Update 7.1 – Surprise!


In the previous update, it was pretty hectic. Two fires broke out, nearly killing my mother, Kristin. Then, unexpectedly, my brother, Gionni died. My parents were heart broken. They told me he was supposed to be the heir. My parents didn’t give up though, they kept trying for another child… This made me feel unwanted, but whatever. I was the heir now.

Or, should I say heiress?! That’s right, it is I, Genesis Defesco! The first heiress of the Defesco legacy. I feel honored. After six generations of male heirs, I had no doubt my parent’s would somehow have another child. Fortunately, all of the years my mother spent in space caused her to go sterile! She no longer could have any children. As sad as this sounds, I was relieved. I really wanted to start a new direction for this legacy. (In case you were wondering, the poll at the end of the last update currently has the results: 25% wanted a male heir; 75% wanted Genesis as the heiress, so I am glad that I satisfied the majority of readers!)

So, as a little reminder, I am still a teenager, and my traits are Lazy, Good, and Essence of Flavor. My aspiration is Master Chef. Now, let’s get generation seven started!!

12-17-14_4-13 PM

Although I am very lazy, my mother forced me to get into shape. She trained me at least once a week.

“C’mon Genesis, hustle!” My mother screamed at me. “You got to get rid of them hips!” I often felt my mother took out her anger about not being able to have anymore kids on me.

“I’m trying mom! Stop yelling!” I was actually getting pissed at her. She was getting so annoying and grouchy the older she became.

12-17-14_4-14 PM


I order to get out of the house more, I decided to get a part time job as a Barista. The pay wasn’t much, and the hours were horrible (5am – 7am M-F), but at least I didn’t have to be here.

Plus, this would give me something to put on my resume when I looked for a job as an adult. I really want to have an excellent culinary career.

12-17-14_4-17 PM


Once my brother passed, I had trouble picking myself back up. Gionni and I were very close growing up. He was my best friend. As a result, I started sleeping in his bed, and wearing all red. I knew it was his favorite color.

Plus, Gionni had the best room in the house, since he was gonna’ be the heir…

12-17-14_4-18 PM

For work, they told me having experience with the mixology skill would help me prepare lattes. Additionally, I knew it helped to have experience with this skill for the culinary career.

I actually enjoyed preparing drinks anyway. Maybe I’d end up as a mixologist after all?

12-17-14_4-21 PM


My father was still heart-broken over Gi’s death. As pissed as I was at him for being so hung up on picking Gionni as the heir, I had to support my father.

“Dad, it’s gonna’ be okay. I’ll make you proud,” I reminded my father.

“Thanks sweetie,” my father replied.

The more I thought about my dad being upset, the more I wondered. Was my father upset about Gionni’s death still? Or was my father upset that he couldn’t have another child to replace me?… My mind raced fast, but honestly, I didn’t wanna’ know.

12-17-14_4-25 PM


I actually started doing my homework! Growing up, my parents were always so busy. They never made Gionni or I focus on school work. In fact, Gionni and I were both C students in elementary school.

I wanted to impress my parents as much as I could. I would show them that I was the right choice to carry on the Defesco legacy. Suddenly, my father walked in the living room.

“Doing homework, I see,” he commented.

“Yeah. I’m actually trying to learn something now,” I reassured my father. “Just trying to make my father proud. Show him that I was the right choice.”

“Oh Genesis. I love you. I know you were the right choice,” my father told me.

Maybe he was starting to realize I was best for this legacy.

12-17-14_4-27 PM


As lazy as I was, my number one priority in life was to impress my parents. As a result, I started going to the gym every once in a while. I actually wanted to get out and meet people as well.

12-17-14_4-33 PM

After working out for a bit, I started talking to the guy that ran next to me on the treadmill. His name was Goppy. What a funny name! Unfortunately not only was Goppy much older than me, but he was from out of town. So, after today, I would never see him again.

Damn. He had a shot too! I know my parents always said that blonde hair has never been present in the Defesco’s.I wanted to change that. It would be yet another thing to impress my parents.

12-17-14_4-37 PM

On a side not, my parents told me that even though they had already decided that I was the heiress, they did not stop trying for kids… They said it just felt weird having only one child.

12-17-14_4-43 PM

Finally, Monday rolled around, and it was my first day at work! It really wasn’t that bad getting up two hours early for work. I actually enjoyed the job.

12-17-14_4-59 PM


After school, my father started mentoring me in the piano. I actually enjoyed this a lot.

After my father mentored me for three hours, he managed to finally complete his musical genius aspiration! As a result, my father also received the Piper trait. I’m still not sure what that trait does…

Don’t mind my silly Christmas outfit. I thought it was cute! I wanted to get in the spirit.

12-17-14_5-06 PM


My next day at work, I continued to impress my boss! In fact, she promoted me to Latte Artiste, and raised my pay to $62/hr. I was now at the top of the Barista path.

12-17-14_8-48 PM

Between working, school, exercising, playing the piano, and cooking, I was exhausted. For a lazy person, I sure did a lot of work!

I enjoyed every second of nap time I could get. After all, it was one of my favorite things to do.

12-17-14_9-35 PM

In order to help bring up my cooking skills, I decided to throw a dinner party! It would be fun to host a party and have people enjoy my cooking.

12-17-14_9-36 PM

Unfortunately, this made me realize that I do not know anyone from town. So, the dinner party was only me and my parents.

It was still a modest success. We enjoyed dinner and some drinks. It was a fun time.

12-17-14_9-39 PM


The next day, it was the weekend. I decided to start working at the local bar as a mixologist for extra tips. I really was starting to enjoy mixology. Maybe I’d end up in this career after all.

It was also an opportunity to get out and meet new people! I met all these people at the bar last night, but, all of them were from out of town, except my mother’s brother. What is wrong with this boring town?!

12-17-14_9-52 PM


There was this old man Talon, however that I met at the bar.

“Hi there,” Talon started. “You must be Freddy’s daughter, right?” The old man asked me.

How did he know my father? Talon told me that he didn’t live around here.

“Yes. That’s me. Who are you?” I asked Talon, a little skeptical about the situation.

“Well, as you know, I am Talon. Your father and I met a while back on a business trip. He’s a good man. Do you mind if I stop over for a visit?” I guess Talon really did know my father… Dad wouldn’t mind, right?

“Sure,” I told Talon and we made it to my house.

Unfortunately, my father was working. Talon said that he’d leave, but that he wanted to stop back when he was in town again.

12-17-14_10-06 PM

Sure enough, as the days continued to pass by, there was no sign of Talon. This whole situation was fishy to me.

One day, I heard a knock at the door. When I opened the door, I noticed a man that looked very similar to Talon, but he didn’t look as old. Maybe Talon’s son?

“Hi. Can I help you?” I asked the man.

“Genesis! It’s me, Talon,” the man greeted me at the door.

Wait… What?

“Talon?”  I asked, as confused as ever.

“Yeah, it’s me. Mind if I come in?” Talon invited himself in.

Once he came in, I cooked up some food for Talon and I. The more I hung out with Talon, the more I realized he actually wasn’t that old. He was actually a few years younger than my parents. I actually thought Talon was pretty attractive…

12-17-14_10-16 PM


Once Talon left, I spent the rest of the day on the couch watching my favorite cooking show, Iron Sim. I always wanted to be on a cooking TV show like this! But, I was too lazy to fill out all of the paper work.

12-18-14_10-14 AM


Finally, Talon showed up at our door a few weeks later. This time, my father was finally home. I led Talon over to my father, who was actually working out (my mother was getting strict on all of us about getting fit).

As Talon ate my spaghetti, he and my father talked for what seemed like hours. In fact, I didn’t even get to hang out with Talon this night.

I later learned that Talon and my father were actually pretty good friends. This kind of shocked me. I wanted to be closer to Talon than my father… I had to try harder!

12-18-14_10-19 AM


With all of the cooking shows I’ve been watching, I started becoming a pretty good chef! I could now pull off some pretty cool tricks.

12-18-14_10-27 AM


The next night, my father aged into an elder. My mother continued to push my father to exercise, which I think started effecting his health.

12-18-14_10-31 AM


I went to bed early each night, but Talon started visiting more and more While I slept my parents and Talon enjoyed working out.

I really started growing jealous of my father and Talon’s relationship.

12-18-14_10-32 AM


As a result, the next day, when Talon came over, I decided to cook him and dinner. I really wanted to get close to Talon. As I fried the chicken in the pan, Talon was right there to keep me company. He was the best!

“Whatcha’ making?” Talon asked.

“Oh just some chicken with a few spices. I hope you’re hungry!” I responded.

“Trust me. I am!”

12-18-14_10-45 AM


While we ate dinner (he loved it, by the way!), Talon and I talked about our interests. We found out that we had a lot in common. Eventually, Talon and I made it official.

We were BFF’s!!

Finally, I was closer to Talon than my father.

12-18-14_10-46 AM

Nearly every night, Talon came over to eat dinner with me. I loved his company. We were such good friends.

12-18-14_10-59 AM

My mother really liked Talon, because he too enjoyed working out. While we were eating the one day, he flashed his muscles.

“You like this guns?” Talon asked, giving off a little giggle.

I started laughing too. “You know I do!”

“Well, one day, when you grow up… Maybe they can be wrapped around you!” Talon made me blush a little bit. He sure knew how to attract the ladies.

I could feel that I was starting to fall for my best friend, Talon. Nothing could be better because my parents loved him.

I could not wait to age into a young adult so we could take our relationship to the next level!

… I later learned that Talon was in the athletic career. That is why he was out of town. Prior to his arrival, Willow Creek did not have an athletic team. But now, we did! As a result, Talon moved here. That’s why we started noticing him more.

12-18-14_11-00 AM

As Talon continued to visit, he and my father grew even closer. In fact, Talon and dad also became BFF’s. But, I was first. So I wasn’t too concerned.

12-18-14_11-06 AM

Finally, my birthday rolled around! I aged into a young adult, and rolled in the hot headed trait. I assumed I rolled this trait from my mother’s nagging over the past few years.

Nonetheless, it was time for the real fun to begin!

Now, where is that Talon at?!

12-18-14_11-11 AM

Now that Genesis is a young adult, what will happen? Will she go for Talon, or does she have other tricks up her sleeve? As the first heiress of the Defesco legacy, Genesis is sure to have make this story interesting!


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