Update 11.3 – Babies Everywhere


In the last update, Bristol and I got engaged and had two daughters, Lauryn and Layla. What else will happen in this crazy legacy?

As usual, almost immediately after woo hooing, Bristol announced her pregnancy!

Baby number three is on it’s way! Generation 12 is just rolling in.

05-16-15_7-18 PM-2


Lauryn loved being a big sister. Her and Layla were already super close.

Lauryn even changed Layla’s diaper…

Such cute little girls.

05-16-15_7-23 PM


The next day, Bristol cooked us all breakfast. We sat together, and enjoyed a nice family meal.

“So, Lauryn, are you excited to have another baby?” Bristol asked.

“Yes mommy! I am super-de-duper excited! I hope it’s another girl… Actually, I know it’s another girl,” Lauryn added. “I have super girl powers.”

I choked on my food. “You’re funny Lauryn… Sorry to break it to you, but I know this one’s a boy!” I joked back.

“We’ll see, dad.”

05-16-15_7-27 PM


Lauryn really was the perfect first chid. She did everything – even chores!

Look at all the dishes Lauryn would collect at one time! And, best of all, she did it with a smile on her face.

05-16-15_7-47 PM


At last, I earned another promotion to Canvas Creator, with a pay of $38/hr. It really was difficult to earn a promotion at my job. I always went inspired, and with the perfect skills, but my boss is stingy.

05-16-15_7-48 PM


Bristol and I were so busy juggling work, a newborn, a child, and another baby on the way, that we almost forgot to get married!

We decided it would be best to just get married on the deck.

We were glad that our two girls could join the ceremony.

As the sun glistened down, I laid a juicy kiss on my new wife. Although this wedding didn’t have much planning, it was perfect.

I was a little disappointed that we didn’t have the chance to invite anyone, but oh well.

05-16-15_7-59 PM


Eventually, it was time to celebrate our second daughter’s birthday!

Layla rolled the perfectionist trait and social butterfly aspiration. I was happy to see Layla had my green eyes. Layla was gorgeous.

05-16-15_8-02 PM


That night, as we slept, Bristol went into labor!!

This time, I freaked out, because I actually decided to look.

I wanted to see my Baby Boy be born!

“Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh… GROSS!” I shook my hands all around, like a scared, little girl.

“Oh, grow up dad,” Lauryn added as she took the dishes from our room.

Bristol laughed, allowing our new bundle of joy to slip right out!

05-16-15_8-05 PM


I was wrong.

Meet Baby #3 of Generation 12, little girl Latisha Defesco! Would I ever get a boy?!

05-16-15_8-06 PM


There was only one way to find out…

05-16-15_8-07 PM

You already know what that means…

05-16-15_8-08 PM

Maybe the fourth pregnancy is a charm? I could only hope so.

Bristol even had morning sickness for the first time. Maybe this really did mean it was a boy?!

05-16-15_8-13 PM


As expected, Layla and Lauryn were very close siblings. Lauryn always cared for her younger sister Layla, and Layla’s social butterfly aspiration allowed her to make friends with anyone.

05-16-15_8-21 PM

Such cute little girls!

People often made the mistake of assuming they were twins! Especially since they were so close in age.

05-16-15_8-22 PM

I started really advancing with the painting skill. I could now sell paintings to the art gallery for over $500!

05-16-15_8-26 PM

“Best friends forever. Best friends forever. DING!” The two little girls sung a song together and hugged each other.

I could only hope they would always remain this close.

05-16-15_8-29 PM

Layla sure was my social butterfly. Pretty much anyone she met, she had to be friends with. She always had a gang of people over, socializing on the couch.

This kind of worried me. She’d probably try to throw big house parties in the future.

Layla even had a handful of adult friends.

05-16-15_8-31 PM


Guess who earned another promotion?

That’s right, ME!

I am now an Imaginative Imagist, with a pay of $48/hr… Still less than my Backhoe Operator job…

I did love the outfit I had to wear to work, though.

05-16-15_8-41 PM


The days flew by, in anticipation of the birth of baby #4.

Eventually, we celebrated Latisha’s birthday, and she rolled the creative trait (taking after her father, again!) and the rambunctious scamp aspiration.

I thought it was pretty cool how each of the girls had a different aspiration.

With Latisha’s birthday, you know what comes next, right?…

05-16-15_8-45 PM


That’s right!! Baby time!!

As Bristol pushed and pushed, I kept my fingers crossed for a Bouncing Boy!

05-16-15_8-46 PM

At last, Bristol cradled little Leroy in her arms.

Finally, we had a boy!! Leroy Defesco, the first boy of generation 12.

05-16-15_8-48 PM

We weren’t done yet…


05-16-15_8-48 PM-2

I’m not even gonna’ announce it this time… You know the deal by now!

05-16-15_8-49 PM

Well, this was just a quick update, with tons of babies. Will Bristol and Kaleb ever stop having kids? This definitely calls for an exciting future in the Defesco Legacy!

Family Portrait 29


8 thoughts on “Update 11.3 – Babies Everywhere

  1. Oh, wow!! There are so many kids! They sure have a handful!! Lol. The crib at the wedding was too cute. Was this a spongebob reference, “Best friends forever. Best friends forever. DING!” ?” I had to think for a minute where I remembered that from. Haven’t seen that episode in ages xD.

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