Update 12.6 – Tradgedy Strikes Again


In the last update, I walked in on my wife, Taylor woo hoo’ing, with who I thought was her ex-boyfriend, Israel. As soon as I caught Taylor cheating on me, I divorced her, and kicked her and her daughter (Marilyn, who I thought was a daughter of mine) out.

I still felt frustrated at my ex-wife for betraying me like that. I never would have thought she would do me so dirty. She tried stopping by to see the kids, but I yelled, “Stay off my property! Until we go to court, you are to remain away from Morgan and Melody!”

“You’re such a *****, Lee. You know that? **** off! You treat everyone like ****!” She yelled, as she ran off my lot.

I felt frustrated at everything. The more I thought things through, the more guilty and sad I felt. Maybe I shouldn’t take my anger out on everyone. I started regretting that I kicked Marilyn out. After all, I treated her like my own daughter the day she was born…

06-07-15_10-00 AM


At last, the court date rolled around.

Luckily, I gained complete custody over both Morgan and Melody, however, Taylor had the right to visit once a week. And, my children were allowed to visit her indefinitely.

I still felt relieved that my two bundles of joy would be staying with me. I knew I had to tell them the truth.

“Kids,” I started. “In case you were wondering about mommy and Marilyn… Things weren’t working out,” I teared up. I didn’t want to tell them complete details. They were too young. “Marilyn wanted to leave with mommy,” I lied to my children, only to protect them.

Melody started crying, “I miss mommy.”

“I’m sorry sweetie,” I apologized, as Morgan looked at me with a face of hatred.

“You’re a bastard!” He yelled. This sent Melody crying off to her room.

I was glad she left the room, because what happened next was totally uncalled for.

06-09-15_8-33 PM


Morgan stood up, and threw his soda all over me!

“Are you insane?!” I screamed. “What’s gotten into you?” I asked my son, Morgan.

“No… The real question is ‘What’s gotten into you?!’ How could you kick mom out like that. And, even worse, you sent Marilyn with her. We’re a family, don’t you realize this?” Morgan pouted.

“Morgan, you don’t understand,” it ached my heart not to tell, but I couldn’t have him see his mother that way.

“**** you dad! I hate you!” My son threw his dinner on the ground and marched up to his room. I guess Morgan’s evil side had finally emerged.

I was heartbroken. My family fell apart, all because of my ex’s stupidity.

06-09-15_8-36 PM06-09-15_8-37 PM06-09-15_8-37 PM-2


Later that night, as Morgan cleaned up his mess, I shouted at him, “You will never disrespect me like that again!” I had to put my foot down. My son can’t walk all over me like that.

“But you’re a pig! You are the nastiest person I met!” My son screamed, making my heart instantly hurt.

“If only you knew…” I mumbled.

“**** OFF!” Morgan yelled again.

After our arguments, I had no doubt that Morgan and I were enemies. I guess the bright side of this all is that it is helping me with my aspiration.

06-09-15_8-38 PM


I fell into a deep depression. I felt terrible for allowing my family to fall apart like this. I lost my wife. My daughter. And now, my son… The only family member that still appreciated me was my daughter, Melody. She was a sweetheart.

I cried, as I ate dinner alone.

Morgan and Melody were visiting their mother.

06-09-15_8-43 PM


Morgan started torturing his sister. He really turned into the evil genius he claimed to be growing up.

“Hey what’s up stinky?” He asked, as he slapped his sisters forehead.

“Stop it! You big meanie!” Melody complained.

“But there’s something on your forehead,” Morgan teased.

“ARGH! You’re so annoying,” Melody clamped her hands over her eyes, in anger.

06-09-15_8-45 PM 06-09-15_8-46 PM


Yet Morgan loved his mother more than anyone. Morgan would invite Taylor over while I was out.

“I can’t wait to meet my little sibling!” Morgan shouted. “I love you mom.”

“Awww… I love you too sweetie,” she winked.

06-09-15_8-47 PM

Of course, Melody loved her mother as well. I mean, who didn’t Melody love? She was the friendliest person I knew.

“I miss you mommy,” Melody cried.

“Miss you too, baby.”

After seeing how Melody and Morgan treated their mother, I started to wonder if I was the bad one…

06-09-15_8-49 PM


However, I realized that Melody didn’t quite understand the whole situation. She could never hold a grudge against anyone.

Later that night, Melody and I played together.

“Can you say selfie?!” She shouted.

For the first time in weeks, a smile broke across my face.

“CHEESE!” I yelled. “…I love you, Melody.”

“I love you mostest!” Melody replied.

06-09-15_8-53 PM


Although I hated Taylor’s guts, one person that I did not hold a grudge against was Marilyn. I think I was just caught up in the moment with anger, I didn’t even think when I kicked Marilyn out. I actually missed her a lot. Although she wasn’t my actual daughter, I raised her into the wonderful child she was today.

Luckily, Marilyn visited almost every day after school. I listened to Melody and her sister play dolls.

“I miss you, Marilyn,” Melody cried. “I wish we could play dolls together all day.”

“Awww. It’s okay Melody,” Marilyn comforted Melody. “I like the spend time with my daddy,” Marilyn broke the news to Melody. Obviously, the ***** Taylor told Marilyn all the details.

“Huh?… What do you mean? Daddy’s here.” Melody asked her younger sister.

I interrupted their play date, “Marilyn, I think it’s kinda’ late. You should get going. I’ll drive you home.” I feared that Marilyn would tell Melody the false truth, and Melody would hate me too.

06-09-15_8-59 PM 06-09-15_10-12 PM


The kids enjoyed visiting their mother. They always talked about her nice, small house. Also, Taylor and Israel broke up again, in case you were wondering… Wonder who else Taylor will cheat on.

I just prayed that no lies would be told while they were there.

However, I couldn’t stop them from visiting, as that’s what the judge had decided.

Oh, in case you actually care about this *****, do you notice anything different?… Hint, hint… She’s skinnier!

06-10-15_8-07 AM


No, I’m not trying to be mean…

I’m hinting at the fact that Taylor had her babieS… That’s right, Taylor had twins!

Here’s the twin girls, Callie and Norma.

Morgan loved his little sisters… I couldn’t believe Israel and Taylor had twins!

06-10-15_8-08 AM


Morgan returned from his mother’s house, angry.

“Screw you dad!” He shouted. “I want my sister’s here!”

Morgan stormed upstairs, where I later heard screaming and crying.

“MORGAN!” Melody shouted.

Morgan smashed his younger sister’s doll house.

06-10-15_8-12 AM 06-10-15_8-13 AM

Morgan tried to convince his sister to hate me, “Why do you like him?” He asked his younger sister.

“Because he’s my dad, duh… And I don’t like him… I love him,” she corrected her brother.

“Well, do you know what he did to mom?” Morgan asked.

I had to stop things there. Obviously, Taylor was telling Morgan lies.

“Enough!” I shouted. “Melody, go to bed… Morgan downstairs, now… We have to talk,” I had to tell the truth to my son.

“Ugh… Now wait,” Morgan complained, but obeyed my orders.

06-10-15_8-13 AM-2


Morgan and I started working out in the home gym. That’s when I told him everything about Taylor.

“Morgan, listen. I wanted to keep this from you, as long as possible,” I started. “I didn’t think it was appropriate for you to know, but things are out of hand now… To make a long story short, ever since Taylor and I got married, she was woo hoo’ing that guy, Israel. In fact, Marilyn is his child… Not mine,” I put the story in very brief details, hoping my son would believe me.

“Oh…” I could tell Morgan was thinking.

06-10-15_8-20 AM


When my son jumped off the treadmill, and wrapped me in a huge hug, I knew he had forgiven me.

“I’m sorry dad,” he whaled. “I love you. I didn’t know it was that bad. I wish you would’ve told me sooner. I could’ve handled it. I completely disrespected you. Please forgive me,” he begged.

How could I not forgive my twin?

“Of course I forgive you, son,” I felt a warm tear roll down my face.

At last, my family started merging back together. It felt amazing to have my son back.

I later learned that now, Morgan tortured and hated his mother, as much as me. He even threatened Israel. Supposedly, things were pretty severe.

06-10-15_8-21 AM


I still kept the details from Melody. She didn’t seem to mind either way.

I worried, however, when her younger half-sister Marilyn was around, that a lie would come out… They hung out everyday.

“I love you THIS much!” Melody yelped, stretching her arms wide.

“Well, I love you more!” Her sister, Marilyn responded.

I felt terrible for breaking their relationship up, but it was for the best.

06-10-15_8-32 AM


The  next morning, I left work early to celebrate my birthday! I could not believe I was an elder already.

I reflected upon my adult years, and I was actually glad they were over.

06-10-15_8-27 AM


After my birthday, Melody also celebrated hers! All of Morgan’s evilness must’ve rubbed off on Melody because she too rolled the evil trait. In addition, Melody was gregarious and wanted to be the Friend of the World! She had a bright future.

06-10-15_8-35 AM


With my two children now teenagers, it’s finally time for my story to come to an end. I really enjoyed being the Generation 12 heir, and I hope you enjoyed my story! I think I will go down as one of the most memorable heirs. My life seemed so set, until the unexpected happened. Oh well, I was happy once again. So with that being said, as I was about to declare the heir… It happened…

06-10-15_11-18 AM

Who will be the generation 13 heir? Morgan, or Melody?



Update 12.5 – Big Miserable Family


In the last update, I mentioned how Taylor didn’t back down with having another baby. Although we already had one boy and one girl, she wanted another. I told her I was trying, but I really wasn’t, until…

“I’m pregnant,” Taylor revealed the shocking news.


“I’m so happy you always accommodate me!” She smiled.

“What?… But… How?” I was confused. I didn’t think I was actually trying.

“What to do mean how?… Silly, goofball,” Taylor started laughing. “Well, get ready for baby number 3!”

I couldn’t believe my ears. What a surprise.

06-06-15_3-21 PM

I didn’t accept the fact that Taylor was pregnant. It couldn’t be.

Until, the next morning, I heard Taylor puking. Morning sickness.

How did this happen? Maybe it broke…

06-06-15_3-52 PM

Well, I must accept the fate. I learned to live with the idea that soon we’d have a third child running around the house. Back at work, I earned another promotion to An0nymous Ghost, with a pay of $143/hr. I was getting so close to the top!

06-06-15_4-00 PM

Morgan earned an A in school, thus, completing his Whiz Kid aspiration. As a result, he earned the Mentally Gifted bonus trait.

06-06-15_4-03 PM

Surprisingly, even though Morgan and Melody were opposite sex, they got along wonderfully. I couldn’t believe it, since Morgan always talked about picking on Melody ever since we told him Taylor was pregnant.

06-06-15_4-07 PM

They were such cute kids! In a strange way, they made me want another…

06-06-15_4-07 PM-2

As Taylor’s due date quickly approached, she tried to pump me up for the big day.

“I can’t wait to bring our next buddle of joy into the world!” Taylor smiled.

“Yeah… Me neither…” I smirked.

I still wondered about how Taylor was pregnant. I didn’t want to bring it up because I don’t want her to hate me for not trying to get her pregnant…

06-06-15_4-11 PM

Melody sure had a great melody! She was our little musician.

06-06-15_4-15 PM

Soon enough, it was the moment of truth… Taylor went into labor! Ready or not, baby number three was on its way!

06-06-15_4-18 PM

Taylor held her little girl high. We named her Marilyn Defesco; baby number three.

06-06-15_4-18 PM-2

Taylor really loved being a stay-at-home mom, and she was really good at it. While Marilyn slept, Taylor cooked the older kids dinner and enjoyed it on the couch with them.

“So do you guys want another sibling?” Taylor asked, still wanting a bigger family.

“Yes! I want another sister!” Melody yelled.

“No. I don’t. I will be evil to any other sibling! But, I love my Melody,” he winked at his younger sister.

06-07-15_9-10 AM

A few days later, Melody completed her Artistic Prodigy aspiration, earning the Creatively Gifted bonus trait. I had a feeling Melody had a successful career in the music industry ahead of her.

06-07-15_9-19 AM

Doesn’t my garden look wonderful?… I should really get rid of the rubbage. The flies and mosquitoes were terrible.

06-07-15_9-20 AM

As quickly and unexpectedly as Marilyn came into this world, she aged into a lovely child! I actually felt happy for the first time when I saw Marilyn age! She inherited the legendary Defesco red hair! That’s right, somehow, it skipped my generation and went right onto her. I felt prouder than ever. She also rolled the bookworm trait and artistic prodigy aspiration.

06-07-15_9-34 AM

All three kids still played along wonderfully. Even though Morgan said he was evil, he always knew family came first.

06-07-15_9-37 AM

The next morning, I returned from work with a huge promotion to Net Demon, with a raise to $257/hr. I was ecstatic, because with this, I only needed one more promotion to be at the top!

I could not wait to tell Taylor!… After seeing Marilyn’s red hair, I actually wanted another child. I quickly ran inside to tell Taylor the good news, and get her in bed to produce baby number 4!

06-07-15_9-39 AM

I darted for the bedroom, calling Taylor’s name, trying not to wake the kids.

“Taylor! Guess what?” I was right outside the bedroom door now. “Honey?!” I opened the door, only to hear fumbling and giggling in the bed. “HONEY!!”

Suddenly, silence fell over the room.

“Taylor?! What the **** is going on?!” I screamed, fearing the worse.

The room remained silent.

Enough, is enough! I tore off the blankets, only to see…

06-07-15_9-46 AM


As Israel slept silently, Taylor finally popped out of the bed.

Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. It couldn’t be true. Taylor, the love of my life, would never do this to me… Right?

“WHAT THE ****?!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. “Why is Israel in our bed?!”

“Well, uhhhh…” Taylor looked for any possible excuse to cover it up. “I fell down the steps earlier, so he was just bringing me up here… And uhhh…” She struggled to finish the excuse.

“I know what’s going on!” I yelled. “You ****** *****!”

06-07-15_9-46 AM-2

I had enough of this punk. I trusted Israel! I wondered how long this was going on for. Then, it hit me…


I felt a lump form in my throat…

She’s not mine! It all made sense now. That’s why she had the red hair! She wasn’t a true Defesco!

As the reality sank in, I yanked Israel out of bed.

“You ****** sick bastard!” I blew up. “You’re a scum-bag. I trusted you. What the ****?!” I didn’t know what else to say.

“Calm down, Lee,” Israel actually thought I could calm down.

“I can’t believe you have been woo hoo’ing my wife for weeks!… Maybe longer! Your sick. I hope you rot in hell!” I could not believe this just happened.

“You’re the one that did this! I have no idea why you’re mad at me. I should be yelling at you for stealing my girl,” Israel tried to defend himself.

I had no idea what he was talking about. Taylor and I had been dating for years now and we’ve been married for time. I know that Israel was her ex, but who cares…

I trusted Taylor. I trusted Israel. He had been over our house almost everyday I went to work. This has probably been going on forever!… I wondered if Morgan or Melody were mine.

I couldn’t hold back my anger anymore.

06-07-15_9-47 AM

I threw a punch at the bastard. This ***** wasn’t getting away that easy. I can’t believe it! There’s no way his puny-self could beat me. I punched, kicked, and screamed, until Israel’s nose and eye started bleeding.

06-07-15_9-48 AM

Taylor came running over, “Guys! Stop!” She shouted. “It’s not worth it.”

Israel didn’t get a single punch in on me… I backed off.

Israel was seeing stars by now.

“Did I teach you who to mess with?!” I screamed. “I never want to see your sick face again.”

Well, one thing was certain, this would help with my Public Enemy aspiration, now that I had two new enemies!

06-07-15_9-49 AM

Next, I had to set Taylor straight. She had betrayed me. She probably cheated on me since we were engaged! I thought back to when Taylor played chess with Morgan and always cheated… Once a cheater, always a cheater… I should’ve known better. I couldn’t take it anymore.

“You know what this means, right?” I asked Taylor.

“I’m sorry Lee. It’s not what it seems. I am so lonely when you’re at work… I tried to warn you in the beginning!” Taylor tried to explain.

“Tried to warn me? What the **** do you mean, *****?” I could not follow.

“Remember when we first met, I kept rejecting you… We saw Israel at the bar, and he almost freaked out… He wasn’t drunk… He wasn’t my ex… We were dating,” she revealed the big secret.

My eyes teared up and my jaw fell to the floor.

What a *****?! I fell in love with this girl. I thought she was my soul-mate, yet she already had a boyfriend!

“I’m sorry Lee, but it’s really your fault,” she tried to blame her mistake on me. “You weren’t giving up. No matter how many times I rejected you, you always came back… Of course, I’d eventually fall for you.”

Taylor can talk all she wants. Right now, all her words are **** to me. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

06-07-15_9-50 AM

I was done.

I removed the wedding band from my finger.

“It’s over, *****!” I threw the ring at her face, and snatched the family Defesco ring off her finger.

“Seriously, Lee?” She started complaining. “I still love you!”

What a pathetic *****. There’s no way you can love someone, and do them this dirty.

Israel started laughing.

“Would you get the **** out my house already, *****?!” I screamed and pointed to the door. “Didn’t you learn enough already after I beat your ***?”

Israel refused to leave.

“I’m not going anywhere without my girlfriend,” he mentioned.

I quivered at the thought that I married a ‘taken’ women.

06-07-15_9-50 AM-2

“Lee, please. Give me a second chance. I’m sorry,” Taylor started balling her eyes out.

“NO! He clearly means more to you than me,” I am done. “GET OUT! BOTH OF YOU!” I yelled.

Taylor started weeping. “Pleeeeasssse. Lee! I’m sorry.”

I couldn’t even look Taylor in the eyes anymore.

“At least give me a few days to find a place to live,” she begged as she wiped away her tears.

“Fine.” I agreed. “But you’re not sleeping in here, and Israel is not welcome!” I started to storm off.

06-07-15_9-50 AM-3

“But first… I’m pregnant,” she dropped another bomb.

“NO! That’s it. Get out! Israel get out! Taylor get out! And, take your pathetic child, Marilyn… LEAVE! You had have your big miserable family elsewhere. Y’all are no longer welcome here. No more mooching off the Defesco’s.” I was done. Now that Taylor was expecting another child with Israel, I couldn’t wait for them to get out. There’s no way I could bear to have another child in my house. Especially produce by this sicko.

06-07-15_9-52 AM

At last, I got Taylor, Israel, and Marilyn out of the house. We had a court date set, and I just prayed I’d get custody over the kids… I knew I didn’t really have to pray because she did me wrong. There’s no way I can lose.

I was heartbroken. I couldn’t believe what just happened. Taylor was the love of my life. I trusted her. I thought what we had was true… I walked around the next few days with my head glued to the ground… I’d have to tell the kids soon, about what happened… They kind of just let me have my space though. They didn’t even ask where their mom or sister went. I assumed they had somewhat of an idea.

06-07-15_10-01 AM

I’ll end this update on a slightly happier note, I figured I’d share that Morgan aged into a teenager. Morgan rolled the bookworm and essence of flavor trait, as well as the master chef aspiration…

06-07-15_10-04 AM

Now that Taylor and I are divorced, what lies ahead for this generation? Will I get custody of my two kids Morgan and Melody? I hope this is the drama you’ve been looking for!

Family Portrait 35

Update 12.4 – Big Happy Family


Last time, Taylor and I got married and we eventually brought generation 13 into this world, with Morgan Defesco! What else happened as a married couple?

Morgan was the perfect little peanut. I loved caring for my little man. I couldn’t ask for a better first, and only child.

05-31-15_1-12 PM


I was that goofy dad that would humiliate his kids at their baseball game.

Silly faces!!

Morgan already laughed at me.

05-31-15_1-13 PM


Taylor brought up the dreaded idea of having another kid… I really only wanted one kid.

“Lee, I think we should really think about having another child. Morgan will be so lonely, if not,” Taylor tried to make me feel bad.

“But Taylor, you know how rough of a life I had growing up. I almost sick of children. I really don’t think we should,” I explained.

“How about we just give it some time?” Taylor didn’t back down.

“Ugh… Fine. I’ll see what happens after I get another promotion,” I promised Taylor.

05-31-15_1-14 PM


The next night, Taylor aged into an adult, and I realized if we were gonna’ have more kids, we better do it soon!

05-31-15_1-19 PM

Taylor never backed down on having another child. At dinner the next night, she brought up the topic again.

“So how’s that promotion coming along?” Taylor asked.

“I’m getting there. Slowly but surely,” I brushed off the topic.

“You better not be doing this on purpose!” Taylor exclaimed, and we started giggling.

I loved dinners with my beautiful wife.

05-31-15_1-23 PM


The next night, I aged into an adult as well!

What lies ahead?!

I rubbed my hands together, “Bring it on!” I could take on anything that flew my way.

05-31-15_1-25 PM

Remember Taylor’s ex, Israel? Well, he actually was a pretty cool dude.

The three of us hung out often.

“So what did the chicken say as he walked across the road?” Israel made a joke.

I liked how Israel was a goofball like me. He was fun to be around, and I saw why Taylor wanted him to keep her company while I worked late hours at work.

05-31-15_1-30 PM


At last, I earned my promotion to DigiThief, with a pay of $47/hr. I ended up choosing the Oracle path because I rather be the brains behind the missions.

As I walked in the house, I feared Taylor would be jumping down my pants as soon as I walked through the door.

05-31-15_1-34 PM


Sure enough, as I creeped upstairs, Taylor was waiting in bed.

“I’m ready,” she whispered. “Morgan’s asleep.”

I could never break a promise to my wife.

05-31-15_1-36 PM


When I woke up late the next morning (or, should I say evening), Taylor revealed the big news.

“It worked baby!” Taylor shouted. “I’m pregnant!” I could see the excitement in her face.

“That’s wonderful,” I tried to sound enthusiastic.

05-31-15_1-39 PM


Later that day, as I worked at my new job, Morgan aged into a child! He rolled the evil trait, along with the Whiz Kid aspiration.

He wanted to be a little evil genius, like his father!

05-31-15_1-41 PM

Sure enough, my mini-me and I bonded all of the time. We were very close, since we had such similar personalities.

As we sat on the sofa, enjoying breakfast, Morgan joked with me, “I am gonna’ take over ‘zee world wif my super brain power!”

“Haha,” I laughed out loud. “You’re hilarious, son!”

06-06-15_2-13 PM


I often worked from home, hacking into various funds. It was risky behavior, but it brought in extra money.

06-06-15_2-15 PM


I loved playing chess with my evil genius!

He always beat me…

06-06-15_2-17 PM


While I worked countless hours at work, trying my best to support our family of three, Taylor remained a wonderful stay at home mom.

As soon as Morgan returned from school, Taylor tutored our son, making sure he did well in school.

“I know what two times two is, mom!” He complained.

“You’re just too smart.”

Although Morgan didn’t really need the tutor, Taylor refused to back down.

06-06-15_2-32 PM


Taylor really loved reading the books she wrote to our son, Morgan.

I feel like this is why Morgan is so smart. In addition to school work, he read and played chess.

06-06-15_2-34 PM


Speaking of chess, Taylor always made fun of me for not being able to beat Morgan at chess.

“How can’t you beat a little kid?” She complained.

Later, I snapped this picture of Morgan and Taylor playing chess. Now, I knew exactly why she won all of the time. Because Taylor was a cheater!!

“Hey Morgan, look! A dragon!” She pointed to an imaginary figure.

“What?! Where?!” I can’t believe Morgan fell for it.

06-06-15_2-46 PM


I’ve been working out… A LOT.

Can you tell?

Look at those pecs… And those biceps…

And them legs!

06-06-15_2-50 PM


The three of us didn’t often get to sit down to enjoy a family breakfast together, but when we did, Morgan tried stirring the pot often.

“I don’t want a little brother or sister!” He shouted. “I’m gonna’ be evil and steal from them!”

“See! I told you we shouldn’t have had another,” I reminded Taylor.

“Stop…” Taylor’s faced flushed red, and it looked like she was about to cry.

“I’m just kidding baby,” I felt bad. “I can’t wait to meet our next child!”

“I can!” Morgan jolted.

“Get to your room!” Taylor yelled, punishing Morgan.

“Fine,” he pouted and stomped to his room.

06-06-15_2-53 PM


Israel was a good family friend. He even helped with raising Morgan. He meant no harm to anyone. I still couldn’t see why Taylor broke up with him in the past, but I was glad!

06-06-15_3-01 PM


As I slept from a long night of work, and Israel and Morgan played chess, Taylor went into labor!

Israel tried to keep Morgan distracted, “I beat you can’t get my knight!”

Taylor let out a scream.

“What’s wrong with mommy?” He asked.

“Oh… Nothing. She’s okay,” Israel turned Morgan’s head.

06-06-15_3-03 PM


After a few pushes, Taylor welcomed our little bundle of joy into this world! Meet Melody Defesco. That’s right, now, we had a boy and a girl… I was done. For sure.

06-06-15_3-04 PM

Morgan constantly teased his younger sister, “I can’t wait ’till you grow up, so that I can steal your toys and smash your doll house!”

06-06-15_3-05 PM

As I worked out, Taylor tried her best to convince me to have another.

“There ain’t no way!” I exclaimed.

“But how can you tease me like that?! With your rocking body. You’re irresistable,” Taylor complained.

“I’m sorry Taylor, but I just can’t handle it.”

I really could not handle another kid.

06-06-15_3-16 PM


Even after another promotion, I didn’t let Taylor’s begging get to me. I held strong.

Now, I was an Elite Hacker, with a pay of $80/hr.

06-06-15_3-21 PM

I was satisfied with my two babies. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect family!

Melody was so tiny in my huge arms. I felt like I’d crush her.

06-06-15_3-25 PM


As Taylor begged me more and more, I couldn’t take it anymore! I had an evil plan.

I’d act like I was trying to get Taylor pregnant, but, I really wasn’t…

“Thank you!” Taylor yelled.

“Yeah, yeah…” I brushed it off, knowing nothing would ever happen.

06-06-15_3-26 PM


Our little girl Melody aged into a child, rolling the goofball and artistic prodigy trait… I must really have a strong influence on our children!

06-06-15_3-42 PM

The next day… A big surprise was thrown my way…

06-06-15_3-47 PM


I’m gonna’ leave you hanging there! So, what’s the big surprise?! Find out next time.



Update 12.3 – Something Old, Something New, Something BLUE


Last time, I started experimenting with women, until I finally found the perfect match: Taylor. Although Taylor played hard to get, I knew she was the one for me; we started dating eventually and then, we later got engaged. Also, both my parents past and all of my siblings moved out. So now, it’s just Taylor and I! Now, it’s time for some fun.

The next day, as I woke up from my first woo hoo with my first girlfriend, I felt amazing. I was in the best mood ever. With that being said, I had a desire to finish my second aspiration. I worked all morning in the garden, finally maxing my skill! As a result, I completed the Freelance Botanist aspiration, earning the Naturalist bonus trait.

Now that I completed my aspiration, **** this garden! It takes too much time… I was gonna’ let it die. Sorry dad.

05-31-15_11-16 AM


With the days flying by, Taylor and I needed to start planning the wedding. Although her schedule was free, I had a lot on my plate to do (I picked a third aspiration, Public Enemy).

“I really think we should start planning,” Taylor mentioned as she typed a new book.

“Definitely. Well, I work every night except Saturday and Sunday, so…” I worked so many days. “Unless I take off.”

“Well, it’s really up to you babe. I’m fine with whatever.”

“Do you have anyone that you want to invite?” I asked. “I wanted to invite all my siblings, have a little reunion.”

“Uhhh… Not really, but that’d be awesome! I’d love to meet the others”

And so we had it, Taylor and I planned the wedding for later in the week (I’d take off).

05-31-15_11-25 AM


Taylor wanted to get in shape for the wedding, and I didn’t think it’d be a bad idea for me to start working out either.

“I need to have a stunning body for this wedding!” Taylor shouted, as she increased the treadmill to maximum speed.

I wasn’t as worried about what I looked like at the wedding. I kept my treadmill at the lowest speed, and stretched my arm, “Ahhh… This is great!”

05-31-15_11-35 AM


In addition to working out, Taylor forced us to eat healthy as well. Instead of the usual mac ‘n cheese for dinner, she prepped a delicious garden salad.

“I never thought a salad could be this good!” I mentioned to my beautiful fiance.

“Awww thanks babe!… Only a couple more days!!”

We were getting really excited for our wedding.

05-31-15_11-38 AM


Taylor and I literally did everything together.

The one night, after working out, we both washed off together.

As I splashed around in my bubble bath (I loved bubble baths), Taylor scrubbed her head in the shower.

“One more day!” I screamed.


The countdown was on for our wedding. We had everything planned, from the guest list to the caterer to the furniture. We were gonna’ have the wedding right here on the lot, but doll it up to look awesome. It was gonna’ be a great time. I couldn’t wait!

05-31-15_11-39 AM


The next day, I asked Taylor to write an excused letter for me to get out of work for the wedding.

She did an awesome job with it.

After all, she was the best writer ever!

05-31-15_11-44 AM

At last… The big day!!

It was wonderful to see all eight of my brothers and sisters. Especially the younger ones. They had grown up so fast!

05-31-15_11-50 AM



After a few drinks, I felt confident enough to be wed.

I picked up Taylor’s hand and kissed it, “Are you ready, my love?”

“Of course,” Taylor whispered.

Finally, I’d be married to the girl of dreams.

I held Taylor’s hand, as we walked upstairs. “It’s time everyone!” I announced.

05-31-15_11-53 AM


As the sun dropped below the horizon, sending bursts of orange, pink, and blue throughout the evening sky, I knew it was time.

As we waited for the guests to make their way to the ceremony, I kissed my fiance on the cheek for the last time.

“I am so ready,” I whispered.

“Me too!” Taylor exclaimed.

05-31-15_11-55 AM


Everyone refused to sit on the benches we rented, but oh well.

Taylor and I shared our vows, and then, it was time for the kiss! It was an honor to have my big happy family join us for this exciting day.

05-31-15_11-57 AM


For the first time, introducing the new Mr and Mrs Leroy Defesco!!

My siblings roared, cheered, and clap. Of the eight of them, I was the first to be married.

05-31-15_11-57 AM-2 05-31-15_11-58 AM


After the ceremony, the wedding only got better. We headed downstairs to celebrate the new marriage.

First, Taylor and I cut the first piece of cake.

“You better not smash it in my face!” Taylor warned.

You know me by now. I was a goofball.

I took the piece of cake, and smashed it into my wife’s face!

We both started laughing…

After cleaning Taylor’s face with a napkin, we retried sharing our first slice of cake. This time, it was picturesque.

05-31-15_11-59 AM


My younger sisters, Litatlia and Lacy were growing so fast! I could not believe they were already teenagers.

“beautiful wedding, bro,” Litalia complimented all our hard work.

“Thanks for coming girls. It was really nice seeing my little sis’s again!”

“You two looked gorgeous,” Lacy added. “And you… Have you been working out? Your body looks amazing!”

“So do you!” I returned the compliment. “And yes, yes I have been working out. Can you tell?”

05-31-15_12-02 PM


Another benefit of the wedding was seeing my ‘not-so-little’ little brother, Lamori. He was more fun than ever to pick on. As I continued to get more and more in shape, he continued to get more and more out of shape.

“Did you get a piece of cake?” I asked my brother. “Oh wait… You probably ate the entire cake!” I joked.

“Seriously dude?… Grow up! You’re such a child,” Lamori actually tried to get back at me.

I’m not gonna’ lie, I was a little toasty from all of these martinis. What happened next was totally uncalled for.

“Why is your shirt so tight? What’s with that pathetic hat?” I pointed out all of Lamori’s flaws. “You’re pathetic. You shouldn’t even have the name Defesco.”

“**** off!” Lamori yelled. “I’m taking my gift back.” Lamori dug through the card box, took his gift (which was probably a gift certificate for food, anyways), and stormed out the door.

I really think this would be the last time I saw him.

05-31-15_12-25 PM


As the guests started slowly filing out, the wonderful wedding came to an end. It was sad that it went by so fast. But, there was one last thing to do as a married couple…

True love, at last.

Woo hoo was even better as a married couple.

05-31-15_12-04 PM


The next morning, Taylor and I woke up a little disoriented. The room was spinning, and my head pounded. I had a hangover.

I rolled over to kiss my beautiful wife, and she wasn’t there…

“Taylor?!” I shouted, panicking. “Taylor, where are you?!”

That’s when I heard fumbling in the bathroom. I knocked on the door.

“Taylor, you in there?… You okay?”

Taylor was puking. She definitely had too much to drink. I wondered if she even remembered the wedding.

“It’s okay baby,” I said as I hugged her. “You just had too much to drink.”

“What?!” Taylor burst. “I did not! My head doesn’t hurt or anything… I just feel… Nauseous.”

Suddenly it hit me… I couldn’t remember the woo hoo too well last night… Maybe it happened.
“You should take a pregnancy test…” I told my wife.

“WHAT?! Seriously?! Yay!” She was actually excited to hear she might be pregnant, even though it wasn’t planned.

05-31-15_12-10 PM


As I took a bubble bath trying to soothe my headache, Taylor took the pregnancy test.

“So we didn’t use protection last night?…” Taylor asked…

“Honestly, I can’t remember…” I felt completely embarrassed, as I rubbed my temples.

Taylor counted down for the results “Three… Two… One…”

I took a deep breath.

I felt Taylor go silent.

“So?…” I was curious.

“PREGNANT!” She shouted.

At last, Taylor and I were gonna’ be parents! Generation 13 is on its way!! Taylor could not wait to be a mother. After all, she aspired to have a big happy family (which I warned her many times, wouldn’t happen…). I wanted one kid, at the most…

05-31-15_12-11 PM


Taylor and I joked about being parents. It was hilarious.

“Wonder who’s gonna’ drop him first?” I laughed, joking around with my gorgeous wife.

“Probably you! I’m keeping you away from her!” Taylor emphasized the fact that she thought it was a girl.

05-31-15_12-12 PM


The jokes continued rolling out, until suddenly, I felt a knot in my heart.

What the?!

I felt like I couldn’t breath. I gasped for air.

“LEE!!” Taylor shouted, tears rolling down her face with laughter.

Oh, how much I loved our relationship… That night, I nearly died of laughter.

05-31-15_12-14 PM


After the scary incident, I took a little break from telling jokes. That really was scary. I thought my life was over. I thought I’d never get to meet my baby.

However, my work enjoyed my hysterical mood. They said they never seen anyone as playful and goofy as me. As a result, they promoted me to Minor Crimelord. Finally, I was moving up in the criminal world.

05-31-15_12-43 PM


At dinner the next day, Taylor and I were getting very excited for the due date! It’d be here before we knew it. Suddenly she asked, “Do you mind if Israel and I hang out?”

I thought back to who Israel was… Oh yeah, the red-head from the bar… Her ex.

“Why do you want to hang out with him?” I asked my wife.

“Just because it gets so lonely around here at night. I’m scared being home alone so late at night. What if I went into labor?” Taylor asked.

I hadn’t even thought of that.

“Oh… You’re right… Yeah. That’s fine… As long as you don’t do anything stupid!” I joked, and we started laughing.

“Of course not,” she giggled.

I trusted Taylor.

05-31-15_12-46 PM


The days flew by in a blur, and as Taylor’s due date approached, I started worrying she’d go into labor while I was at work.

I rubbed Taylor’s tummy before I went to work each night, “You better stay in there little man!” I warned.

“Well, if you keep calling herhe, she might come while you’re at work!”

05-31-15_12-57 PM


Luckily, Taylor went into labor during the day, so I was home from work to see the birth of my first baby.

“OH MY!” She shouted. “My water broke!… Lee, it’s time!”

“Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. What do I do? Do we go to the hospital? Do you need anything? Where should we go? Are we ready?” I started freaking out.

“Calm down,” Taylor tried calming my nerves, as I should have been calming hers… “Just breath…”

05-31-15_1-05 PM


Sure enough, I finally calmed down. Now, the wait was on. The hours ticked by, with no baby yet.

“What the heck?! Where is this guy?” I asked, looking at my watch. “I have work in an hour.”

“Patience, my friend,” Taylor suggested. She started breathing heavy again.

“OH! I have the perfect idea to get the baby out!” I exclaimed.

“What is it?” Taylor asked, anxious to finally be done with labor.

“Come here,” I wiggled my finger, like I had to tell Taylor a secret.

She leaned close to my mouth, and I pulled out an air-horn, blowing it right in her ear.

“AHHHHH! WHAT THE?!” She screamed.

05-31-15_1-06 PM


As suddenly, out popped our baby! It worked!!

Meet my precious, perfect (hopefully only) child, Morgan Defesco. The first-born of Generation 13 is a boy! Little Morgan was everything I could ask for.

05-31-15_1-08 PM

Let’s leave things here, now that Taylor and I welcomed out first born into this world. What lies ahead for the married life?


Update 12.2 – Finding True Love


As a short reminder of last time, I pretty much started chaos throughout the house, picking on my eighth siblings (well, mainly Lamori). I’m gonna’ be straight up with you, that update was pretty boring. There’s too many damn kids. I’ll try to spice things up soon!

Anyways, after my youngest brother, Leland was born, I decided to look for a job. At least with a job, I’d be able to get out of this shit-hole house.

I got a job as a Tough Guy, in the Criminal Career. The pay sucked, but it’s whatever. I felt I was the perfect candidate, with my evil and goofball personality. When I was hired, they told me “come to work in a playful mood”. Not problem at all! I am always in a playful mode, haha.

05-30-15_3-01 PM

I seriously don’t think my parents ever gave up having another child… GROSS!

I can’t imagine what my mother’s-…

Oh, never mind.

05-30-15_3-15 PM


I started growing close to my coworker, Alexus. She wasn’t too bad-looking either; just a little heavy. There’s nothing wrong with that.

“Oh my gosh,” Alexus started. “How about that freaking cat that got stuck in the tree last night at work?!”

Alexus reminded me of our night of work. “Oh man! I thought for sure it was gonna’ fall down, and wake the neighborhood up. I had to save the little man.”

Alexus started laughing, “Only you, Lee!… Such a goofball.”

05-30-15_3-19 PMMy hard work (saving cats at work, haha) paid off because I earned my first promotion! Now, instead of being the tough guy protecting the burglar, I was a Potty Thief.

That’s right, I stole potty’s from houses.

You’d be surprised how much they went for on Craigslist.


You mean you wouldn’t buy a used potty off of Craigslist?

05-30-15_3-22 PMIn case you were keeping a diary of the Defesco family, here’s my baby brother, Leland as a child. He rolled the goofball trait and social butterfly aspiration. He was actually pretty funny.

05-30-15_9-27 PM


My younger sister, Lexie also aged into a young adult. She rolled the ambitious trait, and for some reason, decided to stick around.


No one wants these damn kids here anymore!!

05-30-15_9-30 PM


While I was walking through SimDepot yesterday (the local hardware store), I saw a cool bonsai tree!


I bought it, in hopes it’d help raise my gardening skill.

05-30-15_9-59 PM


Check out my sick bonsai tree now, after the professional gardener got to it! Pretty great, right?

I could make like 5 or 6 different designs. This was a lot more fun to me than gardening.

05-31-15_9-55 AM


Although Alexus and I grew close quickly, Taylor was way more attractive. I started slowly reeling her in.

I’m warning you now, I am a goofball, so my pick-up lines are kinda’ cheesy (perhaps that’s why she always rejected me?!).

“Can I tie your shoe? Because I can’t have you fall for anyone else,” I dropped my first line.

“Oh wow, Lee. Haha,” Taylor laughed. “You’re so cheesy.”

That’s when my youngest brother, Leland dropped in.

“Dang bro! Check out your hot momma’!” He started waving his hand in front of his face, like he was hot. “Is it hot in here? Or is it just because this babe’s in here?”

“Beat it!” I screamed at Leland, shooing the goofball off.

05-30-15_10-02 PM


Once Leland left, we were having such a great time, giggling and making fun of each other, while I enjoyed my steak dinner (cooked by my chef mother, of course).

“So, how many siblings do you have? They’re funny,” Taylor giggled, reminding me of how embarrassing they are.

“…Eight,” I showed no interest in the subject.

“Oh my goodness! Seriously?! Your parents are doing really well for nine children? Huh?” She seemed to love kids. “I want to have a big happy family as well!” She added, giving me a slight turn off.

“Yeah, it’s pretty gross. My parents are so old,” I added.

“Hey! Watch it!” My mother yelled from the bar, and Taylor and I started laughing.

05-30-15_10-03 PM


For some reason, it seemed Taylor wanted nothing more than a friendship from me. She kept rejecting me.

“I’m a thief, remember,” I had already told Taylor about my career. “And I am here to steal your heart!”

“Ehhhh… Can you tone it down a little, Lee?” Taylor seemed a bit uneasy.

How could she possibly reject me?! I am a sexy beast, produced by ‘Beast Mode Cowboy’!!

05-30-15_10-11 PM


Whatever the case may be, I never backed down.

At last, she loosened up.

“How about I nice massage?” I asked her.

“Oh yeah! That’d be wonderful. There were so many people at the library today. My back’s killing me,” Taylor was the local librarian.

“Oh… Hold on… I meant for me!” I started laughing, and so did Taylor. “So seriously?… How about it?”

“Oh fine,” Taylor started rubbing my shoulders.

05-30-15_10-14 PM


While Taylor was accepting me, I wanted to make a move. It wasn’t the romantic first kiss that everyone dreams about, but nonetheless, I had kissed her.

The look of surprise on her face was priceless.

Although she accepted the kiss, Taylor quickly gathered her belongings.

“Uhhhh. I’m really sorry, but I have to go,” Taylor whimpered and ran out the door.

“But-!” And she was gone…

Wonder what had gotten into her?

05-30-15_10-15 PM


After Taylor left, she kinda’ disappeared for a couple of days. She didn’t answer my calls, or texts. I started feeling like Taylor didn’t like me. How is that even possible?…

Well, anyways, it was time to celebrate ‘Big ‘ums’ birthday. Lamori rolled the music lover trait. And now, time for the good news…

As Lamori started packing his belongings to move out, my father handed him a paper. Supposedly, it was my father’s will. Why he gave it to Lamori, and not me, I wasn’t sure. But, nonetheless, Lamori got ****** on.

My father knew his time was coming to a close, so he gave custody of Lacy, Litalia, and Leland (the three children) to Lamori and Lexie. That explained why Lexie didn’t move out. Dad also gave Lamori and Lexie $50,000 to support the children.

He told me that I had too much on my plate already, that’s why I didn’t get the children. I didn’t mind at all, honestly. It was actually amazing once they all moved out.

At last, peace and quiet.

See y’all never again!!

…But, now who would I pick on?

05-30-15_10-20 PM


Now that five of my siblings moved out, I had a lot more peace and quiet to work on my career and aspiration. I earned another promotion at work!

05-31-15_9-48 AM


With everyone gone and my parents’ life coming to an end, I decided to invite Taylor to move in with me. It was the first she came over for what seemed a week, so I hoped she finally forgave me!

“Taylor, what do you think about moving in?” I asked her.

“Urrrhm…” She was a bit hesitant at first.

“There’s six bedrooms to choose from… You’ll love living in a mansion,” I tried to convince her.

“I don’t know Lee…”

“Pleasssse,” I begged. “What do you say?”

“Ugghh… Fine.”

Taylor was moving in with me!!

05-31-15_9-53 AM


Suddenly, after moving in with me, Taylor started accepting anything I threw her way! She even wrapped me into a tasty make out session.

She was an amazing kisser. She must have had practice as a teen.

Things were really spicing up between us!

05-31-15_9-54 AM


However, I could not lose focus on my aspiration. I was so close to completing it! I continued farming, instead of spending time with my romantic interest/roommate.

05-31-15_9-57 AM


Things were really getting too busy around the house. Even though Taylor lived with me, I didn’t get to spend much time with her. So, I decided to take a vacation day from work, and go on a date with Taylor!

We went to the nightclub, and had a few drinks.

“Man, you’re smoking more than flaming drink,” I complimented Taylor.

“Hah, thanks,” Taylor blushed, brushing off my compliment.

“Who is this guy?” Some man behind the bar asked.

“Oh! Hey, Israel! I didn’t even see you there… Israel, meet my roommate, Lee,” she introduced me to her friend.

“Hi Israel. What’s up man?” I introduced myself.

“Nothing much. Just having a good time at the bar!” Israel yelled. I could tell he was drunk. “So, how long have you been seeing Taylor?”

“Uhhh… Yeah,…” Taylor interrupted. “You’re a little to drunk, Israel… C’mon Lee.” Taylor pulled me upstairs, away from Israel.

05-31-15_10-10 AM


“What was that about?” I asked Taylor.

“Oh nothing. Israel was my ex from high school. He gets way too crazy when he’s drunk. I didn’t want him starting ****,” Taylor explained. “We are still friends now though… Israel and I dated years ago. We put things behind us.”

“Wow. Well, thanks for pulling me away. That means a lot,” I added. It showed that Taylor actually cared.

As Taylor sipped on the rest of her drink, we enjoyed watching the drunks walk out the bar. The warm, summer air smelled of the bay.

“It’s such a beautiful night,” I mentioned. “For such a beautiful date and lady,” I winked at Taylor.

She smiled and looked deeply into my eyes.

05-31-15_10-14 AM


Tonight proved Taylor was the one. I wanted her to be my girlfriend. With no one around, I asked the big questions.

“Taylor, how about we make it official? You know, become boyfriend and girlfriend?” I asked the love of my life.

Nothing, but silence.

As I listened to the crickets chirp, I started panicking… I could not accept another rejection.


05-31-15_10-17 AM


She smiled wide.

“Of course I will Lee!”

“YES!” I screamed, practically waking up the neighborhood.

We started jumping up and down like little school girls.

05-31-15_10-18 AM

Our date didn’t end until 3am. It was such a great time.

As the taxi dropped Taylor and I off on the lawn, we stumbled up the stairway. I fumbled with my keys for a minute. Through the window I saw my mother balling her eyes out.

Oh no, oh no, oh no! Where was dad? It couldn’t be happening.

I barged through the door and ran over (instantly not feeling drunk anymore),  only to see my father laying on the ground.

“MOM! What’s going on?!” I could not accept the fate.

My mother didn’t answer me.

I started crying. It was true. Dad was gone.

He was the best father ever! He made this legacy, a legacy. He made this house. He made this money.

05-31-15_10-20 AM


The next day, Taylor tried her best to cheer me up.

“I’m really sorry for your loss,” she warmed my shoulders. “But at least your girlfriend lives with you to keep you company,” Taylor smiled.

Taylor was right. There’s nothing else I could do. My father lived his life to the fullest. He was in a happier place now.

“You’re right, babe,” I let out a sigh of relief.

“Come with me,” she said as she grabbed my hand.


05-31-15_10-34 AM-2


Taylor pulled me upstairs, where we enjoyed our first woo hoo together.

05-31-15_10-35 AM

In case you were wondering about my beautiful girlfriend, we agreed that she didn’t need a job. My father had left behind over $100,000 for us, and she was a really good writer. I told her to just write a few books everyday, and she agreed.

After about a week or so, her stipend from books reached over $4,000/day! She was making more than me as a stay at home girlfriend.

05-31-15_10-37 AM


A few days after my father’s passing, my mother went peacefully outside. Neither Taylor or myself even noticed…

05-31-15_10-48 AM

You could tell I started coming out of my slump. I earned another promotion, to a Felonius Monk. Thankfully, it was also Friday, so I had off for a few days!! I couldn’t wait to spend the next few days with my beautiful girlfriend.

At last, we were alone.

05-31-15_10-53 AM


The next afternoon, I decided to take a break from gardening and evilness for work. I took Taylor on another date to the lagoon.

I swept Taylor off her feet into a kiss. Taylor was the one. I loved her. She was always there when I needed her. She looked out for me. She was my everything. Without Taylor, I was nothing. Taylor definitely won over my heart…

I had a nice surprise for her…

05-31-15_11-04 AM


I crouched down on one knee, and pulled out the Defesco family ring.

“Taylor, will you do the honors of being my sexy wife?… I can’t imagine a day without you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you,” I added.

The sun beat down on my neck, as I waited for an answer. At least this was romantic, right?

05-31-15_11-05 AM-2


“Of course I will Lee! I love you!!” Taylor yelped and leaped into my arms.

That was the first time Taylor answered me without hesitation. It felt great… I think I finally won her over.

We’re getting married!!

05-31-15_11-06 AM


After the date, we headed straight back home to celebrate!

Perhaps we’ll have a little one running around here soon?…

Except I actually knew how to woo hoo without producing a baby, unlike my father…

05-31-15_11-10 AM


I’ll leave it off there. Hopefully my story is slowly spicing up for you! How will the wedded life treat Taylor and I? When are we gonna’ pop out the kids?!


Update 12.1 – Wreaking Havoc


Drum roll please!!

It’s time for me to reveal my identity, as the generation 12 heir. Let’s see how much you were paying attention. My name begins with ‘L’. I am a male. I aspire to be a ‘Freelance Botanist’. I am ‘evil’… Who am I?!?!

If you guessed that lazy bum, Lamori, you’re not a true fan of the Defesco’s. My name is Leroy Defesco, the generation 12 heir!! Call me Lee for short.

After much debate, my dad ended up choosing me, mainly because I’m a sexy beast. But, on top of that, I already completed one aspiration. Now, I would work hard to make my father proud, keeping his garden/farm alive!

In case you were wondering, it came down to Latisha and I. Ultimately, it came down to our traits. Although Latisha had a more interesting aspiration, my father knew I’d be more successful. So, enough of the rambling, it’s time to get this evil show on the road!

Oh! One more thing, you probably forgot my traits too, since you probably don’t even read everything. I’ll be nice, just this one time. My traits are Music Lover, Business Savvy, and Evil. Not to mention my two bonus traits, Socially Gifted and Thrifty. Now, enough of the rambling, let’s get to it!

05-30-15_7-30 AM


With so many siblings growing up (and more to come!), I was already the perfect father. My parents had their hands full, juggling work and aspirations, so I helped out whenever I could.

This was perfect, in a sense, because it was like birth control to me.

Since my parents had so many kids, I did not want any kids in the near future.

I rocked, Lacy in my arms, “Oh, I can’t wait for you to grow up so I can pick on you,” I joked, with my evil side. “I’m gonna’ crush your toys and steal your candy. Mwahah!” Lacy simply coo’d at me and smiled.

05-30-15_7-32 AM


I loved more than anything torturing my siblings. It was by far the best part of having so many siblings.

I pointed at my youngest brother’s shirt, “Hey! What is that? Were you sneaking into mom’s chocolate cake again, big ‘ums?!” It wasn’t nice to make fun of my brother’s large size, but it was part of who I am (I do not condone evilness; please do not take offense to what I call my brother; I love him at the end of the day).

“What?! Where?!” Lamori got excited at just the mention of food. He quickly looked down where my finger was, and I flinged it up into his face.

“GOTCHA’!! Haha!” I began laughing.

“Knock it off Lee!” Lamori cried.

05-30-15_7-39 AM


Lamori was such an easy target, because he was always the oddball growing up. He was big-boned and ugly compared to me and my sisters.

“Okay. Okay,” I acted like I was giving into Lamori. “Truce?” I stuck my hand out for a shake.

“Tru- OUUUCCCH!” Lamori whaled.

I tricked him with the hand buzzer. Look at the pathetic face he made. Are we sure he was my brother?

05-30-15_7-41 AM


“Can you please just leave me alone?!” Lamori yelled.

“Fine, fine. Scram it, twerp!” I screamed at my brother, kicking him out of the room (but not really). As Lamori turned around to leave, I screamed loudly in his ear.

“AHHHH! WHAT THE ****?!” Lamori jumped with fear.

Ahhh, he was such an easy target. I love it!

05-30-15_7-42 AM


In addition to wrecking havoc with my siblings (well, mainly Lamori), I really grew a liking for the garden. Everyone else kind of gave up as I grew older and more attached to the garden. I started skipping school to work on my garden.

05-30-15_7-58 AM


Meet my little sister Lacy as a child! She rolled the creative and social butterfly trait. However, I had a feeling with my parents creeping up in age, they wouldn’t be too focused on pushing Lacy to complete her aspiration. They were successful with six other children, so why bother? At this point, no one even cares about my siblings, do you? They don’t mean anything. I’m already heir. They’re just wasting their time here. I wish they could move out… NOW! (sorry if I’m a little too harsh. Just let me know if you think I should ease up a bit. Just remember, it’s just a story!)

05-30-15_8-10 AM


Latisha’s (my older sister) birthday fell on the same day as Lacy’s. Latisha aged into a young adult and rolled a brand new trait; non-committal! This trait has never been rolled by a Defesco! I figured she was scarred for life with all of our siblings.

Well, see ya never Latisha! It was nice knowing ya!

… Yet another pointless sim in this legacy.

05-30-15_8-13 AM



Mom went into labor for the eighth time…


At this point, no one even helped her. She knew how to deliver her own babies. Besides, I’m sure they just slide out, at this point.

05-30-15_8-15 AM


Ugh… And as if this legacy wasn’t boring enough…

They had another girl… LAME!

Meet the eighth child of Generation 12, Latalia Defesco…

Moving on.

05-30-15_8-16 AM



At this point, I think my mother was permanently pregnant. Since Latisha moved out, there was room for another baby, so of course, they had to fill that spot.

Mom announced the news to me, like I cared. “You’re gonna’ be a big brother, again!” She jumped for joy.

I don’t even understand how she could be excited over it anymore.

I yawned… “Oh… Yay.” I said, with no enthusiasm, whatsoever.

05-30-15_8-36 AM


Kudos to my father to surviving to elderhood!

I couldn’t believe it took that long for him to go gray! I mean, he already lost his nice figure. He looked like a flat tire by the time he was about 35, since he had like 4 kids by then…

Well, this came with good news! Now that my father was an elder, my mother would be right behind him, so Baby #9 would probably be the last… Thank goodness!

05-30-15_8-35 AM

Mom started getting pissed at me for torchering my little (well, he’s not really little) brother, Lamori, so I started evilly ‘trolling teh forums’.

What teh heck does that even mean?! People are so pathetic nowadays.

I posted links to malicious sites on random threads.


This actually was more fun than picking on Lamori.

05-30-15_2-19 PM


Tomorrow was Monday; the start of the school week again. I did not feel like going. Besides, it was almost graduation. I felt a little cold coming on.

I called the principal, “Hi Dr. Goff, I’m terribly sorry, but I’m *cough, cough* feeling really sick.”

“Oh don’t worry about it Leroy. Just take off. I’ll see you at graduation,” Dr. Goff fell for it.

That was easy.

05-30-15_2-22 PM


Yay mom! She finally reached the top of her career (now that she was an old-bag). She was a Celebrity Chef with a pay of $410/hr.

05-30-15_2-24 PM

On my day off from school, I decided to go out and about to find “the one”. I needed someone in my life to love, and not pick on.

I met Taylor. She was a young adult (but I would be one very soon).

“Wanna’ go inside?” I invited Taylor into the house.


I could tell she was totally falling for me. I mean, who could resist my sexy body?

05-30-15_2-36 PM


My dad always had to “one-up” my mother. He earned a raise to $552/hr. He deserved it. He worked his butt off, ever since he was a teenager.

Speaking of working his butt off, with this raise, my father completed his aspiration!!

This meant that ever since my dad was a teenager, until now, he earned over $200k! I took my hat off for him. He is the only person in this family I refuse to disrespect. As a reward for completing the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration, he earned the Shrewd bonus trait.

Now that my father finally reached his lifelong goal, he was exhausted. He decided to retire.

I felt it was best for him anyway. Now, he could help care for the newborns that were popping out.

We were rich by now anyways, so it’s not like we really needed his money.

05-30-15_2-37 PM


Taylor stayed over pretty night on the first night. She accepted all of my pranks with a huge smile.

I let one ripped, wafted it towards her, and blamed it on her, “Awwww, Taylor!” I screamed as I held my nose. “You stink.”

Taylor turned red. “That wasn’t me! Haha.”

We giggled with each other on the sofa in my room.

I’m pretty sure if I was of age, we would’ve got it on…

05-30-15_2-47 PM


My other younger sister, Latalia aged into a child. She looked the least like any of my other siblings. Latalia rolled the loves the outdoors trait and whiz kid aspiration.

She almost looked Asian. I wondered if my mother maybe hooked up with the mailman… Naaww. Not possible, I giggled.

05-30-15_2-48 PM


Not longer after little Latalia’s birthday, my birthday rolled along. At last, time to enjoy the benefits of being an adult.

I rolled the goofball trait (I really love joking around with people, can’t you tell?). Now, Taylor was all mine!

05-30-15_2-52 PM

Oh! I almost forgot that my mother was pregnant… Still.

She went into labor, for what I hoped would be the last time.

05-30-15_2-52 PM-2

After about one second of pushing, and not a peep from my mother, by baby brother was born.

Finally, another boy of Generation 12! Meet Baby Boy Leland Defesco.

With that being said, Generation 12 consisted of 6 girls and 3 boys.

05-30-15_2-55 PM

Almost seconds after my mother gave birth to Leland, she aged into an elder! Hopefully, just hopefully, this would stop her from having more kids. I’m not sure I can take it any longer.

She also decided to retire from her job, because I told her I refused to take care of the kids, now that I was an adult. I had other responsibilities.

05-30-15_2-56 PM


I accidentally barged in on my mother while she was feeding Leland.

I was not expecting this at all…

Was she really breast-feeding him?!

I thought for sure her breast milk would be powder by now. And then, at that same moment, Leland began choking and crying.

Yupp. As expected, it’s powder. I laughed out loud.

“Knock it off!” Mom yelled at me. “Get out! It’s not funny!” She shoo’d me away.

I could not stop laughing the rest of my night.

See kids, that’s why you don’t reproduce when you’re so old!

05-30-15_2-59 PM


Before I end my first update, I just want to mention that I still here noises from my parents bedroom… I don’t think they have given up on having another child… GROSS!

05-30-15_3-15 PM


I think I’m gonna’ drop the ball there… Will my mother somehow get pregnant with baby #10? (I sure hope not). When will I scoop Taylor up? I promise my story will get a lot better, once all these damn spares grow up and move out!

Family Portrait 32