Update 12.5 – Big Miserable Family


In the last update, I mentioned how Taylor didn’t back down with having another baby. Although we already had one boy and one girl, she wanted another. I told her I was trying, but I really wasn’t, until…

“I’m pregnant,” Taylor revealed the shocking news.


“I’m so happy you always accommodate me!” She smiled.

“What?… But… How?” I was confused. I didn’t think I was actually trying.

“What to do mean how?… Silly, goofball,” Taylor started laughing. “Well, get ready for baby number 3!”

I couldn’t believe my ears. What a surprise.

06-06-15_3-21 PM

I didn’t accept the fact that Taylor was pregnant. It couldn’t be.

Until, the next morning, I heard Taylor puking. Morning sickness.

How did this happen? Maybe it broke…

06-06-15_3-52 PM

Well, I must accept the fate. I learned to live with the idea that soon we’d have a third child running around the house. Back at work, I earned another promotion to An0nymous Ghost, with a pay of $143/hr. I was getting so close to the top!

06-06-15_4-00 PM

Morgan earned an A in school, thus, completing his Whiz Kid aspiration. As a result, he earned the Mentally Gifted bonus trait.

06-06-15_4-03 PM

Surprisingly, even though Morgan and Melody were opposite sex, they got along wonderfully. I couldn’t believe it, since Morgan always talked about picking on Melody ever since we told him Taylor was pregnant.

06-06-15_4-07 PM

They were such cute kids! In a strange way, they made me want another…

06-06-15_4-07 PM-2

As Taylor’s due date quickly approached, she tried to pump me up for the big day.

“I can’t wait to bring our next buddle of joy into the world!” Taylor smiled.

“Yeah… Me neither…” I smirked.

I still wondered about how Taylor was pregnant. I didn’t want to bring it up because I don’t want her to hate me for not trying to get her pregnant…

06-06-15_4-11 PM

Melody sure had a great melody! She was our little musician.

06-06-15_4-15 PM

Soon enough, it was the moment of truth… Taylor went into labor! Ready or not, baby number three was on its way!

06-06-15_4-18 PM

Taylor held her little girl high. We named her Marilyn Defesco; baby number three.

06-06-15_4-18 PM-2

Taylor really loved being a stay-at-home mom, and she was really good at it. While Marilyn slept, Taylor cooked the older kids dinner and enjoyed it on the couch with them.

“So do you guys want another sibling?” Taylor asked, still wanting a bigger family.

“Yes! I want another sister!” Melody yelled.

“No. I don’t. I will be evil to any other sibling! But, I love my Melody,” he winked at his younger sister.

06-07-15_9-10 AM

A few days later, Melody completed her Artistic Prodigy aspiration, earning the Creatively Gifted bonus trait. I had a feeling Melody had a successful career in the music industry ahead of her.

06-07-15_9-19 AM

Doesn’t my garden look wonderful?… I should really get rid of the rubbage. The flies and mosquitoes were terrible.

06-07-15_9-20 AM

As quickly and unexpectedly as Marilyn came into this world, she aged into a lovely child! I actually felt happy for the first time when I saw Marilyn age! She inherited the legendary Defesco red hair! That’s right, somehow, it skipped my generation and went right onto her. I felt prouder than ever. She also rolled the bookworm trait and artistic prodigy aspiration.

06-07-15_9-34 AM

All three kids still played along wonderfully. Even though Morgan said he was evil, he always knew family came first.

06-07-15_9-37 AM

The next morning, I returned from work with a huge promotion to Net Demon, with a raise to $257/hr. I was ecstatic, because with this, I only needed one more promotion to be at the top!

I could not wait to tell Taylor!… After seeing Marilyn’s red hair, I actually wanted another child. I quickly ran inside to tell Taylor the good news, and get her in bed to produce baby number 4!

06-07-15_9-39 AM

I darted for the bedroom, calling Taylor’s name, trying not to wake the kids.

“Taylor! Guess what?” I was right outside the bedroom door now. “Honey?!” I opened the door, only to hear fumbling and giggling in the bed. “HONEY!!”

Suddenly, silence fell over the room.

“Taylor?! What the **** is going on?!” I screamed, fearing the worse.

The room remained silent.

Enough, is enough! I tore off the blankets, only to see…

06-07-15_9-46 AM


As Israel slept silently, Taylor finally popped out of the bed.

Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. It couldn’t be true. Taylor, the love of my life, would never do this to me… Right?

“WHAT THE ****?!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. “Why is Israel in our bed?!”

“Well, uhhhh…” Taylor looked for any possible excuse to cover it up. “I fell down the steps earlier, so he was just bringing me up here… And uhhh…” She struggled to finish the excuse.

“I know what’s going on!” I yelled. “You ****** *****!”

06-07-15_9-46 AM-2

I had enough of this punk. I trusted Israel! I wondered how long this was going on for. Then, it hit me…


I felt a lump form in my throat…

She’s not mine! It all made sense now. That’s why she had the red hair! She wasn’t a true Defesco!

As the reality sank in, I yanked Israel out of bed.

“You ****** sick bastard!” I blew up. “You’re a scum-bag. I trusted you. What the ****?!” I didn’t know what else to say.

“Calm down, Lee,” Israel actually thought I could calm down.

“I can’t believe you have been woo hoo’ing my wife for weeks!… Maybe longer! Your sick. I hope you rot in hell!” I could not believe this just happened.

“You’re the one that did this! I have no idea why you’re mad at me. I should be yelling at you for stealing my girl,” Israel tried to defend himself.

I had no idea what he was talking about. Taylor and I had been dating for years now and we’ve been married for time. I know that Israel was her ex, but who cares…

I trusted Taylor. I trusted Israel. He had been over our house almost everyday I went to work. This has probably been going on forever!… I wondered if Morgan or Melody were mine.

I couldn’t hold back my anger anymore.

06-07-15_9-47 AM

I threw a punch at the bastard. This ***** wasn’t getting away that easy. I can’t believe it! There’s no way his puny-self could beat me. I punched, kicked, and screamed, until Israel’s nose and eye started bleeding.

06-07-15_9-48 AM

Taylor came running over, “Guys! Stop!” She shouted. “It’s not worth it.”

Israel didn’t get a single punch in on me… I backed off.

Israel was seeing stars by now.

“Did I teach you who to mess with?!” I screamed. “I never want to see your sick face again.”

Well, one thing was certain, this would help with my Public Enemy aspiration, now that I had two new enemies!

06-07-15_9-49 AM

Next, I had to set Taylor straight. She had betrayed me. She probably cheated on me since we were engaged! I thought back to when Taylor played chess with Morgan and always cheated… Once a cheater, always a cheater… I should’ve known better. I couldn’t take it anymore.

“You know what this means, right?” I asked Taylor.

“I’m sorry Lee. It’s not what it seems. I am so lonely when you’re at work… I tried to warn you in the beginning!” Taylor tried to explain.

“Tried to warn me? What the **** do you mean, *****?” I could not follow.

“Remember when we first met, I kept rejecting you… We saw Israel at the bar, and he almost freaked out… He wasn’t drunk… He wasn’t my ex… We were dating,” she revealed the big secret.

My eyes teared up and my jaw fell to the floor.

What a *****?! I fell in love with this girl. I thought she was my soul-mate, yet she already had a boyfriend!

“I’m sorry Lee, but it’s really your fault,” she tried to blame her mistake on me. “You weren’t giving up. No matter how many times I rejected you, you always came back… Of course, I’d eventually fall for you.”

Taylor can talk all she wants. Right now, all her words are **** to me. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

06-07-15_9-50 AM

I was done.

I removed the wedding band from my finger.

“It’s over, *****!” I threw the ring at her face, and snatched the family Defesco ring off her finger.

“Seriously, Lee?” She started complaining. “I still love you!”

What a pathetic *****. There’s no way you can love someone, and do them this dirty.

Israel started laughing.

“Would you get the **** out my house already, *****?!” I screamed and pointed to the door. “Didn’t you learn enough already after I beat your ***?”

Israel refused to leave.

“I’m not going anywhere without my girlfriend,” he mentioned.

I quivered at the thought that I married a ‘taken’ women.

06-07-15_9-50 AM-2

“Lee, please. Give me a second chance. I’m sorry,” Taylor started balling her eyes out.

“NO! He clearly means more to you than me,” I am done. “GET OUT! BOTH OF YOU!” I yelled.

Taylor started weeping. “Pleeeeasssse. Lee! I’m sorry.”

I couldn’t even look Taylor in the eyes anymore.

“At least give me a few days to find a place to live,” she begged as she wiped away her tears.

“Fine.” I agreed. “But you’re not sleeping in here, and Israel is not welcome!” I started to storm off.

06-07-15_9-50 AM-3

“But first… I’m pregnant,” she dropped another bomb.

“NO! That’s it. Get out! Israel get out! Taylor get out! And, take your pathetic child, Marilyn… LEAVE! You had have your big miserable family elsewhere. Y’all are no longer welcome here. No more mooching off the Defesco’s.” I was done. Now that Taylor was expecting another child with Israel, I couldn’t wait for them to get out. There’s no way I could bear to have another child in my house. Especially produce by this sicko.

06-07-15_9-52 AM

At last, I got Taylor, Israel, and Marilyn out of the house. We had a court date set, and I just prayed I’d get custody over the kids… I knew I didn’t really have to pray because she did me wrong. There’s no way I can lose.

I was heartbroken. I couldn’t believe what just happened. Taylor was the love of my life. I trusted her. I thought what we had was true… I walked around the next few days with my head glued to the ground… I’d have to tell the kids soon, about what happened… They kind of just let me have my space though. They didn’t even ask where their mom or sister went. I assumed they had somewhat of an idea.

06-07-15_10-01 AM

I’ll end this update on a slightly happier note, I figured I’d share that Morgan aged into a teenager. Morgan rolled the bookworm and essence of flavor trait, as well as the master chef aspiration…

06-07-15_10-04 AM

Now that Taylor and I are divorced, what lies ahead for this generation? Will I get custody of my two kids Morgan and Melody? I hope this is the drama you’ve been looking for!

Family Portrait 35


7 thoughts on “Update 12.5 – Big Miserable Family

    • Did you catch on?! I kept foreshadowing this act. I wondered if anyone would pick up on it. I prayed that when Marilyn aged, she had the red hair… it was perfect!
      Thank you for the comment. I really enjoy talking to my readers!
      Did Leroy disappoint you?


  1. Blob

    YES Leroy did disappoint me. Marilyn wasn’t his biologic daughter but she was a daughter to him and Leroy was her father. He shouldn’t have kicked her out

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, I really thought this was going to be the perfect generation, lol. Taylor and Lee with one/two perfect children. All well, I think things will be a lot better with just Lee & his two kids. At first, I was like dang he went from wanting one kid to having four xD.


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