Update 4.5 – Aspiration Crazy


Last time, I left off with the birth of Hayley and I’s second son, Ezequiel. So, how have our lives changed?

Honestly… Not much!

Time for a celebratory woo hoo!

This woo hoo not only celebrated the birth of our second son, but also Hayley’s promotion to Stand-Up Star! She only needed one more promotion to be at the top. I was so proud of her.

09-14-14_8-26 AM


In the morning, we enjoyed a family breakfast. Even Zeek (as I will refer to Ezequiel), slept peacefully in the background.

“Dada,” Ezra started. “How come Zeek smells so bad?”

Hayley and I chuckled.

“Well, babies don’t know how to use the potty. They kinda’ just go wherever,” I explained.

“Ewwww. Gross!” Ezra was disgusted.

My comedian wife made a joke out of the situation (like she did with everything), but I don’t really remember what she said.

09-14-14_8-28 AM


Suddenly, Hayley pulled out a pregnancy test from under the sink.

“Are you pregnant?!” I asked excitedly.

“Maybe. It’s time to find out!” Hayley took the test as she went to the bathroom, and I stood infront of her anxiously.

After the test, she reached into the box with a frown.

I guess it was negative.

Suddenly, she threw confetti!

“I’m pregnant!!” Hayley always played little jokes on me like this.

09-14-14_8-33 AM


With three kids, things were sure to get rough in the house.

Luckily, Zeek didn’t cry as much as Ezra.

09-14-14_8-34 AM


Hayley was probably the funniest person I ever met in my life. She made everything a joke.

“You know why me belly is so big this time?… Because this baby probably has a dome as big as yours!!” She laughed and pointed at my head.

“Okay… I give you to you. I do have a big head…” As I mentioned before, I wasn’t much of a comedian. I didn’t have any ‘come-back’ joke.

I rather stick to space explorations.

09-14-14_8-39 AM


As usual, Hayley and I continued to woo hoo every night even though she was pregnant.

We enjoyed our 26th woo hoo!

09-14-14_8-41 AM

Ezra enjoyed talking to his brother. I could tell they would develop a strong relationship.

Suddenly, I heard Ezra scream, “DAD!!”

09-14-14_8-43 AM

And out jumped Zeek!! He aged into a child, literally attacking Ezra’s face. It must’ve been horrifying.

Anyways, Ezequiel rolled the rambunctious scamp aspiration, as well as the cheerful trait.

09-14-14_8-54 AM

Meanwhile, outside, I enjoyed upgrading the rocket. I really grew a love for space exploration.

Not to mention, I have improved my rocket science skill to level 8! That’s the sixth skill to reach this level!! I almost completed my aspiration.

09-14-14_8-58 AM

As expected, Ezra and Zeek remained close. We hoped that once the new baby arrived, he or she would fit right in.

09-14-14_9-00 AM

As the days flew by, Hayley finally went into labor!

“Donte!! It’s time!!” She screamed.

Too bad I was at work…

09-14-14_9-09 AM

She pounded at the bathroom door downstairs (that’s where she had Zeek, so she felt more comfortable there). The door was locked.

“Zeek! GET OUT!!” Hayley screamed, but there was no response.

Later, I found out that Zeek fell asleep in the tub.

09-14-14_9-10 AM

Hayley decided to settle in on the living room to deliver our third born child.

09-14-14_9-12 AM

With a few big pushes, and a shimmer of glitter, POOF!

Meet the third born of generation 5: Ebony Defesco.

That’s right, we finally had a girl.

09-14-14_9-13 AM

Ezra and Zeek talked about their new sister.

“She looks like an alien,” Zeek commented.

“I still don’t understand how she came out of mom’s tummy,” Ezra considered.

“Ewww. Gross!… Girl’s have cooties. How are we gonna’ survive?”

“We’ll just attack her!” Ezra darted towards the basinet.

Luckily, Hayley stopped them.

“Not so fast you two. Be nice to your sister,” Hayley controlled the kids.

09-14-14_10-01 AM

Finally, after I returned home from a hard day of work, we kept the tradition alive with another woo hoo!

This woo hoo celebrates the birth of Ebony!

09-14-14_10-04 AM


Zeek enjoyed the monkey bars that have been outside as long as I could remember. He really was our little monkey.

I had no doubts he was a rambunctious scamp. He loved physical activity, almost as much as our active child Ezra.

09-14-14_10-06 AM


Since the house only had three bedrooms (we could have added an additional bedroom, if needed), the two boys decided they wanted to share a room. So, we did as demanded, and bought Zeek a bed and moved it into Ezra’s room.

09-14-14_10-09 AM

As Hayley and I enjoyed a game of chess (while the children were at school and Ebony was sleeping), we discussed an important topic… Kids.

“I don’t think we should have anymore,” I suggested.

“I agree. Things are already hectic,” Hayley agreed.

“Let’s just hope with all we woo hoo, there’s no accidents!”


Hayley was terrible at chess… Or maybe I was just amazing?

09-14-14_10-13 AM

After a long day at work, I was promoted to Space Cadet, and with this, I reached level six of the astronaut career. Do you know what that means?!

I completed my aspiration of Renaissance Sim!! After reaching level six in three different careers (entertainer, secret agent, and astronaut) and improving six skills (comedy, cooking, athletic, charisma, rocket science, and logic) to at least level eight, it was finally over!

So, not only did I complete my childhood aspiration of Social Butterfly, but I also completed my teen/adult aspiration! I couldn’t be happier.

As a result, I developed the professorial trait.

09-14-14_10-32 AM

This definitely called for a celebratory woo hoo.

09-14-14_10-37 AM

The next day, on the weekend, we decided to travel to the park as a family.

Hayley joked with strangers, I played with Zeek on the space ship, Ezra played the violin, and Ebony enjoyed daycare.

We even saw Desiree!!

09-14-14_10-50 AM


I enjoyed playing martians with Zeek, just as my father played pirates with me when I was a child.

“I’m a scary space monster!!! AHHH!” I was good at being a martian, since I ran into them frequently on my adventures to outer space.

“Oh no! Die! Die! Die!!” Zeek yelled while blowing bubbles at me.

09-14-14_10-52 AM


As we returned home, Ebony aged into a child, also rolling the rambunctious scamp aspiration. She also received the gloomy trait.

09-14-14_10-57 AM

I was on child-duty while Hayley worked at night. I loved playing with my kids. It was a little easier now that there were no more babies.

“Look daddy, I can dance!” Ebony enjoyed dancing as much as Zeek.

“You suck!” Zeek screamed at her.

“Hey! Knock it off,” I scolded Zeek. Zeek and Ezra disrespected their sister since she was born. I felt bad, and didn’t want that type of family.

“She looks like she’s kneading dough. Learn how to dance!” Ezra chimed in.

“Enough you two! Get up to your room and go to bed,” I commanded.

Ebony started crying and eventually headed to bed too. I assumed a lot of the tears were from her gloomy trait. She was always sad… Probably because her brothers picked on her…

09-14-14_11-09 AM


I really enjoyed playing on the space ship at the park the other day, that I decided to buy the kids one for the house!

Zeek, Ebony, and I enjoyed playing martians while Ezra played his violin inside.

09-14-14_11-23 AM


Hayley’s performances were hysterical now. In fact, the grim reaper always showed up in case anyone laughed to death!!

09-14-14_11-39 AM

As quickly as Ezra came into this world, he was already a teenager! Hopefully, now, he would gain a little more respect for his sister. He rolled the body builder aspiration, as well as the high metabolism and foodie traits.

09-14-14_12-01 PM

Sure enough, Hayley’s performances were good enough to earn her final promotion! She was a Show Stopper, with an hourly pay of $474! Too bad she only worked 18 hours a week…

09-14-14_12-03 PM

Instead of taking Hayley inside for our usual celebration, I pointed on star constellations to her.

“Wow… They’re gorgeous,” Hayley was in awe.

09-14-14_1-23 PM

Zeek continued playing video games, climbing on the monkey bars, and playing martians. He eventually completed his aspiration as a rambunctious scamp, thus inheriting the physically gifted trait.

Good job buddy! Daddy was proud.

09-14-14_1-34 PM

The days continued zooming by, until finally, it was my birthday.

Good ol’ elderhood.

09-14-14_1-51 PM




Following almost directly behind me was Hayley. Her birthday was later that night.

09-14-14_1-59 PM

That’s all I have for this update! Now that Hayley and I are elders and the children are growing up, will anything change? Will we continue making love each night? Find out in the next update.


4 thoughts on “Update 4.5 – Aspiration Crazy

  1. I really do like your writing style a lot! So easy and smooth to read through. Poor ‘lil Ebony being picked on by the boys, haha. I laughed when they said when she dances it looks like she’s kneading dough xDD. Ezra grew up into such a cutie. You have such good looking families. Jealous!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks a bunch! I really do put a lot of time and effort into each update, so I am glad so many people enjoy it. 🙂

      Lol, the Sims dance moves are so terrible! Almost as bad as my own. Ezra and Zeek must get their jokes from their mom. 😛

      I have been pretty lucky with genes, haven’t I?


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