Update 10.1 – A New Kind of Love


Dadada! Guesss who?! That’s right, it is I, Jewel Defesco, the Generation 10 heiress! I bet you didn’t see this one coming, did you? You thought my sister’s stunning looks would win my father over, but guess what, I earned the honor of heir! Ultimately, my father said that it came down to traits and aspiration. He said that it’d be boring having another Renaissance Sim, so my aspiration of Nerd Brain was better! Just to recap, I am still a teenager, and my traits are bookworm, goofball, and quick learner. I hope to add a bit of fun to this legacy, so let’s waste no more time! Here is my story.

03-27-15_1-35 PM

I had an obsession with books. I read anything from mysteries to logic books to children books. I just loved expanding my knowledge and spending my free time reading. No one quite understood my obsession.

03-27-15_1-36 PM

My parents always tried to keep our family close-knit. I really enjoyed our weekend family dinners. It was the only time we were all home together, since my father worked the night shift.

Of course, I always cracked jokes at the dinner table. I just loved seeing smiles on everyone’s face. I was truly a goofball.

03-27-15_1-39 PM


As a reward for earning the honor of heiress, my parents upgraded my bedroom (and Jaclyn moved into a different bedroom). So, what do you think?

Personally, I love it! It has everything I need. I only need to go downstairs to eat.

03-27-15_1-52 PM

In case you were wondering about the little competition my father and mother had going on (who would reach the top of their career first), well, my mother won, of course! Now, my mother was bringing in the big bucks as a Business Tycoon with a pay of $375/hr.

03-27-15_1-59 PM

All along, not many teenagers lived in the town of Willow Creek. Things were always lonely, being the only student in my classes. Fortunately, Willow Creek began offering scholarships to anyone who attended the school, so the influx of students skyrocketed.

This was wonderful. Now, I could actually make friends and meet new people at school. This actually made school much more enjoyable. In fact, on the first day back, I met this guy Tom. He was a pretty cool dude, and we hung out often.

03-27-15_2-08 PM

I also met Madelynn at school. I could tell that Madelynn and I would be close friends, if not best friends. We had so much in common. I loved spending my time with her!

03-27-15_2-14 PM

As we hung out that night, we shared a few jokes and played around a lot. I looked at my watch and realized it was already 11pm! Jeez! I needed to get to bed.

“Well, Maddy, I should probably get to bed,” I said good-bye to my new friend with a high-five.

“See ya in school Jewel!” Maddy exclaimed.

It felt nice to hear that. I couldn’t wait for school the next morning.

03-27-15_2-16 PM

At breakfast, I talked about all the new friends I was making, in particular, Maddy.

“So, I love that Willow Creek is attracting all these new students. It’s wonderful,” I explained. “I have a ton of friends already… I have to introduce you guys to Maddy. She’s great.”

“I’m glad to hear that, honey,” my mother responded. I knew my mom would be impressed because she was a schmoozer herself.

“Would it be alright if she comes over after school?” I asked.

“That’d be great!” My father exclaimed.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jaclyn roll her eyes. She was upset that I wasn’t spending time with her, my twin…

03-27-15_2-27 PM

Sure enough, after school, Maddy came over, and I introduced her to everyone. Of course, my sister wasn’t a fan. Oh well.

Once the introductions were over, Maddy and I bonded in the living room, as I finished up my homework.

“Your house is really nice,” Maddy complimented, with a smile.

“Thanks Maddy!”

03-27-15_2-31 PM


After I finished up my homework, it was time for some real fun. Maddy and I continued joking around.

“Selfie-nation!” I exclaimed and turned my phone around, capturing a selfie of this wonderful moment. “Now, we will remember forever the first time you came over!”

“That’s great, because I’ll be over a lot!” Maddy blurted.

Sure enough, that came true. Maddy and I hung out every single day. I could feel myself drifting apart from my twin, Jaclyn.

03-27-15_2-35 PM

Sometimes, homework got a little too stressful, so I liked to have some alone time. I even picked up the crafting hobby. I loved working with my hands, if you know what I mean…

Well, you won’t know what I mean until a little later, haha.

Sorry, that’s my goofball side coming out again.

03-28-15_9-45 AM


One hobby I loved even more than crafting was playing chess with Maddy. Although she wasn’t very good, it was still better than playing alone, or with my mother/father. They were both chess experts.

03-28-15_9-48 AM


My goofy side often came out around Maddy. I’m not really sure what it is about her, but she always managed to make me smile. We always had a blast together.

Maddy hit me on the shoulder, “So, I know that you have a crush on Tom, don’t you,” she joked with me.

“What! No I don’t,” I giggled and pushed Maddy back. “I think you do!”

03-28-15_9-51 AM


Speaking of Maddy, we made our best friendship official. We were best friends forever!!

03-28-15_9-52 AM

Remember how my father thought that he was going to beat my mother to the top of his career? Well, guess what? He’s just making it to the top now! My father earned his final promotion as a Champion Gamer, with a pay of $328/hr.

03-28-15_9-56 AM

Although Maddy and I were best friends, I didn’t stop making new friends.

The next day, at the park, as Maddy and I played chess, we saw a girl who went to our school. I waved her down.

“Hi there!” I introduced myself. “My name is Jewel and this is Madelynn, but she prefers Maddy. You go to Willow Creek High School, right?”

“Yeah! My name is Brooke,” she responded. “It’s nice to meet both of you. I always see the two of you together in the hallways. I wish I had a friend like that!”

“You can be friends with us!” Maddy welcomed Brooke.

“Awww. Thanks!”

03-28-15_10-01 AM

After Brooke left, Maddy and I headed down to the lagoon to watch the water and sunset. During this time, something unexpected happened.

“Oh wow! Did you see that duck eat that fish?!” I asked Maddy.

Maddy giggled, “Yes! I did! And you know what else I saw it eat?”

“No, what?” I could tell she was about to make a great joke, like usual.

“YOU!” Maddy screamed and started tickling me.

I giggled to no end, until finally she stopped. That’s when it happened.

My hand landed on Maddy’s. “Oh.” I screeched.

“Don’t worry, Jewel. Just go with it,” Maddy assured that everything would be okay.

I smiled at Maddy and felt my heart flutter… What was going on?

03-28-15_10-34 AM


Then, Maddy placed her second hand on top of mine, and I placed my other hand on top of hers. We had a hand sandwich. I couldn’t help by smile deeply at my best friend.

“Listen, Jewel,” Maddy explained. “I can tell how you’re feeling. It’s fine. Trust me. Do what you feel comfortable. If things get too far, let me know, and I will back off. I would never want to see you hurt.”

I could tell that Maddy’s words were sincere. At the moment, I was still speechless. I just kept smiling and thinking.

Would everything really be okay? I thought to myself. My parents would be devastated. I can’t do this. How would I bring in the next generation? Maybe I could just pass along my inheritance to Jaclyn?… I thought deeply about my next action.

Finally, I took a deep breath, and said, “Maddy, I’m really sorry, but I should get home.”

“No worries, Jewel. Best friends still, right?” Maddy asked.

“Of course!” I exclaimed. “It’ll be like this never happened.”

03-28-15_10-36 AM

Eventually, my mother’s final days came to an end. I would miss her dearly. Well, at least that’s one less person I would have to hide my relationship with Maddy from…

Wait, what am I thinking?! Maddy and I are just friends! I encouraged myself (man, did I inherit some of my father’s insanity, or what?).

03-28-15_10-45 AM 03-28-15_10-46 AM

The next day, after school, I took a break from hanging out with Maddy. Things were just too complicated right now… I wasn’t in the best mood either, since my mother just died…

Like Maddy said, I would never want to hurt her. I played chess alone, thinking more about what happened the other day in the park with Maddy. I thought how I could possibly make it work.

Then, I shook my head, ‘Nah, it’s not possible.’ I said in my head. I really needed to find a boyfriend soon; just to show Maddy that it wasn’t possible. Maybe I did have a crush on Tom. Oh, or that b-

Suddenly, I heard a knock on the door.

I didn’t even need to turn around to see who it was…

03-28-15_10-48 AM

Growing very comfortable with my family, Maddy let herself in, and joined my chess game.

“Hey Jewel!” Maddy greeted me. “I’m really sorry about your loss. Your mother truly was a great woman.”

Suddenly, Maddy’s condolences turned into flirting… Here we go again.

“Maddy, let’s take this upstairs,” I told her, in fear my father or sister would see.

03-28-15_10-49 AM


In my room, I turned on the lights, and just as I was going to sit on my bed, it happened.


Maddy’s lips met mine, and I felt my heart race a million miles a minute.

“Calm down,” Maddy soothed me. “Like I said, everything will be okay… I can hear your heart beating.Just take a deep breath, and follow your heart.”

03-28-15_10-52 AM

Enough was enough. I couldn’t take it anymore!…

Maddy had finally won over my heart. I played back, following my heart, as she said.

I kissed along Maddy’s neck, making her giggle and squeal.

“Oh! You’re good at this,” Maddy gasped.

03-28-15_10-52 AM-2

We spent the rest of the night, in my bed, “messing around”. I could not believe what I had gotten myself into. If my father or sister found out, I was dead meat. There’s no way I can bring in the next generation like this. And there was also no way I could cheat on Maddy. I surely had myself stuck in a pit.

03-28-15_10-54 AM

After things calmed down a bit, Maddy decided to spend the night, and we cuddled all night long. That night, I dreamed about how I let the Defesco legacy down. I felt like a disgrace to the community. All I wanted was for my family to be accepting, but I know they wouldn’t because this would ruin their legacy…

I ended up crying myself to sleep.

Accepting my new-found discovery:

I. Was. A. Lesbian.

03-28-15_10-55 AM

Well, now that Jewel’s big secret is out (kind of), how will she accept her fate as heiress? Will she have to hurt Maddy? Or will she choose to hurt her family?…

Find out in the next update!


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