Update 7.6 – Settling Down


The last update ended with the birth of babies number four and five of generation eight; twins again! Once again, I was left wondering who the father was. This time, there were three possible fathers: Talon, Mathew, and Omari. So, let’s find out!

Regardless if Talon was the twins’ father or not, he still cared for them like they were his own. However, if he found out they were not his, I’m sure things would be completely different.

I kept my fingers crossed that Talon would pass by the time the babies aged.

12-23-14_9-44 AM


I tried my best to get on Talon’s good side, in case the twins weren’t his.

A nice woo hoo should do, right?

12-23-14_9-46 AM

I whipped up some chille for the kids and I, and we enjoyed dinner together. I loved my large family.

12-23-14_9-52 AM


The next day, social services took Harold away. To this day, I am still not sure why. But, I’m sure it was for the best. This just made it easier to cover up my mistake. Now, I only had to worry about Harley. I just prayed that she had my hair color, or that she would age after Talon’s death.

Back to the social services situation… Yeah, so like I was saying, I was standing there feeding Harley, and all of a sudden ‘POOF!’, Harold was gone. No one even came in, or anything. It was like magic.

The other kids were devastated.

12-23-14_9-53 AM


I felt like I was putting on some extra weight, so I started working out a bit. At first, I figured it was because of the five children I just pushed out of. I’m sure I had some baby fit left on me.

But then, I later realized I was pregnant again!

For once, it felt great to be pregnant. I knew exactly who the father was- Talon.

12-23-14_9-58 AM

Talon was really starting to have trouble getting around. His work was really tough, but he still managed to receive promotions. In fact, he was promoted to MVP with a pay of $242/hr.

Now that I was pregnant, I kinda’ wished that Talon would be around for the birth of his child.

12-23-14_10-10 AM

Unfortunately, all of my prayers to kill Talon must’ve came true because the next day, it happened…

Talon would never get to meet his last born. And, Talon would never find out if Harley was really his child, or not.

12-23-14_10-14 AM


Herbert, Hannah, and Harper cried their eyes out over their father’s death for days.

I stayed strong. As many times as I had cheated on Talon, it was still heart breaking. He was my soul mate; my husband; my best friend…

12-23-14_10-15 AM

As much as I wanted Talon dead, I missed him greatly once he was gone. I never thought I’d be able to make it through this pregnancy alone.

I rubbed my tummy, knowing that I still had a little piece of Talon inside me.

12-23-14_10-16 AM

As the days after Talon’s death quickly passed by, soon, it was Herbert’s birthday.

Herbert rolled the Master Chef aspiration (following in my footsteps), and received the essence of flavor and slob traits.

Herb still had a frown on his face because of his father’s death. The children really had a tough time getting through this.

If only they knew what I had done to hurt their father, they’d probably never speak to me again.

12-23-14_10-22 AM

I could tell Herb would be a great father one day.

When I worked the night shifts, he would baby sit his younger sisters.

12-23-14_10-26 AM

Eventually, Harley’s birthday rolled along, and it was time for the moment of truth. I prayed to see blond hair on Harley when she aged. But, she didn’t have Talon’s hair…

She had mine! Well, that was no help… I thought of another key trait to tell if Harley was Talon’s or not… Oh! Eyes… Talon and I both had the same eye color; brown. That means Harley should have brown-

Gray… Harley had gray eyes! Right away, I knew that she could not be Talon’s. I wiped the sweat of my forehead. Luckily, Talon was gone now and would never know. I just hoped the other kids wouldn’t find out.

There was still one more question left to answer: was Harley Mathew’s or Omari’s?…

(Harley rolled the outgoing trait and rambunctious scamp aspiration, by the way.)

12-23-14_10-28 AM


On a side note, I snagged a promotion to Juice Boss. The pay still wasn’t that great, as I only made $64/hr…

12-23-14_10-29 AM

The next day, Harley started asking me questions.

“Momma, why do I look different from my brothers and sisters?” Harley asked me. “Why do I not look like Herb, Hannah, or Harper? They all say I was adopted.”

I dreaded this day to come, but I could not let anyone find out.

“You’re just different Harley; in a good way too. You are my special child,” I told Harley, trying to come up with a good excuse.

12-23-14_10-34 AM


I knew that in order to prevent Harley from asking anymore questions, I had to become close to her. I had to get Harley to trust me. After talking for a long time, we made it official.

“Best friends, momma’?” Harley asked me.

“Best friends,” I bent down and hugged my ‘different’ daughter. Maybe Harley really was special. Suddenly, like nails on a chalkboard, it hit me!

Harley looked just like someone I knew, with a round face!

12-23-14_10-36 AM

I had a flashback to the bar…


That’s right. I finally put the pieces together. Harley’s father was neither Mathew’s nor Talon’s. Instead, her father was Omari. The guy I had a one night stand with.

I felt a tear drop from my eye. This was the biggest mistake ever. How trashy of me? What would my children think if they found out? I was a horrible influence.

I looked Omari’s SimBook picture, and confirmed that he must be Harley’s father. So I solved the mystery. Harley’s father was Omari Holm… I still wondered where her eye color came from.

Omari Holm (Gen 7 Heir's Baby Daddy)


The next night, while I was asleep, my water broke.

I screamed aloud “Talon! Hel-” Then, I remembered he wasn’t here to help this time around.

I was forced to deliver this baby by myself.

12-23-14_10-39 AM


It was time. I headed downstairs, by the back door where I usually delivered my children.

12-23-14_10-40 AM

A few pushes later, I successfully delivered Talon’s final child on my own.

Meet baby boy Herberto Defesco; sixth born of generation eight! I can’t believe how many children I had. I was so happy that I didn’t have twins again.

I named him Herberto, because Talon loved the name Herbet (he named our first born), so I decided to add an ‘o’ to the end, since we already had a Herbert. I hoped that Herberto would look more like Talon.

12-23-14_10-41 AM

The twin girls still got along wonderfully.

Unfortunately, no matter how much I talked to them, they would not accept Harley into their friendship.

I still forced Harley to sleep in their room.

I really felt bad for Harley. She had no one. Surrounding her, were four siblings, all of which did not have the same father as her. It was my mistake! Harley should not be punished for it. I started feeling guilty. Why did I not care for Harold better? Why was I such a ****?!

12-23-14_10-44 AM


Nonetheless, I would have to make changes in my life. No more getting with every man in town. I was done with children. I can’t ruin anyone else’s life.

On another note, I earned another promotion! Now, I was a Chief Drink Operator, with a pay of $111/hr. Only two more promotions until I was at the top!

12-23-14_11-07 AM

Sorry for not being very interesting, but I am being serious about my promise this time. I really am not gonna’ cause any more drama. I am done getting around town.

Soon, it was Herbeto’s birthday already! He rolled in the slob trait (like Talon!) and the rambunctious scamp aspiration.

12-23-14_11-11 AM

Next up, my birthday!

As an adult, I would stay committed to my promise. I had a fun, interesting, succesful young adulthood, but now, it was time for I, Genesis Defesco to settle in.

My soul focus would be raising my five (should be six, tear) children and reaching the top of the mixology career! It was time for my midlife crisis. Say goodbye to slutty Genesis, and hello family Genesis!

12-23-14_11-15 AM

I couldn’t believe it, but it was also the twin girls birthday. This time, the first born, Harper, actually aged first!

Harper rolled in the good and business savvy traits. She also aspired to be mansion baron. I recognized that Harper had two of the same traits as me (good and hot-headed). I could tell she was my daughter. We basically had the same personality.

Harper was gorgeous too. I knew she wouldn’t have any trouble finding a man. Hopefully, she wouldn’t be as dirty as me.

12-23-14_11-18 AM


This also meant that Hannah’s birthday was today too!

Hannah aged up, looking exactly like Harper. It wasn’t until now that I realized that Harper and Hannah were identical twins!

Hannah rolled in the romantic and gregarious traits. She also aspired to be a party animal. Hannah had such a clashing personality. She was a loner, yet wanted to be a party animal with the gregarious trait.

Hmmmm… Hannah sounded like she was going to have an interesting life. I wondered though, that since she was romantic, if she would end up like me…

12-23-14_11-19 AM


That’s all I have for this update. Sorry it was a little boring at the end, but not much was going on now that Genesis settled in, finally. So, how will Herberto and Harley age into teenagers and who will Genesis pick as the heir? Is she finally settling in, or will she break her promise once again, popping out another child?

Family Portrait 16


2 thoughts on “Update 7.6 – Settling Down

    • Same! It’s so weird. That never happened to me before… it’s crazy with all these kids! I can’t imagine what it would be like if Harold didn’t get taken away.
      I’m gonna miss talon. :/ I was gonna have him do just that, but he really did die of old age just before Harley aged.


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