Update 10.4 – A Plan at Last


I left off the last update finally getting married to the girl of my dreams, Madelynn. So now that we’re getting ready to adopt a child to bring in generation 11, what’s been going on?!

After my father passed, I had no one around to argue with. I actually started turning evil, partly because of what my dad had done to me, and partly because I needed to be mean for work.

I harassed an old lady that came to our doorstep one night.

“Excuse me kind young lady,” the old lady started in a melancholy tone. “I’m selling chocolates with my granddaughter. Would you like to buy some?”

“What Granny?! What are you doing here?! Get off my damn front step. And never come back again!” I yelled.

She flinched back a little bit.

“Beat it!” I yelled louder.

She was literally shivering in her clothes.

04-11-15_10-04 AM


“Oh, wait, before you go,” I had a trick up my sleeve. “I have to tell you a secret.”

The granny tensed up, and leaned in to hear my secret.

“Do you have a hearing aid in?” I asked her.

“Uhhh… No, why?” She asked, confused.

“Because you’re gonna’ need one now!” I honked a loud blow horn in her ear.

“OWWWW!” She screamed and ran away in dismay.

“Beat it, you old bag!” I screamed.

I don’t think we’ll be seeing her ever again.

04-11-15_10-06 AM


The next day, Maddy and I ate breakfast and sipped on our coffee together. I was so excited for our adoption this week. At last, generation 11 would be here!

“Are you ready to get our child this week?!” I asked, excitedly.

“Uhhhhh… About that,” I heard disappointment in Maddy’s voice. “That was all a cover up. I just pulled that out of the blue. I didn’t think you actually wanted to adopt…”

I felt my heart-sink when Maddy said this. Now what? We were back to square one.

“Oh…” I mumbled.

04-12-15_9-08 AM


That night, I cried in Conor’s arms. We really were close friends now. But trust me, we would never be more than that. I can’t emphasize enough how I had no interest in boys whatsoever. Plus, he was gay.

“Conor,” I whined. “Maddy said that she doesn’t wanna’ adopt anymore.”

“Awww, Jewel. It’s okay! It’s really hard adopting. Maddy’s been through adoption herself. She knows the feeling of not having biological parents. That’s probably why. Don’t be offended,” Conor rubbed my back, cheering me up.

“Thanks Conor,” I wiped the tears off my face.

04-12-15_9-13 AM


The next morning, I talked things over with Maddy again.

I held her hands and said, “Maddy, I was really devastated when you told me you didn’t want to adopt anymore. I thought we were set on that… But I did talk to Conor, and I understand why.”

“I’m really sorry Jewel. I thought you were just playing along with me that night when we told Conor of our plans. I love you, but I just can’t go through that pain.” Maddy explained.

“But. But, what are we supposed to do now… I need to have a kid.”

“I’m not really sure babe,” Maddy explained. “That’s just part of the consequences of being married to a woman. There’s nothing much we can do.”

I felt the tears build up in my eyes again. My father was right. I had let the Defesco legacy down.

04-12-15_9-18 AM


On a happier note, I ended up completing my Nerd Brain aspiration! As a result, I gained the handy bonus trait.

04-12-15_9-26 AM

I even managed to snag a promotion to Getaway Driver, with a pay of $273/hr! I was really making the big bucks now. I actually enjoyed me job too. As a criminal, it was okay to be a goofball and to harass people; two things I loved to do.

04-12-15_10-10 AM

At long last, it was time to celebrate Maddy and I’s birthday! We invited over Conor and his boyfriend Soren for a little party.

First up, Maddy aged into an adult.

04-12-15_10-18 AM


Following in Maddy’s footsteps, I made a wish as I blew out my candles.

‘I wish to have a baby some day!’ I closed my eyes and blew with all of my breath. Suddenly, I felt a whirl of air circle around me.

Hmmmm. That was strange.

Well, let’s see what adulthood has in store for me! I only have 20 sim days left to bring in the next generation.

04-12-15_10-19 AM


After I blew out my candles, I quickly ran out the door. I had work.

But, Maddy, Conor and Soren stayed back and enjoyed the rest of the party. They talked for a very long time, and just as I was getting home from work, they were finally leaving.

I wonder what they talked about for so long.

04-12-15_10-21 AM


Usually, when I come home from work, Maddy is asleep. But, this time, when I walked in the door, she was waiting for me with a huge smile on her face.

Maddy swooped me back, “I have some good news!” She exclaimed.

“Oh do you? What is it?” I asked immediately.

“I have a plan,” Maddy murmured.

“A plan? For what?” I was lost.

“To have a child, silly!” Maddy bolted back, and suddenly, I felt my heart pounding.

“WHAT?!” I exclaimed. “Tell me! Now!”

“Okay, okay. But, I do not know if this will work… So, after you left, Conor and his boyfriend stayed here for a while. We talked for a very long time. And, Conor suggested something… Artificial insemination,” as soon as Maddy said the idea, I was instantly interested. “Conor said ‘I have no use for it, so what if you guys had my kid?’… So, what do you think?”

“YES!” I blurted. “YES YES YES!! I was so excited. This was even better than adoption. Now, the child would actually have my DNA.

“Okay, well, it’s too late to make an appointment now, but tomorrow.”

Finally, things were falling into place. It all made sense now. My birthday wish came true. That’s why I felt the whirl of air around me. That’s why Soren and Conor stuck around so long. This was perfect! Not to mention Conor was a hottie, our baby would be perfect. And, I wouldn’t be cheating on Maddy!

04-12-15_10-24 AM


The next morning, I called and set up an appointment. Luckily, they had an appointment later that day! We already had a donor, so the lady said we’d be in and out in no time.

04-12-15_10-26 AM

After the appointment, Conor, Maddy and I sat on the couch patiently waiting. We had to wait a few hours for fertilization to occur, hopefully.

“I’m so nervous!” I screeched.

“Don’t be. Everything’s gonna be okay,” Maddy reassured me.

“You’ll be great parents. I’m glad I could help.”

04-12-15_10-31 AM

Finally, it was time…

I went to the bathroom, and took my pregnancy test.

As I watched the pink dots blink across, I felt my heart flutter.

04-12-15_10-33 AM


I almost cried. What if I was too old to conceive?…

I walked out of the bathroom with a frown.

“Nothing,” I sighed.

“Awww. I’m sorry baby,” Maddy rubbed my shoulders…

Luckily, we decided at the appointment that it’d be best for both Maddy and I to be artificially inseminated! So, it was her turn!

I waited out in the hallway, when suddenly I heard a screech.

“PREGNANT!” Maddy yelled.

At last, generation 11 was on its way.

04-12-15_10-35 AM


At the appointment, the doctor assured us that we had a very low chance of getting pregnant because of our age and the process itself has poor results.

Fortunately, after I called the doctor back, he said I could try again, so I went in right away.

After waiting the set amount of time, it was time to take a pregnancy test again.

My heart pounded even faster this time.

Suddenly, I saw the pink smiley.

Now both, Maddy and I were pregnant, only separated by about 12 hours! I was full of joy.

04-12-15_10-37 AM


The doctor had explained the adverse side-effects of the procedure, and I experienced every bit of the pain.

The nausea and vomiting seemed to never end.

This pregnancy really was rough.

04-12-15_10-40 AM

Luckily, Maddy’s pregnancy was going a lot smoother and she was always there to comfort me.

As I wiped the vomit away from my mouth and sat on the couch, she turned me around and started massaging me back.

“Just calm down, baby,” Maddy soothed my soul.

I’m really not sure what I’d do without her.

04-12-15_10-42 AM

Maddy really knew how to make me feel better…

Two pregnant ladies woo hooing!!

04-12-15_10-43 AM


Unfortunately, the vomiting continued throughout the pregnancy. I started worrying that something was wrong.

04-12-15_10-44 AM

It was very interesting being pregnant the same time as my wife.

We often compared belly sizes.

“Ugh, I am so much bigger than you,” Maddy complained.

“No you’re not! Besides, you’re farther along.”

04-12-15_10-51 AM


We even rubbed each other’s tummy’s, excited to finally meet our children.

“How’s my little baby doing?” I asked as I rubbed Maddy’s tummy.

I could not wait for our son(s) and/or daugther(s) to be here. This was so exciting!

I couldn’t help but worry that we’d both have multiples though. That was another side-effect of the procedure.

04-12-15_10-52 AM


Even Conor stopped by to check in on us every now and then. He said that he didn’t want to be “too invasive”.

“How’s that little baby doing in there?” He asked, rubbing my stomach.

“Oh, she’s moving all around!” I responded, hoping I had a girl.

Conor was the perfect man to make this donation. He gave Maddy and I privacy and approved not to call the babies “his”.  Although Conor would always be a part of their life, Maddy and I were their parents; not Conor.

04-12-15_10-57 AM


As our due dates quickly approached, both Maddy and I started bursting with excitement.

“I wonder who’s gonna’ go into labor first!” Maddy blurted.

“Probably you,” I told her. “You were first to conceive.”

“True, but you never now…”

Make your bets now, who will deliver first?!

04-12-15_11-00 AM


We compared belly’s for one last time.

Don’t tell her I said this, but Maddy clearly had me beat…

04-12-15_11-04 AM

And then, it was time!

Of course, Maddy went into labor first. I was working when it happened.

04-12-15_11-08 AM


However, I left work 3 hours early as I went into labor just two hours after Maddy!

At last, our two (hopefully) babies were on the way!!

04-12-15_11-09 AM


Maddy and I decided to both sleep off the labor pains. Labor went by in a breeze, surprisingly.

04-12-15_11-11 AM

Then, Maddy started pushing. She screamed and screamed, and finally…

“Meet your first child, Kasey Defesco,” Maddy woke me up.

I smiled into my newborn’s eyes.

04-12-15_11-11 AM-2


Until, it was time for me to start pushing.

Unfortunately, my delivery was not as simple either. There were some complications…

04-12-15_11-14 AM

That’s where I’ll leave it off for now! What further complications followed my delivery? How will our lives change with newborns in the house? What gender is Kasey?! Find out in the next update.



2 thoughts on “Update 10.4 – A Plan at Last

  1. Ahhh, you were right. I love this generation a lot. That’s so cool that they’re both prego at the same time. That must’ve been a pain though trying to conceive (meaning: someone would always have to be out so Conor could woo-hoo, and impregnante them, lol.) I was mad at first when Maddy said she was joking about adoption. I’m like this b#tch, lol.

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