Update 11.1 – Saying Goodbye


Before I reveal my identity, as the generation 11 heir, I want to quickly recap the last generation, since it’s been a while. My mother, Jewel Defesco took a u-turn in the legacy, when she discovered she was a lesbian. After revealing the news to her father (my grandfather), he quickly isolated her, forcing my mother to turn evil. Although evil, she loved her girlfriend… her soulmate… her wife… After years of thinking how to bring in the next generation, my parents decided artificial insemination would work best! They found a donor, and voila! My brother and I were born. So… Was Maddy’s child lucky enough to win the designation of heir?…

Of course not! That would not be fair at all! If it’s not obvious by now, I, Kaleb Defesco was the only option for the heir, since technically, my brother Kasey is not a blood-born Defesco.

05-02-15_5-30 PM-2Growing up with lesbian parents was difficult. People constantly asked questions, but I tried my best to avoid answering them. Some of the questions I typically got were,

“Does that mean you’re gay?”


“Do you call one of your mother’s, your father?”

And, to answer both them questions, it is no…

My parents, raised me perfectly. I have no shame or regret. Seeing how much my mother’s love each other is heart-warming.

Well, anyways, I sure loved learning new skills. I decided to pick up on the painting skill, since I learned that the Defesco’s never had a painter in the family.

05-02-15_5-32 PM

While at the park, one day, I saw my “biological father”.

After my mother fought him off, Conor pretty much stayed out of our lives.

I simply turned my back, and he walked right by… He probably didn’t even recognize me.

Oh well, I did not need a father in my life.

05-02-15_5-36 PM

Well, that was rude of me, wasn’t it? I almost forgot to introduce this lovely young lad.

Her name is Veronica. She’s a grade above me in school. We became really good friends over time. She’s definitely one of my best friends.

05-09-15_7-18 AM

Because I aspired to be wealthy, I decided it’d be fun to get a part-time job. Even though my parent’s made tons of money, I wanted to be swimming in cash.

I got a job s a Landscaper.

05-10-15_11-40 AM

With that being said, I knew it was best to work on my gardening skill.

This made me think… If I raise a farm, I could sell my produce for more money, on top of a job!

Gardening was the perfect skill for me.

05-10-15_11-46 AM 05-10-15_11-47 AM


I also picked up the fishing skill because I felt it went hand-in-hand with gardening. I would be able to use my catch to fertilize my garden.

The more I fished and gardened, the more I desired to have a farm of my own one day. I could just see my wife and kids working with me on the farm.

It would be perfect.

05-10-15_12-04 PM

My first catch, ever!

…seaweed, haha!

05-10-15_12-05 PM


At last my biological mother, reached the top of The Boss path in the criminal career. She was now, “The Boss” of the operation, with an astonishing pay of $445/hr. She truly was my inspiration.

05-10-15_12-12 PM

Although she was technically at the top of her career, and did not need any further skills, my mother refused to be nice to anyone that laid foot on our property. She’d even pick fights with the mailman.

“What the **** do you got for me today, *****?” She screamed at the mailman.

“Just your bills ma’am. Sorry to upset you,” the kind mailman whimpered.

“Get the **** off my property before I shove them up your ***!”

The mailman scurried off the lot.

No wonder we had a new mailman and maid everyday…

05-10-15_12-16 PM

Luckily, my mother approved of my relationship with Veronica. Anyone that my mother saw as family (minus her own father), she refused to be mean to. In fact, my mother loved Veronica.

“Hey Ron,” my mother called Veronica, ‘Ron’ for short. “Want to dance with me?!”

“Haha, no thank you Mrs. Defesco,” Veronica giggled at my mother’s horrible dance moves.

“Mom! You’re embarrassing me!” I stood up.

05-10-15_12-19 PM


“How about we go outside?” I pointed at Veronica.

“Sure thing,” Veronica laughed.

“Awww boo! Y’all are no fun!” My mother whined at walked into the kitchen.

05-10-15_12-20 PM


Outside, I worked on my garden some more. I loved evolving my plants to make them a higher quality. It reminded me of silly cartoons I watched as a child, when trainers would evolve their pets.

Anyways, there was one thing I discovered I loved more than my garden…

05-10-15_12-25 PM



I knew that my mother’s approved of our relationship. I felt so comfortable around her.

I leaned in for a kiss.

Of course, she accepted, wrapping her juicey lips around mine.

05-11-15_7-43 PM


Suddenly, I heard a loud cheer in the front yard.

“YAAA HOOO!” My other mother yelled.

Without even knowing it, she earned another promotion! This was the strangest thing, because usually each career only has 10 levels. For some reason, however, my mother reached level 11 in her career! She was now at the top of the Villain Branch of the Secret Agent career. Her title was Triple Agent, with an amazing pay of $515/hr!

Perhaps I’d complete my aspiration sooner than expected, with all these big bucks rolling in.

05-11-15_7-43 PM-2


Meanwhile, back in the backyard, things were getting a little frisky.

05-11-15_7-45 PM

Unfortunately, we ended things there because I had work early the next morning…

Speaking of work, on my first day, I earned my first (and last) promotion! I was now a Backhoe Operator, earning $77/hr, nearly one-seventh the pay my mother gets, haha.

Oh well. One day, I’ll be making the big bucks… One day.

05-11-15_8-00 PM

As a gift for my promotion, my brother, Kasey gave me this extremely rare seed! I had never seen it before, but I’d definitely try my best to raise it well.

05-11-15_8-02 PM


Speaking of my brother, we grew very close. Growing up with “different parents” was tough, and we needed to be by each other’s side to support each other every step of the way.

I loved my brother. I could not imagine life without him.

I honestly fear the day he moves out. I wish he would live here forever…

We would play fight all the time.

“How’s the job, bro? Getting all gross and sweaty?” Kasey asked.

“Yeah, I’m making the big bucks, while you sit home all day and soak up the AC,” I joked, punching my brother on the shoulder.

“Hey man!” He hit me back, and we laughed at each other.

05-11-15_8-05 PM


The next day, when I walked outside, I was surprised to see what the seed had grown into! Suddenly, I had realized what an awesome gift my brother gave me- a cowberry seed!

I was so excited. I really could not wait for it to grow up… Now, as long as I don’t kill it, like my ancestors did with their cowplant (the corpse of which is still in our front yard).

05-11-15_8-16 PM


Sure enough, with my advanced gardening skills, my cowplant quickly reached full size.

Meet Leone, the first baby of Generation 12, haha!

I loved my baby boy. Leone was so fun to play with, and feed.

“Who’s a good boy?… Who’s a good boy?” I asked, as I rubbed Leone’s snout.

He smiled, shaking his head, forcing his cowbell to ring.

05-11-15_8-24 PM


“Leone, speak!” I wanted to train my cowplant.

“MOOOOOO!” He let out a loud call.

“Good boy, Leone,” I clapped, and fed him a treat.

Such a good pet.

05-11-15_8-24 PM-2


Whenever I had free time, I was out exploring the park, looking for new people to meet. To be honest with you, Veronica was a little too old for me.

Veronica was already a young adult, so I couldn’t do much with her.

That’s when I met Bristol.

“Hi there, I’m Kaleb,” I introduced myself.

“Kaleb? Wow. I love that name! I used to watch this awesome show with a Kaleb on it. He was my favorite. His nickname was ‘Beast Mode Cowboy’. That’s what we should call you, haha. Anyways, my name is Bristol.”

I could tell Bristol had a bubbly personality.

05-14-15_6-51 PM


“This ‘Beast Mode Cowboy’ can do some great things with a lovely cowgirl like you,” I winked at Bristol.

“RAAAWR!” She growled at me.

I wondered if it was time to call things off with Veronica…

05-14-15_6-53 PM


I managed to get Bristol to come back to the house with me.

That’s when the unthinkable happened…

My mother, Maddy passed on. Her and my mother were both getting pretty old, so we knew it was coming soon.

I wasn’t really close to Maddy, so it didn’t hurt me too much, but my brother, Kasey was devastated.

I appologized to Bristol for having to go through this tough time with us.

05-14-15_6-55 PM



And then, suddenly, it was also my mother, Jewel’s time to go.

I lost it. I felt the tears rush down my face, my brother immediately ran over, saw my mother laying on the ground and started balling too.

“Sorry kiddies, but I just cannot live without my soulmate, Maddy,” my mother kissed us goodbye.

I could not stop crying. My tears rolled down my face like a waterfall. I really felt bad now that Bristol had to experience this.

I looked up, and noticed Bristol’s stunned face. I should have never put her through this…

Suddenly, I felt a warm arm wrap around me, rubbing my back.

“It’ll be okay,” Bristol comforted me. “I lost my dad at a young age, too…”

05-14-15_6-56 PM


That’s where we’ll leave off. So, who will Kaleb end up falling for? Veronica? Bristol? Both? Maybe even neither?! You’ll have to wait and see what Kaleb has in store for the Defesco Legacy!



2 thoughts on “Update 11.1 – Saying Goodbye

  1. Ahhh, the cowplant is awesome! I cracked up at this, “I used to watch this awesome show with a Kaleb on it. He was my favorite. His nickname was ‘Beast Mode Cowboy”. Very well written though! I wish I had the patience to write mine more of a story, Not only that but I forget what happens when the pic is taken. I should write them done like you though!

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