Update 7.4 – No More Mistakes


I ended the last update giving birth to the first born of generation 8! So, did I have a boy or a girl? And is the baby Talon’s or Mathew’s?

As soon as I gave birth, I had the home paternity test ready.

After a few tests, I finally came to the conclusion that our son, Herbert Defesco was Talon’s!

I could not be happier. No more mistakes from me.

12-21-14_11-30 PM 12-21-14_11-31 PM

Talon loved his baby boy.

I still couldn’t believe how dark Herb’s skin tone was.

12-21-14_11-32 PM

Herbert looked so tiny in Talon’s huge arms.

I sighed a huge breath of relief.

12-21-14_11-33 PM

As expected, Talon was even the perfect father. He did everything! He even changed Herb’s first dirty diaper!

12-21-14_11-37 PM

I could tell Herbert and Talon would be best friends.

Talon showed off Herbert to my mother.

“Look how cute he is!” Talon exclaimed.

12-21-14_11-38 PM

Once Talon finally got Herbert to sleep, we had some fun of our own…

12-21-14_11-40 PM

The next day, while Talon was at work, I heard a knock on the door. As I got closer, I noticed it was Mat.

I tried to quickly turn around without him seeing me, but of course, he did…

“Genesis! Let me in!!” He screamed.

Fine. He wins. But, I would not let him in my house. I was through with Mat.

12-21-14_11-44 PM

As I walked outside, I started to tell Mat that the baby wasn’t his, “Mat, listen the baby-”

Suddenly, he had be engulfed in a makeout session.

Oh boy. Here we go again.

As he came up for air, he whispered, “It’s not mine… I know.”

12-21-14_11-45 PM

Things didn’t end there, as Mat dragged me up to my room where we woo hoo’d. The place my husband and I had woo hoo’d just hours ago…

12-21-14_11-46 PM

Once Mat and I finished up, I realized it was time to tell him the truth. I could not live like this anymore. Not only was Talon my husband, but we had a child. This just wasn’t acceptable.

I told Mathew everything, “Listen, Mat. I am really sorry, but there’s a huge misunderstanding. I have a husband, and we just had a child. I can’t see you anymore. Would you please leave, and never come back?” I tried to put it as nice as possible.

“Sure…” Mat threw on his clothes and walked out the door.

Well, that was easier than expected.

As Mat walked out the door, he yelled, “You might want to take a pregnancy test!”

And out he went…

Oh… NO!

12-21-14_11-47 PM

When Talon returned from work, I knew I had to tell the truth. He would smell Mat on our sheets.

I told Talon everything: about Mat, about the possible pregnancy of Mat, and about how I thought Herbert was Mat’s child…

Surprisingly, Talon was supportive and told me everything would be okay. He’d forgive me, as long as it never happened again…

12-21-14_11-50 PM

A little make up woo hoo?… Sure!

12-21-14_11-52 PM

As Mat had warned, the next day, I took a pregnancy test.


Once again, I was in a sticky situation.

When I came clean to Talon, I hadn’t told him that Mat and I recently woo hoo’d.

I took the pregnancy test while Talon was in the tub, so he found out right away.

“YAY! I can’t wait to have another!” Talon screamed with joy.

“Yeah… Me neither,” was all I managed to get out.

12-21-14_11-57 PM

I had to get out of the house and get away from all of the craziness.

I loved mixology, and it was the only thing that took my mind off things.

12-22-14_12-04 AM

The days continued to pass by, and Herbert eventually aged to a child!

It was hard to tell Herbert was Talon’s because he had my hair and eyes, but I believed the paternity test.

Herbert rolled the social butterfly aspiration and the genius trait.

12-22-14_12-14 AM

As expected, Talon and Herbert remained close. I adored their relationship.

I just kept praying the baby in my tummy now was also Talon’s. I could not ruin their friendship…

And I know that if the baby was Mat’s, that would be Talon’s breaking point. He’d leave me in the dust, and probably leave behind Herbert.

12-22-14_9-00 AM


Talon and Herbert became best friends.

I definitely could not ruin this relationship.

No. More. Mistakes!

12-22-14_9-02 AM

On a side note, I was really getting good at mixology. I was able to pull off a lot of awesome tricks!

12-22-14_9-03 AM

The next night, we enjoyed a family dinner while mom worked.

Talon tried to psyche his best friend up, “Are you ready to be a big brother, bud?!”

“Yes! I wanna’ teach him how to catch. And how to play chess! And…” Herbert really was excited about getting a sibling.

“Hang on there buddy. It might not be a boy,” Talon giggled.

I could only think to myself ‘what if it is not actually Herbert’s sibling… I would break not one, but two people’s hearts…’

I never prayed so much in my life.

12-22-14_9-05 AM

I earned another promotion to Line Cook!

Moving on up in the world.

12-22-14_9-21 AM

As my mother’s life came to an end, Herbert tried spending as much time with her as possible.

He told her “Grandma’, can we take a picture? I want something to cherish when you’re not here.”

“Oh sweetie, of course… SELFIE!”

12-22-14_9-26 AM

The next day, I finally went into labor! This time around, it seemed to take forever!

12-22-14_9-28 AM


While I was in labor, Herbert asked me “Mom, can I see what your tummy feels like when you have a contraction?”

Herbert was a genius and understood a little more than he should.

“Sure sweetie, just don’t mind if I – OUCCCCH! – …yell.” I warned Herbert as he placed his hands on my stomach and I had another contraction.

“Oh my! It’s like a rock!”

12-22-14_9-30 AM


Finally, it was time to find out if I really made a mistake. As I clenched down, and pushed, out popped my daughter! Meet Harper Defesco!

Now, it was time for the truth. I started to do testing until…

12-22-14_9-33 AM

That’s where this update will end! Once again, the question of whether Harper is Mat’s or Talon’s arises…


2 thoughts on “Update 7.4 – No More Mistakes

  1. Oh Genesis, you don’t deserve Talon! I hope he dump yo butt! Haha. Looking at Harper’s skintone I think this one may be Matt’s. Idk I still think TS3’s genetics may have been better. Herbert is a spitting image of his mother. & lol at the Sloth picture on the wall.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Forreal. I love Talon so much (that’s why I keep making the story go in his favor; even if it makes him look stupid). Yeah, I think for baby’s, there is only 2 skin tones, dark or light.
    And how much does Mathew’s name bother you? It annoys me so much that there is only one ‘T’, lol. It’s so confusing.
    I didn’t even notice the sloth picture *goes back to look.


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