Update 11.4 – Let the Craziness Begin!


In the last update, my wife and I started popping out kids one after the other. We both wanted a huge family. We had Lauryn, Layla, Latisha, and Leroy. Then, we found out we were pregnant with baby #5!! I apologize in advanced if the story is kind of lacking. Things are busy raising so many kids. This is mainly just an update of what’s been happening with the Defesco’s.

With four kids, back to back, you’d never expect me to have free time. But, guess what? I almost maxed my painting skill! Check out my first masterpiece!

05-17-15_1-07 PM

The girls got along so well. Since Bristol and I always had our hands full (either with work, the newborn, painting, or the garden), the girls headed to the park alone.

05-17-15_1-14 PM


Layla’s social butterfly aspiration definitely showed in her personality. She always wanted to be the center of attention. And, she had no problem doing it. She even made adult friends.

05-17-15_1-16 PM


I knew I was going to have trouble raising Layla. She already was a big flirt.

“I know your ticklish spot!” Layla shouted, tickling her ‘best friend’.

“Haha! LAYLA!” Her friend screamed out loud.

05-17-15_1-21 PM


Don’t even get me started with this…

I have no idea how she befriended Grim, himself…

05-17-15_1-23 PM


Lauryn, my oldest little girl, completed her Artistic Prodigy aspiration. For this, she received the creatively gifted trait.

05-17-15_1-31 PM


It wasn’t long before Layla also completed her social butterfly aspiration! My children were ambitious and successful. Layla earned the socially gifted trait, as a reward.

05-17-15_1-40 PM

Homework party!

05-17-15_1-48 PM

Bristol was truly the best mother ever. I had my hands tied at work, so she always managed to take care of Leroy.

05-17-15_1-52 PM

Soon enough, however, Leroy aged into a handsome young man! He rolled the music lover trait and social butterfly aspiration.

I exhaled, knowing we had no more babies. At last, things would be a little easier…

05-17-15_1-55 PM

But, not for long! That same night, Bristol went into labor!!

05-17-15_1-59 PM

Meet baby girl number 4, Lexie Defesco.

05-17-15_2-00 PM

Now that Bristol wasn’t pregnant anymore, you knew what our next move was…

05-17-15_2-01 PM

“I bet you’ll never believe it… I’m pregnant!” Bristol revealed the exciting news, for the fifth time.

“Yippee!” I could not wait to have another child on the way.

05-17-15_2-02 PM


The next morning, when Bristol puked her lunch, I got excited.

Did this mean we were finally having another boy?!

The only other time Bristol vomited was when she was pregnant with Leroy!

I kept my fingers crossed.

05-17-15_4-10 PM

Lauryn tested her “special ability” out again. She thought for sure she was an expert at determining the gender.

Lauryn rubbed Bristol’s tummy. “Oh yeah, definitely a girl.” Lauryn smiled.

I hoped she was wrong.

05-17-15_4-18 PM

Since our children were so close in age, they easily befriended each other. The two oldest, Lauryn and Layla were best friends.

And then, the two younger children, Leroy and Latisha were best friends!

I loved how gender did not interfere with their relationships.

05-17-15_4-23 PM


At work, I was given the option of ‘Master of the Real’ or ‘Patron of the Arts’ career path. I decided to go with ‘Master of the Real’. I felt my mentally gifted trait would help out a lot. I was promoted to Artist en Residence, with a pay of $71/hr.

05-17-15_4-27 PM

Our little girl, Lexie aged. She was the first to have her mother’s black hair. Lexie rolled the genius trait, along with the whiz kid aspiration. A perfect combo!

05-17-15_4-40 PM

As Lexie aged up, I quickly ran down stairs to check on Bristol. It’s tradition for her to go into labor as soon as the baby aged.

Sure enough, her water broke! It was go time!!

05-17-15_4-42 PM

Bristol pushed, and pushed. Until, at last, my baby boy was born! Finally, I had another boy. Lauryn was wrong after all, thankfully. Meet sixth born of generation 12, Lamori!

05-17-15_4-45 PM

Almost the second after Lamori was born, Bristol pulled me in close, and whispered in my ear.

“I want another,” she murmured.

“But, social services will attack us if they found out we had more than eight people living in the house,” I explained to Bristol.

“But…” Bristol complained. “That’s not fair!” She pouted.

05-17-15_4-46 PM

But, that did not stop us… You never know what can happen.

However, later on, I found out that when Bristol birthed our last child, Lamori, the hospital injected her with a birth control. This was Willow Creek’s way of keeping the population under control. I thought it was inhumane. But, they insisted the effects would ware off… Eventually.

05-22-15_8-05 AM

Leroy definitely looked up to his older sister, Layla. He had a wide variety of friends. I loved when he’d hip-bumb his adult friends! Such a cutie!

05-22-15_8-32 AM


You’d think with so many kids in the house, no one would be successful with their aspiration. However, this was not the case at all. So far, we were three for three, as Latisha completed the rambunctious scamp aspiration, earning the physically gifted trait.

05-22-15_8-40 AM



Suddenly, Lauryn’s birthday rolled around again. I could not believe our eldest was already a teenager. Lauryn rolled the snob and essence of flavor traits. She also aspired to be a master chef, like her mother.

05-22-15_8-45 AM

Make that four for four! Leroy also completed the social butterfly aspiration.

05-22-15_8-49 AM

Now that Lauryn was a teenager, I finally had someone to help with the garden; this was the real reason I wanted so many children.

05-22-15_8-51 AM


We decided it’d be best to keep all of the kids in one room. We bought six of the same bed, so that no one would be jealous.

05-22-15_8-56 AM

The days flew by, until it was time to celebrate my birthday! I was an old adult now. Since Bristol was pregnant all of the time, she didn’t age as quick.

I could not believe that in just 20 sim days, I got married, and had six children… CRAZY!

05-22-15_8-57 AM

Bristol enjoyed reading stories to the children. This put a smile on my face. Even though our family was huge, we always found time to accompany our children, to make their lives as fabulous as possible.

05-22-15_9-01 AM


Finally, Lamori aged into a child. I could not believe my youngest was a child. He also inherited Bristol’s black hair. Lamori had a little beer-belly; it was funny.

05-22-15_9-16 AM


Next up, we celebrated second born, Layla’s birthday. As a teenager, she rolled the goofball and essence of flavor trait. She also aspired to be a Master Mixologist.

Layla would definitely be trouble, since she’d probably be in the bar often.

Her sea-foam green eyes, little button nose, and sleek eyes definitely would attract the men.

I actually felt kind of worried for the first time.

Layla was stunning.

05-22-15_11-08 AM


I’ll leave it off here. Next time, we’ll celebrate some more birthdays! What else lies ahead for the Defesco’s? And which of the six children will earn the title of heir?!

Family Portrait 30



2 thoughts on “Update 11.4 – Let the Craziness Begin!

  1. “However, later on, I found out that when Bristol birthed our last child, Lamori, the hospital injected her with a birth control. This was Willow Creek’s way of keeping the population under control. ” Sounds so scary! Lol. Your teens are stunning! Can’t wait until the others grow and we find out who you choose 😎

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