined by all the old women in this town!

Update 2.2 – Love Triangle


Hello again everyone! A lot has happened since my last update, so I have decided to split this one up into two shorter updates. Last time, I left off with me aging into a young adult. Now, the real fun begins. I have a lot to think about, so let’s get started!

As the twins grew older, they grew even closer (the opposite of most twins). At one point, they literally did everything together. One night, I heard Brielle ask Breanne “Do you think he’ll ever move out?” I knew they were talking about me.

“I really don’t know,” Breanne responded.

“Maybe we should start saving up our money now in case he doesn’t move out when we’re young adults,” Brielle suggested.

Little did the twin girls know, I was the founder of the Defesco legacy. See, the thing is, we weren’t aloud to tell anyone about the legacy, unless they were an heir or a possible spouse for the heir.

I kinda’ felt bad not telling Brielle and Breanne, but rules were rules. They would soon find out that I’d live here until I died.

09-05-14_1-27 PM

Early the next morning, things were getting kind of lonely in the house. Plus, now that I was a young adult, I didn’t go to school anymore. I decided to call up Zoe and invite her over, but unfortunately she was still sleeping.

09-05-14_1-31 PM


So instead, I decided to go out collecting!

09-05-14_1-32 PM

Once again, while out collecting, I ran into Zoe!

“Oh hey Zo!” I was excited to see her.

We ended up talking for a few hours in the woods about little, unnecessary things.

09-05-14_1-34 PM

I was feeling attached to Zoe. I really thought she was the one. I had to tell her about the legacy, and make sure she was okay with it.

“Zoe,” I started “Can I tell you my deepest secret?”

“Of course Bruno. You can trust me with anything,” Zoe reassured me. I did trust Zoe. I said it before too, I was in love with her.

“I’m part of a legacy challenge-” I was ready to explain everything when she suddenly interrupted.

“Oh! I know what that is! I heard of it before. It’s the thing where you bring in 10 generations, and stuff, right?” Zoe already knew about the challenge. Perfect.

“Yes! Exactly!” I exclaimed. “Well, now that that’s over, do you want to go to the gym, or something? I’m pretty bored of standing here.”

“Yeah, that sounds fun!”

09-05-14_1-38 PM


Unfortunately, at the gym, Zoe’s beautiful looks attracted all the men. I know I could kick every-last-one of their butts, but I just didn’t want to do that. I needed a girl that would be completely mine.

09-05-14_1-46 PM


However, at the gym, Zoe and I grew even closer. I knew it was time to ask her the question.

“Zoe, will you be my best friend?” I already told her about the legacy challenge and I felt she would be there for me no matter what.

“Of course I will Bruno!” And we hugged it out.

09-05-14_1-52 PM


As the days past by, Zoe and I hung out often. I wanted to really get to know he before I committed.

Eventually, it was my father’s birthday. I still can’t believe that the founder of the Defesco legacy was already an elder. Dad was pretty bummed out about this because he still didn’t reach the top of his career, but I knew he’d do it soon.

09-05-14_2-42 PM

I decided to invite Zoe over the next night, and when she arrived, I was stupefied.

“Zoe?… Is that you?” She looked all old and wrinkly.

“Yupp. It’s me! Same old Zoe. My birthday just past.” I had not realized just how old Zoe was. Zoe was as old as my father… Yuck! Well, I guess this ruined any chances of her being part of the Defesco legacy. I can’t make no babies with her!

09-05-14_2-51 PM

This wrench thrown into my plans drove me insane. I really thought Zoe was the one. Regardless, I knew my duties as heir, so I had to move on. Luckily, I had a few numbers from the girls I met in the park when I hung out with Zoe. Meet Josephine. I think she showed up last time, but she didn’t really talk much. Now that I knew I couldn’t rely on Zoe, I tried to move closer to Josephine.

I started telling a story about my family, “As a child, I grew up in a hectic house. I was the second child. I had an older sister who picked on everyone. And then, I had twin sisters. Things were rough growing up.”

Josephine suddenly blurted out “Ugh! I hate children.”

Well, that definitely would not work for a legacy challenge… I quickly moved on from Josephine. At least I didn’t waste too much time on her, like I did with Zoe.

09-05-14_2-53 PM


Next up, I gave Emerson a call. She was the girl I saw at the gym in Oasis Springs the other week. When I thought I was running next to grim, remember? Anyways, I found out that she actually trained people at the gym! This was a huge turn on to me. My three ladies and I continued to grow closer. Soon, I would have to make a decision.

09-05-14_2-59 PM

After some thinking, I knew that Emerson would be perfect for me. We had the same interests. The one negative about her was she reminded me a little of Belinda. She was pretty mean, but not to me of course… I told Emerson about the legacy.

“Oh wow! That is awesome,” Emerson said.

I had broken the rules a little bit by telling Zoe about the legacy. Luckily, it was not a huge deal breaker because she already knew of the concept. I took a huge risk telling Emerson. Once she knew, I almost had to commit.

09-05-14_3-04 PM

I decided to hug Emerson good bye.

I had a lot of thinking to do. Zoe was my love at first sight. Josephine was gorgeous, but hates children. Emerson… She was perfect.

09-05-14_3-06 PM


This was kind of random, but since we weren’t struggling financially anymore, I decided to hire a maid. The house was getting kind of gross.

09-05-14_5-00 PM


The next day, I decided that I really needed to make a decision… And fast. I called the three babes Josephine, Emerson, and Zoe and invited them all to the gym. Now that I grew close to Emerson as well, things might get a little ugly between her and Zoe. Oh well, at least this would show their true colors, and it would ultimately help me decide.

Unfortunately, soon after arriving to the gym, Josephine left. She said it wasn’t here ideal hang out spot… Oh well, I guess she’s out.

09-05-14_5-06 PM


With just Zoe and Emerson left in the marathon of my love, I had to make a move. Zoe went upstairs to shower.

That’s when it started.

“Hello back there Emerson,” I waved sexily.

“Hey Bruno.”

“I see you checking out my butt!” I flirted with her.

She turned cherry red, “Bruno!” And Emerson laughed.

09-05-14_5-08 PM

I kissed my hand and blew it over to her.

Emerson acted like she caught it, and stuck it to her cheek. At this point, I was just teasing Emerson. I could tell Emerson wanted the “d”, but I surprisingly, was not like that and could not “chip and dip”.

I left our relationship at that. I wanted to take it slow, so I left the gym.

09-05-14_5-09 PM

At home, the next morning, we had a good ol’ family breakfast. Dad actually joined us this time! I was so excited to talk about all the women I was attracting.

“Yesterday, at the gym,” I started my story “I actually flirted with Emerson, and blew her a kiss. She’s totally into me.” I definitely was self-assured.

Breanne started to get up and leave the table, while saying “You’re pathetic.”

“Look what you did Bruno,” Brielle stood up for her twin. “When are you gonna’ move out?!” They were really pushing it now.

My father and I just looked at each other.

09-05-14_5-18 PM

Instead of seeing Emerson or Zoe that morning (Josephine was out of this love triangle), I decided to go out collecting. Unfortunately, I found like a million capsules and treasure maps, but no gems (what I was really looking for). It really frustrated me. I decided to destress by heavy weight lifting.

09-05-14_5-22 PM


As I worked out, I remembered how much Emerson loved working out too. She’d probably enjoy keeping me company. I invited her over, and she came over within minutes.

When Emerson came over, she was sad. I became worried.

“What’s wrong baby girl?” I asked.

“I’m just so confused,” Emerson explained. “I feel so attached to you, but every time we hang out, Zoe and Josephine have to be there too. And yesterday, at the gym, I felt you were just teasing me.” Emerson started tearing up. I realized that she actually did care about me too.

I had to tell Emerson about everything.

09-05-14_5-24 PM

My heart began to flutter and I admitted, “Okay. I like you.”

“Bruno, I know! And I really like you. But I think you also like Zoe and Josephine.”

I had to fix things. “Alright, listen: Emerson, I met Zoe a while ago, when I was still a teenager, and it really was love at first sight. We kicked it off immediately. I’m not gonna’ lie to you, I had feeling for Zoe. But that’s the thing, now that I found out she’s so much older than me, I completely lost interest in her. I promise. We’re only best friends. Nothing more. And we never will be. I’m just as confused as you Emerson.”

“I appreciate your honesty, Bruno.”

09-05-14_5-25 PM

I felt a boost in my confidence. This conversation made me feel so much better about Emerson. I really was falling for her.

I spit out the question, “Do you want to go on a date with me tonight?”

She was silent.


“Yes… Yes I do Bruno.”

“Great!” I was excited for my first date. “I’ll pick you up at five, and we’ll go to Solar Flare lounge in Oasis Springs.”

“Sounds good,” She said and we parted.

09-05-14_5-28 PM

I was super nervous for my first date, but I still decided to post about it on SimBook (a social networking site), and then I ran out the door to pick up Emerson.

Unfortunately, it was a bad move to post about the date on SimBook. When we got to the lounge, guess who was sitting next to me?… Zoe. I turned my head hoping she didn’t notice (not that I didn’t wanna’ see my best friend, or anything, but I didn’t want any drama on my first date).

Emerson obviously noticed Zoe because she acted obnoxious.

“Bruno, let me sit on your lap!” She exclaimed as she started dancing on my lap.

09-05-14_5-30 PM


Emerson loved drinking. She double-fisted the drinks. I could tell she wanted to get wasted.

At this point, I just couldn’t stand it anymore. If I broke Zoe’s heart, I was sorry. But, Emerson reeled in my heart.

09-05-14_5-34 PM

I leaned in, and we kissed (my first kiss!)

It couldn’t have been any more romantic. It felt perfect.

09-05-14_5-35 PM

I pulled the rose out my back pocket that I picked up on my way to the date.

“Emerson, I got this for you.”

“It’s beautiful!” She responded.

09-05-14_5-36 PM

My heart raced a million miles a minute. I was in a very flirty move. There was no going back now. I swooped Emerson down for a kiss (or should I say make out session?!)

And with that, Emerson and I left our perfect date.

09-05-14_5-36 PM-2


Before Emerson went home, I asked if she wanted to come back to my place for a little while, and we had some real fun!

09-05-14_5-43 PM

After my first woo hoo, I was exhausted, and fell right to sleep, but Emerson left.

09-05-14_5-44 PM


I woke up the next morning feeling energized. I had a great night. I made my choice, and I felt it was the best one. Even if Zoe never talked to me again, I was okay with it. Emerson was worth losing a best friend over.

I decided to go out collecting, but this time, I actually had some luck! I sent my gems and metals off to the Geo Council to have them created into elements and I started breeding frogs!

This was a good break from all the confusion I faced in the past couple of weeks.

09-05-14_5-45 PM


That day, it was the twins birthday.

Brielle aged first and rolled in the cheerful trait.

09-05-14_7-30 PM

Right behind her was Breanne, rolling in the ambitious trait.

After some time, the twins realized that I was here to stay. They decided to move out and buy an apartment together, close to my older sister Belinda.

09-05-14_7-31 PM

That’s where I will leave off for this update! How will my relationship with Emerson evolve? Will I ever get a job? Find out in the next update!

Update 2.1 – Exploration Defesco


Who did my father pick as the heir?… It’s time to find out!!

But first, almost immediately after my father declared me as the heir, my mother’s time had come to an end.

09-04-14_6-36 PM

While all was quiet in the house (everyone was asleep), my mother got down on her hands and knees. We were all expecting my mother to pass on, so it wasn’t too heartbreaking.

09-04-14_6-37 PM

Just like that, the grim repear entered our house, played on his tablet for a few hours, whirled is scythe, and took our mother’s soul… She was gone, forever.

09-04-14_6-37 PM-2

09-04-14_6-38 PM

09-04-14_6-39 PM

09-04-14_6-39 PM-2

This update is in dedication to Renee Myles Defesco. We could not have done it without you. The Defesco family loves you mom. We will miss you, but this legacy must continue on… So, it’s finally time to introduce myself!

09-04-14_6-39 PM-3

It is I, Bruno Defesco! I am the heir of Generation 2, of course. I mean, who else was my father going to pick? He couldn’t have the meanie Belinda carry on the legacy. And the twins… They’re barely even part of this family. They were an accident, so I could tell my father didn’t want them. Besides, my father always treated me best and believed in me since I got A’s throughout school. After all, who could resist this smile?

09-04-14_6-50 PM

In case you forgot, I aspire to be the Curator (in other words, I enjoy collecting things) and my traits so far are Art Lover, Self-Assured, and Collector.

After my father declared me heir, I had the duty to go back and read all his entries. Man, how does he have any fans?! His updates were so boring. I promise to make this generation fun! So let’s get started with the adventure of collecting!!

09-04-14_6-49 PM

Any second of freetime I had, I spent collecting. I traveled around town looking for frogs, fossils, gems, and metals.

One time, I was in the woods, looking for frogs, when all of a sudden, I looked up and saw this girl just staring at me… Don’t get me wrong, she was hot and everything, but it was so creepy. Collecting was something I did to get away from people, and this girl continued to creep on me.

As I snatched the frog out of the log, I started to walk deeper into the woods to see if she followed me… And she did!

09-04-14_6-52 PM

I wasn’t afraid to confront women, like my father so I shouted over to her “Hello over there! May I help you?”

She didn’t respond to my question. She simply walked closer.

“Who are you? What do you want? Why are you following me?” The questions rolled off my tongue like a wheel on a car.

09-04-14_6-55 PM

Eventually, she was standing directly in front of me.

“I’m Bruno,” I introduced myself. Hoping she wasn’t some freak. After all, she was an adult and I still was a teenager.

“Hi there,” Her voice was soft and quiet. “I’m Zoe. Sorry if I disturbed you.”

“No need to apologize,” I started. “I saw you checking me out from over there. Don’t worry, no one can keep their eyes off of this sexy hunk.” I could hear my self-assured side coming out.

“Ummm… No. That’s not what I was doing at all,” Zoe responded. “Besides, aren’t you only a teenager anyway?”

Did I really look that young, I thought. “Yes… Yes I am a teenager.”

09-04-14_6-56 PM


“Well, I didn’t mean to startle you,” Zoe explained. “But, I take a hike in these woods pretty often.”

Maybe she was telling the truth. Oh well. I still had the opportunity to meet someone new. I tried to crack a joke “Wanna’ hear a joke?”

“Sure! I love a good comedian,” She responded.

“Okay. Here goes nothing… Why can women walk around all day in a bikini, but if they walked around in a bra and underwear, it’d be the end of the world,” I chuckled. I had no idea if this would go down wrong, since it kinda’ was a feminist joke.

“Hahaha!” I heard her almost laugh to death… This made me feel better about myself.

09-04-14_6-57 PM

Zoe and I continued to joke around together for a few hours. We seemed very compatible. Although we were actually different ages, our personalities were on the same level. Why couldn’t anyone in my high school be as awesome as her?

I made a silly cross-eyed face at her.

“You’re so funny Bruno!” She chuckled. I think she was actually enjoying me ass much as I enjoyed her!

09-04-14_6-58 PM

The jokes just kept coming, until she stopped me, “Bruno, I really wish I could stay here all day, but I have work soon,” Zoe mentioned.

Oh… Right. Work. I forgot. She was an adult.

“Awww man,” I started. “Well, it really was nice meeting you. I hope we can hang out again soon.”

“Most definitely!” Zoe blurted enthusiastically.

Then, she actually hugged me, and walked away… Could I really be falling for someone this much older than me?

09-04-14_6-59 PM

When I got home from my amazing trip, I went into the dining room to finish my homework. Of course, the female dog, Belinda was eating her tenth bowl of cereal that day.

“Guess who’s talking to a very pretty lady?” I put my hands on my hips, acting like a hot shot.

“Me… Duh!” Belinda said confidently.

“Just because you have big breasts, doesn’t mean you can steal all the women from me.” I always tried to find a good comeback to aggravate Belinda. She deserved it.

09-04-14_7-02 PM

The next morning, I woke up feeling energized. Soon, I would have to start supporting a family of my own. So, I decided to cook breakfast for my siblings and father… No matter how much we didn’t get along, they still were my family…

My mother was a chef, so she taught me all my moves! I began karate chopping the eggs and bacon with the spatula… That should do!

09-04-14_7-18 PM

Even though I may have burned the eggs a little bit, it didn’t look half bad, right?

“This one’s for you momma’!” I shouted. “Yo gang, breakfast time!” I called my family to the table.

09-04-14_7-19 PM

It wasn’t often that us Defesco’s ate together. But, when we did, it gave me a warm feeling inside. Deep down, I really loved each and everyone of my sisters. Even if Belinda treated us like dirt. Everyone except my father ate. He was programming, like always. But I didn’t mind too much. Everything he did was for us, and I appreciated my father.

09-04-14_7-21 PM

I knew, in order to be a successful heir, I had to start impressing the ladies. No offense dad and sisters, but I couldn’t end up looking like them! I had to pump some iron.

My father bought me the weight machine. He bought me practically anything I asked for. After all, since I was heir, the money in his bank account was now partially mine!

09-04-14_7-24 PM

Unfortunately, at the moment… I wasn’t very strong. I had the weights set on the second lowest setting, and could barely lift them.

09-04-14_7-25 PM

After getting all hot, sweaty, and energized from working out, I decided to invite Zoe to the park. Fortunately, working out really was working because I even attracted this other lady into our conversation. Of course, she was an adult too. Geez, I really attracted the older women.

09-04-14_7-30 PM-2

Well, the real reason I wanted to go to the park was to jog and find some collectibles. I didn’t have to worry about getting hitched just yet. I really did love working out; it made me feel good about myself and it boosted my confidence.

09-04-14_7-34 PM09-04-14_7-34 PM-2

After getting sweaty, slimey, and dirty from collecting and jogging, I finally met the first teenager in this town!

I introduced myself “Hi! I’m Bruno. I go to Willow Creek High. What’s your name?”

She just looked at me disgusted (I assumed I had slime on my face from collecting frogs). “Ewww, Get lost loser!” She screamed.

Well, that didn’t work out too well. I guess I really did only attract the older women.

09-04-14_7-38 PM

After that epic fail, I gave my armpits a sniff. Pshwww! That’s probably why that girl didn’t want to talk to me. I smelled horrible. I had to go home and get cleaned up. Fortunately, Zoe accepted me no matter how smelly I was, and that’s why I loved her… Wait. Did I just say I loved Zoe?…

Anyways, I walked over to Zoe and said “I need to get home and get cleaned up.”

“Alright Bruno,” Zoe responded. “See you later!”

And then, we did a little hip bump, and I was on my way home.

09-04-14_7-41 PM

At home, before hopping in the shower, I sat on the toilet and played my dad’s mobile app for a few minutes (or hours). He really did make some amazing games.

09-04-14_7-54 PM

The next day, it was still the weekend, thank goodness, so I went out for more exploring. This time, I really wanted to visit Oasis Springs to see what they had to offer. I decided to go to the gym first, before I started collecting.

Once there, I jumped on the treadmill and started running. I was so in my zone that I didn’t even spark a conversation with the girl that I saw at the park the other day, when I hip-bumped Zoe. Then, I looked to my left, and almost fell off the treadmill.

“GRIM?!” I blurted. He did not respond. He simply looked at his wrist (like he was checking the time or something) and kept running. Was I just imagining things, or was the grim really running next to me?… Nah! It couldn’t be. I must still be mesmerized by my mother’s death.

09-04-14_8-00 PM

After a speedy shower at the gym, I tried to flush the image of grim running next to me down the drain. Man, Oasis Springs was one weird place. Now I realize why none of my family came here… Anyways, now, it was time for collectibles!!

09-04-14_8-05 PM

While collecting, I got even more freaked out by Oasis Springs. They had alien warning signs on their billboards! It warned to stay inside next week, because it would be the peak of the alien abductions. Man, this place was scary!

09-04-14_8-07 PM

When I got home, Belinda aged into a young adult (no one really cared) and she rolled in the geek trait. Unfortunately, her high school life was pretty rough and she was still depressed. Belinda decided to move out right away. Her and her girlfriend had a small one bedroom apartment a few neighborhoods away… Bye Belinda! See you never (hopefully).

09-04-14_8-22 PM

For one last time, here is Belinda’s room…

09-03-14_7-22 PM

Good bye Belinda… Hello huge room!

Since Belinda moved out, I decided to knock down the wall between my room and hers and expand my bedroom. After all, I did have the smallest bedroom in the house… Check out my new room!

09-04-14_10-30 PM

Once Belinda moved out, things were magically brighter in the house. My father started bringing in more money and he rewarded the children he loved best with a new flat screen TV!

We sure enjoyed our house a lot better now that Belinda wasn’t there.

09-04-14_10-32 PM

That evening, dad blasted through the doors.

“I got a promotion!!” He screamed. Dad was really excited. It must have been a big one.

“What is your title now, dad?” I was curious to know.

“I am a Dot-Com Pioneer. And, there should be no more worries about money!… They increased my pay to $371/hr!!” When I heard my father say that number, my mouth almost hit the ground.

“Oh my gosh!!” My sister exclaimed. “That’s amazing.”

We were all so proud of our father and he told us that he only needed one more promotion and he’d be boss. He definitely worked his butt off to get where he was today.

09-04-14_10-34 PM

Dad started a new hobby that night. He now created video games!!

09-04-14_10-41 PM

When I came home from school on Monday, I saw that we had bills. Hah! I remember when my parents used to struggle to pay the bills. Now, they weren’t even a problem. It was like spare change to pay them. I signed off the check and sent it in the mail (it would be one less thing my father had to do).

09-04-14_10-50 PM

Throughout the week, I had so much homework that I had no time to collect or socialize. It seemed like I didn’t see Zoe for months. I missed her; and, I wanted to collect! But, school always came first for me. I always maintained an A average.

09-04-14_10-51 PM

Finally, I got a break with homework since my grades were so high. My sisters, however, weren’t so lucky. Brielle’s principal called to warn her about her grades. And she started crying.

“I just don’t understand how you do it,” Brielle whined. “Why can’t I have dad’s brains too?”

Brielle and Breanne had C – averages. I wish I could help them, but they just refused to do homework. I also wanted to go out and collect, since I had a break!

09-04-14_11-02 PM

As the days flew by, it suddenly was my birthday! I almost forgot about my birthday because I was so involved with schoolwork and my aspiration, so I just aged up without a birthday party or cake. As an adult, I rolled in the family oriented trait.

Ever since I started cooking breakfast for my sisters, I knew that I would be centered around my family. I loved the Defesco’s and I can’t wait to bring in the next generation… I just have to call up Zoe!!

09-05-14_12-00 AM

I hope you enjoyed my first update. I look forward to sharing my story with you. Who will I end up with and will I be successful with my aspiration? What career will I end up in? Find out in my next update!

Once again, this update was in dedication of my mother.

RIP Renee Myles Defesco

09-03-14_6-42 PM