Update 7.5 – Much Needed Prayers


I concluded last time with the birth of my daughter, Harper. But, the real question is, who’s baby is Harper; Mathew’s or Talon’s?

However, just as I was about to test Harper’s DNA, I felt another contraction come along.

What is going on?!

Suddenly, I delivered another baby.

That’s right, I had twins! Twin girls, in fact. Meet third born of generation 8, Hannah Defesco.

With twins, I started to panick. What if one was Talon’s and the other was Mat’s?! I had to keep it cool. Only time would tell who Hannah and Harper’s father was.

I decided not to test them.

12-22-14_9-35 AM


Although Talon didn’t know that he may not be the father of Hannah or Harper (or both!), he still took care of them like they were his own.

We definitely had our hands full now.

In fact, once the twins were born, Talon and I kind of drifted apart. We didn’t have much time to talk and make love.

12-22-14_9-39 AM12-22-14_9-41 AM


Herbert enjoyed being an older brother, as expected. However, he too did not know that the twins may not be his full sisters…

12-22-14_9-43 AM

That night, my beautiful, hunky husband aged into an old, wrinkly man. This definitely lowered my drive for Talon.

I guess that’s kind of a good thing. Because if Hannah and Harper wasn’t his, then I’m not sure Talon would stick around.

12-22-14_9-44 AM

I decided not to take off any time from work, and returned the next day. It was a chance for me to get out of the house, and get my mind off things.

I even managed to snag another promotion! I was forced to choose between the chef or mixologist path. With my new aspiration, I decided to go with the mixologist path, so I became a Head Mixologist, with a pay of $45/hr.

12-22-14_10-04 AM


The days continued to pass by in a blur, and eventually it was the moment of truth.

The twins’ birthday…

Even though Hannah was born second, she aged first. Hannah rolled the loner trait and somehow paired with the social butterfly aspiration. I have no idea how that will work.

Taking one glance at Hannah, I knew exactly who her father was.

12-22-14_10-14 AM

Well, that was a sigh of relief. I just kept my fingers crossed for Harper. I took a deep breath as I saw Harper wiggle in her bassinet.

All of sudden out jumped another blond hair little girl!

I let my breath out quickly, feeling a wave of relief crash over me.

Both Hannah and Harper had to be Talon’s. They both had his blond hair.

Harper rolled the hot-headed trait (like me!) and the artistic prodigy aspiration.

12-22-14_10-15 AM

Since the kids were all children now, Talon and I decided to add on to the house. We bought this amazing pool! We figured it’d bring the family closer together.

Unfortunately, we soon found out that almost none of us had any time to swim.

Oh well, maybe the future generations will use it.

12-22-14_12-29 PM


The twin girls played so nicely together. I could tell their bond would be inseparable.

12-22-14_12-32 PM

Talon also advanced in his career, earning a promotion as the Starter! He was now paid $86/hr. Talon was probably the oldest player on the Llamas, but he was still really good.

12-22-14_12-32 PM-2


All of our kids were just fabulous. Even though Talon and I would often be working when they came home, they would sit down together and work on their homework.

12-22-14_12-41 PM

Things were getting so boring around the house. I was getting less and less attracted to Talon.

So, you know me, I had to get out and have some fun.

I met this guy, Omari at the bar.

Surprise, surprise. Another man in my life.

12-22-14_1-53 PM

After getting to know Omari for a little bit, he invited me back to his house. Suddenly, Omari leaned in for a kiss, and of course, I accepted.

12-22-14_1-57 PM

We took our romance to the bedroom. Omari gave me a wonderful massage; turning me on completely.

loved fast moving relationships.

Besides the fact, I was still a little tipsy from the bar.

12-22-14_1-57 PM-2

Suddenly, Omari had me under the sheets!

I think Omari actually worked faster than Mathew!

12-22-14_1-58 PM

As I climbed out of Omari’s rock-hard bed, I threw my clothes on.

“See ya’ Omari,” I kissed him good bye. “It was nice meeting ya’.”

“Nice meeting you too,” Omari had no problem leading me out the door.

This was your typical one night stand.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I ever saw Omari again.

12-22-14_1-59 PM

As I walked out the door, I suddenly recognized my surroundings.

I must’ve been too trashed earlier to realize what neighborhood I was in!

Mathew lived right next door… Maybe he’d like a visit…

He did!!

12-21-14_3-06 PM

And last, but certainly not least, when I returned home, I just had too woo hoo with Talon…

Ahhh. That was great.

Three woo hoo’s with three different men in less than 3 hours…

12-22-14_2-05 PM

The next morning, as I puked my breakfast up, I knew the deal… I decided to not even take a pregnancy test.

I needed to stop falling in my old habits. This is the last mistake I will make.

I promise.

I cannot lose Talon… I couldn’t help but wonder though, who’s baby it would be this time. Now, I had three options: my old man husband, Talon; my woo hoo buddy, Mathew; or the one-night stand, Omari. Out of the three, I wanted Talon to get lucky again. As long as it wasn’t Omari’s, I wouldn’t be too devastated. It just seemed so dirty of me to birth a man that I met and woo hoo’d in less than an hour.

Besides the fact, Talon was getting up there in age. I’m not sure how much longer he had to live.

12-22-14_2-12 PM

Sure enough, the next day, as I practiced my mixology skill, my belly popped out. It was noticeable now.

There was no hiding this pregnancy, unfortunately.

12-22-14_2-17 PM

I decided that I would tell Talon, and Talon only. If it was Omari or Mathew’s child, too bad. They’d never met it.

“Talon, I really don’t know how, but I’m pregnant,” I told him, as we ate dinner on the couch.

“What?! Really? Oh my goodness. This is gonna’ be tough… I didn’t even know I was capable of doing that,” Talon seemed to catch on.

I just continued praying that he wouldn’t make any conclusions.

12-22-14_2-21 PM

I started focusing a lot on my mixology skill and eventually, I mastered it! This also meant that I completed my second aspiration as a young adult. As a result of completing the Master Mixologist aspiration, I earned the Potion Master trait.

I could make some pretty cool drinks and potions now. As well as pull off some pretty awesome tricks.

12-22-14_2-28 PM

Talon continued to impress the Llamas, as he earned another promotion. He was now an All-Star with a pay of $130/hr.

I kind of hoped that all of the strenuous activity that Talon had to do as athlete would kill him.

If he didn’t meet this child, I wouldn’t be upset. In fact, I’d be happy.

12-22-14_2-31 PM


Finally, it was my mother’s time to go.

It seemed like she held on as long as possible.

I think she wanted to meet her newest grandchild.

Unfortunately, that did not happen.

Out of all the children, Hannah was the only one to grieve over their grandma’s death. Surprisingly, even gloomy Talon didn’t shed a tear.

I wan’t too heartbroken because I had enough going on in my life. Plus, I knew she’d be happier now that she was in the same place as her soulmate.

12-22-14_2-34 PM 12-22-14_2-35 PM


The day after my mother passed, I went into labor!!

12-22-14_2-49 PM


As I screamed and pushed, I ended up delivering my healthy child.

Or, should I say children!!

That’s right, I had twins… AGAIN!

Meet first born, baby girl Harley Defesco. And second born, baby boy Harold Defesco… With five children, I needed to stop woo hooing with every dude I met.

I promised this would be the last mistake I made… Once again, I decided I should wait to see who their father was. Maybe Talon wouldn’t be around by the time they aged.

12-22-14_2-52 PM

Yet again, I am going to leave you with the big question: who’s babies did Genesis just deliver? Are they Talon’s yet again? Or maybe her woo hoo buddy, Matthew? Or even her one-night stand, Omari? Perhaps the twins each have a different father! Will Genesis really keep her promise this time, and not make any more mistakes?

Family Portrait 15




2 thoughts on “Update 7.5 – Much Needed Prayers

  1. Dang did you use a fertility treatment? Genesis is a thot xD. How lucky Talon was the father for all three. I doubt it for the last birth since he was last to get it in lol. I absolutely love the pool by the way! It’s beautiful.


    • Nope! No fertility treatment! Twins really run in this family haha… and forreal. Genesis tryna sleep with the entire town!
      Lol, I’m not even sure how Talon managed to be father of the twin girls, since he was last there too. But, you’ll just have to wait and see.


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