Update 8.3 – The End is Near


In the last update, I finished up giving birth to my second round of children, so, what did I have, and who was the father?! Sorry this update is a little short, and dry. I’m sure you’ll understand once you start reading.

After a tough delivery, I finally gave birth to two wonderful baby boys! That’s right, not only did I have twins again, but twin boys! Now, I had four boys.

Meet third born of generation nine, Ian (baby on the right) and fourth born of generation nine, Irving (baby on the left).

Now, it was time to determine who the father was… I pulled out the last paternity test my mother had left me, and swabbed the baby’s mouth…

Just a few seconds later, I had my answer… Ian and Irving’s father was…


12-29-14_9-21 PM

With that being said, I had children from both Joseph and Gregory. The only one of ‘the men’ that I didn’t have a baby with was Omari…

Honestly, I felt guilty, so I called up Omari, and gave it a shot!

I knew Omari was old so I was really worried that he couldn’t get me pregnant.

After all, I have woo hoo’d Omari three times and never once got pregnant by him. I just kept my fingers crossed.

12-29-14_9-22 PM

I could not wait to take my pregnancy test. I quickly pulled it out the box, and got to work…

Pregnant! Finally, I would give birth to Omari’s child!

It was a dream come true.

12-29-14_9-23 PM

Raising Ian and Irving was a lot tougher than raising Isaac and Isaiah. This time around, I didn’t have my mother to help out.

Plus, things would get even tougher when I gave birth again.

I was so hung up on being impregnated by all three of my lovers, I didn’t even think about the difficulty of raising all of them.

12-29-14_9-25 PM

The next day, while I paid a visit to my siblings house, the unthinkable happened…

Omari passed.

I didn’t even realize how old he was! That must be why it took so long for me to get pregnant by him! As heart-broken as I was, it was probably best that he went… It would save me from any drama. But, that also meant one less supporter for child support.

I cried my eyes out.

12-29-14_9-32 PM

Greg (Isaac and Isaiah’s father) visited them often. He said he actually wanted to be a part of their lives. In fact, he even helped them with their homework!

It was nice to have Greg care for the older boys while I worked and took care of the newborn twins.

12-29-14_9-39 PM


Greg even cleaned the dishes and the house while I was too busy!

This had me thinking… Maybe Greg would be the man for me to settle in with?…

I could definitely use another adult around the house to help me out.

12-29-14_9-41 PM


The next night, the twins finally aged into children! Ian (the twin on the left with black hair), was a music lover and rambunctious scamp. On the right, my third little boy with blond hair, Irving had the bookworm trait and whiz kid ambition.

Finally, I would have a little break…

12-29-14_9-55 PM

My break didn’t last long, because that night, while I was asleep, labor pains started…

It was time for round three!

12-29-14_9-58 PM

I tried going downstairs to relax. This was my third delivery; I was a pro now.

12-29-14_9-59 PM

Finally, it was time! So, I rushed back upstairs to give birth near the bassinets.

12-29-14_10-00 PM

I unraveled my first baby girl! I felt relieved. I always wanted a little girl. Meet fifth born of generation eight, Ingrid Defesco.

12-29-14_10-03 PM

Unfortunately, labor didn’t end there… I pushed out my sixth child. Meet sixth (and hopefully last) born of generation eight, Indio Defesco. That’s right, this time, I gave birth to multigender twins.

12-29-14_10-03 PM-2

Thankfully, all of my kids thus far are angels. They all came home and did their homework while I finished up at work. They were so cute sitting around the table, helping each other out! I loved my large family…

I couldn’t believe that just six sim days ago, I had zero children. Now, I had six! Six in six days. Impressive.

I think that sets a record in the Defesco legacy, does it not? Not to mention that each set of twins has a different father! Haha! So awesome.

Child support was rolling in.

12-29-14_10-07 PM

You’d think it would be hard to get together as a family. Surprisingly, we often enjoyed family dinners together.

“Ma’ delicious cooking!” Ian yelled.

“Yeah mom!” The other three agreed.

“Thanks babies,” I still called all of my children my babies. I loved all of them equally. Even though I still had a fulltime job, I found time to come home and cook dinner for my babies. They were my number one priority.

12-29-14_10-09 PM

Unfortunately, I put a little too much on my plate. I was way too stressed. I could barely take it anymore!

I tried feeding Indio as my oldest son, Isaac tried to help out and take care of Ingrid.

“Eww mom! She stinks!” Isaac yelled, pinched his nose, and backed up. “She’s all yours!”

“Ugh… Fine.”

That didn’t last long. At least Isaac tried… The other boys wouldn’t even step foot near the babies.

12-29-14_10-13 PM


I did not know if I would make it through these tough times. I’m not sure it was a smart idea keeping the babies in my bedroom. But, I had no where else to put them! There were not enough rooms in the house. And, I didn’t have enough money.

I was at my ultimate low.

12-29-14_10-25 PM


I seriously couldn’t take it any longer. I considered putting up Indio for adoption… I mean, my mother lost one child to social services… Maybe it was impossible to raise six kids.

I really started doubting myself. I never been more stressed in my life. This was a huge mistake.

Why didn’t I just stick to partying?!

12-29-14_10-27 PM

Ian and Irving also got to meet their dad.

Unfortunately because I was so stressed, I didn’t get to see this wonderful moment…

12-29-14_10-32 PM

“Please! Please Ingrid. Just be quiet!” I screamed. I knew I shouldn’t yell at a baby, but I couldn’t take it any more. I was literally going crazy!

Look at my eyes. Look how filthy I was. Seriously, I am losing it!!

12-29-14_10-33 PM

As I creeped back to my bed, Ingrid started crying again.

“DAMNIT!” I screamed at the top of my lungs… That’s it! I can’t take this anymore.

“Woah woah woah…” Joseph entered my bedroom. “Take it easy Hannah. I’ll handle it.”

Joe picked up Ingrid and fed her her bottle.

“Thank… You,” I muttered, passing out in my bed.

Joe was a family man. Maybe I should invite him to move in? I could really use his help… Too bad the twins weren’t even his kids. But then I realized that didn’t even matter to Joe. He would love them no matter what.

12-29-14_10-34 PM


Finally, I received the much-needed break I was looking for… The baby twins birthday!

Now, I might not need extra help around the house. We’ll see how things go.

Ingrid rolled the active trait and rambunctious scamp aspiration.

12-29-14_10-40 PM

Indio rolled the insane trait and whiz kid aspiration…

Suddenly, I noticed something strange.

As I glazed deep into Indio’s eyes, I felt like I’d seen them before. No, they weren’t Omari’s either… I thought to wear I saw the eyes before. And, even the same shaped head!

I looked back in the family scrapbook and pinpointed it exactly; Harley!!

My sister Harley had the same eyes and head shape as Indio… How is that possible?

Finally, I put the puzzle pieces together… My. Mother. Woo-Hoo’d. Omari. Too!!

We both had a child with the same man! How gross. How crazy! How could I not realize this before? The paternity tests. It all made sense now. My mom was a dirty hoe, cheating scumbag! I was furious. I can’t believe my mother had lied to us all these years…

I wondered if dad knew… I had to talk to Harley when my stress finally died down.

12-29-14_10-40 PM-2


In the meantime, I tried to keep my mind away from the negative thoughts. I didn’t need anymore stress in my life right now.

I decided to read a book to the kids. That’s right, all seven of us gathered around the living room and enjoyed a wonderful story.

For the first time in weeks, I actually had a smile on my face.

12-30-14_3-37 PM


Oddly enough, my two whiz kids grew close. Out of all of my children, they were actually the only two to develop a strong bond.

Irving and Indio argued over their chess matches.

“No! You can’t move a knight like that!” Irving screamed.

“Oh yeah? Watch me!” Indio argued.

12-30-14_3-41 PM

Suddenly, unexpectedly, as I was preparing dinner for the kids, the stove literally exploded!

I was in flames instantaneously. I tried blowing out the flames. I was in trouble! I knew that the kids wouldn’t be able to do much. Worst of all, I knew if I died, all of the children would be taken by the social worker! The Defesco legacy would be over! I started panicking.

As stressed as I was, and as much as I considered dyeing as my only option, I couldn’t put eight generations to waste…

But, it seemed to be too late.

12-30-14_3-44 PM


What happened to Hannah? Will she die, ending the Defesco legacy early?!

Family Portrait 19


2 thoughts on “Update 8.3 – The End is Near

  1. Ahaha, dang! Looks like Hannah’s running an orphanage. Too funny how she’s going out of her mind with all them darn kids! Can’t wait to see what they look like as teens. & Yayy Harley for making an appearance in one of the pics haha. Funny how Indio shares the same features as his auntie and Hannah realizes her mother was a tramp! Lol. I like Joe a lot. Hope Hannah settles with him.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Omg. It’s so crazy! I didn’t think it was gonna be that bad. But literally as soon as one set of twins aged, she gave birth. Everything in the house was breaking, the bills were rolling in, and Hannah’s needs were horrible! It was so bad. I basically just fast fowarded to get it over with… never again!
      So glad at least one of Omaris kids has sane features as Harley. Gonna be fun to play with that!

      Liked by 1 person

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