Update 6.2 – Starting a Family


Last time, I ended with me aging into a young adult. Now, it is time for the real fun to begin! Where did I run off to after blowing out my candles?

Of course, I ran over to Kristin, wrapping her in a warming making out session. I loved this girl to death. I could not imagine my life without her. The best part about our relationship was that we were exactly the same age, so she aged to a young adult earlier today. She literally was perfect.

11-29-14_10-00 AM

I knew that Kristin had no one else in her life. Plus, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. Besides the fact, we already promised our love for each other long ago, so there was one question I was prepared to ask Kristin.

“Kristin,” I started. “Will you m-” I hoped she wasn’t getting too excited. “move in with me?” I finished my question.

“I thought you were about to ask something else!” She giggled it off. “But of course I will Freddy. I can’t wait to start our lives together.”

11-29-14_10-00 AM-2


The first thing Kristin and I did together was so unexpected. We headed over to the salon, and got makeovers! Meet the new Kristin and Freddy!!

11-29-14_1-43 PM

Afterwards, we both decided to search for jobs. I found a dream job in the entertainer business. I started out as a C-Lister. Kristin, on the other hand, was convinced by my father that since she was a genius and active, she would be perfect for the astronaut career path. She started out as an Intern.

Well, at least my dad got someone this generation to be an astronaut, like he wanted.

11-29-14_1-44 PM

Now that Kristin and I were young adults, we could finally really woo hoo, instead of just “mess around”. Even after woo hooing, I still don’t understand the difference…

11-29-14_1-45 PM

While I worked night shifts, Kristin and my father were busy getting close. They were so similar! Both loved working out. My father even started mentoring Kristin.

I knew my father approved 100% of Kristin and I’s relationship.

11-29-14_1-54 PM

After my first shift at work, I managed to score my first promotion! This was easier than expected. I now performed the Opening Act!

11-29-14_1-56 PM


Of course, Kristin and I decided to celebrate with a woo hoo.

We loved each other too much.

11-29-14_1-57 PM

The next day, I decided to head over to the night club to earn some tips. It was a lot harder than it looks! Fortunately, I made over $100 in tips. That would definitely impress my boss.

Speaking of which, afterwards, I headed off to work.

11-29-14_2-03 PM

When I got home from work, Kristin had meals waiting for us at the dinner table. I can’t say it enough. She really was perfect.

As I sat down and took a bite of my BLT, I noticed Kristin just staring at her food; not eating.

“What’s wrong babe?” I asked her. “Feeling a little blue?”

“Yeah… Kind of,” she gave a little side smirk. “This morning, I got sick.”

“Oh you poor thing! Did you go into work? Are you okay? Do you need anything?” I felt terrible for leaving Kristin home alone when she wasn’t feeling well.

“No. Freddy. I’m okay… I’m pregnant!” She finally blurted out the news with a huge smile. “I wanted to surprise you.”

11-29-14_2-10 PM

I instantly clenched my fists and screamed: “YES!!” I was so happy. I could not wait for this day to come. My father ran into the dining room.

“Everything okay?” My father asked.

“Yes, we’re fine dad… Dad, you’re gonna’ be a grandfather!!” I revealed the exciting news. I knew since my father only had one child of his own, he’d be super excited.

“Oh my, son! That’s amazing. I cannot wait!!”

11-29-14_2-10 PM-2

The next day, my father mentored Kristin on how to work out without injuring the baby. She did not want to give up exercising just because she was pregnant. Luckily, my father was a professional trainer. I trusted him to keep Kristin and my child safe.

11-29-14_2-15 PM

At work that night, I was the happiest man on earth. I even managed to impress my boss, scoring yet another promotion. That’s two in a row! I had to choose between the Musician and Comedian path, and of course, I chose Musician. Now, I am a Jingle Jammer with a pay of $67/hr.

11-29-14_2-21 PM


Although I didn’t tell Kristin, she was getting bigger by the moment. Our child would be here any day now.

“May I feel our child?” I asked Kristin.


I rubbed her tummy and felt a kick.

“Oh that must feel weird!” I exclaimed.

11-29-14_2-23 PM

With my promotion, my boss told me I had to be versatile with my music skills. As a result, I started playing the piano.

11-29-14_2-27 PM

When I was heading off to work the next day, I noticed my father running around the block naked… What the heck?!

“Dad! What’s gotten into you?” I asked him.

“Oh nothing. Kristin just put me up to a little dare. I couldn’t resist,” my dad laughed the situation off and kept running. I tried to block his private area with my fist, but that didn’t work…

My father was so confident about his body. I mean, who wouldn’t be? I kind of wished I was as ripped as him.

11-29-14_2-31 PM

As I returned home from work the next day, I noticed Kristin was about to explode. There was no way her skin could stretch any further. Our child would be here any minute.

This left me with one more duty…

11-29-14_2-35 PM

I pulled Kristin close to me.

“Listen babe, I know this may not be as romantic as expected, but I feel it is time. Kristin Carrier, ten years ago, on this day, we promised to love each other forever as young teenagers. Now, I want to take that promise to the next level. I want to be with you for the rest of my life. I cannot imagine life without you. So, Kristin Carrier, will you marry me?” I plopped down on one knee and pulled out the ring; a much bigger ring than our promise ring.

11-29-14_2-36 PM

“Of course I will Freddy. All of those feelings are mutual for me. I love you Freddy Defesco. I cannot wait to marry you,” she accepted my offer, and slid the ring onto her finger. The ring sat right next to our promise ring.

Kristin leaped into my arms.

“Easy babe,” I warned Kristin. “You’re so close to going into labor. I wouldn’t want you harming our baby.”

11-29-14_2-36 PM-2


Sure enough, the next day, Kristin went into labor. Disobeying my orders, she went into work, where her water broke. Luckily, she came home right away.

11-29-14_2-39 PM

I tried to calm Kristin by giving her a massage.

“Oh baby, that feels wonderful,” she complimented my skills. “Let’s woo hoo!”

Wait… What?

“Kristin, I don’t think that’s the best idea.” Perhaps I relaxed her too much.

11-29-14_2-41 PM

Unfortunately, I had to go into work while Kristin was in labor. She assured me that she would handle it. I had a huge show to put on tonight at work.

11-29-14_2-42 PM

Kristin screamed and yelled. Both my father and I were at work, so she was left completely alone. But, as promised, she handled labor all by herself. She delivered a healthy baby…


Meet the first born of generation 7! We decided to name him Gionni Defesco. I was excited to see how dark his skin tone was. I wondered if he’d have my red hair?!

11-29-14_2-45 PM

When I returned from work, Gionni was sound asleep and Kristin was waiting in our bed.

“So, about earlier when I mentioned woo hooing… I still wanna’ do that,” Kristin begged.

Of course, I had no problem satisfying this desire for Kristin.

11-29-14_2-50 PM

My dad loved being a grandfather. I think he cared for Gionni more than Kristin and I combined.

11-29-14_2-51 PM

The next day, my father aged into an elder. Now, he actually looked like a grandfather.

11-29-14_2-56 PM

As quickly as Gionni came into this world, he aged into a child. I was excited to see that Gionni did have my red hair! He was a handsome young boy. Gionni rolled in the loves the outdoors trait, and, like my father and myself, he aspired to be a rambunctious scamp.

11-29-14_3-19 PM

With Gionni now a child and Ezequiel now an elder, how will things change in the Defesco house? Will Freddy and Kristin have more children, or is she already pregnant? How will the soulmates wedding turn out? Find out in the next update.

Once again, I apologize, but the next update will probably be delayed a bit. It probably won’t be out for another two weeks, or so.




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