Update 10.3 – The Fun Never Ends


Let’s get back to my wonderful story as the generation 10 heir! But first, a little recap: I grew very close to my girl best friend, Madelynn and eventually, I realized I was in love with her. I feared telling my father and sister about my secret, but I decided to tell my sister, who surprisingly accepted my secret. After aging into a young adult, I felt it was time to tell my father, who did not accept my secret so well. In fact, he fought me, and we became enemies. Just to put a cherry on top of the sundae, I decided to propose to my girlfriend in front of my father. Of course, she said yes! Afterwards, I started to spin out of control, picking up bad habits, and eventually becoming a criminal. So now, let’s see what happened!

There was one thing that Maddy and I did not have in common. Maddy was in the Secret Agent career track and I was in the criminal career track. So, ultimately, Maddy was working with people trying to bust criminals! I actually found this kind of funny and ironic. I’m not gonna’ lie though, she was able to get me out of a lot of trouble.

04-04-15_1-32 PM

Indio and I still were not on good terms. I refused to call Indio my father. He did not act like a dad nor did he treat me like his daughter.

“I can’t believe you let the Defesco’s down!” He yelled in my face.

“I didn’t. That’s where you’re wrong, and you’re a selfish little ****! Don’t ever talk to me again. I can’t wait until you’re gone!” I yelled back at my father. Things really were pretty harsh.

But I had every reason to hate Indio. He kicked me out of his life for something I can’t control: my heart.

04-04-15_1-38 PM


Luckily, now that Maddy lived with me (well, us, if you include Indio), she was always there to cheer me up. I feared that my father would try to hurt her, so I warned her to stay out of my fights with Indio. I could not see my fiance getting hurt.

As my salty tears washed across my cheek-bone, Maddy dragged me outside.

“I know it’s tough,” Maddy comforted me, rubbing the tears off my face. “I’m glad my parents put me up for adoption when I was a baby. I couldn’t imagine going through this.”

Even though it felt right fighting with Indio after what he did, I was still heart-broken. Being cut-off completely by your father hurts.

I tried to hold back the tears, “I love you Maddy. I’m not sure what I would do without you.”

04-04-15_1-42 PM


Maddy managed to cheer me way up. In fact, we decided to head inside and into our room for a wonderful woo hoo.

Maybe I’d get pregnant?!…

NOT! Haha.

I wish.

04-04-15_1-42 PM-2



As I really started getting involved with my mischievous acts, I thought that maybe Maddy would be my partner in crime.

“So, you know how much I love pranking people, so I was wondering if you’d join forces with me. You know, like become partners in crime?” I asked my fiance.

“Uhhhh… No!” Maddy was very firm in her response.

Maddy was too good to be my partner in crime. Her denial did not surprise me.

Oh well, it was worth a shot. I shrugged it off, and dropped the conversation.

That’s one thing good about Maddy and I. We never fought about anything, ever.

04-04-15_1-51 PM


So instead of Maddy joining forces with me, I decided to start pranking her!

Fortunately, she was able to take the pranks without getting too upset.

04-04-15_1-52 PM


At last, I earned my first promotion at work. I guess all of my mischievous acts with Maddy were paying off. I was now a Ring Leader with a whooping pay of $17/hr. Look at that smirk on my face! Can you tell I really was becoming a true criminal?

04-04-15_1-54 PM

Luckily my parents decided to upgrade my bedroom when they still loved me. Maddy and I spent most of our time in our bedroom, avoiding Indio. We ate dinner in there, watched TV in there, and got it on in there.

04-04-15_2-00 PM


The one time we did go downstairs though was when I dared Maddy to streak, mwahah! Although I was being mischievous doing this, I mainly wanted to see her stunning body.

“Looking gooooood babe!” I screamed, with a giggle. “Oh! Look, there’s Mr. Henderson, our neighbor!” I joked with Maddy, he really wasn’t outside.

“What?! Where?! AHHH!” Maddy screamed and darted back for the door.

“Haha. Fooled ya again!” I laughed out loud.

04-04-15_2-02 PM


With the pranks flowing left and right at home, and my goofball personality expanding, I managed to snag another promotion to Felonius Monk, with a pay of $23/hr.

04-04-15_2-14 PM


A funny new interaction that I learned practicing my mischief skill was being able to describe the apocalypse.

I gave it a shot with Maddy the next morning.

“…And then, ants will take over ‘zee world!!!” I screamed, pinching hands like little ant arms.

“You’re too much, you little goofball!” Maddy giggled. She loved my goofiness.

04-04-15_2-18 PM


Instead of spending his final days of his life accepting me for who I was, Indio decided to continuously argue with me any time I was near him.

“UGH! There’s the pathetic ***** that let 10 generations a legacy go to waste!” He screamed and wagged his finger in my face. “You do realize that there’s no way Maddy can get you pregnant, right? You can keep wishing, but it’s not gonna’ happen! You’re a disgrace!!”

“I get it Indio!!” This was really getting unbearable. I seriously couldn’t wait for Indio’s clock to expire.

“Are you even thinking about this legacy?!” He asked.

“No. No, I am not. And you know why? Because you won’t leave me alone!” My father really was getting under my skin at this point.

04-05-15_4-11 PM


“You’re almost an adult now! Don’t you think it’s getting too late to have a baby?!” He yelled some more.

“AHHHH! SHUT UP!!!” I could not take it any more.

“You know what, get over here!” My father launched towards me, again.

04-05-15_4-12 PM


Indio beat me up… Again.

I saw stars floating around me head, nearly passing out.

Maybe he really was right though. I had not planned a child yet, and I’m not really sure how to bring in the next generation…

04-05-15_4-13 PM


That night, as Maddy comforted me after a rough fight with Indio, I had to bring up the subject of having a child. As much as I didn’t wanna’ give Indio what he wanted, I really did not want to let the Defesco legacy down.

“Maddy, I really want to have a child,” I touched on the subject.

“Baby, I know you do. But, you also know that’s not possible,” she rubbed the back of my hand, as I looked deeply into her eyes. “Besides, we still have a wedding to plan! Let’s not rush things.”

“That’s right! I am so excited for our wedding. But, we definitely have to wait for Indio to pass. He would harass us to no end. I want our wedding to be happy, memorable, and beautiful,” I started dreaming up the perfect wedding in my head.

“I know you do baby, and we will have just that,” Maddy smiled, as her eyes glistened in the light.

04-05-15_4-18 PM


Maddy started tickling me.

“Oh, you’re so handsome baby,” Maddy jabbed her fingers in my side, hitting my ticklish spot right away.

“Hehehe!” I laughed so loud that my father heard me downstairs.

I heard him quickly run outside, slamming the door behind him.

04-05-15_4-19 PM


The tickling and messing around turned into a wonderful make out session, which eventually ended in a stunning woo hoo.

But, I’m not gonna’ bore you with that image again.

04-05-15_4-20 PM


The next morning, Maddy introduced me to her hot new friend Conor. She knew Conor since she was a child. She told me that they clicked instantaneously since they were the same race. I could tell they had a lot in common because they both had the shimmery white skin tone, almost that of a vampire.

“Hi Conor, nice to meet you,” I wasn’t used to talking to boys.

But man, if I was straight, Conor would be the man I’d get with. Unfortunately, I had no interest in men nor would I ever cheat on my fiance.

04-05-15_4-29 PM


Conor brought up the touchy subject of a child, as we all hung out in the gym.

“So, forgive me if this offends either of you, but I understand y’all are getting married soon. I was just wondering if you’re planning on having children? And if so, how?” Conor seemed very interested in the subject.

“WOAH!” I yelled, throwing my hands up. “I was not expecting that at all. Uhhhh…” I looked over at Maddy for an answer, because to this day, we still hadn’t figured that out.

“We’re adopting.” Maddy blurted out. And suddenly, we had a plan. A perfect plan if you asked me. I felt a smirk shine on my face.

“Yeah, adoption,” I agreed with my fiance. “We’re gonna’ adopt a child once we get married,” I smiled.

“Oh that’s wonderful! I know that both Maddy and I were adopted, so that’s wonderful you also plan on doing it,” Conor was a very nice man, but there was something about him that I couldn’t exactly pinpoint.

So there we had it. I finally knew how I’d be bringing in the next generation. Maddy and I were going to adopt our children once we get married.

But first, one person had to go…

04-05-15_4-32 PM


Fortunately, the next night, Indio’s time finally expired!

See ya’!!

This felt like the biggest weight lifted off my chest.

04-05-15_4-41 PM

Indio’s death did not sadden me at all. I mean, why would it? He never accepted me for who I was.

You could tell I wasn’t bothered by his passing because that same night, I earned a promotion to Minor Crimelord, with a pay of $32/hr.

04-11-15_9-12 AM

Remember how I love reading books? Well, I found a book on the mischief skill, which was tons of fun to read.

Often, I found myself goofing around with the book itself.

04-11-15_9-17 AM

Now that Indio finally passed away, Maddy and I could finally plan the wedding!

“Are you finally ready to get married?!” She asked me with so much enthusiasm.

“You already know!… We have to pick a venue, a day, a time, who we want to invite…” I rambled on a list of things we needed to do.

In the end, we decided that we’d get married that Sunday, since it was the only day we had off. We also rented out the bar, and invited a few of our close friends, and my sister.

I could not wait!!

04-11-15_9-18 AM

On Friday, when I returned home from work, I pumped Maddy up for the wedding!

“Only a few more days babe!” I yelled. “Are you ready?!”

“I was born ready,” Maddy responded with a smile.

04-11-15_9-26 AM

The days were zooming by, and soon enough it was Saturday. The day before the wedding.

Conor stopped by for some celebrations before the big day. You could see how excited I was.

“Ahhh! Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow!” I yelled at the top of lungs outside.

“Yay! I can’t wait! I’m so happy for you guys. You are taking a huge step against society. I take my hat off for you two. I would never be able to marry my boyfriend,” Conor complimented Maddy and I’s bravery.

“Wait… You’re gay?!” I asked Conor, catching his little hint.

“Haha. Yes! Maddy didn’t tell you?!” Conor seemed kind of disappointed that I didn’t know.

“Uhhh… NO!”

This was awesome. Now it all made sense. Now I knew exactly why Conor and Maddy were best friends. They really did have  a lot in common. This also explained the weird feeling I had about Conor earlier. Well, at least I didn’t have to worry about Conor coming onto me now.

04-11-15_9-39 AM

I was in such a good mood that night that I was presented with choosing a career path at work. I could either choose the “Boss” path or the “Oracle” path.

My badass personality went with the “Boss” path. Now, I was The Muscle, with a huge pay raise to $106/hr.

Hide your kids, hide your wife! Because Jewel Defesco’s in town!

04-11-15_9-46 AM

At last, it was time for the big day! Before sharing our vows, we enjoyed a few delicious drinks at the bar.

Maddy decided to double fist the drinks.

04-11-15_9-56 AM

After the drinks were flowing, it was time for the wonderful ceremony.

At last, I was getting married to my soulmate, my best friend, my everything.

04-11-15_9-57 AM


I was so glad that my sister came for support. Connor also cheered in the back, with his boyfriend Soren. Thankfully some people supported us.

“Do you, Madelynn Bouchard accept this ring?”

“I DO!”

04-11-15_9-58 AM

I could not be any happier!! ❤

At last, after meeting Maddy 26 sim days ago, we were married.

04-11-15_9-59 AM


Maddy and I enjoyed our first piece of cake together as a married couple.

Even though I was a goofball, I resisted the urge to smash it in her face.

04-11-15_10-01 AM


Now, it was time for the real challenge… Adopting a child! But first, one more try at getting pregnant… You never know what will happen.

04-11-15_10-02 AM

That’s where we’ll leave it off now. How will our lives change once Maddy and I adopt a child? What other twists do I have hiding up my sleeve? Find out next time!

04-11-15_9-59 AM


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