Update 8.1 – Party Girl


In the previous update, all of the children of generation 8 aged into teenagers and young adults, so it was my mother’s turn to pick the new heir! She said it was the most difficult decision she ever made. She did not think it would be that hard…

In the end, my mother, Genesis Defesco narrowed it down to three children: Hannah, Harley, or ‘Toe. Hannah had rockin’ looks and a stellar personality. Harley had the best looks of the entire family, a good personality, but she was ‘different’. Finally, Herberto impressed my mother all around, so, who did she pick?

My name is Hannah Defesco, the lucky generation eight heiress! That’s right, for the second generation in a row, the Defesco legacy finally has a female leader!! My mother chose me over Harley and ‘Toe because she felt my personality would make this legacy the most interesting. I will not let her down! Just as a reminder, my traits are Loner, Romantic, Gregarious, and Perfectionist. I aspire to be a party animal and I have an identical twin sister, Harper. Also, as a reminder, I am already a young adult.

Right off the bat, my mother rewarded me with a trip to the salon for a makeover. Now, I do not look like my twin sister as much.12-26-14_11-06 PM

Oddly enough, my brother Herb and twin sister Harley ended up moving out together. My twin and I grew apart as we got older. Even though she wasn’t really close to Herb, she really saw no part in living at home anymore.

12-26-14_11-06 PM-2


‘Toe was devastated when he heard that Herb was moving out. No matter how old they got, Herb and ‘Toe somehow remained close.

Herb hugged our youngest brother good bye, “Just come over whenever, little man. And, when you are a young adult, move in with us!”

I could tell Herb wanted ‘Toe to come with him really bad, but it was legacy rules that he couldn’t move out until he was a young adult.

My younger brother ‘Toe simply hugged my brother Herb and started crying, “I’ll miss seeing you everyday.”

12-26-14_11-06 PM-3

Before I actually looked for a job, and had priorities, I wanted to get out and explore the town. I wanted to meet new people, find friends, and enjoy my life!

12-26-14_11-15 PM

Growing up around my mother, I became a heavy drinker and partyier. Not only was my mother a mixologist, but supposedly she hid a few things from us… This really took a toll on me as a teenager, changing my personality completely.

Although I hated being around other people, it helped me feel calmed. I wanted to change. I did not wanna’ be the ‘nerdy’ girl that I was growing up. I wanted to party, woo hoo, and go wild (do you see why my mother chose me yet?)

Shot, shot, shot!!

12-26-14_11-16 PM

Breaking down on the dance floor… Oh yeah!

I still couldn’t believe how much I had changed since being a child. As a child, if this many people were around me, I would’ve probably fainted. Now, I loved to be the center of attention.

The drinks were kinda’ getting to me. I shouted at the guy in red, “Oh yeah! Like my moves man?”

“They are pretty sweet… Just like you,” he winked his eye at me. “Name’s Omari,” he introduced himself.

“Hiya! I’m Hannah,” I slurred out, falling over. Luckily, my brother Herb was there to catch me.

“Hey, why don’t you slow down?” My older brother Herb was trying to look out for me.

Omari, upset, scolded my brother, “Let her do what she wants!”

And so I did. The rest of the night was a complete blur.

12-26-14_11-18 PM


Until I woke up the next morning in the blazing sunlight.

I have no idea how I even made it home that night. I was a mess. I assummed my brother, Herb walked me home. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to my bed… In fact, I didn’t even make it inside the house.

I was passed out on the lawn.

Boy, what I night!!

12-26-14_11-21 PM


The next night, after some rest and recovery, I felt ready for another party!

Somehow, I managed to score a few digits last night. Maybe they’d come over for some fun? Hopefully I wasn’t too loud and obnoxious at the bar last night.

I gave everyone I knew a call, and invited them to the house for a few (well, a lot) of drinks. I even invited Herb and Harper!

12-26-14_11-32 PM


It was nice to be in my own house. I knew if I got too trashed again, I’d at least be in my house already.

I started flirting with the guy Omari again.

My mother immediately noticed my romantic interest, and warned me, “Don’t fall for that guy. He seems like a real jerk.”

Psssshw… What did my mother know?

12-26-14_11-36 PM


Once my mother prepared a few dozen drinks, the beat dropped, and the party was rockin’!!

Everyone on the dance floor!!

12-26-14_11-37 PM


After some fun dancing, I scooted off to the side with Omari (my mother was busy, so now could be my chance).

He grabbed my hands and gazed into my sunglasses. The more I stared at him, the more familiar he seemed. I felt like I had seen his face somewhere before. Or, at least someone that looked just like him…

Soon, the drinks took over my body and started falling in love with Omari.

Hopefully I wouldn’t regret this decision too much, as my mother had warned.

12-26-14_11-39 PM12-26-14_11-40 PM


Omari and I snuck out back for a late night swim.

I splashed Omari, “Damn, your body is fabulous!” I later noticed that Omari didn’t even take his shirt off. I had no idea what I was even saying.

Omari laughed and splashed back, “You too, girl!… ‘Dat booty!”

12-26-14_11-42 PM

That’s the last of the party I remember. I’m assuming eventually everyone left, and my mother led me upstairs to my bed (I know darn well I didn’t get up there by myself!).

The next morning, I heard the made cursing downstairs “****** kids having ****** parties!!” The maid screamed at the top of his lungs. Apparently there were a lot of dishes and a big mess to clean up… Oh well, that’s why he gets paid $120!

12-26-14_11-48 PM

As the sunset, I knew it was time to get wild again! I threw another rockin’ party at night. These first three nights of my adult life were insane. I couldn’t even remember everything!

12-26-14_11-51 PM

Out of all three nights, this was the worst of my parties. The only thing I could remember was falling for this guy, Joseph. I had no idea what happened to Omari, or if he even showed up. All I knew was the alcohol had me quite attracted to Joseph tonight.

12-26-14_11-54 PM

In the morning, when I woke up, there was still someone in my house!

“Ummm, why are you still here?” I asked as I rubbed my eyes.

“I waited for you to wake up,” the guy responded. “Have a nice sleep?… I made you some breakfast.”

Who the heck was this guy? Did I woo hoo with him?

“Uhhh… Thanks… Forgive me for asking, but… Who are you?” I felt terrible asking. What if he and I really did do something last night.

“Haha. I figured with that look on your face, you didn’t remember me,” he laughed it off. “My name is Gregory. Nice to meet you… Again.”

I chuckled at Greg’s corny joke… The more I talked to Greg, the more I actually fell for him! And yes, I actually was sober!!

In fact, Greg leaned in for a kiss, and I accepted.

12-27-14_11-16 AM

Greg and I must have had something going on the night before. I could not believe how quickly I was falling for this guy.

Kudos to Greg for being the first guy to win me over!!

12-27-14_11-18 AM

After my first woo hoo, Greg ended up leaving (I later found put two-and-two together: he only stayed for that woo hoo).

Once again, as dusk approached, it was time for another house bash! My younger brother and sister, Herberto and Harley started getting worn out from all of my parties. Their grades actually started plummeting as the loud music kept them up all night.

At this party, the drinks had me returning to Omari for some attention.

Hey, as my mother always told me, ‘As long as you are single, there is nothing wrong with jumping around!’. I was experimenting, trying to find the right guy.

12-27-14_11-23 AM

Surprisingly enough, I actually completely remembered this entire party! As it came to a conclusion, all of the guests thanked me for a great time. In fact, it was my first gold medal for a party!

Before Omari walked out the door, I pulled him upstairs, “I am so happy,” I stated. “This party was so successful… This calls for a celebration… If you know what I mean,” I hinted at a woo hoo with Omari.

“Oh trust me,” Omari said. “I do!”

12-27-14_11-28 AM

The next day, I actually decided to take a little break from partying. I really did need some rest. When I woke up in the morning, I realized that all of the drinks were actually adding up; I had a little belly sticking out!

Or, could it be?…

Nah! There’s no way, I brushed the idea out of my head quickly, and continued working out.

12-27-14_11-35 AM

After an intense, hard work out, I enjoyed some french toast. As I sat on the couch, my mother sat next to.

My mother warned me, “Watch out for Omari, Hannah. I can tell you’re starting to fall for him. But, he seems like the guy that leaves once he gets what he wants.”

Hah, what does my mom know about relationships? Her and my mother were soul mates and together forever. She didn’t know how other relationships worked.

“Okay mom, I will,” I assured her, simply so she would stop nagging me about Omari. This was the second time she brought him up…

12-27-14_11-37 AM

My mom also convinced me that it was time to start looking for a job. I knew that with my party animal side, I loved meeting new people. The business career had to be perfect for that!

I found an opening as a Mailroom Technician with a pay of $16/hr. That should help pay for the drinks for a party or two!

12-27-14_5-55 PM

That night, I stayed home and worked on filing a few reports for work. I wanted to impress my boss on the first day.

My mother came home super excited. Apparently, she earned her final promotion! My mother was finally now a Celebrity Mixologist with a pay of $197/hr.

12-27-14_6-00 PM

The next day, it was my first day of work! At work, I flirted with my boss a little, in an attempt to get on his good side. It must have worked, because he already handed me a promotion!!

12-27-14_6-06 PM

I also remembered that it was my mother’s birthday! What would her elder birthday be without a party?!

I decided to throw a party for her at the local lounge (the maid was really getting upset about the mess my parties were making).

12-27-14_6-10 PM

I knew I couldn’t get too smashed at my mother’s birthday. In fact, I didn’t even flirt with anyone that night.

My mother blew out her candles, and aged gracefully into an elder…

12-27-14_6-15 PM

12-27-14_6-15 PM-2

I don’t really have anything else for my first update… Who will I end up settling down with? Will I continue to be successful in my career, or will my partying side take control of my life? Am I pregnant?…


2 thoughts on “Update 8.1 – Party Girl

  1. Lol Hannah following after her mother’s footsteps and not her fathers! I can’t watch!! Lol jk. How is it with the new families moved around the neighborhood? BTW, is it really a legacy rule that the spares can’t move out to ya? Pretty sure I broke that in TS3, not sure about ts4 though.


    • Haha Hannah’s a fun heiress! Her personality is so unqiue. I really enjoy it with new family’s in the neighborhood, even though I only moved in like 3 households! As you can see, Hannah’s parties be poppin’, haha!
      I’m not sure if it’s a legacy rule; I don’t think it is… but, it’s a rule for my legacys! 🙂 makes it a challenge.


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