Update 6.4 – Too Good to be True


Last time, Gionni and Gensis recently aged into children, and my father, Ezequiel passed on. So, what’s happened since then? (This is just a short, and not so sweet update. There is not much conversation in this update because all of the events that happened have me very very sad.)

As expected, my father’s death hit Gionni hard. Gionni was so close to his grandfather. We decided to add a new bedroom to the house for Gionni, in hopes of cheering him up.

Unfortunately, he spent most of his time, the next few days, crying beneath his sheets. It was heart-breaking to see my son this hurt, but I didn’t know what else I could do.

12-15-14_7-09 PM


Eventually, Gionni started venturing out of his bed on his own. We simply tried to stay out of his way. We didn’t want to hurt Gi (our new nickname for him) anymore.

Gi walked around with his head down and a frown.

12-15-14_7-11 PM

Luckily, Genesis was there for Gionni. I felt terrible that I wasn’t close enough to my son to talk to him about how he felt. But, Genesis and Gionni’s relationship was unbreakable. Genesis eventually pulled Gi out of this ditch completely.

They later confirmed to being best friends.

12-15-14_7-13 PM


Now that Gi finally was happy again, we decided to take a family trip to the park to get out of the house. I hoped this would maybe get our minds off of my father’s death. As heartbroken as I was too, I couldn’t let Gi see any weakness in me.

12-15-14_7-25 PM

It was great to get out and meet new people. After all, with a career in the music industry, I needed all of the fans/friends I could get. I made ten new friends this day. I felt great about myself!

12-15-14_7-26 PM


The next day, Kristin decided to cook a family dinner. Unfortunately, I always worked the night shift, so I missed it.

12-15-14_10-24 PM


Speaking of working, I landed another promotion tonight! I was promoted to Instrumental Wonder and they raised my pay to $208/hr. Only one promotion left!!

12-15-14_10-24 PM-2

Unfortunately, my raise didn’t help much. Our bills were up to $11,740. It was ridiculous!

12-15-14_10-32 PM

The next night, I aged into an adult, and felt no difference at all.

12-15-14_10-37 PM


The one change I noticed was that I started playing the piano more. I actually stopped playing the guitar, altogether. I guess you can say I was having a midlife crisis.

12-15-14_10-38 PM

While making some dinner, the ghost of my grandfather, Donte visited! I never even got to meet my grandfather. He died when my father was only a teenager.

He seemed like a really nice dude.

12-15-14_10-40 PM


Suddenly, I got a whiff of smoke.

12-15-14_10-42 PM

I ran over to the kitchen, and saw Kristin on fire… Oh no, no, no!! I cannot lose my soul mate this soon. I do not even know remember what life is like with Kristin!!

“AHHHH! BABY!!” I screamed, having no idea what to do.

Suddenly, I remembered that when my great great grandfather Bruno built this house, he installed a sprinkler system. Even though they said it didn’t work well, it was worth a shot.

12-15-14_10-42 PM-2

At last, the sprinkler system triggered and put out the flames on the stove and on Kristin. Thank goodness the love of my life was saved.

12-15-14_10-43 PM

After the fire, I couldn’t help but keep my hands of Kristin. That was too close of a call. While the kids were at school, we decided to have some fun.

12-15-14_10-55 PM

The days continued passing by and eventually it was Gionni’s birthday! He aged into a handsome young teenager and rolled the successful lineage aspiration as well as the domestic and hot headed traits.

I thought deeply about Gi’s personality, traits, and great looks. He’d be perfect for the heir! However, rules are rules. I must wait until Gensis aged into a teenager to decide.

12-15-14_11-01 PM

Fortunately, even though Gi was now a teenager, he and Genesis remained close. I assumed this was because Gionni aspired to have a successful lineage. He wanted to see his sister be successful. I seriously admired their relationship.

12-16-14_8-07 PM

Gionni even read books to his sister, in front of the fireplace in his room. Gionni’s room was so cozy, until…

12-16-14_8-09 PM



Fortunately, Gionni and Genesis were able to get out in time, and the damage wasn’t nearly as bad as the other fire.

We learned our lesson though. This fireplace would never be lit again.

12-16-14_8-11 PM


As the holidays approached, we decorated the tree and hung a few decorations. It was great family time, taking our mind off of all the devastating fires recently.

12-16-14_8-31 PM


Things were going great. Gionni really became the family man. He started cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner for us. This just confirmed my vision of Gionni being the heir.

12-16-14_9-22 PM

It was the weekend, and in the morning, so we actually enjoyed our first family meal together! I loved sitting around the table with my family, seeing everyone smile.

It was great to finally see Gionni happy again.

12-16-14_9-25 PM

Also at breakfast, Kristin aged into an adult.

12-16-14_9-24 PM

Things slowed down a lot around the house. Gionni continued being the family man by cooking and keeping everyone entertained. He even tried to fix things around the house… Notice the emphasis on tried…

Here we go. I am sorry if I lose it here…

12-16-14_9-36 PM

While fixing the radio, Gionni screamed loudly. It wasn’t unusual to get shocked while fixing the stereo, so none of us bothered to check on Gi.

That’s when I heard the sound of… Of… Death.

12-16-14_9-37 PM

My son, Gionni Defesco, the probable heir of generation 7 had just died of electrocution. Now, you can see why this update is so bland. I actually fell into a deep depression once my son died. I was heartbroken. Not only was Gionni going to be the heir, he was going to be the perfect heir.

See, never take perfection for granted. I always though everything in my life was perfect. My family, my wife, my kids, my life. But just when you think that, the unthinkable can and will happen.

I still could not believe what had happened to Gionni.

12-16-14_9-37 PM-2

Affected most by this devastation was Genesis. Her best friend and brother had just died. I have no idea how Genesis lasted through this tough time. It was heart-breaking to see her play space martian by herself.

I felt like I was to blame for Gionni’s death. This was horrible. Nothing felt right after this day. Having only one kid, it did not feel right. Declaring a female as the heir for the Defesco legacy, it did not feel right. Don’t get me wrong, females can be heirs of legacy’s, it just felt odd declaring one for the Defesco’s… I had no idea what else to do.

12-17-14_8-57 AM

I had to present the idea to Kristin.

“Kristin, listen, baby,” I started. “Not that I want to try and replace Gionni, or anything, but…” I felt a lump in my throat. “It just feels odd declaring Genesis as heiress of the Defesco legacy…”

“Go on,” Kristin encouraged.

“So, what do you think about having another kid?” I asked Kristin.

12-17-14_9-02 AM

Suddenly, Kristin launched me under the sheets and off we went.

I guess you can say she agreed with me.

12-17-14_9-02 AM-2

Through all of the tough times, I eventually learned to pick myself up. I was expecting a big announcement from Kristin any day now… I even earned my final promotion at work! At the top of my career, I was now a Concert Virtuoso with an hourly wage of $340. Now I can focus solely on my aspiration.

12-17-14_9-10 AM

Genesis birthday quickly approached (Kristin and I had no luck with pregnancy, but we were still trying). Genesis aged into a teenager with the Master Chef aspiration, as well as the essence of flavor and good traits.

12-17-14_9-17 AM

That’s all I have for this update. Will Kristin and I finally get what we want; another baby? Or, will I have to declare Genesis as the first female heir? Find out next time!

Family Portrait 14


2 thoughts on “Update 6.4 – Too Good to be True

  1. Is it bad I was actually hoping Kristen died in the fire? Gosh, I’m so mean. Poor Gionni though! I was like mwuahaha you have to pick a girl now! But, then Freddy was all, “let’s have another baby.” and I’m like -_-. Haha, but nah! I think it’s really cool how you can stick with a male heir. I like to switch it up! I’m also so, so happy about the christmas tree! So cool.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Don’t feel too bad, because I too was kinda’ hoping Kristin died in the fire, haha. I just wanted one less sim to worry about. 😛
      I was really so mad when Gionni died because not only was he the male, but he had way better traits than Genesis. Oh well. We’ll just have to see what happens.
      But, just so everyone knows, all of the fires and Gionni’s death were completely unexpected! Nothing was done on purpose. It really threw me a curveball when Gionni died. Fortunately, I was able to make up for it. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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