Update 6.3 – The Perfect Life


Here’s a brief recap, since it’s been quite some time since an update:

My name is Freddy Defesco, the heir of generation 6. Growing up, I was an only child and developed a strong bond with my single father, Ezequiel (aka Zeek). After breezing through my childhood, as a teenager, I fell in love with my wonderful girlfriend Kristin. We promised to love each other forever and eventually we aged into young adults. Immediately, I asked Kristin to move in. We both got jobs, and it wasn’t long before we were expecting our first child! After proposing to Kristin, she gave birth to our healthy baby boy Gionni; the first born of generation 7. As quickly as he was born, he aged into a child. So, what happened afterwards? It’s time to find out!

Suddenly, Kristin barged in the bathroom, while I was taking a bath. She nearly scared me to death. I had a weird feeling about this… Was she pregnant?

“What’s wrong Kristin?!” I asked curiously.

“Oh… Nothing… I just wanted to talk to you about something,” Kristin proposed her idea.

“What is it babe? Are you pregnant?” I kind of hoped she was! I know we just woo hoo’d recently, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

“Pshw,” Kristin brushed the pregnancy question off. “Thank goodness I’m not pregnant yet!… Can we talk about the wedding?”

“Yeah, we can talk,” I was kind of bummed out that Kristin wasn’t pregnant. “Let me just finish up.”

12-12-14_4-48 PM


After taking my bath and cleaning up a little bit, I met Kristin upstairs in our room. She was sprawled on the bed in her lingerie. I was breathless.

“Well… Uhhh… I’m not sure if I can talk to you like that,” I instantly felt an urge too woo hoo.

“Fine,” she grabbed the covers and wrapped herself up. “Better?… So, I was thinking, we’re both really busy and have no time for a wedding, so how about just getting married on our porch? I know it’s not the fancy wedding you’ve been dreaming of, but I think it’s time to get married. We’ve been together for an eternity, it seems.”

Kristin was right. I was dieing to say my vows to her finally.

“That sounds perfect,” I responded. “Tomorrow night, after work?”

“Great!” Kristin exclaimed and tossed the covers off. “Now come get me pappi’!!”

I’m sure you know what happened next…

12-12-14_4-50 PM

Sure enough, the next night, after work, we decided to get married on our deck. It was still very romantic. Our deck over-looked the bay, so it was wonderful. I couldn’t have asked for a better wedding, a better wife, or even a better life.

12-13-14_6-51 PM

Even Gionni and father were able to join our special day. It felt great to finally call Kristin my wife.

12-13-14_6-52 PM

We exchanged vows and shared our first kiss as a married couple.

Meet the new Mr. and Mrs. Freddy Defesco!!!

12-13-14_6-53 PM

After the wedding ceremony, Kristin and I were getting ready for bed. I was sitting on the edge of the bed, taking off my socks, when it happened.

“I’m pregnant Freddy!” Kristin finally revealed the big news.

“AHHH! Really?! That’s amazing,” I was beyond excited. “How far along are you?”

“Well, I’m not really sure, but at least we’re married now!”

12-13-14_6-56 PM

This called for a celebratory woo hoo.

Besides, we had to commence our marriage.

12-13-14_6-57 PM


I started noticing that I was putting weight, so Kristin convinced me to start working out. After all, she said my performance last night wasn’t up to par. I had to change that.

Fortunately, my father was able to train me. Kristin decided to pump some iron and Gionni joined in on the fun too! It was some fun family time.

12-13-14_7-02 PM


The next day, I finally got to meet some of Kristin’s family. Her brother stopped over for a visit. Ever since I met Kristin, she never talked about her family much. She’d always brush the topic off… I’m not sure why. Argus (her brother) was really nice… Even if he looked a bit like an alien…

I was amazed by how light Argus’s skin was! That must mean Kristin’s parents are interracial too! Neat!

12-13-14_7-09 PM


In fact, Argus and I actually bonded really well. Kristin grew tired of our conversation and left, but we continued bonding.

12-13-14_7-10 PM

That night, after Argus left, I grew curious about Kristin’s family. I had to meet the rest of her family. They seemed very night. I brought it up to Kristin as we prepared for bed.

“Krisitin, I really enjoyed your brother’s company tonight. I want to meet your mother,” I suggested.

Kristin gave me “the look”, and I didn’t understand.

“Please Kristin. It’ll be great. I promise,” I encouraged.

“Under one condition, if you insist. But I’m telling you, she’s not the most jolly sim.” Kristin once again, made a deal with me.

“Wonderful. Now, what’s the condition?” I was afraid to ask.

12-13-14_7-13 PM

Kristin tugged me under the sheets, and the fun started.

I should’ve known.

12-13-14_7-14 PM

Dad continued to grow very close to Gionni, just as we were close when I was a child. I guess since my father was a single dad, he was all about children.

I admired the bond he and Gionni had. I was upset that even I wasn’t that close to Gionni.

12-13-14_7-23 PM

The next night, I finally published my first song! The song literally took forever to write, and I felt like I couldn’t do anything until it was finished.

12-13-14_7-25 PM

Finally, I got to meet Kristin’s mother. I do not see what all of the fuss was about. Although Kaley (her mother) had a bit of an attitude, she seemed to have the same mean treat that Kristin had.

Kaley and I actually ended up becoming friends. I wanted to prove Kristin wrong.

Another thing I noted after seeing Kristin’s mother is that she has the dark skin. That means Kristin’s father must be light skin, like me! Her family was really just like ours! I still couldn’t believe how young Kristin’s mother was.

12-13-14_7-36 PM


Once Kaley left, Kristin and I headed to bed. Little did we know, that night we would have a little surprise… Well, a BIG surprise!

Kristin went into labor!!

Kristin’s labor actually woke both of us up, and I kind of freaked out. Fortunately, Kristin reassured everything would be okay, and I went back to sleep. Kristin headed downstairs alone to deliver our second child.

12-13-14_7-42 PM


Kristin knew I worked the next day, which is why she went downstairs, so that she wouldn’t disturb me. She really was perfect.

12-13-14_7-44 PM

After a few pushes, Kristin welcomed our second bundle of joy to this world!

Meet Baby Girl Genesis Defesco.

12-13-14_7-46 PM

Almost immediately, Gionni gave his younger sister all of the attention he could. I could tell Gionni and Genesis would have a special bond, even though they were nearly 8 years apart.

12-13-14_7-47 PM

The next night, Kristin and I were back to hitting the sheets!

Baby number three?!

12-13-14_8-00 PM

The days continued to fly by, and eventually I finally earned a promotion. I was now a Professional Pianist with a pay of $87/hr. I was surprised at how low the pay was.

Also, I still haven’t heard anything from Kristin about being pregnant, so I guess that’s a no go. Oh well. If we were to have any more kids, we wanted them spaced out anyway, so no rush.

12-13-14_8-09 PM

Like I said, the days were flying by. Eventually, Genesis celebrated her birthday. Genesis also inherited the dark skin tone and my red hair! I couldn’t believe it! If I didn’t know better, I’d say Genesis and Gionni were twins. They were both adorable kids.

Genesis also rolled the rambunctious scamp aspiration. However, she also inherited the lazy trait. That would not be good for that aspiration!

12-13-14_8-28 PM


Now that the kids were both children, my father decided to retire from being a Space Ranger. Also, we all knew (including himself), that his time was coming soon. As much as none of us wanted to accept his fate, it had to happen soon. My father started gimping around everywhere. He just wanted to spend his final days with his grandkids and family.

12-13-14_8-28 PM-2

As expected, Gionni and Genesis. Gionni actually encouraged Genesis to play with him, even though she was lazy. I adored their relationship.

Growing up, I had no contact with my siblings, so this was great to see.

12-13-14_8-30 PM

During my father’s final days, he was happier than ever. He loved being retired. He had all the time in the world to play around with the kids.

In fact, Genesis actually got off the couch to dance with her grandfather.

I loved my family.

12-13-14_8-33 PM

Even Kristin was moving up in her career! She managed to snag a promotion to become a Space Cadet.

12-13-14_8-36 PM

Genesis and Gionni get along so well!

The best kids I could ask for.

I had the best kids. The best wife. The best father. The best family. The best life!

12-13-14_8-37 PM

Soon enough, it was time… I was at work, while Kristin was working out. Genesis was upstairs. The only one to experience it was Gionni.

My father’s time had come.

Gionni saw my father crouch on the ground, and Gionni started crying his eyes. out. Gionni and my father were very close. It was devastating. Gionni knew exactly what was happening.

“Papa! No!!” Gionni whaled. “Please don’t go grandpa’. I love you. It’s too soon for you to go. PAPA!!” Gionni was hysterical. He couldn’t even speak anymore.

12-13-14_9-04 PM

But my father was truly gone. There was nothing anyone could do now…

12-13-14_9-05 PM 12-13-14_9-05 PM-2


When I returned home from work, I looked out the back window at the family grave yard. I could not believe how quickly time was passing. Five heirs had passed, and I would be next to be buried beneath the family tree. I wiped the tears from my eyes. I had to stay strong for Gionni.

I couldn’t help but wonder what item would be placed infront of my grave…

(Side Note: Thanks to my friend for this awesome grave yard idea! You should check out her legacy here: http://seraphinolegacy.wordpress.com/)

12-13-14_9-20 PM


That’s all for now. So, will Kristin and I ever have anymore kids? Or are we finished? How will Gionni pick up from the devastating death of his grandfather?

Family Portrait 13


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