Update 12.4 – Big Happy Family


Last time, Taylor and I got married and we eventually brought generation 13 into this world, with Morgan Defesco! What else happened as a married couple?

Morgan was the perfect little peanut. I loved caring for my little man. I couldn’t ask for a better first, and only child.

05-31-15_1-12 PM


I was that goofy dad that would humiliate his kids at their baseball game.

Silly faces!!

Morgan already laughed at me.

05-31-15_1-13 PM


Taylor brought up the dreaded idea of having another kid… I really only wanted one kid.

“Lee, I think we should really think about having another child. Morgan will be so lonely, if not,” Taylor tried to make me feel bad.

“But Taylor, you know how rough of a life I had growing up. I almost sick of children. I really don’t think we should,” I explained.

“How about we just give it some time?” Taylor didn’t back down.

“Ugh… Fine. I’ll see what happens after I get another promotion,” I promised Taylor.

05-31-15_1-14 PM


The next night, Taylor aged into an adult, and I realized if we were gonna’ have more kids, we better do it soon!

05-31-15_1-19 PM

Taylor never backed down on having another child. At dinner the next night, she brought up the topic again.

“So how’s that promotion coming along?” Taylor asked.

“I’m getting there. Slowly but surely,” I brushed off the topic.

“You better not be doing this on purpose!” Taylor exclaimed, and we started giggling.

I loved dinners with my beautiful wife.

05-31-15_1-23 PM


The next night, I aged into an adult as well!

What lies ahead?!

I rubbed my hands together, “Bring it on!” I could take on anything that flew my way.

05-31-15_1-25 PM

Remember Taylor’s ex, Israel? Well, he actually was a pretty cool dude.

The three of us hung out often.

“So what did the chicken say as he walked across the road?” Israel made a joke.

I liked how Israel was a goofball like me. He was fun to be around, and I saw why Taylor wanted him to keep her company while I worked late hours at work.

05-31-15_1-30 PM


At last, I earned my promotion to DigiThief, with a pay of $47/hr. I ended up choosing the Oracle path because I rather be the brains behind the missions.

As I walked in the house, I feared Taylor would be jumping down my pants as soon as I walked through the door.

05-31-15_1-34 PM


Sure enough, as I creeped upstairs, Taylor was waiting in bed.

“I’m ready,” she whispered. “Morgan’s asleep.”

I could never break a promise to my wife.

05-31-15_1-36 PM


When I woke up late the next morning (or, should I say evening), Taylor revealed the big news.

“It worked baby!” Taylor shouted. “I’m pregnant!” I could see the excitement in her face.

“That’s wonderful,” I tried to sound enthusiastic.

05-31-15_1-39 PM


Later that day, as I worked at my new job, Morgan aged into a child! He rolled the evil trait, along with the Whiz Kid aspiration.

He wanted to be a little evil genius, like his father!

05-31-15_1-41 PM

Sure enough, my mini-me and I bonded all of the time. We were very close, since we had such similar personalities.

As we sat on the sofa, enjoying breakfast, Morgan joked with me, “I am gonna’ take over ‘zee world wif my super brain power!”

“Haha,” I laughed out loud. “You’re hilarious, son!”

06-06-15_2-13 PM


I often worked from home, hacking into various funds. It was risky behavior, but it brought in extra money.

06-06-15_2-15 PM


I loved playing chess with my evil genius!

He always beat me…

06-06-15_2-17 PM


While I worked countless hours at work, trying my best to support our family of three, Taylor remained a wonderful stay at home mom.

As soon as Morgan returned from school, Taylor tutored our son, making sure he did well in school.

“I know what two times two is, mom!” He complained.

“You’re just too smart.”

Although Morgan didn’t really need the tutor, Taylor refused to back down.

06-06-15_2-32 PM


Taylor really loved reading the books she wrote to our son, Morgan.

I feel like this is why Morgan is so smart. In addition to school work, he read and played chess.

06-06-15_2-34 PM


Speaking of chess, Taylor always made fun of me for not being able to beat Morgan at chess.

“How can’t you beat a little kid?” She complained.

Later, I snapped this picture of Morgan and Taylor playing chess. Now, I knew exactly why she won all of the time. Because Taylor was a cheater!!

“Hey Morgan, look! A dragon!” She pointed to an imaginary figure.

“What?! Where?!” I can’t believe Morgan fell for it.

06-06-15_2-46 PM


I’ve been working out… A LOT.

Can you tell?

Look at those pecs… And those biceps…

And them legs!

06-06-15_2-50 PM


The three of us didn’t often get to sit down to enjoy a family breakfast together, but when we did, Morgan tried stirring the pot often.

“I don’t want a little brother or sister!” He shouted. “I’m gonna’ be evil and steal from them!”

“See! I told you we shouldn’t have had another,” I reminded Taylor.

“Stop…” Taylor’s faced flushed red, and it looked like she was about to cry.

“I’m just kidding baby,” I felt bad. “I can’t wait to meet our next child!”

“I can!” Morgan jolted.

“Get to your room!” Taylor yelled, punishing Morgan.

“Fine,” he pouted and stomped to his room.

06-06-15_2-53 PM


Israel was a good family friend. He even helped with raising Morgan. He meant no harm to anyone. I still couldn’t see why Taylor broke up with him in the past, but I was glad!

06-06-15_3-01 PM


As I slept from a long night of work, and Israel and Morgan played chess, Taylor went into labor!

Israel tried to keep Morgan distracted, “I beat you can’t get my knight!”

Taylor let out a scream.

“What’s wrong with mommy?” He asked.

“Oh… Nothing. She’s okay,” Israel turned Morgan’s head.

06-06-15_3-03 PM


After a few pushes, Taylor welcomed our little bundle of joy into this world! Meet Melody Defesco. That’s right, now, we had a boy and a girl… I was done. For sure.

06-06-15_3-04 PM

Morgan constantly teased his younger sister, “I can’t wait ’till you grow up, so that I can steal your toys and smash your doll house!”

06-06-15_3-05 PM

As I worked out, Taylor tried her best to convince me to have another.

“There ain’t no way!” I exclaimed.

“But how can you tease me like that?! With your rocking body. You’re irresistable,” Taylor complained.

“I’m sorry Taylor, but I just can’t handle it.”

I really could not handle another kid.

06-06-15_3-16 PM


Even after another promotion, I didn’t let Taylor’s begging get to me. I held strong.

Now, I was an Elite Hacker, with a pay of $80/hr.

06-06-15_3-21 PM

I was satisfied with my two babies. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect family!

Melody was so tiny in my huge arms. I felt like I’d crush her.

06-06-15_3-25 PM


As Taylor begged me more and more, I couldn’t take it anymore! I had an evil plan.

I’d act like I was trying to get Taylor pregnant, but, I really wasn’t…

“Thank you!” Taylor yelled.

“Yeah, yeah…” I brushed it off, knowing nothing would ever happen.

06-06-15_3-26 PM


Our little girl Melody aged into a child, rolling the goofball and artistic prodigy trait… I must really have a strong influence on our children!

06-06-15_3-42 PM

The next day… A big surprise was thrown my way…

06-06-15_3-47 PM


I’m gonna’ leave you hanging there! So, what’s the big surprise?! Find out next time.




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