Update 8.4 – Drama Queen


The last update ended with a firing erupting, engulfing me in flames immediately. So, did I survive, or is this the end of the Defesco legacy?!

I knew that I couldn’t give up now. I could not let eight generations of this legacy go to waste. I started praying.

At last, I heard a loud siren alarm, and the house’s sprinkler system kicked in.

Thank goodness! Once again, the sprinkler system has saved a member of this legacy… At this point, I don’t think my life can get any more miserable.

12-30-14_3-45 PM

Until, the next day, when I was fixing the telescope, I got electrocuted! It was very intense, and it nearly took my life.

Luckily, the grim spared me once again.

My life literally sucked.

12-30-14_3-54 PM

At last, it was time to celebrate my birthday. Finally, something to cheer me up! I look at the positive side of things. Soon, the twins would start aging into teenagers, and be a lot more independent.

I definitely needed this celebration. I couldn’t even remember the last time I was able to throw a party. I didn’t have any money, time, or desire to party.

12-30-14_3-59 PM

I made a wish as I blew out my candles, “Please let my life get better!”

Thinking back, my young adult years were very rough. I could only pray for an amazing midlife crisis.

12-30-14_4-00 PM12-30-14_4-00 PM-2

Sure enough, my life started taking a turn for the best. My first day back at work, I earned a promotion to Senior Manager. This also raised my pay to $75/hr; it was much-needed.

12-30-14_4-07 PM

On the down side, everything (literally, everything) in the house was broken. I had no time or money to repair any of it. So, the seven of us had to suffer not washing our hands, playing video games, or dancing to music.

This really sucked. Just when I thought my life was getting better, all of this piled on top of my hideous life.

12-31-14_12-16 PM-4

12-31-14_12-15 PM 12-31-14_12-16 PM 12-31-14_12-16 PM-2 12-31-14_12-16 PM-3

On top of having no sinks to wash our hands, City Hall shut off our power. I fell behind on the bills. As I said, I don’t think life could get any worse for this.

Fortunately, I had the idea to check the family inventory. In the inventory, there were tons of items left behind by my ancestors. As guilty as I felt selling them, it was my only option.

12-31-14_12-24 PM

Luckily my boss noticed me struggling along. He still supported my (well, ‘our’, according to him) family. My boss presented with the option of choosing the Management or the Investor path.

After much debate, I felt that the Investor path would be more worthwhile (hopefully, more money!). As a result, he promoted me to Futures Trader with a pay of $112/hr. Now, I had to start researching and investing stocks. Maybe this would be for the best, after all.

12-31-14_12-41 PM

With no money leftover for a party, the oldest twins were forced to age without a birthday bash. I felt guilty. It was tradition for me to throw birthday parties for everyone.

Oh well, they too understood the struggle.

Isaiah aged first (even though he wasn’t born first). Isaiah rolled the big happy family aspiration and the domestic and active traits. I thought how perfect that aspiration would be for an heir.

Growing up around such a huge family, I knew exactly why Isaiah wanted a big happy family. He saw how our family was a big depressing family. He wanted to make a change.

12-31-14_12-52 PM

Next up, Isaiah’s twin brother Isaac aged into a teenager. Issac aspired (like many of his relatives) to be a master mixologist. He also rolled the essence of flavor and childish traits.

12-31-14_12-53 PM

Fortunately, with two teenagers in the house now, things started picking up. The boys helped fix things around the house, and boy, were they good at it!

I was so appreciative of their help.

12-31-14_6-40 PM

I forced the two teens to get jobs. We needed all of the money we could get.

Luckily, they both agreed. Isaiah got a job in the fast food industry while Isaac got a job as a barista.

12-31-14_6-47 PM

As things started finally improving around the house, I was finally able to throw a party.

Unfortunately, this drama brought along with it, a lot of drama.

I guess because I was still groggy from all the negative happening to me…

I heard Harley make a comment to Indio, “Are you sure you’re not my twin?”

“Im sure, Aunt Harley. My twin is Ingrid,” he responded innocently.

12-31-14_7-09 PM

It was time for Harley to hear the truth. As a hot-head, I was not sure how she’d handle the news that she really was different. Her father was Omari, not Talon, like my other three siblings.But, nonetheless, it was time.

“Harley, listen,” I took a deep breath and explained the bad news. “You know how growing up, we always picked on you about being different? You were the only one with popping green eyes, the big head… You know, right?”

“Yeah, and your point, *****?” Harley had never been a big fan of me. I picked on her a lot when we were younger about being different.

“Well, I finally figured it out… Mom was a whore. She woo hoo’d and cheated on my father, Talon,” I tried to explain, putting all the blame on my mother… I am so glad she is not around right now. I would probably attack her.

“What the hell Hannah? Why are you hating on mom so much? What the hell are you talking about?” Harley rolled out questions.

“It makes perfect sense. Your father is not Talon! I know who your father is… His name is Omari. Face it Harley, you are different,” as much as I didn’t wanna’ fight with my younger sister Harley, everything was building up inside me and finally coming out.

12-31-14_7-10 PM


“GIRL!” Harley screamed. “Stop making **** up! What the hell are you talking about. Stop causing drama! You do not always have to be the center of attention!”

“Please Harley, just understand. You can meet your father, Omari, if you want. He’s still alive,” I tried to explain myself.

“I seriously don’t understand you,” Harley started leaving my house.

“No! Harley! Seriously, it all makes sense… First, growing up, you knew how mom always came home hours after work. She always acted fishy. Second, I have to admit, I wasn’t the best woman growing up, so mother gave me a box of opened paternity tests! Yes, that means she used them. Third, she always tried to redirect me away from Omari. Finally, my son, Indio looks exactly like you! You share the same father. As gross as that sounds, mom and I woo hoo’d the same guy. The guy, Omari, who is your father,” I finally explained the whole story to Harley.

Suddenly, Harley took a swing at me, “Not today *****!”

I couldn’t help but fight back.

12-31-14_7-11 PM


As bad of an influence that this may have been to my children, she started it. I had to prove Harley wrong. After all, she really wasn’t my sister. So I didn’t care!

Harley was upset that she was different. It was time that she finally realized the truth and accepted it, whether she liked it, or not.

12-31-14_7-11 PM

The curse words and fists were flying like crazy.

This was one hell of a party! All of a sudden, my twin sister, Harper tried to break it up.

“Enough! Hannah! Stop! Calm down,” Harper yelled, pulling me off Harley.

12-31-14_7-11 PM-2 12-31-14_7-12 PM


Finally, the fight ended (I won, by the way).

I doubt Harley would ever step foot in this house again. She didn’t wanna’ accept her difference. As bad as I felt for fighting with Harley, I couldn’t help but blame all the stress for this fight. I was not myself at all.

I know in a way, it seems wrong of me, since I have children with three different men. But, unlike my mother, I was never committed to any of them. They all knew that I was just having fun…

12-31-14_7-12 PM-2


Finally, after all of the drama ended, it was time to celebrate Ian and Irving’s birthday.

First up, the older of the two twins, Ian! Ian aged into a teenager aspiring to be a computer whiz. He also rolled the quick learner and hot-headed traits. Ian looked so similar to his father, Joe.

12-31-14_7-17 PM


On the other hand, as Irving aged into a teenager, he almost looked like my twin!

Irving aspired to be a renaissance sim. He rolled the quick learner and romantic traits.

12-31-14_7-18 PM

Like Isaac and Isaiah, I forced Ian and Irving to get part-time jobs. They both decided to get a job in the carpentry field.

01-01-15_11-15 AM

With four teens in the house now, things actually lightened up. I finally started seeing light at the end of the tunnel! I was emerging from my deep depression, at last.

I earned another promotion. I was now a Hedge Fund Manager, with a pay of $145/hr. Only two more promotions, and I would finally be at the top!

01-01-15_11-33 AM

The drama and the struggle really died down over the next week. Eventually, it was already time to celebrate the youngest twins birthdays!

First, the older of the twins, Ingrid aged into a teenager. Ingrid aspired to have a successful lineage. She rolled the domestic and romantic traits.

Although her name was pretty hideous, Ingrid’s looks would definitely make up for it. She was flawless. I must say, Omari makes some attractive kids. Growing up, Harley was always known as the “pretty” child.

01-01-15_11-53 AM


Finally, my youngest, Indio aged into a teenager! Indio aspired to be a computer whiz and rolled the quick learner and creative traits (don’t mind how filthy he is).

01-01-15_11-55 AM


And that’s where I will end! With that being said, it is already time for me to declare an heir. I have a tough decision with six children. Do I keep the heiress streak going, or should I switch it back to a male heir? This is the last official heir, so I have a lot of thinking to do…

Happy New Year from the Defesco’s! Hope everyone has a wonderful 2015!!

Family Portrait 20



2 thoughts on “Update 8.4 – Drama Queen

  1. Hahaha, I love Harley. Wish she would have beat Hannah’s ass though lol. Such good looking kids! *fingers crossed for Indio or Ingrid as heir* You should’ve uploaded Harley to the exchange, that way you didn’t lose her completely. She may be my favorite in the whole legacy! Lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow! So surprised at how much you love Harley! But you are right, I should upload her to the exchange. She still lives in town, so I’ll probably do that. She has really great genes!
      I am also surprised at your wish for the heir. 😮 Indio, I can see why, but not really sure why you like Ingrid.
      You should use Harley in your legacy!! Ahhh! We still need to swap sims for our legacy! I want to do that now.


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