Update 10.5 – Moving Along


The last time I updated, my wife and I (we were both artificially inseminated), went into labor! My wife delivered her baby first, naming it Kasey. Then, I went into labor, with a lot more trouble… So what happened? This is gonna’ be a short and sweet update, as it is my final entry to this legacy!

After a really difficult labor and pregnancy, I finally was able to deliver a healthy baby boy, Kaleb! Meet the two newest members of the Defesco Legacy, Kasey and Kaleb. Both Maddy and I had boys!

Kasey is on the left, crying and Kaleb is on the right, smiling.

Welcome to the world Generation 11!!

04-12-15_5-15 PM


Maddy was a great mother to our two sons. I feel like she was a better parent then me, who was always focused on my career.

04-12-15_5-16 PM


My mischievous habits actually must have worn onto the good Maddy because when offered a choice between the Villain or Diamond Agent path, she chose the Villain path! Maddy was now a double agent, making $191/hr.

She too was now forced to practice the mischief skill.

04-12-15_5-24 PM


As quickly as Kasey and Kaleb came into this world, it was time to celebrate their birthday!

First up, Maddy’s baby boy, Kasey. Kasey rolled the self-assured trait and the artistic prodigy aspiration.

04-12-15_5-41 PM

A couple of hours later (Kasey and Kaleb were exactly 2 hours apart), Kaleb also aged into a child, rolling the perfectionist trait and artistic prodigy aspiration.

04-12-15_5-43 PM

Kaleb drew a great interest in drawing pictures. And, being the great mother she was, Maddy encouraged Kaleb while he was painting. This helped him advance quickly through the creative skill.

04-12-15_8-05 PM

I still threatened anyone who dared to step foot on our porch… Even the old ladies!

“Hello kind neighbor,” the old lady greeted me.

“Get off my porch! I don’t wanna’ buy any cookies! I’ll steal from both you and your family, if you ever come back,” I threatened her and brushed her off my deck.

I loved being mean to people. Plus, I needed to be evil for my job.

04-17-15_8-57 PM

But, there was one person I refused to be mean to…

The love of my life, my soul mate, my wife…


04-17-15_9-00 PM

Conor still visited often. He said that he really wanted to have a relationship with Kaleb and Kasey, since, he really was their father.

Conor would have been a great father, I could tell.

04-17-15_9-07 PM


Unfortunately, I could not take it anymore. He was becoming too invasive and too comfortable around the boys. They were Maddy and I’s kids… Not his.

I turned on Conor one night.

“Conor, you really need to leave. You’re not welcome here anymore. Kaleb and Kasey are mine. Now beat it,” I screamed.

“But, I just want to see how they’re doing. I love them,” he responded.

“Oh no you don’t!!” I attacked Conor.

I guess you could say being evil was in my blood.

04-17-15_9-09 PM


At least I learned something from my father, Indio… How to fight!

I beat Conor up!

I don’t think we’d be seeing him anytime soon.

04-17-15_9-10 PM

Maddy received another sweet promotion to [Redacted], with a pay of $278/hr. Everything she did was top-secret, so I didn’t really know much of what she did.

04-17-15_9-19 PM

Kaleb literally refused to put his violin down. He’d take it in the bath with him, to bed with him, even to school with him!

He surely was one creative-fella.

04-17-15_9-23 PM

Hooray for another promotion! I was now a Safe Cracker, with a pay of $319/hr.

04-17-15_9-30 PM

Kaleb completed his first childhood aspiration, only 5 sim days in! As a reward, he earned the creatively gifted trait.

I was a proud momma’ already.

04-17-15_9-33 PM


I was so in love with my life, and the only three people in my life that meant something to me. I could not believe that each day, Maddy and I manage to grow a little bit closer. I had no doubt that anything would ever separate us.

04-18-15_11-50 AM


Whenever I had free time (which was rare), I enjoyed sharing my passion for books with the kids. I loved reading to them.

04-18-15_11-53 AM

Believe it or not, we actually had a very close family. We loved spending free time together. On the weekends, we would visit the park and play for hours.

04-18-15_12-00 PM

We even enjoyed a nice family picnic, on this pleasant spring day.

“Ma, this is some great grilled chicken!” Kasey complimented me.

“Thanks sweetie,” I winked at Kasey.

“Very delicious,” Kaleb added.

“Stellar, just like everything you do,” Maddy smiled.

04-18-15_12-04 PM


We cherished every second of the weekend, spending as much time together as we could. We were such a goofy family.

I farted, held my nose, and blamed it on Kaleb. “Awww man! Kaleb, you wreak!”

“What? Mom! That wasn’t me,” Kaleb giggled.

“Ewwww!” Kasey complained. “I smell it all the way over her!”

“Woops, sorry,” Maddy joked, acted like she was the one that passed gas.

We all started giggling.

04-18-15_12-16 PM


Now that Kasey completed his first aspiration, he was working towards his second of Whiz Kid. My little chemist.

04-18-15_12-35 PM

Maddy earned her final promotion! She was now a Supreme Villain, with a stunning pay of $474/hr!

Man, did she look sexy in her uniform?

04-18-15_12-39 PM


Once again, my amazing child Kaleb completed his aspiration! With this, Kaleb earned the mentally gifted trait. With four days to spare, Kaleb decided not to select another aspiration.

04-18-15_12-49 PM

Sorry for being so boring this update. Not much is going on. But, I did manage to earn a promotion to “The Brains”, and I now made $383/hr. At last, I only had one promotion left!

04-18-15_12-53 PM


Eventually, it was Maddy and I’s birthday.

First up, Maddy!

04-19-15_9-11 AM

Ahhhh… Elderhood, at last.

04-19-15_9-11 AM-2

The next night, it was the kids birthday too!

First born, Kasey aged into a handsome teenager.

Kasey rolled the foodie trait and successful lineage aspiration. With this, he also received the domestic trait.

04-19-15_9-16 AM

Last up, my son, Kaleb aged into a wonderful teenager. Kaleb rolled the goofball (like me!) trait and fabulously wealthy aspiration, as well as the business savvy trait.

04-19-15_9-17 AM

So, this is where my story finally concludes. I hope I impressed you with my twists and turns. I still have no idea how I managed to keep this legacy alive. I had serious doubts at times. Now, it’s time for the Defesco legacy to continue… Enjoy Generation 11!

Family Portrait 26


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