Update 4.6 – Let it Go


I last concluded with Hayley and I aging into elders. So, did anything change? This is just a short update, with not much conversation.

As you can guess, we first celebrated elder-hood with a woo hoo. We never lost our drive no matter how old we got. This was woo hoo number 40!

09-14-14_10-58 PM

Zeek and Ezra remained close even though they were pretty far apart in age.

09-14-14_11-06 PM


The kids often traveled to the park while Hayley and I relaxed at home (well, we really made love, but you know…).

09-14-14_11-14 PM

Zeek constantly referred to his friend London. I think he had a crush on her.

Too bad soon after they met, she moved away to London. Poor London lived in London now.

09-14-14_11-20 PM

The kids’ grades started improving. Only Ebony didn’t have an A in school. Probably because her brother’s made her upset constantly.

09-14-14_11-35 PM

At work the next day, I earned another promotion. They also offered me two different paths. I could either continue exploring space, or work on Earth in an office. I decided to choose the Interstellar Smuggler Path, thus I would venture into space everyday. Too bad this meant that I’d be smuggling items from other planets.

I was now a Moon Mercenary, with a hefty pay check of $201/hr.

09-14-14_11-39 PM

At home, I picked up on a new skill (I know, I was very talented.


I had to learn it for my new job, since I would hack into alien’s space craft.

09-14-14_11-40 PM

The days continued to pass by in a blur, and suddenly it was Ezequiel’s birthday! He aged into a teenager, rolling the successful lineage aspiration, as well as the domestic and foodie traits (the foodie trait sure was common in the Defesco family!).

When I saw what he wanted to wear as a teenager, I was frustrated. I asked him about his new style one day.

“What’s up with that hideous hood?”

“Dad, it’s cool, yo! Ima’ rapper, homie,” Zeek tried to talk with slang.

“Lose it right now.”

“C’mon my bro. Just lemme’ keep it,” Zeek begged.

“No,” and I left it at that.

I couldn’t stand it. Zeek would be a disgrace to this family, looking like that.

09-14-14_11-51 PM

I tested my new pranks out on Zeek, since he refused to change his outfit, as I demanded.

“Yo! My boy, hand shake?” I acted ‘cool’ like Zeek thought he was.

Zeek reached for my hand and was zapped.

“Aye boy! What wuz dat for?” Zeek looked at me with crazy eyes.

“Lose the outfit. And the language… NOW!”

I didn’t ‘hand-buzz’ Zeek primarily to get him to lose the outfit, but I also had to practice my mischief skill for my new job. If I had to interact with mean, violent aliens, I had to now how to trick them.

09-14-14_11-55 PM


Sure enough, Zeek finally lost the clothes and his attitude.

“That’s much better,” I complimented.

“Thanks dad.”

Zeek actually was a handsome young man under that hideous hood. I was glad he lost it. He’d make a girl proud some day.

09-15-14_12-05 AM


As Zeek tried to cook breakfast one day, suddenly, I fire broke out.

I was devastated. Zeek immediately burst into flames.

I could not lose my son.

09-15-14_10-15 AM

My fatherly instincts kicked in, and I pushed Ezra out of the way.

“I’ll save you buddy!” I yanked the fire extinguisher off the wall and sprayed my son down.

That was too close of a call. Luckily I saved Zeek just in time. My heart pounded a million miles a minute. He’s lucky he didn’t give me a heart attack.

09-15-14_10-16 AM

Insurance didn’t give us much money to cover our $12,000 stove that was ruined, so I had to start hacking to pick up some extra money.

It also would help me with my career.

09-15-14_10-26 AM

The days continued to zoom by, and we enjoyed one final family dinner. I don’t know if we’d ever all sit down together for a meal, because the end was near…

09-15-14_10-33 AM

Zeek and Ezra grew very close. They now officially confirmed to be best friends. I loved watching their relationship blossom. I knew that even though Ezra would age soon and probably move out, Zeek would stay in touch.

09-15-14_10-48 AM

Soon, Ebony celebrate her teen birthday, and rolled the fabulously wealthy aspiration, along with the business savvy and foodie trait (all three of my children now had that trait; it must be from my father).

09-15-14_11-06 AM

Now that all of the kids were teenagers (I couldn’t believe it!), they finally started getting along.

Their favorite activity was working out.

09-15-14_11-13 AM

The three kids always ate breakfast together in the monring. I enjoyed watching them grow from little babies into their adolescent years.

09-15-14_11-20 AM

After a few days in my new position at work, I snagged another promotion (I would later learn this would be my last). I was so close to make it to the top of my career. I made it as far as an Alien Goods Trader, with an hourly pay of $299/hr.

09-15-14_2-35 PM


As Hayley and I’s final days approached, we enjoyed our final woo hoo.

In case you were curious, we woo hoo’d 50 times together. Believe it or not, although we woo hoo’d 50 times, Hayley and I only kissed 5 times. Shocking, huh?

This made my life complete.

09-15-14_2-38 PM

Next up, Ezra aged into a young adult, inheriting the family oriented trait. As a result, he almost immediately moved out so that he could start a family on his own. I wished him the best. Hopefully he and Zeek would keep in touch.

09-15-14_2-51 PM

As I hugged the heir, congratulating him/her and explaining his/her duties of this legacy, it happened.

09-15-14_3-00 PM

First, Hayley let go of the world (I was so surprised that I had technically been older than her, but I lasted longer).

Guess I just wanted to be in this world a bit longer. I really wasn’t ready to let go.

09-15-14_3-08 PM

Sure enough, the grim reaper stuck around (he watched some TV) because he knew I was next. I said my good-byes, and then it was time to finally let go.

09-15-14_3-09 PM

I ducked down on the ground, and finally went towards the light. I lived a fabulous life, completing both aspirations and did not ever want to die, but I knew this legacy was in good hands now.

09-15-14_3-42 PM

I couldn’t believe that this meant that even though Zeek and Ebony were still teenagers, they lived in the house alone. Hopefully the $45,000 in the Defesco bank account will be enough for them to pay off the $9,000 weekly bills until they aged. It broke my heart to look down on my children, and Zeek still had a frown on his face. He was devastated by the death of Hayley and I.

09-15-14_3-44 PM

Thank you for reading my part of this legacy. I enjoyed sharing my story with you from a teenager up until my death. I will go down in Defesco history as the person to hold the heir title for the longest. It’s so hard to finally let go. I enjoyed every minute of it. So… Who did I hug and congratulate on the new title? We’ll have to wait until they reveal it themself!

As for now, this is Donte Defesco, over and out. Good bye world!

The Defesco Family Legacy lives on!!

Family Portrait 9


Update 4.5 – Aspiration Crazy


Last time, I left off with the birth of Hayley and I’s second son, Ezequiel. So, how have our lives changed?

Honestly… Not much!

Time for a celebratory woo hoo!

This woo hoo not only celebrated the birth of our second son, but also Hayley’s promotion to Stand-Up Star! She only needed one more promotion to be at the top. I was so proud of her.

09-14-14_8-26 AM


In the morning, we enjoyed a family breakfast. Even Zeek (as I will refer to Ezequiel), slept peacefully in the background.

“Dada,” Ezra started. “How come Zeek smells so bad?”

Hayley and I chuckled.

“Well, babies don’t know how to use the potty. They kinda’ just go wherever,” I explained.

“Ewwww. Gross!” Ezra was disgusted.

My comedian wife made a joke out of the situation (like she did with everything), but I don’t really remember what she said.

09-14-14_8-28 AM


Suddenly, Hayley pulled out a pregnancy test from under the sink.

“Are you pregnant?!” I asked excitedly.

“Maybe. It’s time to find out!” Hayley took the test as she went to the bathroom, and I stood infront of her anxiously.

After the test, she reached into the box with a frown.

I guess it was negative.

Suddenly, she threw confetti!

“I’m pregnant!!” Hayley always played little jokes on me like this.

09-14-14_8-33 AM


With three kids, things were sure to get rough in the house.

Luckily, Zeek didn’t cry as much as Ezra.

09-14-14_8-34 AM


Hayley was probably the funniest person I ever met in my life. She made everything a joke.

“You know why me belly is so big this time?… Because this baby probably has a dome as big as yours!!” She laughed and pointed at my head.

“Okay… I give you to you. I do have a big head…” As I mentioned before, I wasn’t much of a comedian. I didn’t have any ‘come-back’ joke.

I rather stick to space explorations.

09-14-14_8-39 AM


As usual, Hayley and I continued to woo hoo every night even though she was pregnant.

We enjoyed our 26th woo hoo!

09-14-14_8-41 AM

Ezra enjoyed talking to his brother. I could tell they would develop a strong relationship.

Suddenly, I heard Ezra scream, “DAD!!”

09-14-14_8-43 AM

And out jumped Zeek!! He aged into a child, literally attacking Ezra’s face. It must’ve been horrifying.

Anyways, Ezequiel rolled the rambunctious scamp aspiration, as well as the cheerful trait.

09-14-14_8-54 AM

Meanwhile, outside, I enjoyed upgrading the rocket. I really grew a love for space exploration.

Not to mention, I have improved my rocket science skill to level 8! That’s the sixth skill to reach this level!! I almost completed my aspiration.

09-14-14_8-58 AM

As expected, Ezra and Zeek remained close. We hoped that once the new baby arrived, he or she would fit right in.

09-14-14_9-00 AM

As the days flew by, Hayley finally went into labor!

“Donte!! It’s time!!” She screamed.

Too bad I was at work…

09-14-14_9-09 AM

She pounded at the bathroom door downstairs (that’s where she had Zeek, so she felt more comfortable there). The door was locked.

“Zeek! GET OUT!!” Hayley screamed, but there was no response.

Later, I found out that Zeek fell asleep in the tub.

09-14-14_9-10 AM

Hayley decided to settle in on the living room to deliver our third born child.

09-14-14_9-12 AM

With a few big pushes, and a shimmer of glitter, POOF!

Meet the third born of generation 5: Ebony Defesco.

That’s right, we finally had a girl.

09-14-14_9-13 AM

Ezra and Zeek talked about their new sister.

“She looks like an alien,” Zeek commented.

“I still don’t understand how she came out of mom’s tummy,” Ezra considered.

“Ewww. Gross!… Girl’s have cooties. How are we gonna’ survive?”

“We’ll just attack her!” Ezra darted towards the basinet.

Luckily, Hayley stopped them.

“Not so fast you two. Be nice to your sister,” Hayley controlled the kids.

09-14-14_10-01 AM

Finally, after I returned home from a hard day of work, we kept the tradition alive with another woo hoo!

This woo hoo celebrates the birth of Ebony!

09-14-14_10-04 AM


Zeek enjoyed the monkey bars that have been outside as long as I could remember. He really was our little monkey.

I had no doubts he was a rambunctious scamp. He loved physical activity, almost as much as our active child Ezra.

09-14-14_10-06 AM


Since the house only had three bedrooms (we could have added an additional bedroom, if needed), the two boys decided they wanted to share a room. So, we did as demanded, and bought Zeek a bed and moved it into Ezra’s room.

09-14-14_10-09 AM

As Hayley and I enjoyed a game of chess (while the children were at school and Ebony was sleeping), we discussed an important topic… Kids.

“I don’t think we should have anymore,” I suggested.

“I agree. Things are already hectic,” Hayley agreed.

“Let’s just hope with all we woo hoo, there’s no accidents!”


Hayley was terrible at chess… Or maybe I was just amazing?

09-14-14_10-13 AM

After a long day at work, I was promoted to Space Cadet, and with this, I reached level six of the astronaut career. Do you know what that means?!

I completed my aspiration of Renaissance Sim!! After reaching level six in three different careers (entertainer, secret agent, and astronaut) and improving six skills (comedy, cooking, athletic, charisma, rocket science, and logic) to at least level eight, it was finally over!

So, not only did I complete my childhood aspiration of Social Butterfly, but I also completed my teen/adult aspiration! I couldn’t be happier.

As a result, I developed the professorial trait.

09-14-14_10-32 AM

This definitely called for a celebratory woo hoo.

09-14-14_10-37 AM

The next day, on the weekend, we decided to travel to the park as a family.

Hayley joked with strangers, I played with Zeek on the space ship, Ezra played the violin, and Ebony enjoyed daycare.

We even saw Desiree!!

09-14-14_10-50 AM


I enjoyed playing martians with Zeek, just as my father played pirates with me when I was a child.

“I’m a scary space monster!!! AHHH!” I was good at being a martian, since I ran into them frequently on my adventures to outer space.

“Oh no! Die! Die! Die!!” Zeek yelled while blowing bubbles at me.

09-14-14_10-52 AM


As we returned home, Ebony aged into a child, also rolling the rambunctious scamp aspiration. She also received the gloomy trait.

09-14-14_10-57 AM

I was on child-duty while Hayley worked at night. I loved playing with my kids. It was a little easier now that there were no more babies.

“Look daddy, I can dance!” Ebony enjoyed dancing as much as Zeek.

“You suck!” Zeek screamed at her.

“Hey! Knock it off,” I scolded Zeek. Zeek and Ezra disrespected their sister since she was born. I felt bad, and didn’t want that type of family.

“She looks like she’s kneading dough. Learn how to dance!” Ezra chimed in.

“Enough you two! Get up to your room and go to bed,” I commanded.

Ebony started crying and eventually headed to bed too. I assumed a lot of the tears were from her gloomy trait. She was always sad… Probably because her brothers picked on her…

09-14-14_11-09 AM


I really enjoyed playing on the space ship at the park the other day, that I decided to buy the kids one for the house!

Zeek, Ebony, and I enjoyed playing martians while Ezra played his violin inside.

09-14-14_11-23 AM


Hayley’s performances were hysterical now. In fact, the grim reaper always showed up in case anyone laughed to death!!

09-14-14_11-39 AM

As quickly as Ezra came into this world, he was already a teenager! Hopefully, now, he would gain a little more respect for his sister. He rolled the body builder aspiration, as well as the high metabolism and foodie traits.

09-14-14_12-01 PM

Sure enough, Hayley’s performances were good enough to earn her final promotion! She was a Show Stopper, with an hourly pay of $474! Too bad she only worked 18 hours a week…

09-14-14_12-03 PM

Instead of taking Hayley inside for our usual celebration, I pointed on star constellations to her.

“Wow… They’re gorgeous,” Hayley was in awe.

09-14-14_1-23 PM

Zeek continued playing video games, climbing on the monkey bars, and playing martians. He eventually completed his aspiration as a rambunctious scamp, thus inheriting the physically gifted trait.

Good job buddy! Daddy was proud.

09-14-14_1-34 PM

The days continued zooming by, until finally, it was my birthday.

Good ol’ elderhood.

09-14-14_1-51 PM




Following almost directly behind me was Hayley. Her birthday was later that night.

09-14-14_1-59 PM

That’s all I have for this update! Now that Hayley and I are elders and the children are growing up, will anything change? Will we continue making love each night? Find out in the next update.

Update 4.4 – A Lot More Woo Hoo’s


I last left off on a cliff hanger, so what gender was our baby?!

Hayley gave birth to the first born of generation 5! Meet Ezra Defesco!

Don’t ask about his name… It was completely random.

No matter what my little bundle of joy’s name was, I thought he was precious.

09-13-14_11-54 AM-2


Almost immediately after giving birth, Hayley also aged into an adult.

09-13-14_2-33 PM


The entire time Hayley contracted during labor, I improved my logic skill on the chess table. Level 8, baby!! This was the third skill I improved to this level. Only three more to go to complete my aspiration!

09-13-14_2-43 PM

Ezra was a handful that night. As I lay in bed alone (oh gosh, not the loneliness again!), Hayley tried to put him to sleep on the first night.

09-13-14_2-45 PM

Eventually, after hours of fighting sleep, she managed to put him down. Ezra definitely wasn’t the happiest baby in Willow Creek.

Afterwards, I tried to cheer Hayley up, and to celebrate the birth our son.

A nice woo hoo should do!

09-13-14_2-46 PM

The next morning, as I threw on my robe and walked down the steps, I noticed Hayley typing away on the computer (she was probably typing another routine for her jokes).

“Good morning dear,” I greeted her.

“Hey hun… I was wondering, how about we throw a house party to celebrate the birth of Ezra?” She asked.

I knew that Hayl was a party animal, so it didn’t surprise me at all.

“That would be great,” I agreed.

09-13-14_2-52 PM

At the party, Hayley showed off Ezra to my sister Desiree.

“Oh my goodness. Isn’t he precious?!” Desiree jumped for joy when she saw her nephew for the first time.

09-13-14_2-57 PM

Hayley continued to chat with my sister (they were actually pretty good friends), as I schmoozed with the other guests, while cooking some spaghetti.

“So your not a comedian anymore, I hear,” asked the man.

“No no. Back to the astronaut business,” I replied. It’s where I belonged.

09-13-14_2-58 PM

I couldn’t believe how fast Ezra grew up. Soon, he’d be celebrating his birthday, and become a child. I talked to my little man.

“Hey buddy. Are you ready to grow up?” Ezra basically wiggled around, and didn’t say much. I wondered what he could be thinking about.

09-13-14_3-09 PM

Even though we were parents, Hayley and I liked to think we were still young. We still traveled to the clubs at night, so she could perform and I could meet new friends.

“Hi there, I’m-” I started introducing myself, until she rudely interrupted.

“Eww you perv, lay off.”

Well, I guess people really started noticing that I wasn’t young anymore.

09-13-14_3-18 PM

I decided to stick with the people I knew. Surely they wouldn’t treat me any different. Then, I saw Janie. The woman who swore she was my aunt. I had to find out for myself.

“Hello Janie, do you remember me?” I asked.

“Of course I do! You’re Hayley’s husband- my nephew.”

“See, I don’t understand what you’re talking about,” I started to explain.

“My father is Bruno Defesco. The same father of your dad, Clarence. Therefore, we are related. I am your Aunt Janie,” Aunt Janie attempted to explain to me. “Just ask your father, Clarence!”

“What are you talking about?! My father is dead. The only Aunts I have are Aunt Colleen and Cresara. They’re also dead,” she really started freaking me out.

“No… Obviously you have no clue what you’re talking about. Who is Colleen and Cresara? I never heard of them in my life.”

Seriously, this so-called Aunt Janie was crazy. Or was I really lied to all my life. I simply left the conversation at that, and got home.

09-13-14_3-20 PM

The next morning, at breakfast, I tried to explain what happened last night to Hayley.

“That girl Janie is seriously crazy. I don’t understand her. She keeps swearing she’s my Aunt,” I rushed out the words.

“Donte, slow down!… She is a bit psycho. I don’t know what to tell you. If you don’t think she’s your aunt, then don’t believe it.”

“I can prove it, I tell you! Look!” I quickly pulled up our family tree. “See. No Janie on the Defesco family tree. Besides, she’d throw the naming system of. She’s crazy.”

“I see that Don. Don’t worry about it.”

09-13-14_3-26 PM

That da, Ezra aged into a child. I really could not believe it. He rolled in the Artistic Prodigy aspiration and the active trait.

09-13-14_3-31 PM

Now that Ezra was a child, Hayl and I talked about having another kid. We had always wanted more than one.

“So, what do you think about another kid?” I asked Hayley.

“Sounds good to me!”

And off we went!!

09-13-14_3-35 PM

To the rocket ship to make a baby!!

09-13-14_3-35 PM-2


Unfortunately, it such a tight space (the rocket ship, I mean!), it was too hard to get things where they needed to be, so the pregnancy test was negative.

Instead, we came home and did the average woo hoo in the bed! Hopefully we wouldn’t wake up Ezra!

09-13-14_3-37 PM

Sure enough, in the morning Hayley approached me with a smile! I knew right away.

“Guess who’s pregnant?!” I could hear the excitement in her voice.

“Yay! That’s great!!”

09-13-14_3-41 PM

At breakfast (after Ezra left for his first day of school), we talked about letting Ezra know about getting a younger sibling.

“We have to tell him,” I explained. “He’s gonna’ be freaked out if he sees you growing a belly.”

“Yeah, no problem. I’ll tell him today after he gets home from school, since you have work.”


I didn’t wanna’ have the birds and the bees talk this early!

09-13-14_3-48 PM

After Ezra completed his homework, Hayley told Ezra about getting a younger brother or sister. He was ecstatic, and didn’t ask any questions.

09-13-14_3-53 PM

That night, as Hayley and I lay in bed, we heard Ezra playing his violin singling about his new sibling. He was so excited!

09-13-14_3-54 PM

Once we finally heard the music stop, we knew the coast was clear, and it was time for fun!

Things got a little rough tonight…

I think one of our pillows may have busted, because there were feathers all over the place when I woke up.

09-13-14_3-58 PM

Once again, all of the woo hooing made Hayley sick. But of course, that wouldn’t stop us!

She said this pregnancy was really taking a toll on her. She’d wake up at least twice a night to go pee.

I assumed it was just all the woo hooing.

09-13-14_4-00 PM


Hayley started writing comedy books for extra income, since she only worked three days a week.

09-13-14_4-03 PM

That day, I crashed my rocket. Although my rocket was destroyed, I just prayed that I made it out alive.

Thankfully, I did.

09-13-14_4-06 PM

Ezra really enjoyed drawing pictures (on Aunt Desiree’s drawing table from when she was a kid!).

09-13-14_4-10 PM

Shall we enjoy one last woo hoo before the baby arrives?

Yes we should.

I took it easy on her this time. Not as rough.

09-13-14_4-20 PM


Soon enough, the next morning, Hayley went into labor, while eating breakfast!!09-13-14_4-23 PM


Ezra was so cute! He tried soothing Hayley through it, but she didn’t wanna’ hear anything he had to say.

“Breath mom. Just count to three. One, two, three…” Ezra calmed Hayley down.

Except Hayley wouldn’t stop screaming.

“AHHHHH! This one hurts so bad!!!” Hayley yelled at the top of her lungs.

09-13-14_4-24 PM

As Ezra tried to calm Hayl down, I knew to stay out of the way.

I simply worked on my rocket while Hayley pushed away.

09-13-14_4-25 PM

Eventually, Hayley gave one big push (while in the bathroom!) and ta-da! Our new baby was here.

Once again, I am gonna’  leave you hanging, because I love the cliff-hangers!!

09-13-14_4-26 PM

Just kidding!!

We had a baby boy, and named him Ezequiel Defesco!

I felt honored to be the first Defesco to have two boys.

09-13-14_4-27 PM


I hope you enjoyed my little joke on you! In the next update, find out if anything changed with a new baby in the house.


Update 4.3 – Big Changes


Last time, I proposed to Hayley, but after she did not respond for a couple of minutes and as the Grim Reaper approached behind her, I feared the worst. So, what happened?

The silence hurt my soul. What was going on?

Finally, it was broken with a chuckle.

Hayley finally spoke, “Did I get you?” She giggled. Then, I realized this was all part of a prank she wanted to play on me. “Of course I’ll marry you silly. You know I’m a prankster. What did you think happened to me?”

I couldn’t even believe what just happened to me. I started to laugh it off too.

“I thought I shocked you to death! I mean, I saw the Grim and everything,” I started explaining frantically.

09-13-14_12-00 AM


“Oh Donte! Give me that ring you silly goose,” she slipped the ring out of my grasp, and slid it on her finger.

“But what about the Grim?” I asked, confused.

“What are you talking about?” Suddenly, she turned around and saw Grim breathing down her neck.

They, we realized why he was there.

There was an old lady in the lagoon, drowning… Well, this was eventful.

09-13-14_12-01 AM

Hayley  suddenly jumped into my arms.

“I’m so excited!” She exclaimed.

Now this was the reaction I hoped for.

09-13-14_12-01 AM-2

Hayley and I quickly ran home, and hit the sheets to celebrate!

09-13-14_12-02 AM

After our woo hoo, I continued working on my athletic and cooking skills. I knew I needed an impressive athletic skill to advance in the secret agent career.

09-13-14_9-57 AM


Afterwards, my sister Desiree stopped by for a visit, and I revealed the big news to her!

“Desiree, guess what?” I asked her.

“Hayley’s pregnant?!” Desiree could not wait to become an Aunt because she found out recently that she couldn’t have children.

“No. Haha. We’re getting married! I proposed to Hayley yesterday!”

“Awwww! That’s so great. Congratulations Don,” Desiree loved Hayley. I knew she’d be excited to hear the great news.

I loved how even after my sister moved out, we remained good friends.

09-13-14_10-01 AM

The next day, Hayley presented a gig at the night club again, so I decided to go for moral support again. I knew how tough it could be if no one was there to laugh at your jokes.

09-13-14_10-11 AM

Once again, while there, I ran into Dax! I wondered if we were destined to be best friends. This time, I decided to catch up with my old friend.

“Hey Dax,” we sat down at a table together. “How have things been?”

We continued on with our small talk, and be the end of the night, we were good friends again.

09-13-14_10-12 AM

When Hayley and I returned home from her performance, we decided to work out together.

Things started to get a little heated (romantically).

09-13-14_10-22 AM

So we ended up taking our positive energy into the bedroom and enjoyed a woo hoo.

Man, did that bed smell terrible when we were done. I feel like the green smog from the odor of our sweat could be seen!

09-13-14_10-24 AM


At lunch, the next day, we finally started talking about wedding plans. There was no rush.

“So, what are your plans for this wedding?” I asked her.

“Well, I would love to invite a bunch of friends out, and have a fun wedding party. Other than that, it really doesn’t matter when, for me,” Hayley explained.

“That sounds good. I will start making arrangements. I think once I get another promotion, we will be set to be married!”

I still wanted to focus on my career and skill building before I started a family.

09-13-14_10-28 AM

I could tell Hayley was excited for the wedding.

While I was at work, she invited her girl friends over and speculated about the wedding.

(Supposedly, that girl in the blue shirt, her name is Janie. Hayley told me that she was my Aunt… My father never told me about her, so I thought she was crazy.)

09-13-14_10-38 AM

Sure enough, I returned that evening with another promotion! I was a government agent, so this meant that it was time to change jobs, once again.

And, it was almost time to get married!!

09-13-14_10-40 AM

I looked for a new job that night. In the end, I decided to return to one of my original careers. The astronaut career. It was my favorite job I had. Unfortunately, I started over completely, as an Intern.

09-13-14_10-41 AM

For our nightly woo hoo, we decided to settle on something a little more adventurous…

Hayley and I became part of the 50-mile high club!

09-13-14_10-44 AM

There’s only one word to describe woo hoo in outter space, with zero gravity…


09-13-14_10-45 AM


As promised, the next day, it was our big day! We had a lovely ceremony set up in the park, and invited all of our friends and family. The reason I picked the park was because it was where Hayley and I first met.

The ceremony was great.

(I found out, later, that this was the exact place my Great-Great-Grandparents were married. Pretty cool!)

09-13-14_11-01 AM 09-13-14_11-02 AM 09-13-14_11-03 AM 09-13-14_11-03 AM-2


Now that Hayley and I were married, it was time for some real fun!!

Bring on the alcohol!!

09-13-14_11-05 AM

Then, it was time to cut the cake. I let Hayley do the honors.

09-13-14_11-07 AM

As I picked up the fork to share it with her, she warned, “If you smush this in my face, I swear Donte, you will get no loving tonight.”

She knew woo hoo was my weakness.

I gently placed the fork in her mouth, as she did to me.

09-13-14_11-07 AM-2

Hayley and I enjoyed the last couple of hours of our wedding chatting with the guests.

09-13-14_11-09 AM

Once our wedding finally ended, Hayley and I were exhausted.

But, we found time to enjoy our first woo hoo as a married couple!!

In fact, Hayley and I were trying for a baby.

We always wanted kids, and felt we had waited long enough.

09-13-14_11-12 AM

When I came home from work the next day, Hayley revealed the excited news!!

“It worked Don!! I’m pregnant,” we cheered like little children.

This was one of the most exciting moments of our life.

09-13-14_11-17 AM

I was worn down from work, so instead of celebrating, I headed straight for bed.

Hayley, on the other hand, threw a party to reveal the news!

She even let my sister know.

I didn’t know who was more excited, my sister or myself.

09-13-14_11-22 AM

The next morning, as I prepared for work, I noticed the wreck the house was, after Hayley’s party.

She slept almost all day, but eventually ended up hiring a maid. I felt that was a good idea. She shouldn’t be cleaning with our baby on the way!

09-13-14_11-31 AM

After work, I noticed just how big Hayley’s belly was getting.

“Do you want to feel?” Hayley invited.

“Of course I do!” I placed my palms on her belly, and felt around.

I didn’t feel anything.

“Oh, he or she’s just being shy,” Hayley explained.

09-13-14_11-36 AM

For some odd reason, rubbing my hands on Hayley’s belly turned me on. I couldn’t wait to get in bed with her!

09-13-14_11-37 AM


In the morning, Hayley’s morning sickness got the best of her.

“You alright, honey?” I was concerned that she was having morning sickness so late in the pregnancy.

“No, I’ll be fine, thanks.”

09-13-14_11-39 AM

The day flew by, and finally Hayley started to feel better.

As a result, we enjoyed one final woo hoo before our lives would change forever.

09-13-14_11-45 AM

While sleeping, I celebrated my birthday and aged into an adult. Although Hayley was older than me, since she was pregnant, her birthday was delayed. So now, I was older…

09-13-14_11-46 AM

I noticed how large Hayley’s tummy was! I knew the baby would be coming soon.

Honestly, I would not be surprised if there were twins hiding in that big belly.

09-13-14_11-48 AM

Sure enough, Hayley went into labor, and I probably freaked out more than her.

“Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, OH MY GOSH!!” I panicked. “What do you want me to do?”

“Just calm down Don. It’ll be okay. We can’t stress.”

09-13-14_11-51 AM

With a few big pushes, Hayley spun around, and…

09-13-14_11-53 AM

Down fell some sparkles! Meet our new Baby…

09-13-14_11-54 AM

I’m gonna’ stop it there! I love cliff-hangers! What gender baby did Hayley and I have? How will our lives change? Find out in the next update.

Update 4.2 – Forever Alone


I last left off with me in a bit of a confusion with my girls. Do I go for personality or beauty? Let’s find out!

With everyone out of the house, I decided to add on this sick gym to the house. All had all three pieces of work out equipment, plus, I bought another huge flat screen TV. What do ya’ think?

09-12-14_4-49 PM

I also decided that it was time for another change. I quit my job as a Low-Orbit Specialist, and found a job in the Entertainer Career path as the Opening Act, for $54/hr.

09-12-14_4-50 PM

I started putting on stand up comedies at the local bars. Although my first gig wasn’t too big of a success, I saw Hayley in the crowd!

09-12-14_4-58 PM

Afterwards, it was all about Hayley. I wanted to see if we were even compatible. Or, do I just not waste my time, and move onto Cortney?

09-12-14_4-59 PM

After much discussion at the bar, I still felt the connection between Hayley and I. Although this was the first time I’ve seen her in a while, I felt we had something.

I decided to invite her over. The first thing she did was run on the treadmill.

“Looking good,” I tried my best at flirting with her.

“Hah. Thanks Don!”

“Betcha’ I can run longer than you.” We were still really into making fun of each other.

Things continued on like this for a few hours. Nothing serious. Eventually, Hayley left, and I was left alone.


09-12-14_5-04 PM


In the morning, I knew in order to be successful with my new career, I had to write routines. My last act was a major failure.

I thought up a few jokes, and was satisfied. Surely this act would get me a few laughs.

09-12-14_5-09 PM

Sure enough, later that day, when I traveled to the lounge at Oasis Springs, I actually had a crowd surround me as I presented! Even my old best friend Dax showed up for moral support.

I even earned $173 in tips. Not bad!

Hayley showed up to cheer me on!

09-12-14_5-15 PM

After my routine ended, I approached Hayley.

“Hayley, I think I’m ready,” since my job involved me humiliating myself in front of crowds all day, I had no problems asking her. “Would you like to go on a date with me?”

“I would love that Don!” She exclaimed.

“Sweet. Let’s go!” And off we went in the taxi cab to our date.

09-12-14_5-18 PM

Too bad the date was right next door in the gym.

I took Hayley to the gym because I knew she loved to work out.

First, we just lounged on the couches in the lobby and discussed our interests.

09-12-14_5-20 PM

Then, I confessed my attraction to her.

“Hayley, in case you haven’t noticed by now, I am romantically attracted to you.” I felt our relationship suddenly strengthen.

“You already know I feel the same way Don.”

09-12-14_5-22 PM

The moment was heating up. I glazed deeply into her eyes. Into her soul. Hayley’s fiery red hair burned my heart. I started leaning in. My heart pounded a million miles a minute. My first kiss. It was coming. I puckered my lips, prepared to feel Hayley’s precious, warm lips collide with mine.

But suddenly, the moment was ruined. Hayley’s phone rang.

My heart sunk down, I sat back in my chair, and I felt my adrenaline drop.

“Oh ****!” I heard Hayley yell. “I’m really sorry Donte. I completely forgot I work tonight.” And out the door she went.

I was left alone at the gym.


Once again.

09-12-14_5-23 PM

I decided to call it a night early, and head straight home to bed. I was bummed the date ended like this. I was not in any mood to stay up, waiting for Hayley to get off of work.

09-12-14_5-28 PM

The next morning, I studied up on my comedy skill. I read a few books pertaining to the subject to help me improve my jokes.

09-12-14_5-33 PM

After reading for a couple of hours, I began to feel the loneliness settle in, for a third time.

I decided to invite Hayley over. Maybe we weren’t ready for a date yet. I whipped up some pancakes and we sat down to watch comedy shows (we both really enjoyed comedy).

“I’m really sorry about last night,” Hayley apologized. “I can’t believe I forgot about work.”

“It’s okay. We can just pick up things here.” I didn’t want to start over completely.

“Well, actually, I can’t stay long tonight, either.” Bummer. “I have a gig. You should stop by!” Hayley encouraged.

“Oh yeah! That will be fun!” I could not wait to see what Hayley had to offer as a comedian. I wondered if she was better than me?

After breakfast, she left to get ready for her big performance.

09-12-14_5-38 PM


I decided to head over to her performance later that day.

She did fabulous.

I definitely had a competition in this town. Not to mention, my competition was my love bird.

09-12-14_5-42 PM


After the gig was over, I approached Hayley. The mood may have not been quite the same as before, but it would do. I leaned in for the scrumptious kiss I had been craving. Our lips met.

“You did great,” I complimented her.

She turned as red as her hair. “Thanks.”

09-12-14_5-43 PM


That’s all we needed to spark our relationship. Suddenly, I scoped her up, and things spiced up fast.

“How ’bout we take this back to my place?” I asked Hayley.

“That’d be wonderful.”

And away we went.

09-12-14_5-45 PM


At my house, we took it right upstairs, into my bedroom.

We sat on my bed and made out.

I thought my heart would beat out my chest. I started yanking my shirt off, all the while tugging at her pants…

09-12-14_5-48 PM

Things got really crazy.

My first woo hoo.

09-12-14_5-48 PM-2

After our woo hoo, I felt Hayley and I were ready for the next level in our relationship.

“Hayley, will you be my girl friend?” I asked her, with no doubt she’d say no.

“I’d love to.”

Just like that, we were a couple.

I wanted to take it a step further as well. Things were too lonely here.

“Would you also move in with me?” I questioned.

“You know it!”

09-12-14_5-49 PM

The next night, at work, I received a promotion and decided to choose the comedian path, of course. I now was a Jokesmith, making $67/hr.

09-12-14_5-51 PM


After work, Hayley and I enjoyed another woo hoo. We made it our nightly tradition.

On a side note, I also found out that Hayley’s job was an Opening Act. So, she was one level below me.

09-12-14_5-53 PM

At breakfast, I tried out my comedy material on her. It was my time to practice.

Of course, she loved it!

09-12-14_5-55 PM

The days continued to zoom by, and eventually I found myself at level 6 of the entertainer career. I was a Solid Storyteller, with an hourly wage of $115. This also meant that it was time to get another job. As a renaissance sim, I like to keep things fresh, and master everything!

I was getting tired of being a comedian.

09-12-14_6-13 PM

Searching for jobs on the computer, I came across the secret agent field. I felt like I would be a perfect fit, since I was pretty athletic. I took the position as a Field Agent.

Suddenly, I felt a tug on my chair. I turned around and Hayley was behind me in her lingerie. She simply wagged her finger at me, and I knew the deal.

09-12-14_6-14 PM

Up to bed we went!

But not for sleep, of course…

09-12-14_6-18 PM


The next day, I decided to work on my athletic skill since it would help a lot with my new career. This also meant improving my cooking skill, since the TV was right in front of me. Two easily improved skills.

As I worked out, I drifted into a day dream.

Hayley and I had been together much longer than any other Sim-couple. We were still only boyfriend and girlfriend. By now, most sims in this town would have taken it to the next level… Was I ready?

09-12-14_6-21 PM


After working out, I cleaned myself up, and threw on my formal outfit. I went up to Hayley and told her to do the same.

Then, I took her to the lagoon across the street. I felt it was very romantic.

“What are we doing, Don?” Hayley asked me.

“Just wait,” I wanted to keep it as suspenseful as possible.

09-12-14_6-22 PM

I bent down on one knee. The mood was perfect. I was ready.

“Hayley Franz, will you please do the honors of marrying me?” I asked with not an ounce of hesitation.

There was no immediate response.

09-12-14_6-23 PM

I continued to gaze into her eyes at the shocked look on her face. Was there something in my teeth? Did my shirt have a hole in it? Why wasn’t she speaking? Surely she wasn’t speechless. Us comedians (or even ex-comedians) didn’t get stage fright.

“Hayley?” I reassured.

That’s when I saw death appear behind her, and my face turned white.

09-12-14_6-23 PM-2


Did I really shock her to death?

I felt my knees begin to shake. My legs were starting to cramp up. What was there to do?

I did nothing but continue smiling.

This was by far one of the most awkward experiences of my life.

I was left alone…


09-12-14_6-23 PM-3

So what happened at the romantic proposal? Did I really shock Hayley to death, or did she say no?

Find out on the next update!


Update 4.1 – Decisions, Decisions


My father declared the heir of generation 4 of the Defesco Legacy, so who did he pick?

My father’s a smart man, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be surprised that he picked me, Donte Defesco! In case you forgot already, I aspire to be a Renaissance Sim, in other words, I look forward to improving many skills and advancing in a variety of different career fields. So, where does my part of the legacy start? Let’s find out!

09-11-14_11-14 PM


Of course, my main focus as a teenager was improving my skills. In started developing my athletic and cooking skills at the same time. My intelligent father showed the trick to improve both at the same time.

09-11-14_8-27 PM


Unfortunately, I never was very athletic. Any time I saw the slightest distraction, I fell flat on my face.

09-11-14_8-51 PM


I still had my job in the Fast Food business, but I earned my first promotion to Food Service Cashier. Sadly, it only resulted in a $3 raise.

I could not wait until I was old enough to get an actual job.

09-11-14_8-42 PM


I am a genius, but, as a child I solely focused on completing my social butterfly aspiration, and I did. That meant, however, that I did not do as well in school as I could have.

As a teenager, I changed that. Once I returned home from a hard day at work, I completed my homework. This way, I would be guaranteed that A.

09-11-14_8-43 PM


In case you were wondering about my sister, as a teenager, she changed her attitude a lot. She no longer focused on paintings and playing instruments. Instead, she became a mischievous trickster.

She would slap my dad in the face, but somehow, he always managed to laugh it off and not get mad at her. She was good at what she did.

09-11-14_8-49 PM


She even found grandpop Bruno’s voodoo doll in the attic and supposedly casted spells on my father and I.

I never felt no different, so I believed it was another one of her silly pranks.

As my father and I talked, she jabbed the voodoo doll.

“Ouch!” She suddenly screamed, and she placed her finger in her mouth. “I poked myself.”

My father and I simply looked at each other, and laughed. Nothing happened.

09-11-14_8-52 PM09-11-14_8-53 PM


I decided another skill I wanted to focus on was the rocket science skill. I learned that no one else in my family even bothered with this skill. I wanted to be different! I purchased this landing pad for a whopping $5,000, and started building my very own rocket for an additional $1000.

09-11-14_9-45 PM.

Even though I no longer had much interest in socially interacting with people, my father and I grew very close.

In fact, now that mother had passed away and Dax and I are no longer in contact, my father and I decided to become best friends.

I hugged him, “I love you dad. You’re my best friend.”

“Love you too buddy. BFF’s!!”

I appreciated my father’s hard work. Hopefully I could be as successful of a father/heir.

09-11-14_9-50 PM


Even Desiree and I remained pretty close! She liked to mess around with me after work.

“So how many burger patties did you drop on the ground, but still serve, today?” She chuckled.

“Haha, very funny,” I faked laughed at her.

“How about we have some fun?” Oh gosh. This was typical of her. Always trying to start trouble. I kind of enjoyed it though.

“Bring it,” I was up for the challenge.

“I dare you to go streaking around our neighborhood,” Desiree blasted at me.


09-11-14_9-58 PM


As quickly as Des dared me to go streaking, I was out of my clothes, and running down the streets!

Ahhhh! It was so exhilarating.

09-11-14_10-00 PM

One night, after work, Desiree introduced me to her friend Sydney at the park. Our eyes instantly locked onto one another. I felt my heart flutter.

“Hi,” I started, nervously. “My name’s Donte.” I suddenly realized I was still in my work uniform. How embarrassing?

“Hello. I’m Sydney.”

Her blond hair and blue eyes were breath taking. I wanted them. I wanted her!

09-11-14_10-21 PM


Unfortunately, as quickly as Sydney appeared she disappeared. Supposedly, Desiree told me that she moved to a foreign country. She said she moved to Sunset Valley, or something like that. Whatever. I didn’t believe anything Desiree told me.

I still felt upset that I would probably never see Sydney again.

Anyways, I decided to quit my job at the fast food restaurant. The pay wasn’t even worth my time. I could instead, focus on building my skills.

09-11-14_10-34 PM

The next night, it was my birthday, so I decided to go to the park. I know, you may have been expecting me to throw a huge birthday bash, but like I said, I really wasn’t into the whole ‘socialization’ thing anymore.

At the park, I met Hayley. She was wearing a silly hat of shame (that’s what attracted me to her).

“Hey there,” I introduced myself, but didn’t feel the instant connection I had with Sydney a few nights ago. “I’m Donte. You can just call me Don.”

“Hi Don,” she had a frown on her face still. “I’m Hayley.”

I had to figure out the story behind the hat.

“So, what’s up with that goofy hat?” I asked her.

“Oh…” Hayley seemed humiliated. “You noticed. My birthday was yesterday, and I threw a party. I got a little too drunk, and ended up agreeing to wear this hat for 24 hours… Now, I’m stuck like this.”

I giggled a little bit. Hah, her friends sounded just like my mischievous sister!

09-11-14_11-06 PM


Hayley and I continued to get to know each other, and eventually she started warming up to me. My father always told me that I was easy to get along with.

“Let’s take a selfie of you in that goofy hat!” I actually found it hilarious.

“Do we have to?” She seemed devastated by this humiliation.

“Oh come on! Cheer up Hayley! It’ll be fun.” I took my phone out my pocket and turned it towards us. “Say cheese!!”

Her silly hat photo-bombed us… I couldn’t even see.

09-11-14_11-12 PM


Then, it was time… I aged into a young adult! I rolled in the ambitious trait.

Suddenly, I remembered that Hayley mentioned that her birthday was yesterday. She must not be too much older than me!…

Could she be the one?

09-11-14_11-14 PM

I stayed at the park, joking around with Hayley until dawn. I learned that both of us actually had a great sense of humor. Eventually, it was time to part our ways. I was beat from the all nighter.

“Well Hayley,” I started. “I think it’s time I get home. It was nice meeting you. And you’re goofy hat.”

“Thanks Donte. And it was nice meeting you, and you’re giant dome,” she pointed at my head, and we started laughing together.

I liked a girl that cracked jokes on me. It made our relationship interesting.

09-11-14_11-17 PM

The next day, I still didn’t have a job, so I decided to invite Hayley over to hang out. I couldn’t wait to see her and that hat-of-shame!

When she arrived, I noticed the hat wasn’t on her anymore.

“Awww man, no hat?” I joked. “I wanted to see that more than anything.”

“No. Sorry. Haha. The 24 hours are up.” Hayley laughed with me.

Suddenly, I realized that she was gorgeous. Her hat casted a shade on her face last night, but now that I could see her face, I fell in love.

09-12-14_8-51 AM

After hanging out all day, Hayley said she had to get home to work. Supposedly, she had a job in the entertainer business. I didn’t doubt it. She was hilarious.

The next morning, I finally completed my rocket ship!

09-12-14_9-00 AM

I could not wait to explore outer space. I considered a career in the astronaut field. I think this would be the opportunity for me to see if I really enjoyed space.

I waved good bye to Oakenstead, with my fork in hand (just in case I was hungry on my adventure), and off I went!

09-12-14_9-04 AM09-12-14_9-05 AM

Returning home after a few hours in space, I could not wait to adventure back out there. The only reason I returned was because giant rabbit chased me back. That was scary.

As soon as I landed, I got off my rocket, and searched for a job in the astronaut field!

Fortunately, my experience landed me a position pretty easily. I officially was a Technician, and the pay was $54/hr!

09-12-14_9-07 AM

I didn’t start until Tuesday, so I decided to invite Hayley over in the meantime (I still grasped my fork tight from my adventure).

Hayley and I really started to get to know each other very well.

09-12-14_9-09 AM


Eventually, I think I started falling in love with her, and she was noticing.

“You think I’m cute, don’t you Don?” She flipped her fire-red hair.

I didn’t answer her.

09-12-14_9-10 AM

I didn’t want to rush our relationship. No more romantic interactions.

Instead, we played chess. Of course, I kept winning. Even though she was a girl, I could not let Hayley win.

We started talking about our relationship over the chess table.

“Do you ever see this going anywhere?” Hayley asked me. I knew that she was attracted to me. I mean, who wasn’t?

“I think it has a potential,” I gave our relationship hope. “But, we’re just gonna’ take it slow.”

09-12-14_9-13 AM

I suddenly busted a joke on her. Hayley grasped her stomach, and started hysterically laughing.

“Oh, you’re good,” Hayley told me. “Really good. In fact, you’re even better than some of the comedians I work with.”

Hmmm… Maybe a career in the entertainment field wouldn’t be a bad idea for me after all.

09-12-14_9-15 AM


Our day together had to come to an end, unfortunately. Hayley and I hugged, and she started walking out my bedroom (I still grasped my fork tightly, I really could not let it go).

“I’ll call you after work,” Hayley mentioned.

“Sounds good!” And away she went.

Although I never told Hayley, I could tell that we both were falling deeply in love with one another.

09-12-14_9-17 AM


After a hard day of working on my rocket (I was upgrading the fuel system, so I could go on longer adventures), I decided it would be a good time to hang out with Hayley at the park.

09-12-14_9-23 AM


Once there, she introduced me to her brother Francis. He looked exactly like her. That red hair could burn a hole in anyone’s soul.

Surprisingly, Francis and I started becoming pretty good friends too. He reminded me a lot of my old friend Dax.

His star glasses were pretty hideous…

Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw her.

09-12-14_9-29 AM

She was drop-dead gorgeous. I suddenly stopped mid-sentence talking with Hayley and Francis, and introduced my self to this new women.

“Hiya. I’m Donte.” I felt the same feeling I had when I met Sydney.

“Hello! My name’s Cortney.”

Everything about Cortney attracted me to her. Her hair, her smell, her voice, even her eyes.

I think Hayley noticed.

She waved in my face. “Donte… I’m over here!” Hayley tried to get me snapped out of it. But I couldn’t. Cortney took my breath away.

09-12-14_9-32 AM


When I returned home from the long day at the park, I was confused. First, Sydeny. Then, Hayley. Now, Cortney.

I did not know what to do.

“C’mon Donte! Pick a lady. They’re all gorgeous. You can do this. It’s a win-win.” I talked to myself.

Desiree knocked at the door. “Let’s go punk! Stop talking to yourself! I need to pee!”

Wow Des. Way to ruin the moment…

09-12-14_10-28 AM

I took a break from the ladies, and focused soley on work for a while.

I actually earned two promotions back-to-back! They really liked me.

I was now a Low-Orbit Specialist, with a pay of $96/hr. I think it was time for a new career.

I liked change.

Maybe I also liked a change in my girls, too. I still questioned who would be the right girl for me?

I mainly was stuck between the hilarious, fiery Hayley?

Or the sweet, subtle, gorgeous Cortney.

Do I go for looks, or personality?

I needed some time to think… I took a break from both for a long time.

09-12-14_10-39 AM

I ended up taking a lot longer break from the women than I thought, because eventually, it was my little sister’s birthday.

I could not believe Desiree was a young adult now too. She rolled in the materialistic trait, and quickly moved out. She always talked about moving out as soon as she could. I would miss her, but I’m sure I’d be seeing her soon.

09-12-14_1-44 PM

Suddenly, while sleeping one night, I thought I was dreaming…

My father whispered in my ear, “Good bye son. You’ll do great with this legacy, I know it.” And he pressed his lips against the side of my face.

He then crouched down, and accepted his fate of death…

When I woke up in the morning, in an empty house, I realized it was real.

My father was gone. My sister was gone. I was all alone.

09-12-14_1-47 PM

I can’t live in this house much longer. I can not delay any longer! I have to choose my lady, and fast. My life was rushing by too fast. Before I know, I will be an adult. Who will I choose? Hayley or Courtney? What will be my next career? Find out in the next update!