Update 10.2 – Revealing the Big Secret


As a quick little recap, my name is Jewel Defesco, the generation 10 heiress! Soon after being declared the heir, I came to the realization that I was in love with my girl best friend, Madelynn. Now, with me finally revealing my secret to myself, it’s time to let my family know…

After just “messing around” with my best friend, Maddy, all night, I felt like it was time to make it official.

“Okay, Maddy,” I started. “I’ve finally come to the realization that I’m in love with you. I’m always so happy around you. I don’t see me with anyone else. So, will you be my girlfriend?” I asked my BFF.

“Of course I will Jewel! I knew from day one that you loved me,” Maddy responded and gifted me a huge hug.

03-29-15_9-09 AM

At breakfast, my father made things very awkward. Neither he nor Jaclyn, my twin, knew about my little secret.

“So Jewel, how’s the search for the perfect mate coming along? Gonna’ make some pretty baby’s for daddy?” He asked me.

“Uhhh… Yeah!” That was all I could get out.

My father couldn’t find out that I had a girlfriend. He’d be crushed.

03-29-15_9-15 AM


My father was getting pretty old. He aged into an elder that night.

03-29-15_9-21 AM

You know how I always like adventuring and picking up new hobbies? Well, here’s my newest hobby rocket shipping!

I really enjoyed exploring space because it allowed me to escape all of the drama in my life here at Willow Creek.

03-29-15_9-23 AM

After a few days of avoiding Maddy, since I was in space, eventually decided to go on a date with her. On a side note, I was avoiding her because it was still extremely awkward having her over and I didn’t want Jaclyn or dad to catch me.

Anyways, Maddy and I decided to go on a date at the library because it was too risky to have her over anymore.

03-29-15_9-28 AM

As we sat on the couch, I massaged my lovely girlfriend’s back.

Suddenly, Maddy proposed an idea.

“What if we,” she started “exchange promise rings? I mean, you said that you wouldn’t be with anyone, but me.”

“Ehhh. I don’t know Maddy. I feel like my family won’t accept you.”

“Don’t worry about your family Maddy! You do you. This is your life.”

03-29-15_9-31 AM


Sure enough, I pulled Maddy into the bathroom again (this was the same place I asked Maddy to be my girlfriend, because it was the only private place) and got down on one knee. I pulled out the family ring my father gave to me, which has been passed down throughout the generations.

“Madelynn, will you do the honors of being here by my side every single day? I promise to be with you forever,” I told my lovely girlfriend, and now, soul mate.

“Of course I will Jewel!”

So, there we were. Still teenagers, but promised to each other forever. She now held the ring that my mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, great-great-grandmother (you get the point) wore on their finger!

03-29-15_9-32 AM


At home, my twin sister, Jaclyn fired questions at me.

“Where were you tonight? What were you doing? Do you have a boyfriend? Tell me all about him. I want to know everything. Is he a good kisser? How old is he?” Jaclyn kept rambling on, and on.

“Uhhhh… Yeah, sure,” again, I was speechless.

“Oh no! Please don’t tell me you were with that bitch… Uhhh, what’s here name again… Mada-dime, or something, right?” Jaclyn made fun of my partner.

“Actually, it’s Madelynn, but she prefers Maddy. And yes, I was with her, in fact,” I came clean, a little bit.

That’s when I realized that this was effecting Jaclyn and I’s relationship. I couldn’t take this any longer. We were about to be adults. We couldn’t go through this drama anymore… I had to tell my sister…

03-29-15_9-37 AM


“Jaclyn,” I started off. “I have something to tell you.” I leaned in to whisper into my sister’s ear. I felt my heart beating and palms fill with a puddle of sweat… Here goes nothing. “Maddy and I are in love.” Jaclyn’s face dropped. “And we are promised to each other for life.” I felt my sister lose all faith in me.

It was quiet for a solid ten minutes. I feared what this would do to my relationship with my sister.

03-29-15_9-38 AM

It felt like the longest ten minutes of my life, just staring at my sister’s blank face. Finally, she responded…

With a huge hug!

“Jewel, it’s okay,” she comforted me. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

I was shocked by how Jaclyn responded to my secret.

“Just please don’t tell dad,” I told her.

03-29-15_9-39 AM

As my birthday approached, I started working on upgrades around the house. I wanted to impress my father before I had to reveal my secret to him. Even if this meant getting my hands dirty by upgrading the plumbing on the toilet. At this point, I was so in love with Maddy that I couldn’t hide it much longer… My father walked in while I was working on the toilet.

“Wow Jewel, nice job!” He complimented me.

“Thanks daddy!”

I knew he wouldn’t be this nice to me come a few days…

03-29-15_9-42 AM

Sure enough, it was time for Jaclyn and I’s birthday.

First, my older sister aged, rolling the creative trait. She told me that she wanted to avoid the drama when I told dad, so she decided to move out right away.

03-29-15_9-45 AM

Then, it was my turn. I took a deep birth, threw some confetti and aged into a young adult, rolling the materialistic trait.

Now that I was an adult… It was time to tell my father…

03-29-15_9-49 AM


I invited Maddy over, for the first time since we “messed around” for the first time. We sat on the close, cuddling close to each other. My father was right next to us.

“You two girls are very close, aren’t you?” My father asked. “Such great friends!”

Maddy and I looked into each other’s eyes, and giggled.

My father wasn’t paying attention yet. But, he would be soon.

I nodded at Maddy, giving her the signal…

03-29-15_9-57 AM


Maddy and I became entangled in a warming make-out session. I laid a big one on Maddy.

I felt my father’s stare glare at my forehead.

What happened next was even more shocking that what happened when I revealed the secret to my sister…

03-29-15_9-59 AM


My father jumped off the couch, ripped me away from my girlfriend, Maddy and stood me up.

“You let this legacy down!” He screamed. “You are a disgrace to me, to the Defesco’s, to this legacy! How dare you?!” My father was breaking me down, I felt the tears rush out of my eyes.

All of a sudden, he started beating me. He was punching and screaming the whole time, dropping words I never even heard my father say before. I really did piss him off.

03-29-15_10-01 AM


My father knocked me down. I had no choice but to fight back.

03-29-15_10-01 AM-2

At last, the fight broke up. I admit, my father won the fight, but still, I could not believe what just happened.

“If you cause this legacy to fail, I will kill you!” My dad gave one last jab. “Now take your girlfriend, and get out of my house!”

Too bad he couldn’t kick me out, because as heir, this was now my house. So, just to piss my father off even more…

03-29-15_10-02 AM

I got down on one knee and proposed to Maddy!

“Maddy since my father is the biggest *****-bag in the world, please do the honors of being my sexy wife!” I couldn’t be more happy to be getting married.

03-29-15_10-03 AM

“Oh you know I will!” Maddy exclaimed and laid a juicy kiss on me.

03-29-15_10-03 AM-2

Since this really was my house now, and there was nothing my father could do about it, Maddy even decided to move in!

She leaped into my arms with excitement.

I had a feeling my father wouldn’t be around for much longer. I think I’d give him a heart attack.

03-29-15_10-04 AM

Now that my father wasn’t supporting me, I decided that it’d be best to get a job. After everything that happened, I felt like such a rebel. I wanted to go against everyone in society. There’s no question as to why I chose the criminal career path…

I was a Petty Theif.

03-29-15_10-08 AM

Luckily, Maddy would now be at the house every night, and we were free to do what we wanted.

She made this terrible night better.

Our first official woo hoo. ❤

03-29-15_10-09 AM


That’s all the drama I have… For now! How will things pan out now that I will be getting married to my fiance? What drama lies ahead?… Just wait and see!


2 thoughts on “Update 10.2 – Revealing the Big Secret

  1. I could have swore I read this already!! Oh my gosh, it was really good though! I couldn’t help but laugh when they fought. It’s a shame he couldn’t accept it :0. All well, can’t wait to see how this the new heir will be brought in!

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