Update 13.5 – Pinky Pink Pink


Last time, I left off with the celebration of my perfect twin girls’ birthday party! Now that they were children, I couldn’t wait to watch their personalities explode. So, let’s get to it!

Things worked out perfectly with both of the girls aspiring to be a Whiz Kid. They got along so well (well, not really since both kids had some type of ‘mean’ trait). Nina and Noemi spent hours together playing chess.

“I’m smarter than you,” Nina, my evil little genius teased. “I’m gonna’ take over ‘ze world with my super brain power.”

“Nina! Shut up!” Noemi shouted, her hot-headed trait definitely showed. “When you’re in power, I’ll just assassinate you!”

I knew (well, hoped) the girls were just joking. I loved how they both had very distinct personalities.

06-28-15_9-03 AM

Kayden, as usual, spoiled his little girls. He bought them literally every toy in the store, along with a laptop, a radio, a TV… You get the point!

06-28-15_9-09 AM

“I be up in the gym, just working on my fitness. He’s my witness (oh, wee!),” I sang to myself as I pushed my body harder and harder. Finally, I completed my second aspiration of body builder.

06-28-15_9-16 AM

Homework party with the girls!

“Stop copying off me Nina,” Noemi shouted, at her (just barely) younger sister.

“I’m not copying off you, dummy,” Nina howled back. “I’m gonna’ shred your homework when you go to sleep tonight!”

Noemi started crying.

“Girls! Knock it off!” I shouted from the other room, in fear they would start fist-fighting any second.

06-28-15_9-22 AM

The next night, we decided to celebrate my birthday party! Kayden, as usual (spoiling his favorite girls) bought me the biggest cake in the world.

I took a deep breath, made a wish, and blew out the candles.

06-28-15_9-34 AM

I couldn’t wait to see what changes lay ahead for me as an adult.

06-28-15_9-35 AM

I enjoyed the typical birthday shenanigans with some of my closest friends. Even my half-sister Marilyn visited!

I can’t believe we didn’t own a card table in the past thirteen generations; this was great!

06-28-15_9-36 AM

Outside, as I enjoyed my cake and drink, Kayden walked over to make a toast.

“To Melody,” he shouted, as he held his glass high. “To the best woman in my life! I couldn’t imagine my life any other way. You are the cross to me ‘t’. I love you, baby… To Melody!” He shouted, once again.

All of the birthday guests repeated “To Melody!” as their glasses soared in the sky.

06-28-15_9-41 AM

After changing into something a little more ‘sexy’, I really caught Kayden’s eye. Kayden walked me upstairs, and we sat on our bed.

“So, how about it babe?” He asked. “I love you oh so much. And you look sexy right now. I can’t resist you anymore. We need to make more sexy babies for this world… Are you ready?”

Now that the girls were getting older, I felt ready to have another. I shook my head and mumbled “Mm-hm.”

06-28-15_11-43 AM

Baby number three in the making (hopefully). I prayed that now that I was an adult, I wouldn’t have trouble getting pregnant.

06-28-15_11-43 AM-2

This woo hoo lasted hours! Everything felt so right. It was amazing. Just as things were about to finish up, Noemi walked in.

“Mom! We’re home from school,” she shouted.

My heart literally stopped, and Kayden popped his head up immediately.

“Oh hey, sweetie,” he answered.

“What are you doing to mommy under there?!” Noemi panicked. “Why was she screaming?! Are you hurting her,” Noemi started crying and stormed for her room.

“See, I told you it was bad putting their room next to ours!” I yelled at Kayden. “Now go talk her through this… Good luck.”

That’s when it hit me. With Noemi interrupting our fun, I don’t think Kayden finished… Now, I really doubt I’m pregnant.

06-28-15_11-43 AM-3

As I threw my clothes on, I quickly ran for the bedroom for the test. I was eager to see if it actually worked. I kept my fingers crossed as I saw the pink dots flicker across the digital screen…


I tossed the confetti in the air, which came with the pregnancy test.

I don’t know how, but it work. What a relief?

06-28-15_11-48 AM

As I walked into the girls’ room to see how Noemi was doing, I couldn’t wait to reveal the news to Kayden!

“See honey, mom’s okay,” Kayden pointed to me, as I walked through the door with a smile.

“Mommy!” Noemi shouted, wiping the tears away. “I thought you were hurt.”

“No, no sweetie. I’m perfectly fine,” I responded.

“Well, what’s this lump in your tummy?!” Noemi panicked.

“Haha. You’re to observant baby! Mommy’s pregnant. You’re gonna’ be a big sister, again,” I couldn’t wait to tell the girls.

Kayden was the first to react, “YAY!” He screamed.

“Oh brother,” Noemi pouted. “Another one…” She sat on the floor to play with her toys. “He or She better not try to play with my toys!”

I chuckled. “I’m gonna’ cook dinner, and we’ll have a picnic to tell Nina.”

06-28-15_11-49 AM

Sure enough, at our wonderful picnic, I revealed the news to Nina.

“Nina, you’re gonna’ have a new brother or sister soon!” I exclaimed.

“Yay! Another sibling to pick on,” she added, seeming even less happy than her sister. “…How do you make a baby mommy?”

I feared this question.

“I got this, honey,” Kayden jumped in, saving my life, once again. “Well, you see sweetie, when two people are deeply in love, they actually ‘make love’.” I couldn’t believe how much detail he was getting into. “Love, leads to babies.”

“Ewww. That’s gross!” Nina cried. “I never wanna’ be in love.”

06-28-15_11-52 AM

That night, I felt very sick. I’m not sure what was wrong, but Kayden decided to spend time with his favorite girls. After all, he knew he’d have someone else to spoil soon.

“And the princess lived happily after ever,” Kayden finished the story.

“Ugh. I hate happy endings,” Noemi pouted.

“Seriously. Why can’t the world explode, or something?” Nina asked her father.

06-28-15_11-55 AM

At work the next morning (after my morning sickness went away), I continued training my colleagues. Nothing (not even pregnancy) ever got between me and work.

“C’mon Taylor! PUSH IT!” I screamed.

06-28-15_12-03 PM

With that, I earned another promotion to Trainer to the Stars, with a pay of $149/hr.

06-28-15_12-13 PM

I guess all of this hard work did have an effect on my pregnancy because the next night, I was already in labor!

06-28-15_12-27 PM

It’s go time!

I crossed my fingers for a boy.

06-28-15_12-29 PM

I spun around, dropped some sparkles and voila! Meet third born of generation fourteen, Nicole Defesco.

I can’t believe I had another girl.

06-28-15_12-30 PM

That night, Kayden also celebrated his birthday, as he aged into an adult.

06-28-15_12-32 PM

We debated having a fourth child…

“I really want a boy,” Kayden cried. “I want to have my little man. My twin.”

“But we’re getting pretty old,” I warned Kayden. “I don’t want to have any complications.”

“You know you want a boy,” he teased.

I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do. Noemi and Nina hated the thought of Nicole coming into this world. Could I really punish them by having a fourth child? The twins were also almost teenagers. That’s such a huge age difference…

06-28-15_12-36 PM

I continued to debate the options in my head. I had to choose quickly because before I knew it, we wouldn’t be able to reproduce anymore… So, what will I decide? Well, you’ll have to wait to find out!

Family Portrait 38


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