Update 4.3 – Big Changes


Last time, I proposed to Hayley, but after she did not respond for a couple of minutes and as the Grim Reaper approached behind her, I feared the worst. So, what happened?

The silence hurt my soul. What was going on?

Finally, it was broken with a chuckle.

Hayley finally spoke, “Did I get you?” She giggled. Then, I realized this was all part of a prank she wanted to play on me. “Of course I’ll marry you silly. You know I’m a prankster. What did you think happened to me?”

I couldn’t even believe what just happened to me. I started to laugh it off too.

“I thought I shocked you to death! I mean, I saw the Grim and everything,” I started explaining frantically.

09-13-14_12-00 AM


“Oh Donte! Give me that ring you silly goose,” she slipped the ring out of my grasp, and slid it on her finger.

“But what about the Grim?” I asked, confused.

“What are you talking about?” Suddenly, she turned around and saw Grim breathing down her neck.

They, we realized why he was there.

There was an old lady in the lagoon, drowning… Well, this was eventful.

09-13-14_12-01 AM

Hayley  suddenly jumped into my arms.

“I’m so excited!” She exclaimed.

Now this was the reaction I hoped for.

09-13-14_12-01 AM-2

Hayley and I quickly ran home, and hit the sheets to celebrate!

09-13-14_12-02 AM

After our woo hoo, I continued working on my athletic and cooking skills. I knew I needed an impressive athletic skill to advance in the secret agent career.

09-13-14_9-57 AM


Afterwards, my sister Desiree stopped by for a visit, and I revealed the big news to her!

“Desiree, guess what?” I asked her.

“Hayley’s pregnant?!” Desiree could not wait to become an Aunt because she found out recently that she couldn’t have children.

“No. Haha. We’re getting married! I proposed to Hayley yesterday!”

“Awwww! That’s so great. Congratulations Don,” Desiree loved Hayley. I knew she’d be excited to hear the great news.

I loved how even after my sister moved out, we remained good friends.

09-13-14_10-01 AM

The next day, Hayley presented a gig at the night club again, so I decided to go for moral support again. I knew how tough it could be if no one was there to laugh at your jokes.

09-13-14_10-11 AM

Once again, while there, I ran into Dax! I wondered if we were destined to be best friends. This time, I decided to catch up with my old friend.

“Hey Dax,” we sat down at a table together. “How have things been?”

We continued on with our small talk, and be the end of the night, we were good friends again.

09-13-14_10-12 AM

When Hayley and I returned home from her performance, we decided to work out together.

Things started to get a little heated (romantically).

09-13-14_10-22 AM

So we ended up taking our positive energy into the bedroom and enjoyed a woo hoo.

Man, did that bed smell terrible when we were done. I feel like the green smog from the odor of our sweat could be seen!

09-13-14_10-24 AM


At lunch, the next day, we finally started talking about wedding plans. There was no rush.

“So, what are your plans for this wedding?” I asked her.

“Well, I would love to invite a bunch of friends out, and have a fun wedding party. Other than that, it really doesn’t matter when, for me,” Hayley explained.

“That sounds good. I will start making arrangements. I think once I get another promotion, we will be set to be married!”

I still wanted to focus on my career and skill building before I started a family.

09-13-14_10-28 AM

I could tell Hayley was excited for the wedding.

While I was at work, she invited her girl friends over and speculated about the wedding.

(Supposedly, that girl in the blue shirt, her name is Janie. Hayley told me that she was my Aunt… My father never told me about her, so I thought she was crazy.)

09-13-14_10-38 AM

Sure enough, I returned that evening with another promotion! I was a government agent, so this meant that it was time to change jobs, once again.

And, it was almost time to get married!!

09-13-14_10-40 AM

I looked for a new job that night. In the end, I decided to return to one of my original careers. The astronaut career. It was my favorite job I had. Unfortunately, I started over completely, as an Intern.

09-13-14_10-41 AM

For our nightly woo hoo, we decided to settle on something a little more adventurous…

Hayley and I became part of the 50-mile high club!

09-13-14_10-44 AM

There’s only one word to describe woo hoo in outter space, with zero gravity…


09-13-14_10-45 AM


As promised, the next day, it was our big day! We had a lovely ceremony set up in the park, and invited all of our friends and family. The reason I picked the park was because it was where Hayley and I first met.

The ceremony was great.

(I found out, later, that this was the exact place my Great-Great-Grandparents were married. Pretty cool!)

09-13-14_11-01 AM 09-13-14_11-02 AM 09-13-14_11-03 AM 09-13-14_11-03 AM-2


Now that Hayley and I were married, it was time for some real fun!!

Bring on the alcohol!!

09-13-14_11-05 AM

Then, it was time to cut the cake. I let Hayley do the honors.

09-13-14_11-07 AM

As I picked up the fork to share it with her, she warned, “If you smush this in my face, I swear Donte, you will get no loving tonight.”

She knew woo hoo was my weakness.

I gently placed the fork in her mouth, as she did to me.

09-13-14_11-07 AM-2

Hayley and I enjoyed the last couple of hours of our wedding chatting with the guests.

09-13-14_11-09 AM

Once our wedding finally ended, Hayley and I were exhausted.

But, we found time to enjoy our first woo hoo as a married couple!!

In fact, Hayley and I were trying for a baby.

We always wanted kids, and felt we had waited long enough.

09-13-14_11-12 AM

When I came home from work the next day, Hayley revealed the excited news!!

“It worked Don!! I’m pregnant,” we cheered like little children.

This was one of the most exciting moments of our life.

09-13-14_11-17 AM

I was worn down from work, so instead of celebrating, I headed straight for bed.

Hayley, on the other hand, threw a party to reveal the news!

She even let my sister know.

I didn’t know who was more excited, my sister or myself.

09-13-14_11-22 AM

The next morning, as I prepared for work, I noticed the wreck the house was, after Hayley’s party.

She slept almost all day, but eventually ended up hiring a maid. I felt that was a good idea. She shouldn’t be cleaning with our baby on the way!

09-13-14_11-31 AM

After work, I noticed just how big Hayley’s belly was getting.

“Do you want to feel?” Hayley invited.

“Of course I do!” I placed my palms on her belly, and felt around.

I didn’t feel anything.

“Oh, he or she’s just being shy,” Hayley explained.

09-13-14_11-36 AM

For some odd reason, rubbing my hands on Hayley’s belly turned me on. I couldn’t wait to get in bed with her!

09-13-14_11-37 AM


In the morning, Hayley’s morning sickness got the best of her.

“You alright, honey?” I was concerned that she was having morning sickness so late in the pregnancy.

“No, I’ll be fine, thanks.”

09-13-14_11-39 AM

The day flew by, and finally Hayley started to feel better.

As a result, we enjoyed one final woo hoo before our lives would change forever.

09-13-14_11-45 AM

While sleeping, I celebrated my birthday and aged into an adult. Although Hayley was older than me, since she was pregnant, her birthday was delayed. So now, I was older…

09-13-14_11-46 AM

I noticed how large Hayley’s tummy was! I knew the baby would be coming soon.

Honestly, I would not be surprised if there were twins hiding in that big belly.

09-13-14_11-48 AM

Sure enough, Hayley went into labor, and I probably freaked out more than her.

“Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, OH MY GOSH!!” I panicked. “What do you want me to do?”

“Just calm down Don. It’ll be okay. We can’t stress.”

09-13-14_11-51 AM

With a few big pushes, Hayley spun around, and…

09-13-14_11-53 AM

Down fell some sparkles! Meet our new Baby…

09-13-14_11-54 AM

I’m gonna’ stop it there! I love cliff-hangers! What gender baby did Hayley and I have? How will our lives change? Find out in the next update.


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