Update 12.3 – Something Old, Something New, Something BLUE


Last time, I started experimenting with women, until I finally found the perfect match: Taylor. Although Taylor played hard to get, I knew she was the one for me; we started dating eventually and then, we later got engaged. Also, both my parents past and all of my siblings moved out. So now, it’s just Taylor and I! Now, it’s time for some fun.

The next day, as I woke up from my first woo hoo with my first girlfriend, I felt amazing. I was in the best mood ever. With that being said, I had a desire to finish my second aspiration. I worked all morning in the garden, finally maxing my skill! As a result, I completed the Freelance Botanist aspiration, earning the Naturalist bonus trait.

Now that I completed my aspiration, **** this garden! It takes too much time… I was gonna’ let it die. Sorry dad.

05-31-15_11-16 AM


With the days flying by, Taylor and I needed to start planning the wedding. Although her schedule was free, I had a lot on my plate to do (I picked a third aspiration, Public Enemy).

“I really think we should start planning,” Taylor mentioned as she typed a new book.

“Definitely. Well, I work every night except Saturday and Sunday, so…” I worked so many days. “Unless I take off.”

“Well, it’s really up to you babe. I’m fine with whatever.”

“Do you have anyone that you want to invite?” I asked. “I wanted to invite all my siblings, have a little reunion.”

“Uhhh… Not really, but that’d be awesome! I’d love to meet the others”

And so we had it, Taylor and I planned the wedding for later in the week (I’d take off).

05-31-15_11-25 AM


Taylor wanted to get in shape for the wedding, and I didn’t think it’d be a bad idea for me to start working out either.

“I need to have a stunning body for this wedding!” Taylor shouted, as she increased the treadmill to maximum speed.

I wasn’t as worried about what I looked like at the wedding. I kept my treadmill at the lowest speed, and stretched my arm, “Ahhh… This is great!”

05-31-15_11-35 AM


In addition to working out, Taylor forced us to eat healthy as well. Instead of the usual mac ‘n cheese for dinner, she prepped a delicious garden salad.

“I never thought a salad could be this good!” I mentioned to my beautiful fiance.

“Awww thanks babe!… Only a couple more days!!”

We were getting really excited for our wedding.

05-31-15_11-38 AM


Taylor and I literally did everything together.

The one night, after working out, we both washed off together.

As I splashed around in my bubble bath (I loved bubble baths), Taylor scrubbed her head in the shower.

“One more day!” I screamed.


The countdown was on for our wedding. We had everything planned, from the guest list to the caterer to the furniture. We were gonna’ have the wedding right here on the lot, but doll it up to look awesome. It was gonna’ be a great time. I couldn’t wait!

05-31-15_11-39 AM


The next day, I asked Taylor to write an excused letter for me to get out of work for the wedding.

She did an awesome job with it.

After all, she was the best writer ever!

05-31-15_11-44 AM

At last… The big day!!

It was wonderful to see all eight of my brothers and sisters. Especially the younger ones. They had grown up so fast!

05-31-15_11-50 AM



After a few drinks, I felt confident enough to be wed.

I picked up Taylor’s hand and kissed it, “Are you ready, my love?”

“Of course,” Taylor whispered.

Finally, I’d be married to the girl of dreams.

I held Taylor’s hand, as we walked upstairs. “It’s time everyone!” I announced.

05-31-15_11-53 AM


As the sun dropped below the horizon, sending bursts of orange, pink, and blue throughout the evening sky, I knew it was time.

As we waited for the guests to make their way to the ceremony, I kissed my fiance on the cheek for the last time.

“I am so ready,” I whispered.

“Me too!” Taylor exclaimed.

05-31-15_11-55 AM


Everyone refused to sit on the benches we rented, but oh well.

Taylor and I shared our vows, and then, it was time for the kiss! It was an honor to have my big happy family join us for this exciting day.

05-31-15_11-57 AM


For the first time, introducing the new Mr and Mrs Leroy Defesco!!

My siblings roared, cheered, and clap. Of the eight of them, I was the first to be married.

05-31-15_11-57 AM-2 05-31-15_11-58 AM


After the ceremony, the wedding only got better. We headed downstairs to celebrate the new marriage.

First, Taylor and I cut the first piece of cake.

“You better not smash it in my face!” Taylor warned.

You know me by now. I was a goofball.

I took the piece of cake, and smashed it into my wife’s face!

We both started laughing…

After cleaning Taylor’s face with a napkin, we retried sharing our first slice of cake. This time, it was picturesque.

05-31-15_11-59 AM


My younger sisters, Litatlia and Lacy were growing so fast! I could not believe they were already teenagers.

“beautiful wedding, bro,” Litalia complimented all our hard work.

“Thanks for coming girls. It was really nice seeing my little sis’s again!”

“You two looked gorgeous,” Lacy added. “And you… Have you been working out? Your body looks amazing!”

“So do you!” I returned the compliment. “And yes, yes I have been working out. Can you tell?”

05-31-15_12-02 PM


Another benefit of the wedding was seeing my ‘not-so-little’ little brother, Lamori. He was more fun than ever to pick on. As I continued to get more and more in shape, he continued to get more and more out of shape.

“Did you get a piece of cake?” I asked my brother. “Oh wait… You probably ate the entire cake!” I joked.

“Seriously dude?… Grow up! You’re such a child,” Lamori actually tried to get back at me.

I’m not gonna’ lie, I was a little toasty from all of these martinis. What happened next was totally uncalled for.

“Why is your shirt so tight? What’s with that pathetic hat?” I pointed out all of Lamori’s flaws. “You’re pathetic. You shouldn’t even have the name Defesco.”

“**** off!” Lamori yelled. “I’m taking my gift back.” Lamori dug through the card box, took his gift (which was probably a gift certificate for food, anyways), and stormed out the door.

I really think this would be the last time I saw him.

05-31-15_12-25 PM


As the guests started slowly filing out, the wonderful wedding came to an end. It was sad that it went by so fast. But, there was one last thing to do as a married couple…

True love, at last.

Woo hoo was even better as a married couple.

05-31-15_12-04 PM


The next morning, Taylor and I woke up a little disoriented. The room was spinning, and my head pounded. I had a hangover.

I rolled over to kiss my beautiful wife, and she wasn’t there…

“Taylor?!” I shouted, panicking. “Taylor, where are you?!”

That’s when I heard fumbling in the bathroom. I knocked on the door.

“Taylor, you in there?… You okay?”

Taylor was puking. She definitely had too much to drink. I wondered if she even remembered the wedding.

“It’s okay baby,” I said as I hugged her. “You just had too much to drink.”

“What?!” Taylor burst. “I did not! My head doesn’t hurt or anything… I just feel… Nauseous.”

Suddenly it hit me… I couldn’t remember the woo hoo too well last night… Maybe it happened.
“You should take a pregnancy test…” I told my wife.

“WHAT?! Seriously?! Yay!” She was actually excited to hear she might be pregnant, even though it wasn’t planned.

05-31-15_12-10 PM


As I took a bubble bath trying to soothe my headache, Taylor took the pregnancy test.

“So we didn’t use protection last night?…” Taylor asked…

“Honestly, I can’t remember…” I felt completely embarrassed, as I rubbed my temples.

Taylor counted down for the results “Three… Two… One…”

I took a deep breath.

I felt Taylor go silent.

“So?…” I was curious.

“PREGNANT!” She shouted.

At last, Taylor and I were gonna’ be parents! Generation 13 is on its way!! Taylor could not wait to be a mother. After all, she aspired to have a big happy family (which I warned her many times, wouldn’t happen…). I wanted one kid, at the most…

05-31-15_12-11 PM


Taylor and I joked about being parents. It was hilarious.

“Wonder who’s gonna’ drop him first?” I laughed, joking around with my gorgeous wife.

“Probably you! I’m keeping you away from her!” Taylor emphasized the fact that she thought it was a girl.

05-31-15_12-12 PM


The jokes continued rolling out, until suddenly, I felt a knot in my heart.

What the?!

I felt like I couldn’t breath. I gasped for air.

“LEE!!” Taylor shouted, tears rolling down her face with laughter.

Oh, how much I loved our relationship… That night, I nearly died of laughter.

05-31-15_12-14 PM


After the scary incident, I took a little break from telling jokes. That really was scary. I thought my life was over. I thought I’d never get to meet my baby.

However, my work enjoyed my hysterical mood. They said they never seen anyone as playful and goofy as me. As a result, they promoted me to Minor Crimelord. Finally, I was moving up in the criminal world.

05-31-15_12-43 PM


At dinner the next day, Taylor and I were getting very excited for the due date! It’d be here before we knew it. Suddenly she asked, “Do you mind if Israel and I hang out?”

I thought back to who Israel was… Oh yeah, the red-head from the bar… Her ex.

“Why do you want to hang out with him?” I asked my wife.

“Just because it gets so lonely around here at night. I’m scared being home alone so late at night. What if I went into labor?” Taylor asked.

I hadn’t even thought of that.

“Oh… You’re right… Yeah. That’s fine… As long as you don’t do anything stupid!” I joked, and we started laughing.

“Of course not,” she giggled.

I trusted Taylor.

05-31-15_12-46 PM


The days flew by in a blur, and as Taylor’s due date approached, I started worrying she’d go into labor while I was at work.

I rubbed Taylor’s tummy before I went to work each night, “You better stay in there little man!” I warned.

“Well, if you keep calling herhe, she might come while you’re at work!”

05-31-15_12-57 PM


Luckily, Taylor went into labor during the day, so I was home from work to see the birth of my first baby.

“OH MY!” She shouted. “My water broke!… Lee, it’s time!”

“Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. What do I do? Do we go to the hospital? Do you need anything? Where should we go? Are we ready?” I started freaking out.

“Calm down,” Taylor tried calming my nerves, as I should have been calming hers… “Just breath…”

05-31-15_1-05 PM


Sure enough, I finally calmed down. Now, the wait was on. The hours ticked by, with no baby yet.

“What the heck?! Where is this guy?” I asked, looking at my watch. “I have work in an hour.”

“Patience, my friend,” Taylor suggested. She started breathing heavy again.

“OH! I have the perfect idea to get the baby out!” I exclaimed.

“What is it?” Taylor asked, anxious to finally be done with labor.

“Come here,” I wiggled my finger, like I had to tell Taylor a secret.

She leaned close to my mouth, and I pulled out an air-horn, blowing it right in her ear.

“AHHHHH! WHAT THE?!” She screamed.

05-31-15_1-06 PM


As suddenly, out popped our baby! It worked!!

Meet my precious, perfect (hopefully only) child, Morgan Defesco. The first-born of Generation 13 is a boy! Little Morgan was everything I could ask for.

05-31-15_1-08 PM

Let’s leave things here, now that Taylor and I welcomed out first born into this world. What lies ahead for the married life?



2 thoughts on “Update 12.3 – Something Old, Something New, Something BLUE

  1. Haha, aww, that was cute. I cracked up at, “now that I completed my aspiration, f*** this garden” xD. The Lamori and Lee reunion was also funny, poor Lamori. Can’t wait to see the baby all grown up! Wow, 13 generations. Crazy!

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