Update 7.7 – Finally Done


The last update ended celebrating three birthdays! I aged into an adult, and the twin girls aged into teenagers. So, how has life changed since then? This will just be a short update as all five of my children reach the teenage stage, and I can declare a heir!!

Honestly, for me, not much changed. I really did have a midlife crisis and committed to my promise of not finding a new partner. Even though I was lonely at times, and had urges for woo hoo, I had my five children to keep me company.

I don’t know how Hannah did it, but as a loner, she made tons of friends. Her and her friends loved to party on the weekends. Hannah was probably my craziest kid. I wouldn’t be surprised if she turned out like me, unfortunately.

12-23-14_4-02 PM

I didn’t realize until it was too late, but my mother actually planted a cow plant! She always talked about how she found a cowberry seed, but she never told me where she put it.

I was really bummed out. I wanted a cowplant so bad! They were so rare, and so cool.

Oh well, the skeleton of it is just as awesome!

12-23-14_4-17 PM


In honor of my wonderful husband, the amazing father Talon was, I decided to hang up his trophy and team photo in a trophy case.

Talon was surely missed.

The kids loved this new decor! I kind of wished Talon was still around today to see his four children grow.

12-23-14_4-44 PM

I became an amazing chef. I ended up learning every single recipe in the world, from lobster thermidor to baked alaska. Good thing too, because with six people living in a house, the food sure went fast!

12-23-14_4-53 PM

Harley and I remained close. She really hadn’t brought up her ‘differences’ recently, so I think my plan was working! I had to make her feel welcomed in the family.

“Mama, how’d you learn to cook so well?” Harley asked me.

“Years of practice, baby. I started when I was just a few years older than you. I love cooking,” I told my beautiful ‘different’ little girl.

Honestly, Harley really was one of my favorites… Shhhh. Don’t tell the others.


12-23-14_5-00 PM


Surprisingly, out of all the children, Herbert and Herberto had the closest bond. I was shocked that the twin girls Hannah and Harper weren’t even as close as Herb and ‘Toe (Herberto loved when I called him ‘Toe, haha). Herb and ‘Toes relationship kind of had me worried. Soon, Herb would be a young adult and may want to move out. I hoped that ‘Toe wouldn’t beg to go with him…

“Look Herb! Watch this cat play,” Herberto showed his older brother a funny cat video.

“Haha! That was great ‘Toe,” Herbert laughed at his younger brother.

I couldn’t believe how close they were!! It put a huge smile on my face.

12-23-14_5-16 PM


At night, sometimes I would read to Harley and ‘Toe. I was trying to get Harley to fit in. I knew that ‘Toe was the friendliest out of all the kids, so I hoped it would work…

Unfortunately, after story time, ‘Toe went right back into Herbert’s room, and joked around. Leaving Harley downstairs by herself…

12-23-14_6-28 PM

Herberto picked up a new hobby too! He enjoyed experimenting with the chemistry set.

‘Toe was my little chemist!

Such a cutie (he actually completed his first aspiration of Rambunctious Scamp and was working towards his second aspiration of Whiz Kid).

12-24-14_10-02 AM

As things were pretty lonely for me when the kids all headed off to school, I found a new friend.

His name was Jerome. Trust me, even though Jerome was a hottie, I would not break my promise. I was a different girl now. Jerome was a friend and only a friend.

He’d remain a friend no matter what!

I promise!

12-24-14_10-08 AM


Soon enough, it was time to celebrate my eldest son’s young adult birthday! I could not believe where time had went. It seemed like just yesterday I was testing Herbert to see if he was Talon’s child. Now, Herbert was ready to have kids of his own!

Herbert rolled in the bro trait. Now he and his brother, ‘Toe could have a bromance, literally!

12-24-14_10-10 AM


As expected, as close as Herb and ‘Toe were, now that Herb was a young adult, he talked about moving out. Luckily, he discussed his ideas with his younger brother before committing.

While Herb helped his little brother with homework, I heard him say, “I’m probably gonna’ move out soon, little man.”

“No! Herb, please do not leave me here. I love you,” Herberto was heart-broken just hearing his brother say that.

“Well, I guess I can wait just a little bit. I wanted to save up some money anyway… Is that good with you little man?” Herbert changed his plans to accommodate for his brother.

“That’s perfect. Thanks Herb!” ‘Toe sounded so much happier already.

Herberto ended up getting straight A’s in school. He really was impressing me as a whiz kid.

12-24-14_10-14 AM


Next up, it was time to celebrate my ‘different’ child’s birthday! Harley aged into a gorgeous teenager, rolling the soulmate aspiration and the alluring and active traits.

I couldn’t believe my eyes at how beautiful Harley was. Omari makes cuter babies than Talon, I thought… Maybe I should get in touch with Omari…

12-24-14_10-20 AM

I had to keep Harley confident in herself. I continued building our relationship, always giving her positive comments.

“Sweetie, no matter how different you think you are from others, you are the most gorgeous. Look at your eyes. They are so delightful,” I boasted Harley’s confidence.

“Thanks mom,” even Harley’s voice was elegant.

12-24-14_10-29 AM

I finally snagged another promotion to Drinkmaster. Now, I was making $166/hr. It really wasn’t bad pay, considering I worked ten hours a day!

12-24-14_10-47 AM

As the days continued zooming by, it was time for three birthday celebrations!

First up, my youngest son, Herberto (aka ‘Toe). ‘Toe reminded me so much of Talon. In fact, he rolled the gloomy and collector trait. ‘Toe aspired to be ‘The Collector’.

12-24-14_11-23 AM

Next, it was once again time to celebrate the twin girls birthday!

Of course, first up, first born Harper! As a young adult, Harper rolled the perfectionist trait.

12-24-14_2-36 PM

Finally, it was time for Hannah’s birthday. My crazy little girl was now a young adult! She too rolled the perfectionist trait.

12-24-14_2-39 PM

Now that all of my children are at least young adult’s it’s time for me to make yet another tough decision! Who will be the heir?

It really will be very difficult to decide… I have a lot of thinking to do. It’s been a pleasure being the first heiress of the Defesco legacy. I had fun, and I hope you enjoyed my crazy story. I think I definitely set made a huge impact on this legacy. I was the first heiress and had the most kids and updated the most (not to brag, or anything).

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Generation 8 Defesco’s!! Enjoy your holiday festivities. 🙂

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!!

12-24-14_2-24 PM-3


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