Update 7.2 – Decisions, Decisions


I last left off with me aging into a young adult, rolling in the hot headed trait. With my best friend Talon on my radar as a romantic interest, what will end up happening?

I bet you’ll never guess the first thing I did when I became a young adult. I ran to…

Go get a job, of course. As I keep emphasizing, my number one priority is to impress my parents. I ended up with a career in the culinary field, of course. Unfortunately, they started me out as a dishwasher. Little did they know how skilled I was.

12-19-14_2-19 PM

As a young adult, my mother and I started getting along a lot better. In fact, we actually became BFF’s. Then, I had something to ask her. I knew she’d agree to what I was about to ask.

“So, mom,” I started, slightly nervous. “You and dad, well mainly dad, both love Talon. And so do I. He’s still living in the hotel in the next town over. I was wondering what you thought about him moving in?”

“Oh that’d be wonderful sweetie! I would love to have a new work out partner. And, I know your father would love that too. Go right ahead, honey,” my mother agreed 100%.

12-19-14_2-27 PM

Sure enough, that night, when Talon came over, I asked him. He practically lived here anyway, so not much would change. We all knew he had a good job and would help with bills.

“Talon,” I opened. “My father, mother, and I have been thinking, and we wanted to know if you would like to move in?” I had a good feeling about this. After all, two of his best friends lived here.

“Oh really?!” Talon was beyond excited. “I’d love that so much! In fact, I have $20,000 in my bank account that I can add to the funds.”

Now that, I was not expecting. See, Talon really is amazing.

12-19-14_2-29 PM

With Talon living in the house, I got to spend as much time with him as possible. Things were going great! I could tell things would be taken to the next level soon, but I’d leave that up to Talon. I didn’t wanna’ force anything on him.

12-19-14_2-40 PM

When Talon left for work, I got a little chuckle out his uniform. He was a mascot for the Llamas. It was pretty hideous.

12-19-14_2-44 PM

As lazy as I was, I would do anything to be around Talon.

When he returned from work, he wanted to work out. My parents were at work, so I agreed to hit up our gym with him.

At last, things finally moved onto the next level.

“Damn girl. You’re smokin’ in that fiery red outfit,” Talon complimented.

“Thanks Tal! And you like irresistible pulling them weights. Impressive,” I responded to Talon’s compliment.

12-19-14_3-42 PM


Unfortunately, Talon didn’t take it any further than a few flirtatious interactions. I ended our work out by blowing him a kiss.

“I’ll savor this forever,” Talon said as he caught my kiss.

12-19-14_3-43 PM

That night, Talon and I slept together. Well, not “woo hoo” sleep together. We just slept next to one another. I loved the company at night.

This was a start.

12-19-14_3-44 PM

Parents still did not give up trying for a baby, even though my mother was nearly an elder. Luckily Talon and I were asleep by then.

12-19-14_3-46 PM


At dinner the next night, Talon took things a step further!!

“So, I was thinking,” Talon started. “How about we go on a date?” Talon asked me.

“Ahhh!” I screamed aloud. “Talon, yes! Of course I will!!” I was so excited. “But, I have work…”

“Well, no rush. We’ll just go when we both have off… I’m off tomorrow,” Talon mentioned.

“Works with me!”

And so I had it. My first date. I could not be happier.

12-19-14_3-55 PM

As I turned around to head upstairs to get ready for bed, my parents were sitting on the couch, making out.

“Ewww! Get a room! Don’t make a baby on the couch,” I screamed.

My mother simply continued kissing my father, but put her head up, implying for me to shut up.

I did, and I went upstairs. I adored my parents relationship. They were together since teenagers! So unbelievable!

12-19-14_4-01 PM


The next day, Talon and I went on our date. As we sat on the couch, he pulled the “old-school” move on me. Talon stretched his arms, yawned, and wrapped his arm around me.

“Oh Talon, you’re perfect,” I told him.

“So are you Genesis. Your feisty personality and fiery outfit and hair is to die for.”

12-19-14_4-04 PM


Suddenly, Talon started tickling me. This completely turned me on.

“I’m gonna’ hit your ticklish spot!” Talon jolted and wiggled his fingers on my ribs.

I couldn’t help but laugh like a little girl. As Talon tickled me harder, his face got closer to mine, until we stood up, and…

12-19-14_4-05 PM


Wa-lah!! It was like magic. Our lips met for the first time. I felt hearts fly around our heads. I was so shocked. This was amazing.

12-19-14_4-07 PM


This little peck on my lips eventually turned into a more intimate kiss. Everything was perfect on our date. Talon dug his fingers deep into my hair, massaging my scalp as our tongues were entangled.

12-19-14_4-08 PM


Suddenly, I looked down at my watch. Damn! I was almost late for work. As sad as I was to do it, I had to end the date.

“Talon, I’m really sorry. I really do not want to leave, but I have work soon,” I told Talon, with a frown. I really did not want to leave.

“It’s okay Genesis. Get to work. Make that money. But, I have one more surprise,” Talon mentioned, as he fumbled around in his pocket. “I got you this.” Talon pulled out a bright red rose.

“Oh Talon! It’s perfect. And, it’s my favorite color!” This small gift had me ecstatic. This proved to me that Talon really knew how to treat a woman.

12-19-14_4-10 PM


My father’s relationship with Talon was too cute. They often play fight with each other. It cracks me up! I was kind of worried that Talon would hurt my father. Talon was a big dude (part of the reason he turned me on so much).

12-19-14_4-15 PM

My mother finally earned her final promotion! She was now at the top of the Astronaut career, Interstellar Smuggler Path. That meant that she was an Interstellar Smuggler and was paid $454/hr!

12-19-14_4-17 PM


My mother earned her final promotion just in time, because that night, she aged into an elder!

12-20-14_1-10 PM

Talon really knew how to push my buttons. When I woke up the next morning, he was near the front door, all hot and sweaty from working out. He was on the ground doing push ups.

Damn! He really was irresistible. I almost jumped down his throat right then and there. If Talon didn’t make a big move soon, I might have to. I just couldn’t take the temptations anymore.

12-20-14_1-13 PM

Somehow, after a few days, I managed to complete the Master Chef aspiration (on a side note, Talon still didn’t make any more moves; I hoped I didn’t turn him away on our date). Even though I was only at the third level in the culinary career, I completed my aspiration, earning the Fresh Chef trait. Since I was still so young, I decided to select a new aspiration. I always had a desire for the Mixology skill, so I decided to go with Master Mixologist.

12-20-14_1-18 PM


As a result, the next night, I decided to head over to the bar to mix up a few drinks. I definitely had some good experience bartending already. I had no doubt I’d quickly complete this aspiration as well.

12-20-14_1-22 PM


At the bar, I was really attracted to this guy Mathew.

Mathew was the opposite of Talon. Our relationship blossomed very quickly.

As guilty as I felt, Talon hadn’t made a move to claim me yet. I was still single and ready to mingle.

On the other hand, I really felt much more attracted to Talon.

12-20-14_1-26 PM


Speaking of Talon, he must’ve read my mind because the next day, before he left for work, he snuggled me in an amazing kiss.

“Genesis, I have a few surprises for you soon,” Talon teased.

“I can’t wait Talon!” I responded, hoping he’d ask me out.

12-20-14_1-38 PM


However, as soon as Talon left, I invited Mathew over.

12-20-14_1-40 PM

As I said, things went really fast with Mat and I.

12-20-14_1-41 PM

We shared our first kiss.

12-20-14_1-44 PM

Suddenly, I swooped Mat down into a wonderful makeout session.

12-20-14_1-45 PM


I had a hard decision ahead of me to make. Will I choose Talon or Mathew?… Find out in the next update!



2 thoughts on “Update 7.2 – Decisions, Decisions

  1. Genesis better stop and kick Matthew to the curb, lol. You need some blonde genes flowing in here! Jk, but I really like how Talon and Genesis’s relationship is forming and how Freddy and his high school sweetheart are still madly in love. I hope Genesis doesn’t get impregnated by Matt, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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