Update 5.2 – Like Father Like Son


After a brief hiatus, it is time to finally return to the Defesco Legacy! Since it’s been nearly three months, I am sure a brief recap is needed, so here we go:

My name is Ezequiel Defesco, and I am the generation 5 heir of the Defesco Legacy! After my parent’s death, my sister Ebony and I were left in charge of the house (even though we were still teenagers!) As my young adult birthday approached, I decided to go out to celebrate. That is where, I supposedly met Callie. After blacking out, I had no idea what I had gotten myself into. The next day, while I was tending my garden, the mysterious Callie showed up. Callie explained how we actually “hooked up” the night before. After Callie revealed she had a husband and two kids, I almost felt obligated to kick her out. However, Callie and I’s relationship was taken to the bedroom.

After our first woo hoo, Callie revealed the shocking news that she was pregnant. With doubt (I know for a fact we had protected woo hoo), I offered Callie protection from her husband by staying at my house. Unfortunately, this just caused more drama as a few days passed and Callie’s husband (Finn) brought their daughter (Ashley) over because she was heart-broken over her missing mother. Sure enough, after finally getting them out of the house, Callie went into labor. It was time to see who’s baby this really was…

Also, just on a side note, I am in the astronaut career and my sister Ebony recently aged to a YA and moved out… So, let’s resume this story!

As I walked into the bathroom where Callie had just given birth, I saw a little boy snuggled in Callie’s arms. He had bright red eye brows.

He must have been mine. What a surprise.

09-16-14_7-47 PM

As a hugged my son close to me, feeling his little breath’s for the first time, I felt a tear roll down my eye. This was so unexpected.

“Well, you can name him. He’s all yours,” Callie insisted.

“What do you mean he’s all mine?” I felt betrayed. Was she really not gonna’ help care for our son?

“I mean what I said,” Callie started tossing her clothes in her suitcase. “I’m outta’ here. Gotta’ get back to my kids and husband.”

“But-” I was still in shock of this whole situation. However, Callie was out the door in an instant. Once again, Callie dropped another bomb on me.

09-16-14_7-49 PM

I stood there staring deep into my son’s eyes. Whatever. I honestly do not want anyone like Callie around my son anyway. I thought deeply about a name…

Finally, I whispered “Freddy.” I loved that name.

09-17-14_11-01 AM


Freddy was my little angel. He slept peacefully in his bassinet in my room (well, my parent’s old bedroom) as I played chess. As an astronaut, I always had to be on my toes when it came to logic.

09-17-14_11-02 AM

Even with Freddy born, I managed to still maintain the garden. I felt so accomplished. I was a single dad, I continued to excel in my career and skills, and I maintained a family garden… Not to brag or anything…

09-17-14_11-04 AM

I’m not gonna lie, nights were pretty tough. I did not have a partner to take turns with me caring for Freddy. Instead, every time he let out a peep, I had to get up and care for my son. Luckily, he only woke me up twice that night.

09-17-14_11-06 AM

With blood shot eyes, I showed up for my first day at work.

Tired and groggy, I still impressed my boss with incredible logic skills, and scored my first promotion! I was now a Command Center Lead with a pay of $71/hr. Not too shabby.

09-17-14_11-20 AM

As an astronaut, I had to stay fit. I actually enjoyed working out. It was a time for me to relieve my stress. Additionally, as a child, I completed my rambunctious scamp aspiration, so I really enjoyed pumping iron.

09-17-14_11-22 AM

As the days flew by, eventually it was Freddy’s birthday. I could not believe how fast he grew up. Freddy aspired to be just like me, rolling the perfectionist trait and the rambunctious scamp aspiration. Thankfully, he had very little of Callie’s genes.

I just prayed he’d never ask me about his mother.

09-17-14_11-27 AM

At breakfast (yes, we were eating fish. It was leftovers), I encouraged my son.

“No matter what happens son, always keep your head held high,” I explained to Freddy. I did not want anyone at school making fun of him for not having a mother.

“I will dad!”

09-17-14_11-35 AM

After Freddy left for school, I decided to travel to the park to play some chess. It was kind of lonely in the house with Freddy gone.

09-17-14_11-40 AM

When Freddy returned from school, I even helped him with his homework. I knew that he’d easily get an A in school. He was so intelligent. I tried my best to be the best father ever. I knew I was all Freddy had.

09-17-14_11-44 AM

After helping Freddy with homework, we decided to have story time.

“Dad, can you read The Ugly Duckling to me?” Freddy asked.

“Sure son,” I agreed.

I loved spending time with Freddy. We spent three hours that night reading books.

09-17-14_11-47 AM

As I finished up on our fifth book that night, Freddy finally interrupted me: “Dad, I’m hungry.” I heard a growl from his stomach.

“I’ll fix that little man. Just get washed up and I’ll make some dinner,” we were out of leftovers, so I actually had to cook tonight.

See, I really do everything for my son. He is my world. I decided to whip up some mac ‘n cheese (Freddy’s favorite) and we enjoyed dinner together.

09-17-14_11-50 AM


In fact, Freddy and I were so close that we actually slept together. I knew that Freddy wouldn’t have a problem sleeping in his own bed, but I just loved the deep bond we had.

I never experienced this with my father. It just felt amazing to be so close to my son.

09-17-14_11-52 AM


The next morning, Freddy wanted me to teach him how to play chess. I was excited about this!

09-17-14_2-46 PM

And, the list of the activities Freddy and I enjoyed together goes on!

My favorite was working out with my son. As I ran on the treadmill, he impressed me with his perfect sit-ups.

09-17-14_2-48 PM


However, things weren’t all fun and games around the house. Freddy worked hard towards his rambunctious scamp aspiration, and he was successful!

09-17-14_6-34 PM

Meanwhile, I was promoted to an astronaut!!

09-17-14_6-37 PM

Thankfully, Freddy still has not asked me about his mother. This was my biggest fear.

Oh, I also have a new favorite hobby with my son! Freddy and I enjoyed stargazing at night. As an astronaut, I was able to explain every constellation. I wondered if Freddy would also aspire to be an astronaut. That would actually be really funny! Because (even though you probably forgot!), my father was an astronaut too. If Freddy followed in our footsteps, that would be three generations! Pretty sweet!

09-17-14_6-41 PM

Of course, as expected, Freddy and I took our relationship to the next level.

We officially were BFF’s!!

09-18-14_10-13 AM

My birthday rolled around, and there I stood as an adult. Geez, young adulthood was a bit bumpy for me, I reflected on my past. But now, with Freddy and I living alone, things were going much smoother. I felt satisfied. I did not need anything else in my life. As weird as this may sound: Freddy is the love of my life.

09-18-14_10-31 AM

Just as quickly as Freddy aged into a child, he blossomed into a handsome teenager. I had no doubt he’d be attracting some smoking ladies. Especially since he rolled in the romantic and muser traits. Additionally, he aspires to be a musical genius.

Ladies, come and get him!!

09-18-14_10-39 AM

Well, now that Freddy is a teenager and he’s my only child, I feel it is only right to pass on the baton…

Family Portrait 10Family Portrait 11Family Portrait 12


2 thoughts on “Update 5.2 – Like Father Like Son

  1. Love! Callie’s a lil’ b. I hope she makes an appearance in later updates though! Love the father and son bond. I wonder if Zeek is going to find love other than Freddy? Interested to see if he becomes a 3rd gen astronaut or a musician.

    Liked by 1 person

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