Update 9.3 – Back at it Again!


Since it’s been a while since I last updated, I want to provide a decent recap on what’s been happening. My name is Indio Defesco, the generation 9 heir! I am a bit insane, so I tend to ramble on and talk to myself, sorry (at last this will be the last update from me!). Growing up, I became attached to my mother’s coworker, Vivian. I knew she’d be the love of my life. Sure enough, when I aged into a young adult, Vivian and I started dating. Soon, we married and started a family together. Both Vivian and I were serious about advancing in our careers, so we held off having children for a while. This enabled me to complete my lifetime goal of Computer Whiz. The last update ended with the birth of my twin girls, Jaclyn and Jewel! Now that generation 10 is born, this legacy is officially complete, however the Defesco story continues!

I loved my two precious daughters. Nothing could replace them. I tried to snuggle and cuddle with them as much as I could because I knew they wouldn’t be young forever.

03-23-15_3-03 PM 03-23-15_3-05 PM


At dinner, the thought of having more children crossed my mind. I brought it up to Viv.

“So, what are your plans now,” I started off. “Do you like, wanna’ have more kids, or…?” I didn’t wanna’ upset Vivian, in case she didn’t want anymore kids.

“Honestly, it doesn’t matter to me. We have two baby girls now. I am satisfied. I always saw myself having two kids. Although I’d really love to have a boy…”

“That’s exactly how I feel! I guess we’ll just go with the flow. Whatever happens, happens,” I explained to Vivian. We wouldn’t avoid having another child, but we wouldn’t try…

03-23-15_3-06 PM

So, that night, when woo hooing, I knew everything was in my hands. I had the chance to impregnate Vivian, or not.

03-23-15_3-09 PM

In the morning, I caught Vivian on the toilet making business calls! This was too funny, haha! I made fun of her a lot for doing this. If I didn’t know Vivian, I’d say she was a workaholic.

03-23-15_3-10 PM

As I helped Vivian increase her logic skill, playing chess, she continuously teased me. Her looks were so irresistible. I had the hottest wife ever.

03-23-15_3-28 PM

As expected, the girl’s grew up way too fast. Before I knew it, they were both children. Jewel rolled the bookworm trait and rambunctious scamp aspiration. She has the long hair. Jaclyn rolled the music lover and rambunctious scamp aspiration. Jaclyn had short hair. I was kind of disappointed that neither of the girls had Vivian’s fiery hair. This made me want to have more kids…

03-23-15_3-35 PM

I could tell the girls were gonna’ be close, especially if they were our only kids. Jewel and Jaclyn did everything together, as twins should. I loved watching them play together, with huge smiles on their faces.

03-23-15_5-46 PM 03-23-15_5-48 PM 03-23-15_5-49 PM


Now that all of our attention wasn’t focused on the kids, Vivian and I could get back to our old hobby of working out. Although neither of us needed this skill for our job, we realized the importance of staying fit.

03-23-15_5-51 PM


I even had more time to focus on advancing in my career, something that was always important to me. In fact, I earned a promotion to eSports Competitor, with a pay of $121/hr.

03-23-15_5-59 PM

However, the girls still were my number one priority. I would not let my family slip away from me. Instead of working on building my skills for work, I helped the girls with their homework. That’s when it happened.

“Daddy, Jewel and I were talking,” Jaclyn started. “We want a baby sister.”

I practically fell over. I was not expecting that at all.

“Yeah, dad. We want to dress her up and show her how to be a lady,” Jewel giggled.

“Okay girls, I’ll see what I can do,” I told them. I wanted my girls to be happy. “But, it’s not that easy. I’ll try to not let you down.”

Maybe things wouldn’t be too bad with another child. After all, I heard that the chemical leak that was causing twins to be dominant has finally been cleaned up… Maybe we should have another…

03-23-15_6-01 PM


That night, as the girls slept, I did what I could to fulfill their request…

03-23-15_6-04 PM

In the morning, I told Vivian about the girls’ request.

“So, did you fulfill their request last night?” Vivian asked me.

“Uhhh, I guess we’ll find out, right?” I told Vivian.

“I guess!”

03-23-15_6-12 PM

After weeks of working towards her promotion goal, Vivian was finally promoted to President of her company. Now, she earns $134/hr.

03-24-15_10-53 AM

Soon enough, I aged into an adult. We also found out that Vivian wasn’t pregnant. I assumed it was because we were getting too old.

03-24-15_10-55 AM

Even though Vivian and I were dedicated to work, as I said before, family always came first. When the weekends rolled around, we had a lot of fun family time!

Space invaders!!

I loved my family, even if we couldn’t have anymore kids. We were perfect the way we are.

03-24-15_11-05 AM

Of course, Vivian and I couldn’t pass up alone time. We even went on a wonderful date that weekend!

03-24-15_11-18 AM

Once the weekend came to an end, it was back to work.

Fortunately, I earned another promotion to Pro Gamer, with a pay of $194/hr.

03-24-15_11-39 AM

Vivian quickly snagged another promotion to CEO, with a pay of $201/hr. She needed one more promotion to reach the top of her career; I needed two. At this point, it was a race to see who would reach the top first.

03-24-15_11-46 AM

Vivian enjoyed the last few days of our girls being little. She cuddled Jaclyn tight.

“I’m sorry daddy and I weren’t able to get you two another sibling,” Vivian apologized.

“Don’t worry about it mom! Jewel and I realized that we really didn’t want a sibling, so no big deal.”

03-24-15_3-45 PM


The next night, I earned yet another promotion. Now, I was an APM King, getting paid $261/hr… One more promotion left! I can beat Vivian!!

03-24-15_3-48 PM

Vivian was so good at her job though. Each night, she made business calls. In fact, she convinced her boss to give her a good chunk of the business. This helped with the family funds a bit.

I had doubts that I’d beat Vivian to the top of her career, but we’ll just have to wait to find out!

03-24-15_4-03 PM

The girls enjoyed a final young family breakfast. Soon Vivian would be an elder and the girls would be teenagers. I wished I could join them, but I worked late, so I was still sleeping.

03-24-15_4-07 PM

Sure enough, Jewel aged into a wonderful teenager, rolling the goofball and quick learner trait. She aspired to be a nerd brain. She must get it from me.

03-24-15_4-11 PM

Soon following Jewel, Jaclyn aged into a gorgeous teenager, rolling the hot-headed and quick learner traits. She aspired to be a renaissance sim. Once again, taking after her father’s brains.

03-24-15_4-12 PM

Last but certainly not least, Vivian aged into a smokin’ elder. I could not wait to get her in bed!

03-24-15_4-17 PM

Well, this ends my time here as the heir. I hope you enjoyed my part of the Defesco Legacy. Next time, you will hear my daughter’s wonderful story! Who managed to win my heart over, Jaclyn or Jewel?

Family Portrait 23


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