Update 8.2 – The Three Amigos


Last time, I finished up introducing myself, Hannah Defesco, the generation 8 heiress. It was quickly realized that I am a crazy party girl and experimenting for love. So who (if anyone) will I end up with? Was I already pregnant?

After sleeping with my boss, he was very impressed. He decided to hand me another promotion. Now, I was the assistant to the manager, with a pay of $23/hr.

12-28-14_10-12 AM

As my younger, different sister Harley’s birthday rolled around, I decided it would be nice to throw her a birthday party!

12-28-14_10-23 AM


The party was a fun family time, and I didn’t get to wasted, as I usually do. Instead, we celebrated with our sister Harley as she aged into a breath-taking young adult.

She definitely gave me a run for my money in the competition of heir. I was glad I beat her out though!

12-28-14_10-25 AM


As a young adult, Harley rolled the hot-headed trait and decided to move out immediately. Now, it was only my youngest brother, Herberto and my mother living in the house!

12-28-14_10-26 AM

Once Harley received her ‘birthday attention’, it was time for some fun. I decided to spend the rest of the night flirting with my man, Joseph.

My mother encouraged me to ‘hook-up’ with Joseph. She said “He’s a much better guy than Omari, trust me.”

I had no idea why she hated Omari so much, but maybe she was right… I gave Joseph a chance.

12-28-14_10-29 AM


In fact, the more I got to know Joe, the more I realized I actually did like him! Our relationship took the next step, as we shared our first kiss.

Unfortunately, as we kissed, Harley’s birthday party came to an end, and Joseph had to leave…

12-28-14_10-32 AM


That weekend, I decided I wanted to do something different. Instead of partying it up, I decided to invite over ‘the boys’ and have some fun…

If ya’ know what I mean, *wink, wink* :wink:.

First up, Omari…

12-28-14_10-48 AM

Then, it was time for some fun with Gregory!

12-28-14_10-49 AM

Finally, it was Joe’s turn. Unfortunately, at the time, Joe and I were not at the point in our relationship to woo hoo. But, a few kisses and foreplay should change that…

12-28-14_10-51 AM


Out of all the men, I felt that Joseph was the most attractive.

12-28-14_10-52 AM


The next morning, I felt odd. It felt like something was inside me. I wouldn’t be surprised if I was pregnant.

So, I took a pregnancy test, and sure enough, it was positive!

I gasped and covered my mouth.

12-28-14_10-57 AM

That night, I knew I couldn’t drink, but I really wanted to throw a party to celebrate. However, I couldn’t let ‘the boys’ find out that I was pregnant. I didn’t want no drama!

As a result, I had a nice, casual dinner party at the house.

This was the first time that I had all of ‘the boys’ together. I was nervous that one of them would try to make a move. But, nothing happened, thankfully.

12-28-14_11-04 AM

Once the weekend came to an end, it was time to get back to work. Monday, my least favorite day of the week.

My boss thought the baby was his, so he decided to promote me. Haha, he was a silly guy. He promoted me to Assistant Manager with a pay of $35/hr!

12-28-14_11-10 AM

Soon, ‘Toe’s birthday rolled around, and I decided I should throw him a birthday party too! I invited everyone, hoping my pregnancy wasn’t too obvious.

As I saw Greg and Joe get close, I sat down, and pulled my blouse down to cover up my stomach. Then, I stuffed some cake in my mouth, “Man, this is delicious!” I said, with my mouth full. “I feel so bloated,” I rubbed my tummy, trying my best to cover it up.

12-28-14_11-13 AM


Herberto ended up aging into a young adult and rolling the loves the outdoors trait (that’s why I had his party at the park!). Almost as soon as he aged, he signed a lease to move in my oldest brother’s house. That was expected. ‘Toe and Herb were so close.

12-28-14_11-13 AM-2


Now that ‘Toe moved out, it was only my mother and I left in the house. Things were so peaceful.

My back started killing me. I was getting huge! I could not wait to get this baby out of me. Then, I started to think: ‘I’ll probably have twins. I am a twin myself, and there’s something in the water right now making everyone have twins… Geez. Things were gonna’ get tough.’

I simply rubbed my back and tried to stay positive.

12-28-14_11-26 AM


Sure enough, the next day, while I was at work, I went into labor! My boss let me leave early. He said “It’ll be best for our little baby. Get some rest.”

I just went along with my boss, and left early.

12-28-14_11-30 AM

I clenched my stomach, and screamed. The pain was unexplainable.

Luckily my mother helped guide me through my labor.

12-28-14_11-32 AM

Eventually, out popped my little boy! That’s right, the first born of generation 9 is a cute little boy! Meet Isaac Defesco.

12-28-14_11-35 AM

However, the contractions continued. That’s right, as expected, I was having twins!

Meet second born of generation 9, baby boy Isaiah!

My mother knew I was practically woo hooing the world, so she handed me an at-home paternity test. “Here sweetie. This should help,” she said as she handed me the torn open box.

It was a five pack, but three were already missing. I didn’t question it…

After testing both Isaac and Isaiah, I confirmed they had the same father… Even though I woo hoo’d Omari unprotected first, the twins were actually my second lover’s… That’s right, Isaac and Isaiah were Gregory’s offspring!

12-28-14_11-36 AM

As a reminder, here is a close up of Isaac and Isaiah’s father, Gregory High. Greg’s traits are outgoing, romantic, gloomy, and collector. He aspires to be a freelance botanist.

I couldn’t help but wonder if my two babies would be Asian, like their father…

Gregory High (Gen 8 Heiress's Baby Daddy)


Almost as soon as Isaac and Isaiah were born, I knew I wanted another child. Growing up around a large family, I wanted the same.

As a result, I immediately called up Joseph. After all, I wanted to give birth to his children. Joe was so attractive.

The woo hoo was fan-flipping-tastic!

12-28-14_2-51 PM


As soon as we finished up, I asked Joe to leave and called up Omari.

I would give Omari another chance…

However, I never ended up calling Greg. We already had two kids together… He didn’t need another shot at love with me.

12-28-14_2-52 PM

As I woke up in the morning, I had the same fishy feeling again.

Time for a pregnancy test!

Sure enough, I was pregnant again!! I was so happy. I actually felt an exhilarating rush this time. I couldn’t wait to determine who the father was. It was like a mystery game.

12-28-14_2-53 PM

Thankfully I had my mom around still. I worked 9am to 5pm throughout the week, so I didn’t get to spend much time with the twins. Fortunately, she provided all the attention and nourishment they needed. She was a wonderful mother and grandmother.

12-28-14_2-56 PM

I felt my tummy begin stretching further and further. I knew labor would be triggered soon. Luckily my boss gave me another promotion to “support our children”. He promoted me to Regional Manager with a pay of $53/hr.

12-28-14_3-04 PM

My mother and I started growing close. She couldn’t wait to meet her new grandchildren.

“Please come out soon!” She rubbed my tummy.

“Don’t rush it ma’,” I commented.

However, I knew my mother wanted me to deliver before she passed. Her time was coming soon.

I actually couldn’t even imagine life without my mother. She supported this family so well. Without her, I am not sure the kids would get all the attention they needed…

Just as I started relying on my mother’s help, it happened…

12-28-14_3-05 PM

Rest in peace Genesis Defesco – a wonderful mother, grandmother, and wife, with a ton of hidden secrets.

12-28-14_3-07 PM 12-28-14_3-08 PM


I was heartbroken that my mother didn’t get to meet her newest grandchildren, or see how wonderfully the twin boys aged!

Isaac and Isaiah aged at nearly the same time.

Isaac, the older of the twins (the one on the right, with no hat), rolled the gloomy trait and social butterfly aspiration. I assumed the gloomy trait came from the tough time of his grandmother passing.

Next, Isaiah aged, rolling the slob trait and artistic prodigy aspiration.

(Don’t mind my hideous face in the background…)

12-28-14_3-15 PM


As much as I wanted to avoid the situation, I felt that now that Isaac and Isaiah were children, they should meet their father. I wanted to avoid any sticky situations in the future… I didn’t want to keep anything from them either.

This also was the first time that Greg found out he was a father!

“Greg, Isaac, Isaiah… You guys are all related,” I explained. “Greg, meet your twin boys…” I hoped this went over well. “Isaac, Isaiah, say hi to your father!”

“What?!” Greg blurted out. “I am… Stunned!!… Well,…”

Suddenly, it happened…

12-28-14_3-19 PM



This couldn’t have struck at a worse time.

12-28-14_3-21 PM

After finally managing to get Greg out of the house, I started to deliver my baby. This time, my mother wasn’t here to assist me…

12-28-14_3-21 PM-2

What gender baby will Hannah have? Will she ever settle in?




2 thoughts on “Update 8.2 – The Three Amigos

  1. Haha, I like Hannah way better than Genesis! She doesn’t feel regret for her actions but then again she wasn’t in a stable relationship like her mother either. However, it’s still funny how she’s trying to trap everyone into having kids with her. I also find it funny how Genesis was okay with everything Hannah does. She’s all, “here, take a paternity test!” hahaha. Curious to see if Hannah will ever settle. Hope she got a girl the second time around!


    • Lol, Hannah’s much better , in my eyes. At least she ain’t technically cheating on anyone… she just likes to experiment! Well, genesis has been there and done it, so she was just supporting her daughter. 😉 Funny how both Genesis and Hannah woo hood the same guy! 😮


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