Update 4.6 – Let it Go


I last concluded with Hayley and I aging into elders. So, did anything change? This is just a short update, with not much conversation.

As you can guess, we first celebrated elder-hood with a woo hoo. We never lost our drive no matter how old we got. This was woo hoo number 40!

09-14-14_10-58 PM

Zeek and Ezra remained close even though they were pretty far apart in age.

09-14-14_11-06 PM


The kids often traveled to the park while Hayley and I relaxed at home (well, we really made love, but you know…).

09-14-14_11-14 PM

Zeek constantly referred to his friend London. I think he had a crush on her.

Too bad soon after they met, she moved away to London. Poor London lived in London now.

09-14-14_11-20 PM

The kids’ grades started improving. Only Ebony didn’t have an A in school. Probably because her brother’s made her upset constantly.

09-14-14_11-35 PM

At work the next day, I earned another promotion. They also offered me two different paths. I could either continue exploring space, or work on Earth in an office. I decided to choose the Interstellar Smuggler Path, thus I would venture into space everyday. Too bad this meant that I’d be smuggling items from other planets.

I was now a Moon Mercenary, with a hefty pay check of $201/hr.

09-14-14_11-39 PM

At home, I picked up on a new skill (I know, I was very talented.


I had to learn it for my new job, since I would hack into alien’s space craft.

09-14-14_11-40 PM

The days continued to pass by in a blur, and suddenly it was Ezequiel’s birthday! He aged into a teenager, rolling the successful lineage aspiration, as well as the domestic and foodie traits (the foodie trait sure was common in the Defesco family!).

When I saw what he wanted to wear as a teenager, I was frustrated. I asked him about his new style one day.

“What’s up with that hideous hood?”

“Dad, it’s cool, yo! Ima’ rapper, homie,” Zeek tried to talk with slang.

“Lose it right now.”

“C’mon my bro. Just lemme’ keep it,” Zeek begged.

“No,” and I left it at that.

I couldn’t stand it. Zeek would be a disgrace to this family, looking like that.

09-14-14_11-51 PM

I tested my new pranks out on Zeek, since he refused to change his outfit, as I demanded.

“Yo! My boy, hand shake?” I acted ‘cool’ like Zeek thought he was.

Zeek reached for my hand and was zapped.

“Aye boy! What wuz dat for?” Zeek looked at me with crazy eyes.

“Lose the outfit. And the language… NOW!”

I didn’t ‘hand-buzz’ Zeek primarily to get him to lose the outfit, but I also had to practice my mischief skill for my new job. If I had to interact with mean, violent aliens, I had to now how to trick them.

09-14-14_11-55 PM


Sure enough, Zeek finally lost the clothes and his attitude.

“That’s much better,” I complimented.

“Thanks dad.”

Zeek actually was a handsome young man under that hideous hood. I was glad he lost it. He’d make a girl proud some day.

09-15-14_12-05 AM


As Zeek tried to cook breakfast one day, suddenly, I fire broke out.

I was devastated. Zeek immediately burst into flames.

I could not lose my son.

09-15-14_10-15 AM

My fatherly instincts kicked in, and I pushed Ezra out of the way.

“I’ll save you buddy!” I yanked the fire extinguisher off the wall and sprayed my son down.

That was too close of a call. Luckily I saved Zeek just in time. My heart pounded a million miles a minute. He’s lucky he didn’t give me a heart attack.

09-15-14_10-16 AM

Insurance didn’t give us much money to cover our $12,000 stove that was ruined, so I had to start hacking to pick up some extra money.

It also would help me with my career.

09-15-14_10-26 AM

The days continued to zoom by, and we enjoyed one final family dinner. I don’t know if we’d ever all sit down together for a meal, because the end was near…

09-15-14_10-33 AM

Zeek and Ezra grew very close. They now officially confirmed to be best friends. I loved watching their relationship blossom. I knew that even though Ezra would age soon and probably move out, Zeek would stay in touch.

09-15-14_10-48 AM

Soon, Ebony celebrate her teen birthday, and rolled the fabulously wealthy aspiration, along with the business savvy and foodie trait (all three of my children now had that trait; it must be from my father).

09-15-14_11-06 AM

Now that all of the kids were teenagers (I couldn’t believe it!), they finally started getting along.

Their favorite activity was working out.

09-15-14_11-13 AM

The three kids always ate breakfast together in the monring. I enjoyed watching them grow from little babies into their adolescent years.

09-15-14_11-20 AM

After a few days in my new position at work, I snagged another promotion (I would later learn this would be my last). I was so close to make it to the top of my career. I made it as far as an Alien Goods Trader, with an hourly pay of $299/hr.

09-15-14_2-35 PM


As Hayley and I’s final days approached, we enjoyed our final woo hoo.

In case you were curious, we woo hoo’d 50 times together. Believe it or not, although we woo hoo’d 50 times, Hayley and I only kissed 5 times. Shocking, huh?

This made my life complete.

09-15-14_2-38 PM

Next up, Ezra aged into a young adult, inheriting the family oriented trait. As a result, he almost immediately moved out so that he could start a family on his own. I wished him the best. Hopefully he and Zeek would keep in touch.

09-15-14_2-51 PM

As I hugged the heir, congratulating him/her and explaining his/her duties of this legacy, it happened.

09-15-14_3-00 PM

First, Hayley let go of the world (I was so surprised that I had technically been older than her, but I lasted longer).

Guess I just wanted to be in this world a bit longer. I really wasn’t ready to let go.

09-15-14_3-08 PM

Sure enough, the grim reaper stuck around (he watched some TV) because he knew I was next. I said my good-byes, and then it was time to finally let go.

09-15-14_3-09 PM

I ducked down on the ground, and finally went towards the light. I lived a fabulous life, completing both aspirations and did not ever want to die, but I knew this legacy was in good hands now.

09-15-14_3-42 PM

I couldn’t believe that this meant that even though Zeek and Ebony were still teenagers, they lived in the house alone. Hopefully the $45,000 in the Defesco bank account will be enough for them to pay off the $9,000 weekly bills until they aged. It broke my heart to look down on my children, and Zeek still had a frown on his face. He was devastated by the death of Hayley and I.

09-15-14_3-44 PM

Thank you for reading my part of this legacy. I enjoyed sharing my story with you from a teenager up until my death. I will go down in Defesco history as the person to hold the heir title for the longest. It’s so hard to finally let go. I enjoyed every minute of it. So… Who did I hug and congratulate on the new title? We’ll have to wait until they reveal it themself!

As for now, this is Donte Defesco, over and out. Good bye world!

The Defesco Family Legacy lives on!!

Family Portrait 9


8 thoughts on “Update 4.6 – Let it Go

  1. Once again, I love your legacy. You don’t usually have a lot of updates on the spare children. So I was wondering, how is the “storybook” aspect in the sims 4? It was awesome in the sims 3 that your kids could move out and still continue their lives. Wondering how that part of the game is in the 4th.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey once again, I love your legacy. You don’t have a lot of updates on the spares. I was just wondering how the “storybook” aspect of the game is in the 4th sims. I loved how in the 3rd your children could move out and still continue their lives, how’s that in this one?


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