Update 11.2 – Family, Family, Family


Last time, both of my mother’s passed away, leaving the hefty bills to Kasey and myself. I was heartbroken when my mother passed, but Bristol was right by my side to comfort me.

As Bristol rubbed my back, I wiped the tears from my face.

“It’ll be okay, Kaleb. Now, it’s time for you to start your own family,” Bristol reminded me.

Well, after this scene of kindness, it pretty much confirmed that I was through with Veronica. After all, she has been too busy to see me since she became an adult, so I don’t think she was interested anyway.

05-16-15_11-47 AM


Two days later, after finally getting over my mothers’ death, I felt much better and confident. I decided to ask Bristol on a date to watch the sailboats cruise by.

We had a great time, and I even planted a kiss on Bristol!

I had no problem moving my relationship fast with her, because I may have just met her a few days ago, but she proved she’d always be by my side.

05-16-15_11-52 AM


Which, is why I did this…

“Bristol Peterson, will you please be my girlfriend?” I asked.

“OH!! Of course!!” Bristol screamed and started jumping.

I couldn’t help but jump with her! We were so excited.

I let out a little, girly squeal, as I clenched my fists together.

We looked at each other at laughed.

05-16-15_11-55 AM


After the date, we decided to take things home, where we messed around all night…

05-16-15_12-01 PM

Bristol even spent the night! It felt so nice to sleep with a girl for the first time. Bristol definitely helped me get out of my slump. I’d be way too lonely without her. We cuddled all night long.

05-16-15_12-01 PM-2

Before I knew it, it was my brother and I’s birthday! First up, my older brother, Kasey. Kasey rolled the hot-headed trait (he definitely got this from my mother!).

Surprisingly, Kasey moved out right away. I thought he might stay around for a while since we were so close. But, he said he was too depressed and wanted to explore the world. He moved to Sunset Valley, where he could actually go on World Adventures.

He said he would stop back from time to time, however.

05-16-15_12-02 PM

Then, it was my turn to age into a young adult! I rolled the geek trait.

05-16-15_12-06 PM

The next day, when I saw Bristol at the park, I had noticed that she celebrated her birthday too! Bristol was the same age.

I could not stand living alone for one more second.

“Bristol, would you like to move in with me?” I asked my lovely girlfriend.

“Oh! Of course, ‘Beast Mode’,” I loved when she called me that.

Anyways, Bristol actually lived with her mom and younger sister, so she did not move in with any funds.

05-16-15_12-09 PM


Bristol and I headed back to our home to get to work in our bed.

“Yeeee haaaw!” Bristol screamed. “Now I know why I gave you the nickname ‘Beast Mode Cowboy’.”

05-16-15_12-10 PM

Afterwards, I decided I needed a real job. I got a job in the Painter career path as a Hungry Artist, with a pay of $20/hr. I figured that although it paid less than my Backhoe Operator job, it was a full-time position with room for improvement.

That’s when Bristol stood next to me, just staring.

05-16-15_12-12 PM


I couldn’t help but ask, “What’s up, babe?”

“I’M PREGNANT!” Bristol shouted.

“YAY!” I was so excited to be a father. Growing up, I always wanted a family of my own to help with the garden/farm.

Well, I guess because I had two mothers, I never actually had the birds and bees talk, so honestly, I had no idea what I was doing while woo hooing.

I assumed that’s how she got pregnant.

05-16-15_12-13 PM


The rest of the day, I walked around the house with a huge smile on my face. While I was outside, gardening, I talked to Leone.

“Leone, you’re gonna be a big brother!” I exclaimed, as I milked my cowplant. “Aren’t you excited?”

Leone smiled, showing his large teeth.

05-16-15_12-20 PM


Now that I was an actual painter, I thought I should really get back to the painting skill.

I finally finished my first work of art. I think it would be perfect for the nursery!

05-16-15_12-22 PM

The next day, Bristol and I worked on the garden. I was proud of her for still helping out, even though she was pregnant.

See, this is why I need to children: to help out on the farm!

05-16-15_12-24 PM

As the days continued to fly by, I knew our bundle of joy would be here any second. I felt it was time…

I bent down on one knee, and pulled out the Defesco family ring.

“Bristol Peterson, will you do the lovely honors of being my fabulous wife?” I asked.

“You already know I will, ‘Cowboy’!” She slipped the ring on her finger and leaped into my arms.

I was surprised she could still jump like that with a baby inside!

05-16-15_12-38 PM

I felt Bristol’s tummy.

“Oh my!” I gasped. “I can feel it move!”

“Haha, of course you can, silly,” Bristol laughed at me.

Suddenly, I wondered how the hell this baby would come out. I thought deeply about it before asking.

“So… Ummm… Bristol?… I’m wondering how the hell we’re gonna’ have this baby?… I mean, clearly, there’s no exit hole on you big enough.”

Bristol laughed even harder. “Oh Kaleb! You really are the biggest goofball I know. Of course, baby’s come out by…”

Bristol explained the process to me, and I almost lost my lunch.

I was just glad I wasn’t in her position!

05-16-15_12-39 PM

Sure enough, the next day while I was at my first day of work, Bristol went into labor!

05-16-15_12-44 PM

Oddly enough, Bristol still decided to work on the garden as she was in labor.

There is no surprise as to why Bristol had our child in the garden!

05-16-15_12-47 PMBristol insisted I stay at work while she delivered. She said she didn’t want me passing out.

As I returned from my first day on the job (with my first promotion to Watercolor Babbler, and a raise to $31/hr), I could not wait to meet my bundle of joy!

05-16-15_12-50 PM

As I walked through the doors, Bristol hushed me, and walked me over to the bassinet.

She picked up the tiny baby, and showed it off to me.

“Meet your first daughter, Lauryn,” Bristol smiled.

“She’s perfect,” I whispered.

05-16-15_12-52 PM


It wasn’t long at all before we were expecting baby #2!!

05-16-15_12-53 PM


Our little, baby girl Lauryn was growing up too fast.

I wished she could stay tiny forever.

05-16-15_6-51 PM

Unfortunately, balancing a newborn, a new job, and a pregnant wife, I had almost no time for anything.

Leone died… 😦

Oh well, it was probably better that he passed anyway because I don’t think he’d do well around kids.

05-16-15_7-03 PM


The days flew by, until finally it was Lauryn’s birthday! She aged into a beautiful child, rolling the bookworm trait and artistic prodigy aspiration.

Lauryn must really look up to me, aspiring to be an artist too.

05-16-15_7-11 PM

Sure enough, Lauryn followed right in my footsteps.

She always painted pictures.

“This one will be for my baby sister,” Lauryn smiled, hoping that we had another girl.

05-16-15_7-14 PM

Bristol ended up going into labor while at work (she was a Caterer). After coming home to gather her belongings, we were off to the hospital (her work forced us to have the baby at the hospital).

Luckily, I just kept my eyes on Bristol’s face. I did not want to pass out.

05-16-15_7-16 PM


At home, we laid our second daughter, Layla to rest.

Such a wonderful family already.

05-16-15_7-17 PM

But, I could not help but wish for my first son…

05-16-15_7-18 PM

Now that Bristol and Kaleb have two daughters, what else lays ahead? Will they ever have time to get married? WIll Kaleb ever get the little boy he is hoping for?

Family Portrait 28


3 thoughts on “Update 11.2 – Family, Family, Family

  1. “I had no idea what I was doing while woo hooing. I assumed that’s how she got pregnant.” & when Bristol explained things to him xD. Your swimming pond is GORGEOUS! I thought for sure when I saw your family tree, they had triplets, hehe.

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