Update 11.5 -Baby Bloomer Over and Out… Or not


Quickly recapping the last update, all six of Bristol and I’s children were living succesful lives, completing their aspirations. Nothing too interesting happened. And, because of that, I figured I should pass on the baton. Although I’m never gonna’ back down, I feel my story dyeing out. This legacy needs some pizz-azz, which is why I know the perfect heir. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s start the final update from I, Kaleb Defesco; Beast-Mode Cowboy!!

I would not have my life any other way. I appreciated every single day with my huge family. We all had each other’s back. My favorite time was when we actually coordinated for family breakfasts, which was not often at all. Bristol had to cook three different meals in order to satisfy the varying tastes.

05-23-15_8-03 AM-2

After about another week of work, my stingy boss finally gave me another promotion. I was now a Professional Painter, with a pay of $154/hr. I was slowly, but surely making it to the top.

05-23-15_2-59 PM


Now that I was a Professional Painter, I had to improve my logic skill as well. I’m not really sure why.

Luckily, my whiz kid, genius, Lexie always wanted to play chess. This enabled me to build a relationship with her.

“So, baby girl, are you gonna’ be a painter like daddy?” I joked, knowing she had no interest in painting.

“No, daddy! I wanna’ be an entrepreneur! With a huge family, like you,” she winked, trying to lift my hopes.

05-23-15_3-00 PM

Although the pay was not well at work, I had a ton of time off to paint master pieces and tend the garden. As a result, I was rolling in the big bucks. I had over $100k saved up, so I decided to put on a few additions to the house!

Say hello to the new Defesco mansion! It has 7 huge bedrooms, and 6 bathrooms! Bristol and I figured the kids suffered enough growing up, living in the same bedroom. By now, they all developed a strong bond, so we felt comfortable giving them their own rooms. The first floor, we added Layla’s room in the back left, as well as a bathroom and expansion of the gym. Although Layla was only a teen, we decided to give her a bar in her room.

05-24-15_10-28 PM


Upstairs, things look a bit different as we added on two bathrooms and two bedrooms. We also connected the deck, so it wraps around the house! Additionally, there is a brand new deck outback.

05-24-15_10-28 PM-3


The Defesco Mansion was now worth over $350,000!!! 11 and a half generations of hard-work pays off.

05-24-15_10-31 PM

After all of the upgrades, it was time to celebrate our third borns birthday again. Latisha rolled the muser and lazy traits. She aspired to be a Painter Extraordinaire. I could not be prouder of my little girl. Out of all the children, she looked up to me the most. There’s something about Latisha’s eyes that I just lose my breath over! She’s beautiful.

05-24-15_10-53 PM

Because the girls technically couldn’t drink, I always had Layla mix drinks for me. She was really good at it too!

“Whatcha’ want today daddy? A Spicy Llama, again?” Layla knew what I liked best.

“You got it sweetie!” I exclaimed, as I chowed down on my dinner.

“What about you sis’?” Layla tried to serve her sister.

“Uhhh, I think not!” I stopped Layla. “At least not while I’m here. I will not tolerate underage drinking.

“But dad! I’ll be an adult in like a week!” Lauryn reminded me how old she was getting…

05-24-15_10-57 PM


After drinking the Spicy Llama, I felt refreshed, and ready to paint.

As I headed out to the deck, to gather some inspiration, I noticed Latisha already working hard.

“‘At’ta girl!” I encouraged. I was proud that she was following in my footsteps.

Latisha has a bright future.

05-24-15_11-01 PM


In case you were wondering about Bristol, she was a Pastry Chef.

05-24-15_11-10 PM

As expected, Lexie also completed her aspiration. Whiz Kid, check! As a result, she obtained the mentally gifted trait.

05-25-15_2-10 PM

Soon after, my youngest, Lamori completed his rambunctious scamp aspiration! That’s six for six! All six of my children completed their aspiration. I raised them well. Generation 12 definitely set a record for most aspirations completed. Not to mention, all four childhood aspirations were completed!


05-25-15_2-12 PMAt last, with three teenagers in the house, the garden was able to expand, ever so slightly. Although not all the girls wanted to do their part (cough, cough Layla). Layla preferred mixing drinks. Oh well, soon enough, Leroy’s birthday would roll around. Hopefully my son would be helpful.

05-25-15_2-15 PM


Speaking of Leroy’s birthday, it was here before I knew it! One thing I loved about having the kids so close together is there was always a celebration. It seemed like every day we would celebrate someone’s birthday! I loved all of the action.

When I saw Leroy whirl around, I could tell he was the perfect, handsome gentlemen. He’d have no trouble getting the ladies, at all. Not to be biased or anything, but I think Leroy is the best looking sim of the entire Defesco legacy! What do you think? Bristol and I sure make some sexy beasts, right? Well, I guess that’s why they call me ‘Beast Mode Cowboy’!! Haha.

Anyways, Leroy rolled the evil and business savvy traits. My little boy looked up to me. He wanted to follow in my footsteps, which is why he aspired to be a mansion baron!

05-25-15_2-20 PM


With the house already worth over $350k, Leroy was already satisfied with his aspiration! That’s right, Leroy rolled a lucky aspiration. As soon as he aged, he completed the Mansion Baron aspiration, and therefore, earned the Thrifty bonus trait. With this trait, the family earned a 10% rebate on anything purchased from the hardware store! Pretty awesome, huh?

Because Leroy completed his aspiration so quickly, instead of him choosing a second aspiration, I forced him to re-roll. Now, Leroy aspired to be a Freelance Botanist. I knew with this, he’d be the perfect help to the farm. Leroy really wanted to impress me, and he did!

05-25-15_2-39 PM


After another week or so at work, I finally earned a promotion to Illustrious Illustrator, with a pay of $308/hr. Finally, I was making good money! Unfortunately, I only worked 3 days a week! Well, anyways, one more promotion and I’d be at the top!

Surely, this would help complete my Fabulously Wealthy aspiration. So far, I had earned $150,000 since I was a teenager. Only $50k more to complete my ultimate goal.

05-25-15_2-44 PM

The kids all got along fabulously. Yet another reason I loved having the kids so close. The kids came home from school, and joked with each other on the couch.

“Who wants a wedgie?!” The evil, Leroy threatened his two younger siblings.

“No Lee! Not me!!” The youngest, Lamori whined. I knew they were just joking though.

“I’ll hold him down,” Lexie, the second youngest, added, in an attempt to avoid the wedgie.

“Haha,” Latisha laughed. “That doesn’t get you out of it!”

“GET ‘EM!!” Lauryn screamed, as the four teens chased their two younger siblings around the house.

I loved them all.

05-25-15_3-12 PM


As expected, with Lee (we call Leroy, ‘Lee’, for short) a teenager, he added a little spark to his older sister’s desire to help out on the garden. Within a couple of days, the garden expanded to a farm, holding at least 25 different fruits and vegetables! I knew my son would get their act together. This is why I needed a large family.

05-25-15_3-16 PM


Lexie’s birthday also rolled around. As a teenager, she rolled the gloomy and domestic trait. She aspired to have a successful lineage, a perfect aspiration for the legacy!

05-25-15_3-26 PM


My boss finally lightened up towards the end of my career. He saw how hard I worked, and knew how much I wanted to complete my aspiration.

As a result, he promoted me to Master of the Real, with a pay of $541/hr!! I can officially say that I have the highest paying job of this legacy! Finally, I was at the top of the Painter career!

05-25-15_3-29 PM


Not long after Lexie’s birthday (in fact, the very next day), Lauryn, my oldest, celebrated her young adult birthday! I could not believe how old she was already! I still wasn’t an elder, and my oldest was a young adult! Where had time gone? Lauryn rolled the slob trait, and decided to move out. She said things were too busy in the house, and she was right.

Although I appreciated her help around the house, I was excited that she moved out because this meant…

05-25-15_3-44 PM

Britsol’s birth control finally wore off!!

05-25-15_3-53 PM

I bet you were not expecting that, were you?!

Bristol approached me the next day in the bathroom.

“Guess what baby?!” Bristol exclaimed.

“PREGNANT!! Are you?! Seriously?! AHHH!” I screamed, jumping for joy, over-reacting a bit.

It had been so long since Bristol was pregnant, I almost forgot how amazing it felt.

Well, baby #7 is on his/her way. I have set yet another record this means, for most children of one generation! Man, I was setting the records for the Defesco’s:

  • most children
  • highest paying job
  • most earned money
  • most successful children

…The list goes on, and on! Not to brag, too much, haha.

05-25-15_3-55 PM

With all of the excitement building, leading up to the birth of my seventh child, I could not help but spend time painting. I loved painting, and the pay was great! I made at least $4,000 from each painting!

I painted this in honor of Leone, my cowplant. I missed him dearly. I wish I had better taken care of him.

05-26-15_6-45 PM

As the days zoomed by, next up, we celebrated my youngest little boy’s birthday! Lamori rolled the lazy and collector trait. He aspired to be a Freelance Botanist, like his older brother Lee.

05-26-15_7-09 PM


With all five children now teenagers, there was plenty of help on the farm. It looked great! Especially with both boys aspiring to be Freelance Botanists, the farm looked a lot better than I aspired as a teenager.

05-26-15_7-20 PM

I could not wait for my seventh child to be born. I just prayed everything went well, since Bristol and I were almost elders.

“How’s my baby boy doing?” I asked, rubbing Bristol’s tummy, hoping I’d get lucky with a third boy.

“Haha, you can only wish!”

05-26-15_7-16 PM


Suddenly, Bristol went into labor! She went in early, so I really started panicking. I was at work, again, unfortunately.

However, everything went perfectly. You’ll never believe it, but…

Meet Baby Girl #5, Lacy Defesco. Such a cutie.

I could not wait to have another. I snuck Bristol right upstairs.

However, Bristol whispered in my ear, “Birth control.”

I felt bummed out. I forgot all about Willow Creek’s pathetic birth control rule! It seems so in-sim-mane! (you know, like inhumane, but for sims, haha) Well, Layla would be a young adult soon… But, I really thought she had a chance at being an heir. On the other hand, I wanted another child. Argh. This was gonna’ be a tough decision. I didn’t wanna’ back down having kids just yet. I did not want to stop until I couldn’t reproduce any longer, which sadly, was quickly approaching.

05-26-15_7-22 PM


YAY! Layla aged into a young adult, rolling the goofball trait. However, now it was time to for the big decision. Layla was gorgeous. Layla had the perfect aspiration (Master Mixologist). Layla had the perfect personality… Should I pick her as the generation 12 heir?…

05-26-15_7-23 PM


Spoiler alert, the answer is no… Bristol and I much rather make baby #8!! That’s right, Layla unfortunately is not the heir either. She decided to move in with her older sister, Lauryn.

“Yeee-haaaw Beast Mode!!” Bristol screamed.

05-26-15_7-28 PM


After eight pregnancies, need I explain more?…

I still didn’t quite understand how Bristol kept getting pregnant, no matter how much she tried to explain. But, she didn’t seem to mind…

05-26-15_7-28 PM-2

Although Bristol and I keep popping out children, I feel like I need to move on. I know I technically shouldn’t declare the heir until all of my children are teenagers, but at this point, that’d be an eternity! I need to pass this legacy over. I am confident my choice of heir will be perfect. So, with that being said, will I give the honors to my beautiful daughter, Latisha. Remember, Latisha wants to be an artist just like me. Something I’d love to see for this legacy. Or, there’s Lee, my handsome son who wants to continue the farm as a freelance botanist. Next in line, Lexie, who aspires to have a successful lineage; the perfect choice for an heir. Possibly, I could choose my youngest son, Lamori, who had the same aspiration as Lee. Then, I thought longer. What if I just randomized it, and pick my seventh child, the newborn, Lacy?! Or maybe even baby #8, on his/her way…

Whoever I choose, I knew this legacy would go to great hands. All of my children were perfect. Now, I had a tough decision ahead… Who do I choose? I’m not sure I decided yet..

Family Portrait 31


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