Update 12.2 – Finding True Love


As a short reminder of last time, I pretty much started chaos throughout the house, picking on my eighth siblings (well, mainly Lamori). I’m gonna’ be straight up with you, that update was pretty boring. There’s too many damn kids. I’ll try to spice things up soon!

Anyways, after my youngest brother, Leland was born, I decided to look for a job. At least with a job, I’d be able to get out of this shit-hole house.

I got a job as a Tough Guy, in the Criminal Career. The pay sucked, but it’s whatever. I felt I was the perfect candidate, with my evil and goofball personality. When I was hired, they told me “come to work in a playful mood”. Not problem at all! I am always in a playful mode, haha.

05-30-15_3-01 PM

I seriously don’t think my parents ever gave up having another child… GROSS!

I can’t imagine what my mother’s-…

Oh, never mind.

05-30-15_3-15 PM


I started growing close to my coworker, Alexus. She wasn’t too bad-looking either; just a little heavy. There’s nothing wrong with that.

“Oh my gosh,” Alexus started. “How about that freaking cat that got stuck in the tree last night at work?!”

Alexus reminded me of our night of work. “Oh man! I thought for sure it was gonna’ fall down, and wake the neighborhood up. I had to save the little man.”

Alexus started laughing, “Only you, Lee!… Such a goofball.”

05-30-15_3-19 PMMy hard work (saving cats at work, haha) paid off because I earned my first promotion! Now, instead of being the tough guy protecting the burglar, I was a Potty Thief.

That’s right, I stole potty’s from houses.

You’d be surprised how much they went for on Craigslist.


You mean you wouldn’t buy a used potty off of Craigslist?

05-30-15_3-22 PMIn case you were keeping a diary of the Defesco family, here’s my baby brother, Leland as a child. He rolled the goofball trait and social butterfly aspiration. He was actually pretty funny.

05-30-15_9-27 PM


My younger sister, Lexie also aged into a young adult. She rolled the ambitious trait, and for some reason, decided to stick around.


No one wants these damn kids here anymore!!

05-30-15_9-30 PM


While I was walking through SimDepot yesterday (the local hardware store), I saw a cool bonsai tree!


I bought it, in hopes it’d help raise my gardening skill.

05-30-15_9-59 PM


Check out my sick bonsai tree now, after the professional gardener got to it! Pretty great, right?

I could make like 5 or 6 different designs. This was a lot more fun to me than gardening.

05-31-15_9-55 AM


Although Alexus and I grew close quickly, Taylor was way more attractive. I started slowly reeling her in.

I’m warning you now, I am a goofball, so my pick-up lines are kinda’ cheesy (perhaps that’s why she always rejected me?!).

“Can I tie your shoe? Because I can’t have you fall for anyone else,” I dropped my first line.

“Oh wow, Lee. Haha,” Taylor laughed. “You’re so cheesy.”

That’s when my youngest brother, Leland dropped in.

“Dang bro! Check out your hot momma’!” He started waving his hand in front of his face, like he was hot. “Is it hot in here? Or is it just because this babe’s in here?”

“Beat it!” I screamed at Leland, shooing the goofball off.

05-30-15_10-02 PM


Once Leland left, we were having such a great time, giggling and making fun of each other, while I enjoyed my steak dinner (cooked by my chef mother, of course).

“So, how many siblings do you have? They’re funny,” Taylor giggled, reminding me of how embarrassing they are.

“…Eight,” I showed no interest in the subject.

“Oh my goodness! Seriously?! Your parents are doing really well for nine children? Huh?” She seemed to love kids. “I want to have a big happy family as well!” She added, giving me a slight turn off.

“Yeah, it’s pretty gross. My parents are so old,” I added.

“Hey! Watch it!” My mother yelled from the bar, and Taylor and I started laughing.

05-30-15_10-03 PM


For some reason, it seemed Taylor wanted nothing more than a friendship from me. She kept rejecting me.

“I’m a thief, remember,” I had already told Taylor about my career. “And I am here to steal your heart!”

“Ehhhh… Can you tone it down a little, Lee?” Taylor seemed a bit uneasy.

How could she possibly reject me?! I am a sexy beast, produced by ‘Beast Mode Cowboy’!!

05-30-15_10-11 PM


Whatever the case may be, I never backed down.

At last, she loosened up.

“How about I nice massage?” I asked her.

“Oh yeah! That’d be wonderful. There were so many people at the library today. My back’s killing me,” Taylor was the local librarian.

“Oh… Hold on… I meant for me!” I started laughing, and so did Taylor. “So seriously?… How about it?”

“Oh fine,” Taylor started rubbing my shoulders.

05-30-15_10-14 PM


While Taylor was accepting me, I wanted to make a move. It wasn’t the romantic first kiss that everyone dreams about, but nonetheless, I had kissed her.

The look of surprise on her face was priceless.

Although she accepted the kiss, Taylor quickly gathered her belongings.

“Uhhhh. I’m really sorry, but I have to go,” Taylor whimpered and ran out the door.

“But-!” And she was gone…

Wonder what had gotten into her?

05-30-15_10-15 PM


After Taylor left, she kinda’ disappeared for a couple of days. She didn’t answer my calls, or texts. I started feeling like Taylor didn’t like me. How is that even possible?…

Well, anyways, it was time to celebrate ‘Big ‘ums’ birthday. Lamori rolled the music lover trait. And now, time for the good news…

As Lamori started packing his belongings to move out, my father handed him a paper. Supposedly, it was my father’s will. Why he gave it to Lamori, and not me, I wasn’t sure. But, nonetheless, Lamori got ****** on.

My father knew his time was coming to a close, so he gave custody of Lacy, Litalia, and Leland (the three children) to Lamori and Lexie. That explained why Lexie didn’t move out. Dad also gave Lamori and Lexie $50,000 to support the children.

He told me that I had too much on my plate already, that’s why I didn’t get the children. I didn’t mind at all, honestly. It was actually amazing once they all moved out.

At last, peace and quiet.

See y’all never again!!

…But, now who would I pick on?

05-30-15_10-20 PM


Now that five of my siblings moved out, I had a lot more peace and quiet to work on my career and aspiration. I earned another promotion at work!

05-31-15_9-48 AM


With everyone gone and my parents’ life coming to an end, I decided to invite Taylor to move in with me. It was the first she came over for what seemed a week, so I hoped she finally forgave me!

“Taylor, what do you think about moving in?” I asked her.

“Urrrhm…” She was a bit hesitant at first.

“There’s six bedrooms to choose from… You’ll love living in a mansion,” I tried to convince her.

“I don’t know Lee…”

“Pleasssse,” I begged. “What do you say?”

“Ugghh… Fine.”

Taylor was moving in with me!!

05-31-15_9-53 AM


Suddenly, after moving in with me, Taylor started accepting anything I threw her way! She even wrapped me into a tasty make out session.

She was an amazing kisser. She must have had practice as a teen.

Things were really spicing up between us!

05-31-15_9-54 AM


However, I could not lose focus on my aspiration. I was so close to completing it! I continued farming, instead of spending time with my romantic interest/roommate.

05-31-15_9-57 AM


Things were really getting too busy around the house. Even though Taylor lived with me, I didn’t get to spend much time with her. So, I decided to take a vacation day from work, and go on a date with Taylor!

We went to the nightclub, and had a few drinks.

“Man, you’re smoking more than flaming drink,” I complimented Taylor.

“Hah, thanks,” Taylor blushed, brushing off my compliment.

“Who is this guy?” Some man behind the bar asked.

“Oh! Hey, Israel! I didn’t even see you there… Israel, meet my roommate, Lee,” she introduced me to her friend.

“Hi Israel. What’s up man?” I introduced myself.

“Nothing much. Just having a good time at the bar!” Israel yelled. I could tell he was drunk. “So, how long have you been seeing Taylor?”

“Uhhh… Yeah,…” Taylor interrupted. “You’re a little to drunk, Israel… C’mon Lee.” Taylor pulled me upstairs, away from Israel.

05-31-15_10-10 AM


“What was that about?” I asked Taylor.

“Oh nothing. Israel was my ex from high school. He gets way too crazy when he’s drunk. I didn’t want him starting ****,” Taylor explained. “We are still friends now though… Israel and I dated years ago. We put things behind us.”

“Wow. Well, thanks for pulling me away. That means a lot,” I added. It showed that Taylor actually cared.

As Taylor sipped on the rest of her drink, we enjoyed watching the drunks walk out the bar. The warm, summer air smelled of the bay.

“It’s such a beautiful night,” I mentioned. “For such a beautiful date and lady,” I winked at Taylor.

She smiled and looked deeply into my eyes.

05-31-15_10-14 AM


Tonight proved Taylor was the one. I wanted her to be my girlfriend. With no one around, I asked the big questions.

“Taylor, how about we make it official? You know, become boyfriend and girlfriend?” I asked the love of my life.

Nothing, but silence.

As I listened to the crickets chirp, I started panicking… I could not accept another rejection.


05-31-15_10-17 AM


She smiled wide.

“Of course I will Lee!”

“YES!” I screamed, practically waking up the neighborhood.

We started jumping up and down like little school girls.

05-31-15_10-18 AM

Our date didn’t end until 3am. It was such a great time.

As the taxi dropped Taylor and I off on the lawn, we stumbled up the stairway. I fumbled with my keys for a minute. Through the window I saw my mother balling her eyes out.

Oh no, oh no, oh no! Where was dad? It couldn’t be happening.

I barged through the door and ran over (instantly not feeling drunk anymore),  only to see my father laying on the ground.

“MOM! What’s going on?!” I could not accept the fate.

My mother didn’t answer me.

I started crying. It was true. Dad was gone.

He was the best father ever! He made this legacy, a legacy. He made this house. He made this money.

05-31-15_10-20 AM


The next day, Taylor tried her best to cheer me up.

“I’m really sorry for your loss,” she warmed my shoulders. “But at least your girlfriend lives with you to keep you company,” Taylor smiled.

Taylor was right. There’s nothing else I could do. My father lived his life to the fullest. He was in a happier place now.

“You’re right, babe,” I let out a sigh of relief.

“Come with me,” she said as she grabbed my hand.


05-31-15_10-34 AM-2


Taylor pulled me upstairs, where we enjoyed our first woo hoo together.

05-31-15_10-35 AM

In case you were wondering about my beautiful girlfriend, we agreed that she didn’t need a job. My father had left behind over $100,000 for us, and she was a really good writer. I told her to just write a few books everyday, and she agreed.

After about a week or so, her stipend from books reached over $4,000/day! She was making more than me as a stay at home girlfriend.

05-31-15_10-37 AM


A few days after my father’s passing, my mother went peacefully outside. Neither Taylor or myself even noticed…

05-31-15_10-48 AM

You could tell I started coming out of my slump. I earned another promotion, to a Felonius Monk. Thankfully, it was also Friday, so I had off for a few days!! I couldn’t wait to spend the next few days with my beautiful girlfriend.

At last, we were alone.

05-31-15_10-53 AM


The next afternoon, I decided to take a break from gardening and evilness for work. I took Taylor on another date to the lagoon.

I swept Taylor off her feet into a kiss. Taylor was the one. I loved her. She was always there when I needed her. She looked out for me. She was my everything. Without Taylor, I was nothing. Taylor definitely won over my heart…

I had a nice surprise for her…

05-31-15_11-04 AM


I crouched down on one knee, and pulled out the Defesco family ring.

“Taylor, will you do the honors of being my sexy wife?… I can’t imagine a day without you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you,” I added.

The sun beat down on my neck, as I waited for an answer. At least this was romantic, right?

05-31-15_11-05 AM-2


“Of course I will Lee! I love you!!” Taylor yelped and leaped into my arms.

That was the first time Taylor answered me without hesitation. It felt great… I think I finally won her over.

We’re getting married!!

05-31-15_11-06 AM


After the date, we headed straight back home to celebrate!

Perhaps we’ll have a little one running around here soon?…

Except I actually knew how to woo hoo without producing a baby, unlike my father…

05-31-15_11-10 AM


I’ll leave it off there. Hopefully my story is slowly spicing up for you! How will the wedded life treat Taylor and I? When are we gonna’ pop out the kids?!



2 thoughts on “Update 12.2 – Finding True Love

  1. Yes! I really love this generation/couple. It’s so much better when you take it slow! Oh, if you ever wanna make good money, writing is the way to go! Now, Taylor makes like over $5,000/day. They get so much for books.


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