Update 12.1 – Wreaking Havoc


Drum roll please!!

It’s time for me to reveal my identity, as the generation 12 heir. Let’s see how much you were paying attention. My name begins with ‘L’. I am a male. I aspire to be a ‘Freelance Botanist’. I am ‘evil’… Who am I?!?!

If you guessed that lazy bum, Lamori, you’re not a true fan of the Defesco’s. My name is Leroy Defesco, the generation 12 heir!! Call me Lee for short.

After much debate, my dad ended up choosing me, mainly because I’m a sexy beast. But, on top of that, I already completed one aspiration. Now, I would work hard to make my father proud, keeping his garden/farm alive!

In case you were wondering, it came down to Latisha and I. Ultimately, it came down to our traits. Although Latisha had a more interesting aspiration, my father knew I’d be more successful. So, enough of the rambling, it’s time to get this evil show on the road!

Oh! One more thing, you probably forgot my traits too, since you probably don’t even read everything. I’ll be nice, just this one time. My traits are Music Lover, Business Savvy, and Evil. Not to mention my two bonus traits, Socially Gifted and Thrifty. Now, enough of the rambling, let’s get to it!

05-30-15_7-30 AM


With so many siblings growing up (and more to come!), I was already the perfect father. My parents had their hands full, juggling work and aspirations, so I helped out whenever I could.

This was perfect, in a sense, because it was like birth control to me.

Since my parents had so many kids, I did not want any kids in the near future.

I rocked, Lacy in my arms, “Oh, I can’t wait for you to grow up so I can pick on you,” I joked, with my evil side. “I’m gonna’ crush your toys and steal your candy. Mwahah!” Lacy simply coo’d at me and smiled.

05-30-15_7-32 AM


I loved more than anything torturing my siblings. It was by far the best part of having so many siblings.

I pointed at my youngest brother’s shirt, “Hey! What is that? Were you sneaking into mom’s chocolate cake again, big ‘ums?!” It wasn’t nice to make fun of my brother’s large size, but it was part of who I am (I do not condone evilness; please do not take offense to what I call my brother; I love him at the end of the day).

“What?! Where?!” Lamori got excited at just the mention of food. He quickly looked down where my finger was, and I flinged it up into his face.

“GOTCHA’!! Haha!” I began laughing.

“Knock it off Lee!” Lamori cried.

05-30-15_7-39 AM


Lamori was such an easy target, because he was always the oddball growing up. He was big-boned and ugly compared to me and my sisters.

“Okay. Okay,” I acted like I was giving into Lamori. “Truce?” I stuck my hand out for a shake.

“Tru- OUUUCCCH!” Lamori whaled.

I tricked him with the hand buzzer. Look at the pathetic face he made. Are we sure he was my brother?

05-30-15_7-41 AM


“Can you please just leave me alone?!” Lamori yelled.

“Fine, fine. Scram it, twerp!” I screamed at my brother, kicking him out of the room (but not really). As Lamori turned around to leave, I screamed loudly in his ear.

“AHHHH! WHAT THE ****?!” Lamori jumped with fear.

Ahhh, he was such an easy target. I love it!

05-30-15_7-42 AM


In addition to wrecking havoc with my siblings (well, mainly Lamori), I really grew a liking for the garden. Everyone else kind of gave up as I grew older and more attached to the garden. I started skipping school to work on my garden.

05-30-15_7-58 AM


Meet my little sister Lacy as a child! She rolled the creative and social butterfly trait. However, I had a feeling with my parents creeping up in age, they wouldn’t be too focused on pushing Lacy to complete her aspiration. They were successful with six other children, so why bother? At this point, no one even cares about my siblings, do you? They don’t mean anything. I’m already heir. They’re just wasting their time here. I wish they could move out… NOW! (sorry if I’m a little too harsh. Just let me know if you think I should ease up a bit. Just remember, it’s just a story!)

05-30-15_8-10 AM


Latisha’s (my older sister) birthday fell on the same day as Lacy’s. Latisha aged into a young adult and rolled a brand new trait; non-committal! This trait has never been rolled by a Defesco! I figured she was scarred for life with all of our siblings.

Well, see ya never Latisha! It was nice knowing ya!

… Yet another pointless sim in this legacy.

05-30-15_8-13 AM



Mom went into labor for the eighth time…


At this point, no one even helped her. She knew how to deliver her own babies. Besides, I’m sure they just slide out, at this point.

05-30-15_8-15 AM


Ugh… And as if this legacy wasn’t boring enough…

They had another girl… LAME!

Meet the eighth child of Generation 12, Latalia Defesco…

Moving on.

05-30-15_8-16 AM



At this point, I think my mother was permanently pregnant. Since Latisha moved out, there was room for another baby, so of course, they had to fill that spot.

Mom announced the news to me, like I cared. “You’re gonna’ be a big brother, again!” She jumped for joy.

I don’t even understand how she could be excited over it anymore.

I yawned… “Oh… Yay.” I said, with no enthusiasm, whatsoever.

05-30-15_8-36 AM


Kudos to my father to surviving to elderhood!

I couldn’t believe it took that long for him to go gray! I mean, he already lost his nice figure. He looked like a flat tire by the time he was about 35, since he had like 4 kids by then…

Well, this came with good news! Now that my father was an elder, my mother would be right behind him, so Baby #9 would probably be the last… Thank goodness!

05-30-15_8-35 AM

Mom started getting pissed at me for torchering my little (well, he’s not really little) brother, Lamori, so I started evilly ‘trolling teh forums’.

What teh heck does that even mean?! People are so pathetic nowadays.

I posted links to malicious sites on random threads.


This actually was more fun than picking on Lamori.

05-30-15_2-19 PM


Tomorrow was Monday; the start of the school week again. I did not feel like going. Besides, it was almost graduation. I felt a little cold coming on.

I called the principal, “Hi Dr. Goff, I’m terribly sorry, but I’m *cough, cough* feeling really sick.”

“Oh don’t worry about it Leroy. Just take off. I’ll see you at graduation,” Dr. Goff fell for it.

That was easy.

05-30-15_2-22 PM


Yay mom! She finally reached the top of her career (now that she was an old-bag). She was a Celebrity Chef with a pay of $410/hr.

05-30-15_2-24 PM

On my day off from school, I decided to go out and about to find “the one”. I needed someone in my life to love, and not pick on.

I met Taylor. She was a young adult (but I would be one very soon).

“Wanna’ go inside?” I invited Taylor into the house.


I could tell she was totally falling for me. I mean, who could resist my sexy body?

05-30-15_2-36 PM


My dad always had to “one-up” my mother. He earned a raise to $552/hr. He deserved it. He worked his butt off, ever since he was a teenager.

Speaking of working his butt off, with this raise, my father completed his aspiration!!

This meant that ever since my dad was a teenager, until now, he earned over $200k! I took my hat off for him. He is the only person in this family I refuse to disrespect. As a reward for completing the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration, he earned the Shrewd bonus trait.

Now that my father finally reached his lifelong goal, he was exhausted. He decided to retire.

I felt it was best for him anyway. Now, he could help care for the newborns that were popping out.

We were rich by now anyways, so it’s not like we really needed his money.

05-30-15_2-37 PM


Taylor stayed over pretty night on the first night. She accepted all of my pranks with a huge smile.

I let one ripped, wafted it towards her, and blamed it on her, “Awwww, Taylor!” I screamed as I held my nose. “You stink.”

Taylor turned red. “That wasn’t me! Haha.”

We giggled with each other on the sofa in my room.

I’m pretty sure if I was of age, we would’ve got it on…

05-30-15_2-47 PM


My other younger sister, Latalia aged into a child. She looked the least like any of my other siblings. Latalia rolled the loves the outdoors trait and whiz kid aspiration.

She almost looked Asian. I wondered if my mother maybe hooked up with the mailman… Naaww. Not possible, I giggled.

05-30-15_2-48 PM


Not longer after little Latalia’s birthday, my birthday rolled along. At last, time to enjoy the benefits of being an adult.

I rolled the goofball trait (I really love joking around with people, can’t you tell?). Now, Taylor was all mine!

05-30-15_2-52 PM

Oh! I almost forgot that my mother was pregnant… Still.

She went into labor, for what I hoped would be the last time.

05-30-15_2-52 PM-2

After about one second of pushing, and not a peep from my mother, by baby brother was born.

Finally, another boy of Generation 12! Meet Baby Boy Leland Defesco.

With that being said, Generation 12 consisted of 6 girls and 3 boys.

05-30-15_2-55 PM

Almost seconds after my mother gave birth to Leland, she aged into an elder! Hopefully, just hopefully, this would stop her from having more kids. I’m not sure I can take it any longer.

She also decided to retire from her job, because I told her I refused to take care of the kids, now that I was an adult. I had other responsibilities.

05-30-15_2-56 PM


I accidentally barged in on my mother while she was feeding Leland.

I was not expecting this at all…

Was she really breast-feeding him?!

I thought for sure her breast milk would be powder by now. And then, at that same moment, Leland began choking and crying.

Yupp. As expected, it’s powder. I laughed out loud.

“Knock it off!” Mom yelled at me. “Get out! It’s not funny!” She shoo’d me away.

I could not stop laughing the rest of my night.

See kids, that’s why you don’t reproduce when you’re so old!

05-30-15_2-59 PM


Before I end my first update, I just want to mention that I still here noises from my parents bedroom… I don’t think they have given up on having another child… GROSS!

05-30-15_3-15 PM


I think I’m gonna’ drop the ball there… Will my mother somehow get pregnant with baby #10? (I sure hope not). When will I scoop Taylor up? I promise my story will get a lot better, once all these damn spares grow up and move out!

Family Portrait 32


3 thoughts on “Update 12.1 – Wreaking Havoc

  1. Hahahah! This was so enjoyable to read. So happy Leroy is heir and I love his personality and how he could care less about all the births. He tells it like it is, lol. Latalia looks like Bristol got with my heir to get the asian features xD. The breast milk part was funny and Lamori is such a dweeb hahah.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yay! Lol, so glad you liked this update. I wasn’t sure writing it. I didn’t want anyone to get offended, lol. I was gonna’ make it a lot meaner, but I toned it down a lot. Now I know it’ll be okay to continue with his evil personality. I really like Lee a lot!
      Omg, when I saw Latalia, I instantly thought of your legacy, haha. Idk where that even came from. I was so upset that of 9 children, none got the red hair. :/
      It was fun typing the part when Lee was picking on Lamori, haha.


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