Update 4.4 – A Lot More Woo Hoo’s


I last left off on a cliff hanger, so what gender was our baby?!

Hayley gave birth to the first born of generation 5! Meet Ezra Defesco!

Don’t ask about his name… It was completely random.

No matter what my little bundle of joy’s name was, I thought he was precious.

09-13-14_11-54 AM-2


Almost immediately after giving birth, Hayley also aged into an adult.

09-13-14_2-33 PM


The entire time Hayley contracted during labor, I improved my logic skill on the chess table. Level 8, baby!! This was the third skill I improved to this level. Only three more to go to complete my aspiration!

09-13-14_2-43 PM

Ezra was a handful that night. As I lay in bed alone (oh gosh, not the loneliness again!), Hayley tried to put him to sleep on the first night.

09-13-14_2-45 PM

Eventually, after hours of fighting sleep, she managed to put him down. Ezra definitely wasn’t the happiest baby in Willow Creek.

Afterwards, I tried to cheer Hayley up, and to celebrate the birth our son.

A nice woo hoo should do!

09-13-14_2-46 PM

The next morning, as I threw on my robe and walked down the steps, I noticed Hayley typing away on the computer (she was probably typing another routine for her jokes).

“Good morning dear,” I greeted her.

“Hey hun… I was wondering, how about we throw a house party to celebrate the birth of Ezra?” She asked.

I knew that Hayl was a party animal, so it didn’t surprise me at all.

“That would be great,” I agreed.

09-13-14_2-52 PM

At the party, Hayley showed off Ezra to my sister Desiree.

“Oh my goodness. Isn’t he precious?!” Desiree jumped for joy when she saw her nephew for the first time.

09-13-14_2-57 PM

Hayley continued to chat with my sister (they were actually pretty good friends), as I schmoozed with the other guests, while cooking some spaghetti.

“So your not a comedian anymore, I hear,” asked the man.

“No no. Back to the astronaut business,” I replied. It’s where I belonged.

09-13-14_2-58 PM

I couldn’t believe how fast Ezra grew up. Soon, he’d be celebrating his birthday, and become a child. I talked to my little man.

“Hey buddy. Are you ready to grow up?” Ezra basically wiggled around, and didn’t say much. I wondered what he could be thinking about.

09-13-14_3-09 PM

Even though we were parents, Hayley and I liked to think we were still young. We still traveled to the clubs at night, so she could perform and I could meet new friends.

“Hi there, I’m-” I started introducing myself, until she rudely interrupted.

“Eww you perv, lay off.”

Well, I guess people really started noticing that I wasn’t young anymore.

09-13-14_3-18 PM

I decided to stick with the people I knew. Surely they wouldn’t treat me any different. Then, I saw Janie. The woman who swore she was my aunt. I had to find out for myself.

“Hello Janie, do you remember me?” I asked.

“Of course I do! You’re Hayley’s husband- my nephew.”

“See, I don’t understand what you’re talking about,” I started to explain.

“My father is Bruno Defesco. The same father of your dad, Clarence. Therefore, we are related. I am your Aunt Janie,” Aunt Janie attempted to explain to me. “Just ask your father, Clarence!”

“What are you talking about?! My father is dead. The only Aunts I have are Aunt Colleen and Cresara. They’re also dead,” she really started freaking me out.

“No… Obviously you have no clue what you’re talking about. Who is Colleen and Cresara? I never heard of them in my life.”

Seriously, this so-called Aunt Janie was crazy. Or was I really lied to all my life. I simply left the conversation at that, and got home.

09-13-14_3-20 PM

The next morning, at breakfast, I tried to explain what happened last night to Hayley.

“That girl Janie is seriously crazy. I don’t understand her. She keeps swearing she’s my Aunt,” I rushed out the words.

“Donte, slow down!… She is a bit psycho. I don’t know what to tell you. If you don’t think she’s your aunt, then don’t believe it.”

“I can prove it, I tell you! Look!” I quickly pulled up our family tree. “See. No Janie on the Defesco family tree. Besides, she’d throw the naming system of. She’s crazy.”

“I see that Don. Don’t worry about it.”

09-13-14_3-26 PM

That da, Ezra aged into a child. I really could not believe it. He rolled in the Artistic Prodigy aspiration and the active trait.

09-13-14_3-31 PM

Now that Ezra was a child, Hayl and I talked about having another kid. We had always wanted more than one.

“So, what do you think about another kid?” I asked Hayley.

“Sounds good to me!”

And off we went!!

09-13-14_3-35 PM

To the rocket ship to make a baby!!

09-13-14_3-35 PM-2


Unfortunately, it such a tight space (the rocket ship, I mean!), it was too hard to get things where they needed to be, so the pregnancy test was negative.

Instead, we came home and did the average woo hoo in the bed! Hopefully we wouldn’t wake up Ezra!

09-13-14_3-37 PM

Sure enough, in the morning Hayley approached me with a smile! I knew right away.

“Guess who’s pregnant?!” I could hear the excitement in her voice.

“Yay! That’s great!!”

09-13-14_3-41 PM

At breakfast (after Ezra left for his first day of school), we talked about letting Ezra know about getting a younger sibling.

“We have to tell him,” I explained. “He’s gonna’ be freaked out if he sees you growing a belly.”

“Yeah, no problem. I’ll tell him today after he gets home from school, since you have work.”


I didn’t wanna’ have the birds and the bees talk this early!

09-13-14_3-48 PM

After Ezra completed his homework, Hayley told Ezra about getting a younger brother or sister. He was ecstatic, and didn’t ask any questions.

09-13-14_3-53 PM

That night, as Hayley and I lay in bed, we heard Ezra playing his violin singling about his new sibling. He was so excited!

09-13-14_3-54 PM

Once we finally heard the music stop, we knew the coast was clear, and it was time for fun!

Things got a little rough tonight…

I think one of our pillows may have busted, because there were feathers all over the place when I woke up.

09-13-14_3-58 PM

Once again, all of the woo hooing made Hayley sick. But of course, that wouldn’t stop us!

She said this pregnancy was really taking a toll on her. She’d wake up at least twice a night to go pee.

I assumed it was just all the woo hooing.

09-13-14_4-00 PM


Hayley started writing comedy books for extra income, since she only worked three days a week.

09-13-14_4-03 PM

That day, I crashed my rocket. Although my rocket was destroyed, I just prayed that I made it out alive.

Thankfully, I did.

09-13-14_4-06 PM

Ezra really enjoyed drawing pictures (on Aunt Desiree’s drawing table from when she was a kid!).

09-13-14_4-10 PM

Shall we enjoy one last woo hoo before the baby arrives?

Yes we should.

I took it easy on her this time. Not as rough.

09-13-14_4-20 PM


Soon enough, the next morning, Hayley went into labor, while eating breakfast!!09-13-14_4-23 PM


Ezra was so cute! He tried soothing Hayley through it, but she didn’t wanna’ hear anything he had to say.

“Breath mom. Just count to three. One, two, three…” Ezra calmed Hayley down.

Except Hayley wouldn’t stop screaming.

“AHHHHH! This one hurts so bad!!!” Hayley yelled at the top of her lungs.

09-13-14_4-24 PM

As Ezra tried to calm Hayl down, I knew to stay out of the way.

I simply worked on my rocket while Hayley pushed away.

09-13-14_4-25 PM

Eventually, Hayley gave one big push (while in the bathroom!) and ta-da! Our new baby was here.

Once again, I am gonna’  leave you hanging, because I love the cliff-hangers!!

09-13-14_4-26 PM

Just kidding!!

We had a baby boy, and named him Ezequiel Defesco!

I felt honored to be the first Defesco to have two boys.

09-13-14_4-27 PM


I hope you enjoyed my little joke on you! In the next update, find out if anything changed with a new baby in the house.



4 thoughts on “Update 4.4 – A Lot More Woo Hoo’s

    • Really? Haha. I never heard of that name. And it’s really odd for a guys name to end in “a”.
      The generator does give some really different names! Love it. All names this generation came from it (and that’s what I think of with Ezequiel too, haha).
      It’s so funny with Janie because in game, her and Hayley are pretty good friends, and I feel it’s funny to add to the story since Clarence never told anyone. And Bruno didn’t even know!


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