Update 9.2 – Completing the Legacy


Last time, I aged into a young adult and immediately fell for my ‘love at first sight’, Vivian. After woo hooing her for the first time, there was question about whether she was pregnant or not, so what happened? It’s time for me, Indio Defesco, the generation 9 heir to finish up the Defesco Legacy!

While Vivian and I exercised together, she made me nearly fall off when she blurted, “What if I’m pregnant?”

This completely caught me off guard. I mean, it was my first time and everything, but I think sex-ed helped enough. I’m pretty sure I did everything right to prevent pregnancy.

“You really think you might be?” I asked Vivian, expressing my concern.

“I don’t know. I did put on a little weight…”

01-02-15_9-56 PM


After a while, it was confirmed that Vivian wasn’t pregnant! I wiped the sweat off my forehead. See, I did know what I was doing.

I guess you can say that things between Vivian and I were going great. We woo hoo’d every night.

01-02-15_10-09 PM


The next night, things just felt so right between Vivian and I. Ever since that first day I laid eyes on her in the library, I knew we’d be together forever. I dragged Vivian across the street to the beach.

I knew the scene was romantic, and I prepared myself for the big event!

I bent down on one knee, and pulled out a diamond ring.

“Vivian Gifford, will you do the honors of being my wife?” I asked with so much excitement.

01-02-15_10-15 PM


As quickly as I rushed out the question, Vivian slipped the ring on her finger and leaped happily into my arms!

“Of course I will Indio! It’s the greatest honor ever,” Vivian had a smile from ear-to-ear.

Vivian and I were soulmates.

01-02-15_10-16 PM


I decided to talk to my mother about the wedding. I knew she was a party animal so she definitely wanted to be around for it. As much as I wanted to deny it, her time was slowly but surely coming to and end.

“Mom, I just proposed to Vivian!” I exclaimed.

“Oh boy! That’s wonderful Indio! I am so excited for the two of you,” my mother never even had a boyfriend in her life.

“I knew you love to party, so I wanted to do the honors of asking you to plan the wedding for us? As long as it’s not too much on you,” I didn’t want my mother to feel overwhelmed.

“Of course I will Indio. I would love to! In fact, I’ll get to work on it right now,” and off my mother went to plan our wonderful wedding.

As much as Vivian and I didn’t want to rush into things, we knew we’d be together forever no matter what. Plus, we wanted more than anything for my mother to be there. Vivian’s parents passed when she was just a child, so they wouldn’t be there. We wanted at least one of our parents to see us be wed.

01-02-15_10-18 PM


Obviously it was not too much to ask my mother to plan our wedding because the next day, she earned her final promotion! She was now at the top of the business career, investor path. She was an Angel Investor with an astonishing pay of $406/hr!

01-02-15_10-20 PM


Although not nearly as impressive as my mother, on my second day of work, I earned my first promotion! I made about one sixth of what my mother made…

01-02-15_10-22 PM


The next night, after everyone was home from work, my mother decided to hold our wedding!

Although Vivian and I wanted the wedding to be on the library lot, where we first met, my mother insisted on having it in the park. She said, “It’s where the founder of this legacy was married! We must start and end here!”

So, I just agreed with my mother.

01-02-15_10-25 PM


At last, Vivian Gifford became my wife.

Here are a few pictures from the wedding. I won’t bore you with any descriptions. Just enjoy the beauty! It was great being able to have all of my brothers and sister attend the ceremony. My mother did an outstanding job, as usual.

01-02-15_10-26 PM 01-02-15_10-27 PM 01-02-15_10-27 PM-2 01-02-15_10-29 PM


Now that Viv and I were married, we finally started discussing starting a family.

At breakfast the next morning, Vivian brought up the topic, “So, now that we are officially a married couple… What were your plans about having a child?”

“Well, first off, my mother is not doing so well, so I don’t think we should do it while she’s still around. Things would get too crazy for her. I can’t stress her anymore than needed. Secondly, once my mother does pass, our income is going to drop significantly. It’s gonna’ become tough to support a child. I do not think we’re ready mentally or financially,” I explained to Vivian, hoping she’d understand.

“I completely understand and agree. We should put off having a baby for at least a little while. We definitely are going to need more money,” Vivian agreed.

“I think once we both get far enough in our careers, we will be set to start our family,” I mentioned with a huge smile.

Growing up around a large family, I couldn’t wait to start one of my own!

01-03-15_2-40 PM


I could tell Vivian wanted to have a baby ASAP because the very next day, Vivian scored a promotion. She was promoted to Senior Manager.

Although Vivian was advancing quickly through her career, I was still taking my time. I was in no rush to change my life completely. However, Vivian and I still found time to celebrate her amazing accomplishment!

Unfortunately, while woo hooing, I messed up big time. I just took a big gulp, and prayed that I didn’t jump the line too early…

01-03-15_2-42 PM01-03-15_2-43 PM

Sure enough, the next day, while Vivian and I enjoyed chess, she once again brought up the family topic. But this time, it was a dire situation.

“Indio, there’s a chance I might be pregnant,” Vivian whispered, trying to prevent my mother from hearing. If she found out, she might have a heart-attack from the excitement.

“I feared this,” I mumbled. “Not that I don’t want a child, but like we discussed a few days ago, we’re not ready yet… To be honest, last night when we woo hoo’d, I made a mistake.”

“Oh my, Indio! Why didn’t you tell me?” She seemed a little upset. “I would have taking a pregnancy test already. All day, I’ve been sick and I just feel bigger and weird.”

“Well, whatever happens, we’ll support our precious baby,” I responded.

01-03-15_2-58 PM


At dinner the next day, my mother broke the news to us:

“Kiddies,” she referred to Vivian and I. “I am really disgraced in admitting this, but I don’t think I have much longer to live.”

“Oh mother! Please don’t give up so soon,” I did not want my mom to die yet. I felt saddened that she wouldn’t get to meet her grandchild.

“Hannah, you’ve been a great role model for Indio and I. We understand if you’re ready to go. We love you Hannah,” Vivian started to cry.

Suddenly, my mother started crying as well and she said “I love you t-…”

01-03-15_2-44 PM

My mother jumped up out of her seat, and waved her arms.

“So long Vivian and Indio. Indio, finish this legacy on a strong note!”

“Mom, NO!” I screamed, but it was too late.

01-03-15_2-46 PM


My mother died right there that night as we enjoyed our final family dinner together.

Let my mother, Hannah’s soul rest in peace.

01-03-15_2-48 PM

The next day, I was still a little blue from my mother’s passing. I was so sad how she went. Why couldn’t she have passed while sleeping? Did it really have to happen at our family dinner? I started crying again, as I sat on the couch, talking to myself.

Suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulder, “It’s okay baby,” Vivian tried her best to cheer me up.

Vivian took a seat next to me and said, “We’re gonna’ be okay Indio. Try not to worry.”

I could tell Vivian wanted me to be my cheerful, happy, insane self again.

Then, Vivian started tickling me, as a tease.

“I’m gonna’ hit that ticklish spot of yours!” She joked, digging into my rubs.

I suddenly busted out laughing. She won me over. Not only had Vivian put a smile on my face, she also managed to turn me on!

01-03-15_2-51 PM


So, up to the bedroom we went! Vivian knew exactly how to tame my insanity.

01-03-15_2-52 PM

At chess the next morning, Vivian still thought she might be pregnant.

“Why don’t you just take a pregnancy test?” I asked her.

“Because it’s almost my time,” she responded. I didn’t really want to hear about that, so I didn’t bother asking anymore questions. “That’s gonna’ be a huge indicator.”

So, the wait began…

01-03-15_2-58 PM

Vivian decided to exercise to lose any weight she added over the past week. Who knows maybe she just ate something bad, and she just gained some weight…

01-03-15_3-00 PM

The next day, I finally earned another promotion! Now, I was the Project Manager. I nearly made the same salary as Vivian. So, with this promotion, I felt it was time for us to start actively trying for a baby!

01-03-15_3-05 PM

Vivian, and her party animal aspiration, decided that it would be a great idea to have over all of my siblings for a dinner party!

And she was right! It was great having everyone back together, under one roof.  We all caught up at the dinner table.

“So, any kids on the way yet?!” My brother Ian asked.

“Not yet,” I responded. I looked at Vivian with concern. We still never found out if she was really pregnant, or not. “But soon!”

“We’re just trying to get financially stable,” Vivian added.

“That’s wonderful, baby brother,” Isaac, my oldest brother responded.

It was funny that my siblings nagged me to have kids, but they didn’t even have significant others… Shows that age does not mean anything! I was the baby of the family, but the only one about to have a baby of my own!

01-03-15_3-06 PM


Sure enough, once the party ended and we cleaned up, Vivian pulled me upstairs. As we sat on the edge of the bed, she revealed the big news.

“Not pregnant!” Vivian exclaimed.

“Oh that’s wonderful!” This definitely caused a scare, because at the time, we definitely were not ready. “But, I have even better news,” I said to Vivian. “I earned another promotion, so I am ready when you are to start trying!”

“YES!” Vivian blurted, literally tossing me under the covers in a second.

01-03-15_3-12 PM


I now officially announce that Vivian and I are actively trying for a baby!

01-03-15_3-12 PM 01-03-15_2-52 PM


The next day, at breakfast, I expected Vivian to reveal the big news…

Instead, Vivian reminded me, “It’s my birthday today!”

Oh man! I almost forgot. “I know baby! I can’t wait to celebrate,” I tried to cover up the fact that I forgot.

“Do you mind if we have a party here?” Vivian asked me.

“If that’s what you want, my love.”

“Great! Don’t worry about anything. I’ll plan it all. Just be ready to party!” Vivian jumped up from breakfast and started decorating, baking, and cleaning.

01-03-15_3-14 PM


Vivian’s birthday party was wonderful! She sure knew how to have a good time. Even my Uncle Herberto stopped by for some fun.

01-03-15_3-17 PM

At the party, the drinks were flowing! I held my glass up high, making a toast to my wonderful wife.

“I want to dedicate this amazing party to my fabulous wife. I can’t imagine myself any happier… To Vivian!” I shouted, holding my glass up high and making my gorgeous wife blush.

01-03-15_3-23 PM

We were so involved with pounding down the drinks that Vivian nearly forgot to blow out her candles! Finally, after everyone left, she took a deep breath and blew out her candles, transitioning into a beautiful adult.

01-03-15_3-24 PM01-03-15_3-25 PM


I couldn’t wait any longer. Vivian’s looks had me turned on. Only one thing could make Vivian’s birthday party even better.

I whispered in her ear, “Wanna’ woo hoo?”

Vivian shook her head, and upstairs we went, to hopefully finally make our baby!

01-03-15_3-26 PM


Afterwards, once the alcohol effects wore off, we went back downstairs to eat some cake.

I asked Vivian, “Did you have an amazing birthday party?”

Vivian nodded her head, “The best.”

“I have little surprise for you tonight,” I whispered.

01-03-15_3-28 PM

This would make Vivian’s birthday unforgettable… A second woo hoo!

This was the first time we woo hoo’d twice in one day. It was amazing…

I’ll tell you what, if Vivian is not pregnant now, I have a feeling one of us is sterile.

01-03-15_3-30 PM

In the morning, at breakfast, Vivian revealed the wonderful news!

“I have a feeling I’m pregnant!” Vivian shouted, with so much excitement. “I missed my time of month…”

“Oh yes!” I screeched. “I hope we finally did it!!”

“We’ll test after we’re finished eating,” Vivian suggested.

I quickly gulped down my breakfast and waited patiently in the bathroom for Vivian.

01-03-15_3-32 PM

As I waited in the bathroom for Vivian, the time seemed to tick by slow! I figured she was cleaning up the mess from her party (she was a neat freak), so I decided to take a bath while I waited.

Sure enough, as soon as I got in the bath, Vivian came in with the pregnancy test.

“Are you ready?!” She waved the box in my face.

“Yes!!” I jumped out of the tub, flashing Vivian with a full-blown frontal.

“Calm down, haha,” Vivian laughed. “Sit back down… This will just take a minute.”

Vivian sat down on the toilet and did her thing. Then, we waited for the little plus sign to appear…

Once again, the wait seemed like forever…

01-03-15_3-33 PM

At last, the little pink plus appeared!

“YES!” I screamed, and wrapped Vivian into a make out session.

I was so excited. I cannot wait to meet my little baby!

01-03-15_3-35 PM

Even with being pregnant, Vivian managed to impress her boss. She was presented with two different paths for her career. In the end, Vivian decided to pursue te Management path. As a result, she was promoted to Vice President of the company, with a pay of $90/hr! I was so proud of her.

We’d definitely be able to support our child now.

01-03-15_3-43 PM


I couldn’t wait any longer for my baby to arrive! I tried feeling Vivian’s tummy every night.

“You think my little boy’s coming yet?” I asked Vivian. I always hoped for a boy. It would be a perfect way to end this male dominant legacy.

“Haha,” Vivian laughed it off. “I hope so!”

With the baby coming any day now, Vivian decided to take a day of family leave.

01-03-15_3-46 PM


The next day, I too scored another promotion before the baby was born. I was now the Development Captain.

01-03-15_3-53 PM

Vivian slept most of her pregnancy. She was exhausted.

I was lonely eating my dinner at night. But, have no fear, I had myself to talk to! I decided to talk about being a father. I agreed that I would raise my son to be just like me. He’d be a big geek, hopefully. I loved computers. In fact, I just master the programing skill. Oh gosh, here I go again…

01-03-15_3-55 PM

I decided to play some video games on the computer while Vivian caught some “Z’s”. In fact, I managed to complete my aspiration after spending 100 hours on the computer! As a result of completing the Computer Whiz aspiration, I earned the Webmaster bonus trait!

01-03-15_3-57 PM

When Vivian woke up, I convinced her to enjoy one last woo hoo with me before our baby arrived.

“We won’t have much alone time once he comes,” I told Vivian, mainly to get her to make love with me.

“Oh fine,” Vivian mumbled. I could tell she really wasn’t in the mood.

01-03-15_4-01 PM

While we ate our pancakes for breakfast, I heard Vivian squirm.

“You okay?” I asked her.

“Uh oh! My water just broke!” Vivian screamed.

At last, Vivian went into labor! Finally, the Defesco legacy was about to be complete! I felt a jolt of energy!

01-03-15_4-02 PM


Unfortunately, I had to leave Vivian since I still had work that day. But, I knew she’d do great. I couldn’t wait to come home and hold my bundle of joy.

Then, it happened…

The Defesco legacy was complete, as generation 10 was brought into this world by Vivian!

01-03-15_4-04 PM

Meet the first-born of generation 10, and the official end to the Defesco Legacy, Jaclyn Defesco! My precious baby girl was perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end such a wonderful legacy.

01-03-15_4-06 PM

Until, I found out that Vivian delivered twin girls! Meet second born of generation 10, Jewel Defesco!

01-03-15_4-07 PM

And, with that, the Defesco Legacy is officially complete! After 10 generations, 8 heirs (and 1 founder), 29 births, 38 updates, and many months later, the Defesco Legacy is complete. Fortunately, for the readers, the Defesco legacy is never over! As you know, this is an Alphatecy, so the Defesco legacy does not end here! Although I did accomplish the ultimate goal of a traditional legacy, the Defesco’s story will live on! So, in the next update, see what Jaclyn and Jewel look like as children, and find out if Vivian and I have any more kids!

(On a side note, I am going back to school so it’s definitely going to be a while until I update again. Once again, thank you for all the support! I am proud to be one of the first simmers to finish and publish a legacy for the Sims 4. It was wonderful. With a little over 115 hours of play time, it was a wonderful experience!)

Family Portrait 21


3 thoughts on “Update 9.2 – Completing the Legacy

  1. Awww, I love Indio and Vivian’s relationship. What a perfect couple to bring in generation 10! I thought it was funny when Hannah was like “all right guys, it’s my time.” and Indio and Viv are like “No, don’t go!” and then she gets up to nudge on the grim reaper like, “hurry the f up!”. Lol :p. Great legacy though, very well written. Can’t wait until you pick it back up!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol. Indio and Vivian are literally perfect! Love them so much! Literally everything is maxed with their relationship.
      And omg! It was so crazy because I was doing that scene at the dinner table with them to have the mother saying her good byes, then all of a sudden she jumps up and dies! Lmao. It was such perfect timing.
      Thank you, thank you. It was great writing it and I can’t wait to play again so I can see what Jaclyn and Jewel look like (this is actually where I stopped in my game too).


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